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Blue Morpho Butterfly

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Butterflies of Singapore
Butterflies and Moths of the U.S. and Mexico - extensive list
Nova Scotia Butterfly Checklist


Oscar Gutierrez
Bill's Butterfly Photos
Butterfly and Moth Photos
Caterpillar Photos
Cecropia Moth Life Cycle
Finnish Macrolepidoptera on The World Wide Web
Fine photos, large files.
Habitat #16518
This is the home page of Lake Big Fish, a Backyard Wildlife Habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation.
Japanese Butterfly Photos
Virtual Museum of Catalonian Butterflies
Vitual Zoo
Butterfly Photography - John P. Marechal
Photographs from Nature - Butterfly Gallery

Other Butterfly & Moth WebSites

Alexi Belik: Russian Butterflies & Beetles
Butterflies and Moths of Israel
Quoditch Moor Nature Reserve
Cape May Monarch Monitoring Project
Caterpillar Host Plants
Caterpillars of Australia
Cecropia Moth Life Cycle
Insects of the Former Soviet Union - specimens for sale
Journey North: Monarch Migration Updates
Monarch Watch
Information on monarch butterfly biology, literature, and current projects.
Natural History Services - Birds, Butterflies, and other critters...
We have information of the Monarch Monitoring Project, historical butterfly studies, and butterfly videos.
North American Butterfly Association
Protected Lepidoptera in Finland
Saturniid Moths
Sex Pheromones of Lepidoptera
Windstar Wildlife Institute

Butterfly & Moth Research

Iridescence in Butterflies and Moths
Gene Flow and Mimicry Studies in Lepidoptera
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