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My eldest daughter was very close to my mum; as she was growing up as she used to care for her while I worked full time. As my daughter grew up she had a strong connection to my mother and as time went by my mum got very sick with emphasema and at the same time my daughter was struggling with depression and my husband and I moved and my daughter shared accommodation with her siblings. At the height of my mother's illness she practically begged me to convince my daughter to move up with us for a sea change, so to speak and a fresh start. My daughter finally agreed and within that year my mother passed away. It was almost as if she felt it was her duty to make sure my daughter was going to be ok.

After years of failed relationships my daughter finally found Mr Right many years after my mothers death and they married in October last year. She had a fondness for butterflies and released a box of live ones on her wedding day - it was absolutely magnificent. Words could not describe how beautiful it was, in particular I had one that sat just under my hat on my left side and I thought at the time I wonder if this is mum. Little did I know that this particular butterfly was going to stay with me the entire night, didn't move while I ate and drank. Then just before the commencement of the speeches it flew off and landed high up on a light at the back of the reception room where it had a full view of the wedding venue and all who were present and it sat there for the rest of the evening. My daughter's bridesmaid even made a comment to the butterfly in her speech bringing it to everyone's attention that it was my daughter's grandmother overseeing the event. It was beautiful.

I am convinced without a doubt that this was my mother and we were so blessed to have recognised that she was present to see her precious grand daughter find the man of her dreams and get married.
Suzette, Flushing, MI
After a fall down a flight of stairs, my sister-in-law died of her injuries. I wrote a letter to my brother describing my relationship with my sister-in-law using the butterfly in much of the letter. The letter was heartfelt and sincere. Two months after her passing, I took a trip to our local zoo that had a butterfly house. I went with my granddaughter's, my daughter, and my daughter's mother-in-law. Minutes after stepping into the butterfly house, a monarch butterfly alit on my nose and would not leave. My granddaughters were laughing and dancing around me,not knowing what we should do. A volunteer helper came to our rescue with an index card, and gently dislodged the butterfly from my nose. It was all videoed by daughter's mother-in-law. To this day I know that the butterfly was my sister-in-law giving me a gentle reminder that she will always be near. It made me very happy.
Denise, Lawrence, KS
Summer of 2003 was a very dry and hot summer in Lawrence Ks . On August 26 I lost my father , My mother called early morning to tell me that daddy was acting strange . As I had done many times through the years I drove to my parents home with fear in the pit of my stomach . When I got there Daddy was not himself I gave him a spoonful of peanut butter since he had diabetes ,strangely he took it with his left hand( he was right handed), he licked the spoon clean but still no words a look in his eyes that I had never seen before and he couldn't stand up so my mom decided to call my brother.

I ran home to get my son off to school and change clothes knowing we were headed to the ER for sure. I got the call my brother had arrived and they were calling an ambulance. So I'm rushing to get to the hospital. Many things happened that day that I have reflected back on many times . While in the ER suite daddy's good friend and minister got there as he had thru the years. We were all standing around daddy (Duane my brother, my mother myself and Paul daddy's minister) as we were hold hands as Paul said a prayer around the bed a brisk breeze whipped through ( I call it a breeze since the curtain around daddy's bed whipped like they were in a breeze but it touched us inside unlike anything I've felt before) Paul looked up and asked if we felt that we all acknowledged we did he quitely says Ewing (my dad ) is going home today. I thought ok then I realized not the home I wanted it to be.

The Dr stepped in and tells us he has a brain bleed and because of a medication he had been on for many years they can't do surgery. They are going to send him to a room upstairs and make him as comfortable as possible but she expects him to be gone by early evening it was like 7am I couldn't believe daddy was going to let them be right about this . We made calls to family& friends and we stayed with him praying and for him. Many people came as word spread that most likely he was dying. We each had our private moments with him to say good bye which was at that time one of the most heart breaking moments of my life Daddy's friend and minister stayed all day too since he at one time he was a paramedic checked daddy's vital signs throughout the day . At 6:36 that evening we lost daddy as Paul listened to his last heart beat.

As I was taking my mom back home that night it started to rain my mom looked at me and we knew daddy must have a hand in this. The day of his service we were at the cemetery when the 1st butterfly I had seen all summer came floating in and landed on the opened bible as Paul was speaking I looked in awe as this huge monarch butterfly floated to my mom to the flowers on the casket fluttered around the family lit on me went back to the bible and was gone. I tried to look for this beautiful butterfly thru my tear filled eyes but it was no where . Daddy knew how I love and believed in butterflies so he showed to let me know he was ok. I will never forget that day. Fast forward to 2018 I took care of my mother 24/7 in hospice at her home she still remembers that day as I do. After a little more than 6 months of mother being bedridden I lost her. Once again there is a moment in life you can never prepare for.

Mother had me plant some beautiful flower gardens before she died . As I water the gardens I get a special feeling when beautiful butterflies appear. In my mind I feel mother and daddy are still here and checking in to make sure all is ok on the home front.
Manisha, Gautam Buddha Nagar, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA
This Monarch Butterfly has a story which connects my soul with that of my spiritual guru & mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer. A story hard to explain & believe yet for me its a living truth....

All my 42 years of my life I have never noticed a butterfly though I am sure they existed around me before. One fine day around August end last year, a beautiful Monarch butterfly appeared before me outside my office shortly after Dr Dyer's death. I have just finished reading his book 'Wishes Fulfilled' which impacted me greatly and made me feel that my search for a Guru has ended. I realised that I have all the answers within me and do not need to search for them outside.

His death felt as if someone close and dear has departed and I was upset. This butterfly appeared like a miracle and circled around me at the entrance of my office forcing me to notice it. That very moment a close friend of mine in Mumbai also saw a similar Monarch butterfly in her house on 10th floor and called me. After pondering for some time,we both realised that this could be a sign from none other than Dr.Dyer with whom we both connected a lot and who was very much on our mind due to his death.

However it was not a standalone incident...The magic continues till date....This beautiful butterfly frequently appears before me in the rarest of places and in most unusual ways for eg. outside my car, in a crowded street or on a highway while driving & It never fails to capture my attention. I strongly believe its a Miracle from heaven...so this time when I saw it I thought of clicking a photo...and to my surprise it sweetly allowed me to do so.

Dr.Dyer was reminded of his late friend Jack when a Monarch came and stepped on his finger while he went on a walk one day, which he photographed and later put it on cover of his book Inspiration..Similarly this monarch always reminds me of him and seeing it around brings a very comforting and pleasant feeling .Thank you Dr. Dyer for making me believe that though dear ones may go out of this physical world, their soul is eternal & those whom we love are just a thought away....