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Butterfly Basics

Butterfly Facts

Do you know how to say "butterfly" in Czech? Do you know what colors butterflies see? How about what your state butterfly is? This section will help you learn answers to these questions and more. Here, you can also find out more about specific types of butterflies, how to rescue an injured butterfly and great resources for field guides and checklists. Enjoy!

Butterfly Facts

Butterfly FAQs

Read some very interesting facts about butterflies and amaze your friends! READ MORE
How Do You Say Butterfly In

How Do You Say Butterfly In...

Learn how to say butterfly in more than 300 languages! READ MORE
Butterfly Name Pronunciation

It's All Greek To Me

Ever wonder how to actually pronounce some butterfly scientific names? We'll teach you how! READ MORE
Butterfly Name Pronunciation

Why Are They Called Butterflies

It depends who you ask! Find out why... READ MORE
Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly

Butterfly Checklists & Field Guides

We've compiled a great list of checklists and field guides to butterflies all around the world. READ MORE
Rescue a Butterfly

Rescuing Butterflies

Have you ever found an injured butterfly or caterpillar and wanted to help it but didn't know how? Butterfly Rescue International to the rescue! READ MORE
Anglewing Butterflies


Join Claire Hagen Dole as she crosses paths with the beautiful anglewing butterfly. READ MORE
Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies

Tigers on the Wing

Claire Hagen Dole takes us on a journey with the tiger swallowtail. READ MORE