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Butterfly Facts

Butterfly Basics & Science Zone

Learn all about the fascinating world of butterflies! Here you'll find articles on the life cycle, migration, endangered butterflies and more! Do you know how to say "butterfly" in Czech? Do you know what colors butterflies see? How about what your state butterfly is? Here, you can also find out more about specific types of butterflies, how to rescue an injured butterfly and great resources for field guides and checklists. Enjoy!

Butterfly Facts

Butterfly FAQs

Read some very interesting facts about butterflies and amaze your friends! READ MORE
Live Butterfly Kit Reviews

Live Butterfly Kit Buying Guide

With so many options for live kits, let us help you decide on the best one for your needs. READ MORE
How Do You Say Butterfly In

How Do You Say Butterfly In...

Learn how to say butterfly in more than 300 languages! READ MORE
Butterfly Name Pronunciation

It's All Greek To Me

Ever wonder how to actually pronounce some butterfly scientific names? We'll teach you how! READ MORE
Butterfly Name Pronunciation

Why Are They Called Butterflies

It depends who you ask! Find out why... READ MORE
Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly

Butterfly Checklists & Field Guides

We've compiled a great list of checklists and field guides to butterflies all around the world. READ MORE
Butterfly Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle

Learn the details of the butterfly life cycle with diagrams. READ MORE
Role of Light in Butterfly Mating

The Role of Light in Butterfly Mating

Learn about the role of light receptors in butterfly mating success. READ MORE
Endangered Butterflies

Endangered Butterflies

Butterfly populations are in danger of disappearing. Habitat loss is one of the leading causes of species decline. READ MORE
Monarch Butterfly Migration

Monarch Butterfly Migration

The health of the monarch butterfly population is dependent on habitats in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. READ MORE and HERE
Monarch Butterflies - Pollinators

Monarch Pollinators

While feeding on nectar, monarch butterflies pollinate many types of wildflowers in North America. READ MORE
Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation

Learn more about some of the wonderful groups whose mission is conserve butterflies.READ MORE
Butterfly Counts

Butterfly Counts

Take part in butterfly conservation by joining your local count. READ MORE
Smith's Blue Butterfly

The Endangered Smith's Blue Butterfly

A closer look at Coastal Dune Wildlife of South Monterey Bay READ MORE
Butterfly Farming as a Sustainable Resource

Butterflies as a Sustainable Resource

Exploring the farming of butterflies for public exhibits READ MORE
Butterfly Farming in Papua New Guinea

Butterfly Farming in Papua New Guinea

Butterfly farming adopted as a means of a sustainable industry READ MORE
How To Raise Moths

Monarch Life Cycle Spiral Educational Poster

Enjoy this beautiful life cycle poster free for download. READ MORE
Anglewing Butterflies


Join Claire Hagen Dole as she crosses paths with the beautiful anglewing butterfly. READ MORE
Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies

Tigers on the Wing

Claire Hagen Dole takes us on a journey with the tiger swallowtail. READ MORE
How to Mount a Butterfly

How to Mount a Butterfly

Have you found a deceased butterfly in the wild? Learn how to pin and mount it to add to a frame. READ MORE
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