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Amazing Insects Project
Butterfly Lessons
Butterfly Optical Illusion Project
Create a Butterfly Mobile
Favorite Insect Lesson Plan
Journey North: Monarch Migration Updates
Monarchs and Migration
A group of teachers and museum staff travel to Mexico's monarch sanctuaries.
Monica the Monarch
How to raise butterflies - created by sixth-grader Shalynn Benz.
Rearing Insects
Texas A&M Department of Entomology
Entomology on the World Wide Web for Grades K-16.
The Wonderful World of Insects
WebQuest - Monarch Internet Kindergarten Lesson
Welcome Back Monarch
Lesson plans.

We ask your help in making this list as complete and accurate as possible. We would like to include information about these resources and others which should be included. And we need listings around the world. Also, if any of these resources have sites on the World Wide Web, we would like to provide links to those sites. Thank you.