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Cheryl Camenisch, Pennington, MN
I was very close to my grandmother, who lived a long life. She passed away a few years beore we moved to our new home in Minnesota. She always had Christmas Eve before,but it was the first Christmas here. I was busy all day, making many of the recipies we had made together over the years, and waiting for the rest of the family to gather. all of a sudden I noticed a little yellow butterfly, fluttering around the kitchen, and I automatically thought of her. Remember, this is Northern Minnesota, and the end of December. My mom came then and saw it, and said "it's Mom!" my sister came and said the same thing. It's always been a fond memory.

It's been seven years, the little yellow butterfly was back Christmas afternoon, after everyone left. It was still on the counter the next morning. I took a few pictures of it for the family. When I got back from church it was gone. I can't begin to tell how much it has meant to me.
Theresa, Akron, OH
My story is quite miraculous, and I feel very strongly that today is my day to finlly share it. For about a year now, I have relly been strngthening my relationship with God, and trying to find myslef more at one with the universe. Dr. Wayne Dyer, a man who I cannot speak more highly of, has been a brillint teacher to me in the past year. I have learned so much about thinking like God thinks, suspending my ego, and simply being happy and enjoying our given time on earth.

One night, I was listening to one of his seminars on the internet about Inspiration. He told a story about his friend Jack, who had passsed away. Jack had loved the monarch butterfly and had always shared this with Dr. Dyer. He told Wayne all about how great it was, able to fly across the country and return to the same exact tree branch in the same forrest that it had come from. As Dr. Dyer was finishing his book, Your Ultimate Calling, he was taking one of his daily walks on the beach (many years after Jack's death). For whatever reason, he decided to take a different path. Dr. Dyer was recalling his friend Jack when a monarch butterfly landed right in front of him! He thanked God and the butterfly felw away, made a U-turn and landed right on his finger! The butterfly stayed there for over 2 hours. Wayne believed that it was Jack, saying his hello from heaven of course. It was a true miracle. I loved listening to this story as Dr. Dyer told it. Buttterflies were very important to him but had never shown up that way in my life, until the very next day. It was a Friday night, and my car was broken. I wanted to go to the school football game so I sat on the porch and waited for my mom to bring her car home so I could drive it to the game. She was late, but I didn't mind one bit. The weather was so beautiful, and the most calm breeze that i can remember ever feeling was blowing through the air. I sat and refelceted on my day. It had been such a good day. I thanked God again and again. I'm not the most out-going person but wish to be, and on that day, I was talking to people that I really wanted to talk to in school and was having a lot of fun, for whatever reason. I began thinking that I should not worry about anything anymore, and I should trust God. I then had the exact thought, "If you truely want to surrender to God, you must put 100% trust in Him." At that very second, that very moment, a monarch butterfly flew across the sky. It was so beautiful as it gluided through the air with an oak tree and blue sky in the background. I smiled in awe, and I felt like God was completely surrounding me. This was a miracle, but was not nearly over yet. My mom got home and I drove to the game very happily, so happily that I did not notice i was going about 15mph over the speed limit. The cop car siren in my rear veiw mirror proved this. I'm 16, so somehing like this happening is a nightmare, and it means a $125 fine and a licence suspension from 6 months to year in Ohio. It was a very strange moment. I was not afraid. I still felt God all around me and I decided to trust Him. I was given a speeding ticket with a court date, and I continued to the game. While telling my friends about this one of my friends told me that he could get me out of the ticket because his dad was the chief of police. Sure enough, my parents called his dad and it was like the incident never happened. My parents were a little upset, but they knew I would never speed again. As Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about, all the right people and places will be there without you even asking for them.

The next morning I woke up early to go get my car from the shop that it was being fixed at. As my dad and I went down the highway, I marveled in the sky at the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen. It was in the complete "U" shape and was absouulutely magnificant to me. I once again thanked God. I decided that the butterfly and rainbow were sort of my 2 personal symbols for miracles, putting trust in God and knowing that you are never alone. I began to think that the butterfly miracle was just something Dr. Dyer and I shared. I couldn't have been more wrong! For about 3 months now, I see a butterfly or rainbow nearly every day. It is unbeleivable. I usally see the symbols in pictures, but the amazing thing is that I am not looking for them! They show up on a classroom wall, video game, T.V. show, or even someone will begin to talk about butterflies or rainbows. There are very few days I can recall when I did not encounter a mircle like this. I don't even get surprised when it happens much anymore. I am just so used to it! However today caught me off guard! I was in biology and I was wondering around the classroom. I saw a photo album and asked the teacher if I could look inside. Sure enough it was of her and her two year old son at a butterfly conservatory. My jaw dropped and I flipped through the pictures to find one of the most miraculous pictures I had ever seen. My teacher's son stood up smiling very brightly, as he held a monarch butterfly in his hand. I was amazed at the sight. So tonight I decide that I want to learn more about butterflies, since they are like the constant grace in my life. I came across this website never expecting to find "Inspirational stories"! I clicked on this, and of course, to my absoulute amazment, I read the words "Butterflies and Rainbows". I cried as I read through the stories and the meaning of these spirutual symbols. I had no idea they actually had something to do with eachother, and that so many people had been touched by the same things I have in the past 3 months. I really haven't been through greiving. My great aunt and uncle had died in the past 2 years, but I wasn't particularly close with them. The message behind all of the butterflies and rainbows in my life could be from my ancestors, or even Jesus Christ himself! I don't know but I do feel that the universe is coming into contact with me, and I plan on paying very, very close attention. I strongly believe butterflies rainbows, flowers, birds, and nature have great wisdom to share with us,and that they are the glimpses of heaven that we have been so kindly given here on earth. Well that's my story and I hope it can give someone else insprition to experience the wonderful miracles God has allowed us to have.
Tey, Zamboanga City, PHILIPPINES
Yesterday Nov. 26 was my birthday. I went to church to light a candle, thanking God for his Gift of life. While in the Church I made a wished " I wish that the chaos between North and South Korea will stop for the goodness of all civilians in both korean peninsula including my husband's safety and protection as always"....Nov. 27, I was again in the church to pay for mass intention: Thanksgiving for all the blessings receive and Special prayer petition to our God almighty, giving him full trust on handling the safety and protection of all people in both korean peninsula including my husband life there. November 28, Sunday..mass day and First Advent Sunday, I and my son attended the mass and it was so touch and meaningful to me specially the 1st reading "prepare the coming of Jesus our Lord". after the mass I've visited all the saints in our church asking for my petition, in that petition I ask that if this prayers of mine be granted and all in Korea will be fine, give me a sign as your response....a white butterfly! Just a white butterfly...If I see white butterfly from this day forward then its is God response to my prayer. Monday, Tuesday then today Wednesday Dec. 1, 2010 morning I saw a white butterfly!.....kinda stop thinking is this the sign? yess this is it I know in my Heart God really always answering me! I'm very Happy thinking everything will be ok in Korea and my husband will be okay at the same time. I thank God so much and promise to keep him in my heart always and always faithful to him. TRUSTING GOD IS INDEED REWARDING, THINKING GOD ALWAYS IS WONDERFUL MOMENT. I LOVE GOD SO MUCH! PRAISE TO YOU OUR ALMIGHTY!
Vivian Lee, Henderson, NV
Hello to everyone who visites the butterfly inspirational site. Thank you for sharing your memories of your loved ones.

I do believe our loved ones who have gone on to a new journey, are angels with wings. Butterflies have so many transformations before becomeing the beautiful butterfly with wings. Caterpillar to a butterfly. When our sprit leaves our body I believe we transform to a new journey with the great creator of our universe.

Richard, the Butterfly man. Thank you for your great informational and spritual site.

After my daughter died May 15th, 2004, my son Richard started a Monarch butterfly garden in his yard. Richard had been reading your butterfly book before our beloved Denise went on a new journey in May of 2004, yes I am Vivian lee from Las Vegas NV, who shared my memory on your inspirational site in 2009. Thank you.

Since 2004 at my home in Henderson, NV are many mourning doves and song birds which sang me a song every day. I enjoy sitting in the sun. Aug. 6th is my daughter Denise's birthday, while sitting on my balconey watching the birds, a monarch butterfly,which I have never seen in Vegas landed on my porch railing, before landing on my hand, as I was thinking of my daughter Denise. The butterfly sat on my hand for awhile giving my heart joy before flying away as I listened to the song birds song.

Warm wishes, Vivian Lee
Phil Jimenez, Freeport, NY
In May of 2010 we lost our 22 year old daughter suddenly in a truck car accident. Shortly after her burial my wife was talking to relatives on the phone. On their end they remarked they were looking at a butterfly. Her cousin stated it was "Jenn," our daughter. As my wife relayed the story to me a butterfly of the same type a swallowtale, swooped under our pergola and then moved on. It was quite a moment.

For the next two months my wife and I would sit outside on a small deck in our backyard and nearly every single morning we spotted a lone yellow swallowtale flying about in a stand of trees some 50 yards away. We went away in August and after returning never saw that butterfly again.

In Early October my wife went to a Catholic convention in Wildwood New Jersey. On the second day of the convention while sitting among hundreds of other people inside a closed arena my wife and others saw a swallowtale butterfly makings its way around the inside of the huge building. We still remark that we never in our lives ever saw a butterfly indoors in such a place.

The butterfly flew closer to my wife's area finally fluttering above. My wife, within a crowded row of seats with people all around her lifted up her hand toward the butterfly. The butterfly landed upon my wife's palm.

My wife and her friends around her started crying in astonishment at how our Lord gives us small signs that we will once again meet and be together after this life.
Alex, Pennsauken,NJ
My stepdad passed away about five years ago after a short and hard fight with pancreatic cancer. We drove three hours up to his PA house to bury him in the cemetery on the hill that over looks nothing but mountains. While I was saying my goodbyes, a butterfly came and landed on the flowers on his grave an stayed there until I walked away. That scene stuck with me, and still does. I got a tattoo of the butterfly on my shoulder, and ever since then I keep seeing them everywhere I go almost always within reaching distance.

This summer I was in a car accident, and before I got hit a butterfly flew right over my pickup truck on the drivers side where I was sitting. Again, this summer I went up to the mountain house for the first time in five years. As I was on my way to the cemetery to say hello to him, a butterfly, the same kind that sat on his flowers the day he was buried, fluttered next to me and landed almost on my shoe. Also, I go to school hundreds of miles from my home, and my parents came down for parents weekend, last October. As I was on the field getting ready to start pregame, a butterfly flew over my head, circled a few times and made a B-line right for my mom, circled around her head and flew off. The same thing happened again this year. One flew right by my arm even though the temperature was freezing and I hadnt seen a butterfly in weeks. I believe, without a doubt, that my stepfather is watching over me and the butterfly shows me that.
Chris Winn, New York, NY
So yeah it's late October and I find myself living and working in NYC, the famous city that never sleeps. This city is full of interesting moments, this was interesting enough that even New Yorkers seemed to flip out over it.

I was going to hang out with a friend and a butterfly randomly landed on me (Remember this is late October and cool outside)... Then it did the unthinkable. It stayed on my jacket for several hours even including walking around and while sitting and having a few glasses of wine inside a bar. (I had no idea the significance of black butterflies in Irish folklore until I walked into that bar.)

At one point everyone in the bar thought it was dead, as it stopped moving and was just laying on a table... Then after laying down for two hours, it simply stood up and flew off. It was amazing watching it take flight again, it reminded me that anything is possible.
Naila, Karachi, PAKISTAN
My father died on Oct 6, 2010 within 2 weeks of us finding out he had metastatic cancer. Since traditionally in our society, women do not attend the burial, my mother, daughters and other close women family members visited his grave 2 days later. After a while of standing around his grave, my daughter noticed a huge black and yellow butterfly hovering near my mother's head. She pointed it out and then the butterfly flitted in and around us and on the grave for almost 10 minutes. We were all amazed and burst out in smiles, imagining that this is a sign from my kind, gentle loving father telling us "All is well". It is also interesting to note that the surrounding terrain is desert-like and rocky and not a normal habitat for butterflies. :)
Gail Baker, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK
My daughter Vikki passed away in her sleep on 3rd July 1989, one month before her 1st birthday. Ever since Vikki died I am always seeing the orange and black butterfly, I call this Vikki's butterfly, this year I had the butterfly tattooed on the top of my right arm, so Vikki's butterfly is with me forever. Mommy misses and loves you so much xxxx
Shelby Gurd, Kalamazoo ,MI
My Brother Kevin was killed on Aug.14 1994...He was the only boy in the family and it was the summer before his senior yearr. His loss was profound, and the effect it had on our family was irreversable! We all struggled in our own ways Mom and Dad were like robots, just going thru the motions..simply because the sun still came up everyday and their bodies fortunately were breathing involuntarily for them. They are the strongest two people i've ever known. Time eventually started to help, we all found away to go on! Now 16 years later, my Dad had been diagnosed with Lymphoma, in 2007. He battled thru chemo and radiation treatment, and after a while he got better...until Feb of 2010, The cancer came back only this time it was for good. He tried chemo again, but it was just too much for his body to handle. I was fortunate enough to be able to come home to be with dad for the last two months of his life. He was riddled with pain, and never complained! He was brave, and the cancer was just the most horrible monster I've ever witnessed, that last two days were unimaginable, and then on AUG.14th 2010, my dad got his boy back on the same day that he had lost him, He went home to be with my brother! Later that morning while sitting in the bathroom crying into my hands I said "Dad Please Give me a sign ...anything ". Later while standing surrounded by family , a huge monarch butterfy, circled around me then landed on my shoulder! simply amazing...i just knew it was him! later that day while plannining the funeral a package arrived with a bouquet of flowers. inside the box was was a plaque with a butterfly carved out of the center and at the bottom it said one word !!PEACE !!!
Wendie Allen, Reseda, CA
In late July of 2010, I was 24 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby girl, but began hemmoraging and had to have an emergency C section to deliver my daughter stillborn. There were numerous complications, and I ended up in the ICU after coming close to losing my own life as well. A few weeks after my release from the hospital, we went to the mountains. Each day I caught sight of a yellow monarch fluttering close by. I immediatly made the connection, but I kept the incidents to myself. Once at home again, whenever we were out front, sure enough, there was our beautiful yellow butterfly, floating playfully above always lingering around us until she flew off out of sight. Experiencing the beauty and spontaneity of a visit from a butterfly I was able to feel at peace and my grief was not so overwhelming since those visits.
Maria - Teresa de Cespedes, Miami, FL
It was March 27, 1999. My baby brother died. He was 21 years old. My mom was out of town and no one knew where she was but him She was at the apex of her career; lecturing at Princeton (that much I knew at the time). My long time friend Janet Boue worked all day and found her. Many hours later she arrived at home. She was greeted by a home full of people...I was being cared for. Her first words as I walked were (in Spanish; we are Cuban), "My daughter, we are nothing but butterflies in this world."
Ron Airey, McGraths Hill, NSW, AUSTRALIA
It was Thursday 23/9/2010 approximately 12.15pm. We were at my mum's funeral. The minister had just finished saying ashes to ashes dust to dust when a beautiful blue butterfly landed on the flowers on top of the coffin. A sigh of oh a butterfly, and everyone was astonished at this momentous occasion, and as the coffin was being lowered the butterfly started swirling around the top of the coffin for a few seconds before flying off. What a wonderful moment to cherish in our memories.
Charles, Manchester, NJ
The day after my mother passed on I was sitting on my porch and this butterfly kinda fluttered around in circles then flew away. The following day and three days following that day the same butterfly the same color and the same flight pattern fluttered. Shortly a few days later after my mother had been buried the very next morning my wife had saw the same butterfly with a slightly different color. Love you mom.
Michele, Huntington, NY
Yesterday a friend and I were walking in town on our lunch hour. As we walked down the sidewalk back to our office, a large Suburban vehicle suddenly had a blow out and jumped the sidewalk maybe 20 feet behind us. Her and I were freaked out that we could have been killed had we been a few seconds back from where we were standing. I said that there is definitely an angel watching over us. Suddenly a large black butterfly with two blue spots on its wings circled around us. I told my friend that the butterfly was our guardian angel. We started to walk down the sidewalk and it followed us for a little while. It sounds silly but I thanked it and then it flew away.
Manish, South Delhi, INDIA
"Wild Butterfly bite my eye"
"People thought Manish cried"
"But they don't know it was the Wild Butterfly"
"Which makes manish cry"
"After bite my eye"
"Wild Butterfly,Fly high high and high above the sky"
"ooh...Wild Butterfly why did you bite my eye"
Luz, West Jordan, UT
I lost my dear mother suddenly August 9th,2010. It was devastating to me and my family as we love her so much. I went home to the Philippines to say goodbye to my mother. The second day I was back, early in the morning, my cousin, Elvie, and I were talking about my mother inside my bedroom and I started to cry. Then suddenly out of nowhere here is this colorful butterfly and landed on my cheek and then flew away. My cousin saw it and says "butterfly" and we looked at each other. I asked her "where did she go" and we looked for her but could not find her anymore. My bedroom window was open so she flew away. I started to cry again as I felt like the butterfly kissed me on my cheek and I thought of my mother. I told my sisters and we started crying more and they told me that maybe it was our mother welcoming me home and comfortng me. I was so touched by this experience.

My youngest brother had an experience also about two butterflies landed on his hands when he was getting a drink. He said that it was probably mom saying something to him. I looked on the website and says 2 butterflies means "love". I am sure my mom telling him she loves him. One morning I was going through websites about butterflies and it says that butterflies are a personification of one's soul whether they are living, dying, or already dead. I went to work that day and I did have a chocolate box with butterfly picture on top of it and also a card with a butterfly on it from my co-worker at my desk. I was so touched because it always reminds me of my mother. Then the next day my other friend at work gave me chocolates and a card also with butterfly on it. They were both so touched when I told them about my experience back home. Another of my co-worker given me this butterfly (real one) inside a glass and was from Brazil and she had this for many, many years she said and she gave it to me after I told her about my butterfly story. I just love these beautiful creatures from God and I will be collecting butterflies from now on.
Michelle, Harper Woods, MI
I was feeling pretty low. Took a drive, taking the scenic route rather than the expressway. Looking up I noticed 4-5 Monarch butterflies. Still driving, the same road I kept seeing more and more. I experienced at least 100-200 Monarchs floating within a 15 minute 2 mile drive. It was the most awesome, beautiful experience. I had not seen a Monarch butterfly all spring or summer. I was trying to figure the significance of the mass appearance. The date was 9/11.
Magic Alice, Scottsdale, AZ
Gardening had been an important pastime to both Red and I as he grew up with no gardens in the city and I on a ranch. We spent time outside every day, regardless of the weather and when aging made downsizing necessary, we found a townhouse with a pretty big yard. We believed in the surety and sanctity of plants and life.

We were natural gardeners---no herbicides or pesticides and filled our new garden with wild life attracters so we could watch birds and butterflies. It seemed to our fancy that the same pair of butterflies came back, year after year to spend days sunning on their favorite plant. We watched the couple sit peacefully, always in the same place.

When Red died, we had been together almost 16 years. His absence was crushing and that year, there was only one butterfly in the usual place. Was it him, coming to comfort me? Was it me, alone now, no longer a pair? I spent days contemplating and got back into the garden after crying alone inside for months.

Now, I still see only lone butterflies in the garden we planted but I no longer wonder if it’s me or him. He always told me “…you can count on change and things moving ahead…you have to move with them and not be left behind…” I’m sure he sent the butterfly to let me know he has gone through a change and to remind me to move ahead. We are part of nature and its cycles and should find peace knowing that to be the grand truth.
Claudia Nelson, Avon, CT

And I've had the most AMAZING day! As I sat in a traffic jam this afternoon, I was recalling the end of my worst day of work on 9/11/2001. That day, I walked to my car in my company parking lot--like many--horrified and stunned...only to be greeted at my ...car by hundreds of Monarch butterflies! So there I am today--thinking of this day 9 years ago, and I hear on the radio that at a beach on Long Island where they were holding a 9/11 ceremony on the sand, it was visited by Monarch butterflies! And just as I'm stuck in traffic hearing this, what happens? :-) a Monarch butterfly lands on my windshield right in front of me, flutters its wings...and gently glides off.

Finally, I get home and go to the mailbox and there--on top of the mailbox enclosure, is another Monarch butterfly! God is telling us everything will be OK in His gentle way. He's speaking through the animals, flora and fauna of our planet, Friends. "Hush. Listen to Me. I am the way." Gentle 9/11 to all....See More
Jayne, Lakewood, OH
My 27 year old daughter, Megan, died last Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010 (I still can't believe that I'm saying those words). She was in a lot of emotional pain for a good part of her life. She tried to make it better with drugs. The drugs finally took her from us. Her family is devastated to say the least.

Megan has a butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder/back area. She had a butterfly icon for her name on her computer. Her father and I decided that we should put a butterfly on her urn.

The day we made that decision, many members of her family have had butterfly visits, starting with me. I was sitting with friends in my backyard, they were trying to comfort me, a butterfly was in the bush next to our patio table. It fluttered near us, hovered for 10 seconds or so and flew gently away. Her father had been visited by a butterfly. Her step brother had one land on his shoulder. My brother in law had the same experience as I. People sent cards. Many had butterflies on them. My friend was showing me pictures on his cell phone. I've never seen his cell phone before. His wall paper was a butterfly! I was cleaning my daughter's car out. The trunk was like her second closet. When I got to the end, way in the back of the trunk, I found a butterfly pin. My sister was visited by a butterfly today on the golf course. They are everywhere for all of us. I think they are a symbol of hope that she is so much better and doing well. I think she is telling us all not to worry and to please know that she is so much better. It gives me hope in the midst of the tragedy. I miss her so much.
Kay Bivin, Sylacauga, AL
Two weeks ago my 10 year old grandson, Kenneth,passed away. At nine months old he had an incident while in the hospital which left him brain injured and he could not walk or talk. He was a beautiful little boy with a sweet smile and big brown eyes.My daughter checked in on him at bedtime and he was not breathing so two days later, he left this life and went to his eternal home. His other grandfather who lived in Virginia was telling my daughter over the phone that when he heard of Kenneth's death that a yellow butterfly came out from a wooded area and flew around him. Well while he was telling her this, a yellow butterfly came and landed on her toe then as she was telling the story to her oldest daughter, Kenneth's sister, a yellow butterfly flew around them and landed on her shoulder.Since that time we notice a yellow butterfly from time to time and we know that it represents the resurrection into a new glorious life free from his restrictions here in this life. It is a symbol of change for the better.
Rachel Holl, Near Cardiff, South Wales, UK
Wow! what incredible stories! Well I have always had a sort of fear of butterflies and moths in that I don't like anything flying/fluttering around me. Two days ago a large butterfly flew at my head. I was shocked but didn't think anything of it. Today, my husband and I were in our sitting room and a red admiral appeared from nowhere. There were no windows or doors open! We don't know where it came from, it was as if it just appeared from nowhere! I'd love to know if it has a meaning at all.
Madeleine, Netcong, NJ
In 2005 I lost my baby daughter in my 8th month of pregnancy. I was so distraught by her death that all I did was sit outside and cry. On the day she was being cremated, right at the very hour, a white butterfly fluttered over me. I had never seen any butterflies where I lived, since it was in an industrial complex. I knew in my heart that was her spirit telling me she was happy and safe for she was in God's arms. Three months later I became pregnant with our youngest child. When he was born, he had a birthmark on his shoulder that looked as if a pair of tiny lips had kissed him. I think it was his sister sending him off to us with an angel's kiss. We are so blessed !!!
Ms. aGa-fiG Rodriguez, San Mateo, Rizal, PHILIPPINES
I will never forget Easter sunday of 2003 at a church in Pasadena, TX. Seated and looking at the ceiling above where the pastor was, I clearly heard "aGa, when you see a butterfly, you have seen me". I have a one woman ministry helping those in need. It is the desire of my heart to do something for the glory of my God. Now, every time I want an approval from my God in whatever I do for others, a butterfly shows up.

Last August 7,2010 I met the founder of an orphanage for abandoned children. When I gave my donation and committed to be a benefactor a brown butterfly showed up hovering above me and passed my left shoulder. All that saw what happened had this question to ask "how can that be, it is raining and it is evening...no butterfly do that? Full of awe, I shared with them my story.

Today, August 22,2010, here in my apartment at 9:30pm, a brown butterfly all of a sudden fluttered in front of me and now is resting above my kitchen window. It is not an accident I found your website to share part of my butterfly story. My space may be limited but I have so many to tell. To God be the glory and thank you to all!

Respectfully, Ms. aGa-fiG Rodriguez
Jennifer Medrno, Auburn, CA
My 17 year old daughter's boyfriend Pliny was killed 3 weeks ago after jumping from a 40 foot cliff into some water. He had just turned 20. This young man was of the utmost integrity and a very spiritual person. After he died we began to see a single yellow butterfly daily at our house. Then while at work on my smoking breaks I began to see the butterfly as well. I haven't gone a single day without seeing the butterfly. A week after he died a friend of ours who had been creating some rap beats with Pliny weeks before his death brought us a song he had created form bits and pieces he had recorded. In the rap Pliny refers to himself twice as a caterpillar. I believe God sends us messages we can understand and this is one. We just have to look and we will see.
Suzanne Seely, Fort Worth, TX
I had just returned from a very emotionally exhausting time in Colorado. My sister, after 8 months of trying desparately to beat her rectal cancer, died. There were revelations at that time that were very unsettling. I missed my sister so very much. I was not ready to lose her. She was a faithful Christian and I believe that the Lord took her and she is with Him. Nonetheless, I was greatly saddened and emotionally spent from a lot of events surrounding her death. I had just returned to my home in Texas from the funeral. It was a sunny warm day, on the lake where we live in November. I was turning to walk back up the hill to the house when a bright yellow butterfly landed on my left ear and literally rode on my ear as I walked to the house. It would not leave until I reached to get it. The flew away in front of my. Large yellow wings. I do not know why, but I had asked myself "was that my sister?". It made me feel better. I do not believe in reincarnation. I believe what the Bible says we are going to do if we are in Christ, we will go to paradise until Judgment Day. But, there are many unanswered questions we will not know until we ourselves reach the other side. Later on, about 6 months later or more, I heard that the future daughter-in-law of my sister also had a strange event happen to her relating to a butterfly. This one was blue, my sister's favorite color. It appears in Tennessee, where she was getting her wedding plans together sitting out on a porch, this blue butterfly came and would just not leave. She felt it was my sister. This daughter-in-law, also is a christian. She didn't know my sister well, but remembered she loved blue.
Dominique, AUSTRALIA
The way of the butterfly has been my inspiration. I was able to publish a picture book titled "Our Butterfly Struggle". I see the parallelism between the struggle of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, and our struggle of facing life's difficulties. I find out why we should let them be when facing struggles. You too will figure out why. I recommend this book to the young and the young at heart. It is also enjoyable as a coloring book. Please have a look: www.lulu.com/dominicreative

It is available in print, download, and eBook. Thank you.
Bobbi, St. Petersburg, FL
Got up this morning to a bevy of beautiful Swallowtail Butterflies. They are everywhere in our trees. Makes the heat wave a little more tolerable to see such grandeur to starting the day. There were literally hundreds in the trees and I was happy to find out I knew the variety!
George Huntington, Cottonwood, AZ
Carol and I had known each other since 1951 in High school in Chicago and she was a friend of my wife. Our families were close and her daughters were born within month's and even days of my three. Over the years time and distance seperated our families, but I always felt that her girls were a part of my family so I never forgot her. On a snowy night in Utah I thought of her and deciced to call and see if i could talk to her on the phone. When I talked to her it was like we had never been apart so I finally asked her soon after if she would like to move to Utah with me and she agreed after I had called and let her girls know what I was thinking and they all agreed that it would be great for their Mom. Carol and I were together for the best twelve years of my life. From 1998 she was plagued with Cancer and passed away on March 17, 2010, St Patrick's Day. Today I saw a Monarch Butterfly that I believe is the return of a lost love and I will miss her every minute that I live. I love her that much.

A continuation of my story of Carol and me after many years together. Now after she passed away four months ago Carol has returned as the most beautiful Yellow Monarch butterfly And flies by the window by our computer and will stop for a minute in the tree outside and I am sure it is to let me know she still loves me as much as I love her.
Marge, Saco, ME
A good friend of my son's and our family passes away, he was only 36 years old, the age of my son, he was like a brother to my son and a son to me. The day he passed away one of our friends saw a white butterfly, then my son was writing a song for him and was having trouble with the words, then he saw the white butterfly, the words came to him, he sang it at the funeral, The day before the funeral I was having trouble just thinking of going to the funeral, as I was going out to work that day, as I came out of my house, a white butterfly was flying in front of me. All of a sudden a peace came over me, I attended the funeral the next day It was hard but I knew all was ok. We miss Ryan so much but we know he is at peace,
Natalie M., Wollongong, NSW, AUSTRALIA
I have an amazing butterfly story. One day as my godmother and i were walking to the car. we seen 3 butterflies all in a row. Big black and colourful ones all flying together in a line hovering around the gardens and my house. The strangest thing is that people say butterflies are spirits that are going through the change into heaven. Four years ago my mother passed away very suddenly when she was diagnosed cancer. It was so sad and painful because no one was expecting it not even her. My mum loved the garden and also butterflies and flowers. And I really think the butterflies were my mum and my aunty and uncle coming to say that they are safe and ok. Because 2 years after my mum died my aunty which is her sister and also her husband died 6 months after that. There was 3 deaths in 4 years. I believed that the butterflies were them and they all found each other and were safe and happy and wanted us to know.

Also which was even more amazing I had butterfly in my room which had been there for 3 days and just wouldn't fly away. I didn't want it to die so I caught it and took it outside and let it go. The butterfly had a broken wing so I wasn't sure how far it would get before dying. But the amazing thing was that the very next morning I awoke to a fluttering sound on my window inside my room, that same butterfly had found its way back into my room and I knew it was the same one because it still had the broken wing. Till this day I believe it was my mum and everytime I see butterflies I know she is with me.
Serah K., Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
My son's best friend passed away in a very tragic and unexplained death. He was only 9 years , 6 months older than my son. It has been a very difficult time for us as he was more of a brother to my son than a friend. I am pregnant and after having lunch in the office decided to go for a short walk. I picked my phone and before I could leave my desk, on the window was a butterfly out of no where. There are no trees or bushes around and being a high rise office it was a suprise to see a butterfly. I just could not move and sat down on my computer to search what this may mean. Its very good to know that my son's best friend is free and happy wherever he is. We are still mourning but this was a real sign that he is a free soul. The butterfly just moved slowly around my window its like it was talking to me with its antennas and telling me not to worry everything is alright. I feel a sign of relief and although its a big loss for such a young boy I know and believe he is ok, happy and free!
Ann J. Austin, Blenheim, SC
On July 1, 2002, I lost my mother to a sudden illness. She died two weeks after being admitted to the hospital. On September 15, 2002, I lost my Mother in Law after one week of hospitalization for pneumonia. On May 1, 2006 my father entered the hospital and was diagnosed with Metastatic Cancer. He died one week later. That summer my husband developed breathing problems later diagnosed as Congestive Heart Failure and then Pulmonary Hypertension. He died on March 19, 2007. On October 15, 2007 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I underwent surgery one week later and began my recovery. While recovering, my 31 year old son had a wreck on his dirt bike and he was in surgery for the first of three repair surgeries two weeks post op for me. When 2007 ended that year, we were glad to see it over and to start a year with less heartache. There were many blessings that year and we were so supported by our family and friends. But I would be foolish to tell you we hoped we didn't see another year like 2007.

In 2008 we experienced many blessings, but the one that comes to mind most quickly is that my First Easter after 2007. I call it that because it became symbolic to me more than any other easter of the sacrifice that Jesus made for me on the cross. That Easter was personal to me. For the first time in my 50 years, I believed that Jesus died for me, Ann. He saw my need and my sorrow and he saw the human sins in my life. Jesus became a personal friend to me. He listened to me when my heart was breaking. He held me when i cried. And he taught me what true love is as I read over and over the 23rd Psalm.
Debbie, Philadelphia, PA
My mother suddenly passed away in May 2010. It was so sudden and so shocking I am stll numb. She was my best friend and I miss her every single day of my life. I feel myself reaching for the phone to call her every day. My mother wanted to be cremated and her ashes scattered in the ocean. So, with this request my mother's friend has a boat so we went on the boat and as the boat slowed down and we are getting ready to put her ashes in the ocean. All of the sudden there were at least 25 butterflies flying around us. I have never in my life seen butterflies out that far on the ocean. I beleive my MOM was with us that day, letting us know everything is going to be OK. Also, we saw dolphins jump out of the water too that day.... I love you MOM and miss you each and everyday of my life.
Jason Clemen, Waterloo, IA
My mom passed away July 3rd 2010. She had undiagnosed diverticulitis, had emergency surgery, came out of that ok, but died a week later, were guessing of a blood clot to her lungs, she was only 58 and a brand new grandma of two weeks, our 1st child born on father's day, everyone was so excited. On the day of her funeral, after the church ceremony, my dad, wife, my two sisters and I were getting into the vehicle to make our way out to the cemetery when my youngest sister noticed a butterfly on my wife's back, a Red Admiral we later found out. I didn't think anything of it, picked it off her back and set it free. The butterfly flew into the car, landed on the arm of the driver, then when my dad got into the front seat, made it's way over to dad's arm and landed. The passengers side window was open cause it was hot, and we started down the road to the cemetery, about a 5-10 minute ride, the butterfly all the while resting on dad's hand. We got to the cemetery, dad exited the van expecting the butterfly to take off. She stayed right were she had landed, on his hand all the way through the ceremony at the cemetery. Everyone was noticing this butterfly on dad's hand, all of us believing it was mom's spirit. After the ceremony we made our way back into the van to head back to the church for a funeral meal. The butterfly stayed on dad's hand all the way back to the church. When we started walking up to the church, that's when she finally flew off dad's hand, landing on my aunt, hitching a ride up to the church. When we got to the front of the church, she flew off my aunt and landed on the brick wall of the church, staying there for a photo op for myself. I said bye to mom, telling her I had to join the meal, thinking she would be gone when we got done. When I came back outside, mom was fluttering around the flowers, waiting to say goodbye. It was amazing that that butterfly stayed with us that long, I know it was mom spending some more time with us, letting us know she was ok. I miss her so much, and every time I see a butterfly, I say hi to mom.
Cheryl, Murrieta, CA
I am a mother of 3 boys. My boys make me very happy and I am proud to say they are my sons. They are so sweet and caring they love their mama, but I still feel empty inside for a little girl to raise. One day I was on the phone talking to an adoption/foster care lady. The door bell rang for my little boy, his friend wanted to play. Since I was on the phone I didnt answer right away, so he rang it again. I opened the door and the most beautiful, biggest butterfly I had ever seen was right in front of my door on a flower. I took it as a sign, God's trying to tell me something.
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