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Florida's Coral Reef
Information on the world's third largest coral reef, in danger of dying soon!
Koala Preservation Society
Webmaster is David Johnston of Queensland, Australia
Ohio Biological Survey
Survey projects, publications, events in OH, flora and fauna of OH.
Rhapsody in Green
Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute
The Global Entomology Agricultural Research Server
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
WCMC is involved in world conservation strategy. This page provides the 1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals. It allows an easy search for any species in question.

We ask your help in making this list as complete and accurate as possible. We would like to include information about these resources and others which should be included. And we need listings around the world. Also, if any of these resources have sites on the World Wide Web, we would like to provide links to those sites. Thank you.