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Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly Gardening

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Create a paradise for butterflies in your own backyard with a beautiful butterfly garden. Here is a collection of articles to help you get started. Happy planting!

Butterfly Garden Plant List

Butterfly Plant List

Here's a list of butterfly plants to get you started on your new garden. Learn which plants attract which butterflies. READ MORE
Backyard Butterfly Migration Station

Backyard Butterfly Migration Station

If you love butterflies, you can attract them to your backyard with your own butterfly migration station. Become a butterfly conservationist! READ MORE
Butterfly Shade Gardens

Butterfly Plants for Shade Gardens

You don't need direct sun to plant a healthy butterfly garden. Here's a list of shade-loving plant options for butterflies. READ MORE
Butterfly Plants for Sunny Gardens

Butterfly Plants for Sunny Gardens

If you're lucky enough to get full sun in your garden, here are some plants that butterflies would greatly appreciate. READ MORE
Butterfly Plants for the Shore

Butterfly Plants for the Seashore

Have you ever found an injured butterfly or caterpillar and wanted to help it but didn't know how? Butterfly Rescue International to the rescue! READ MORE
Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Ensure your garden is safe for all creatures with these tips for gardening organically. READ MORE
Butterfly Bush

Buddleia: Butterfly Bush Extraordinaire

It's not just beautiful, it's a magnet for butterflies! READ MORE
Create a Wildlife Habitat

Converting a Traditional Yard to a Wildlife Habitat

Even a small yard can provide the wildlife basics of food, water, shelter and space. Learn how to turn your yard into a wildlife oasis. READ MORE
Butterfly Herb Garden

Herb Gardens for Butterflies

Claire Hagen Dole takes us on a path to building an herb garden for butterflies. READ MORE
Marigolds for Butterflies


Not only do they keep some pests away, marigolds also attract butterflies. Learn which ones are best. READ MORE
Phlox for Butterflies and Moths

Phlox: A Butterfly and Moth Magnet

Butterflies, bumblebees, hawkmoths and an occasional hummingbird find phlox irresistible. Learn how to add it to your wildlife garden. READ MORE
Planting & Care for Milkweed Plants

Planting & Care of Milkweed Plants

Tips for getting the most out of your milkweed plants. READ MORE
Butterfly House Plans

Butterfly House Plans

Want to add a little charm to your butterfly garden? Learn how to build your own butterfly house! READ MORE
Butterfly Hibernation Boxes - Do they work?

Hibernation Boxes: Do They Work?

We are often asked whether hibernation boxes, aka butterfly houses, actually work. Regardless, they sure are pretty to have in your garden! READ MORE
Butterfly Hibernation Boxes - Do they work?

Butterfly Houses: The Debate Continues

Hear Rick Mikula's opinion on the effectiveness of butterfly houses in the garden. READ MORE
Create a Butterfly Garden

Garden of Grace

A place for dawdling spirits and flutter-bys. READ MORE
Create a Butterfly Container Garden

Attract Birds And Butterflies Using Garden Planters

Even small spaces can provide a heavenly place for butterflies and birds! READ MORE
Turn Your Backyard into a Butterfly Habitat

Turn Your Backyard into a Butterfly Habitat

YOU can make a positive difference in protecting the Monarch butterfly and helping their populations thrive right in your own backyard. READ MORE
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