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July 2014 to December 2014
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Jessie Brant, Bellingham, MA
When I first heard that a four-year-old had drowned close to where I live, I was horrified. Then to discover that he was a little boy I had in my Pre K classroom, well, it was devastating, especially when I returned to work and saw his cubby with a change of clothes and a craft waiting patiently for his return. His sweet face had been in my mind since I found out four days before. While I was outside in the playground at work, a butterfly zoomed by my face so closely I nearly ducked to get out of the way. I didn't think anything of it at first, but having not seen a butterfly at my work since I started, and my mother's new book fresh in my mind, I thought, could this be him? It was such a quick occurrence, was more of a fleeting thought, and then I went on with my day.

The day of his funeral, the air was heavy with grief and his presence wafted around us like smoke from a campfire, getting into all our senses. While I circulated around the paved playground making the rounds at work, a gathering of students inevitably came and held my hands, and a chainlike formation extended out to several friends on either side of me. As we walked, we suddenly came to an abrupt stop when a small, orange and black butterfly fluttered around me and the children, and then more who gathered to see the precious sight. The butterfly landed at our feet and flew in a tight formation near us, close enough to touch. It remained near us and after we walked on, it stopped us again and one girl cupped it in her hands and then carefully let it loose. I felt like the fly by of the day before was to get my attention and then I clearly felt this boy's spirit as today's butterfly engaged us with its eagerness to be in our personal space.

I wasn't looking for a sign. I felt like once I read The Butterfly Club, a personal communication line with God had been established, and I recognized His language in a way I wouldn't have before. The sign of the butterfly gave me a delicate feeling of peace, as soft as the flutter of wings that cut through the pain of the loss of this beautiful little boy, who I had the privilege of knowing for a short time.
Phyllis Calvey, Bellingham, MA
While I was writing my book, The Butterfly Club, about the true-life stories of people who have experienced the perfect timing of an undeniable sign from God, I found all of your beautiful and inspiring butterfly stories on The Butterfly Website. It did not seem strange to me at all, as people who have experienced the "butterfly phenomenon" are like a family that eventually finds one another and continues to support each other. Names like Judy Guggenheim, co-author of Hello from Heaven, Elisabeth Kübler Ross, The Compassionate Friends, Kendra Marsh, and so many others are intertwined throughout the stories. It was then I realized that we do belong to a "Club"; The Butterfly Club, and I welcome you in. I hope you will find the stories in my book inspiring and encourage you to welcome others into The Club that gives a name to this shared experience. It has been my delight and privilege to have met you through this website; your stories have touched my heart and encouraged me through the writing process. I hope we will meet again! God Bless
Erica, Island Park, NY
My mom passed away Aug of 2013 and was very close to my two daughters. This year my oldest daughter got married in Oct and it was a rainy cold week and all my daughter wanted was a beautiful day so we could take pictures at the beach. Well the one day we needed was the most perfect fall day you could ask for and I prayed to my mother to please look out for my daughter and let us have a nice day BUT later on we were taking pictures in front of a friend's house and a monarch butterfly circled over my daughters. I said "oh look a butterfly". We got in the limo and then went a half mile away to the beach to take some pictures there again the monarch flew around my daughter. My husband said I said "oh the same butterfly".

Later on at the hall we went outside to take pictures. We were standing on a wooden deck overlooking the water and the butterfly circled my daughter again. With everything going on it sank into me as something special but I didn't have time to take it all in until the day after the wedding, my daughter came back to my house and we were outside talking. The same butterfly circled my daughter again as to say goodbye and then I knew it was my mom - her "nanny" as she was called by my daughters - showing us she was with us the whole time. It was amazingly special and I have not seen a butterfly since so I know it was her.
Hemma, Surrey, BC, CANADA
I lost my mom when I was 11 years old and that was 27 years ago. While growing up I would always see butterflies but I was never aware of the fact that it could be a sign of my mom from the other side. I also remember there would always be a red bird that would come regularly and knock continuously at my window. (Again I was unaware that it could possibly be my mom letting me know that she is still with me).

I left my country for Canada 14 years ago and after I landed in Canada and was taking my immigration papers to show to the custom officer, I found a dead butterfly among the papers (again I had no clue that it was a sign from my mom)

It's been couple years since I have started watching Theresa's show (Long Island Medium). This is when I have started thinking about all the signs I have had after my mom's departure. She has always been with me.

This year I was in my country for vacation. Every afternoon my parents (my step mom and dad) and I would sit in their patio for tea and we would see a white and grey butterfly. I knew it was my mom, and what really shocked/saddened me was that on my last week of vacation, the butterfly was as usual outside during our tea time and I went to the kitchen to put some mugs in the sink and asI raised up my head I saw her on the right side of the wall looking at me. It was just for a few seconds and it disappeared. How fast did she follow me and she knew exactly where I was.

Debbie, Beverley Hills, FL
Sally our beautiful, beloved, 35 year old horse was living as healthy as could be, considering her age, asthma, and arthritis. She was defying all odds as the veterinarian put it. Nature took her earthy life away in a lightening storm on September 2nd, 2014, and we buried her the same day.

My mom and I visited her grave six days later to plant grass seed and put statues on her grave site. When we arrived at the farm there was a beautiful, bright, yellow butterfly flying around the manger where sally used to feed. We walked about 100 yards to Sally's grave and all of a sudden there appeared out of nowhere about six of the same beautiful, bright, yellow butterflies. They were the size of about a half dollar. As they were flapping their wings, I noticed one had bright, orange color inside of its wings. This exceptional beauty reminded me of Sally's beauty inside and out.

They fluttered around us with content as if having fun. I was in awe and amazed about this whole scenario. I am convinced this was a sign from God and Sally that she is alright and still in her playful, loving mind. this truly brought peace to me.

I must add, when I think back over the eight years sally was at this farm, beautiful butterflies were always around her manger. Sally always had a free spirit like a butterfly and always will.
Isabelita de Guzman, Kanata, Ontario, CANADA
Story I love butterflies, my favourite is white. God blessed/blesses me to feel the spirits of our family's faithful departed souls. Each time a family member passed on, a yellow butterfly appeared and followed me wherever I went. As I requested God to let me feel the presence of each one of them or all of them, one appeared then multiple light yellow and cream coloured ones arrived. Beyond earthly way of explanations, I requested that my father, who died in 1987, and my mother in 2001, see each other in heaven soon after my mom died. First I dreamt that they were together holding hands walking, floating on pure white cotton-like field, towards a very tall healthy tree with wide base trunk that tapers to the end as it holds a beautiful crown of green leaves on branches and twigs spread up towards heaven. In my dream I was so joyful, called them, they responded by waving their outer hands while holding hands continuing to walk. They indicated that they are going up to heaven through this tree.

Three days after my dream, I was in our kitchen having a mid-morning snack when 2 yellow butterflies appeared one flying slightly ahead of the other. As they were about to approach our garden, they flew slowly alongside each other with their wings touching each other's as if they were holding wings. I was so excited to relate the dream to my husband. He knows I love butterflies. I told him I really like the white ones. Those many years I hadn't seen white ones only light and bright yellow and at times light cream coloured ones. I told him that to me white ones suggest that the departed human souls have been purified prior death. I don't know what the other colours represent.

My husband who was very healthy died a very sudden death on August 30th, 2008. He passed out inside an ambulance as he was about to be sent to a nearby hospital. Had he not been hooked up on a respirator he would have died right then. Our family needed medical infos for us to decide on what to do. He had a massive stroke or massive ruptured aneurysm in the deadliest part of the brain. We were so very devastated, I was in shock --- thank God for the strength in our 2 adult kids. I would/could have died right then had it not been for the LOVE of God who guided them.

On the 3rd day of his passing, my daughter and I were shopping for my black outfit. As the car was to approach our driveway we both saw a larger than usual butterfly I'd been seeing all those years. It was a white one, pure white sole butterfly flying slowly around our front yard garden. My daughter said, "Mom that's Daddy's spirit." I right away knew it even prior her saying that. I silently requested my husband to let the butterfly indicate that it represents his spiritual presence. He was into different sports since elementary, was strong and well built, and energetic. The butterfly started flying vigorously and all over the garden. As I was about to get off the car, I told him to approach us. The butterfly flew towards the car and alighted on the bush nearest to me as I opened the car door. I had to be extra careful to avoid the door to touch the bush. It stayed resting on the bush for seconds.

In so many of my awesome dreams starting on the 3rd night of my beloved husband's death and hearing his caring/loving messages during my wakeful moments, he told me that I'll never feel alone. He repeatedly advised me to pray/talk to the Holy Spirit and look up to our Blessed Mother Mary in every way. He and I reconnected in the most wondrous innumerable ways that only God permitted us to be able to do so. I was led to a certain realm of faith and spirituality that I long for more and more of God's LOVE.

From the late summer of 2008 and every butterfly season since then, a sole white butterfly appear everywhere I went/go especially in our garden. It followed me to work, church, grocery and everywhere here. It was flying inches from my body and face as I was in solitude walking going to church. There were times it flew and stayed with me inside the bus stop shed until I got in the bus. It was also with me in places outside of this country, in the Philippines appearing on the 2nd day I arrived and stayed with me for 3 months in 2012 ( the very 1st time I visited after my husband's physical absence ). My sisters and his side of the family were so amazed whenever the sole white butterfly appeared and followed us everywhere. We went even to the mountains appearing in front of our vehicle as we drove along busy streets and highways. It followed me to different holy grounds of pilgrimages here in Canada, USA, Philippines, and most of all to the Holy Land ( Israel ) -- stayed with me/us starting on the day we arrived and had done special ways of appearing to me, noticed by others too. In 2011, it alighted on my closed left hand ( middle finger ) while I was holding my Rosary - I just came out of the church here in Kanata where my husband's funeral mass was held. It also alighted on my left arm as I was thinking of him while I tended to the front yard garden. He dedicated this garden to me as a sign of his strong love, he loved nature.

It's not possible for me to have written all the sole white butterfly incidences since September 2008. I'll close my butterfly story with a miraculous (a mystery of Faith) appearance of one much larger white butterfly that appeared on the 10th station of the Walk of the Cross we do during our group pilgrimage to our Lady of Marmora every 1st Saturday of each month. The 10th station is where Mother Mary appears and gives messages to Dory Tan in every pilgrimage there. It was also reported that Jesus, the Divine Mercy appeared in this station. His Holy Spirit is felt/sensed by the faithful often. That day was a bright sunny day with a comfortable temperature. As we barely arrived the usual sole white butterfly came flying vibrantly in a straight line about 12 inches from the ground towards where a female co-pilgrim and I were standing. It came from the parking lot. It stopped in front of us and flew around us then as it was used to do it flew around my feet then in between my mid lower legs before it would finally fly away. My co-pilgrim made a joke and told me to tell my husband to let the butterfly fly in between her legs too.

So, from there I was talking aloud to my husband --- she heard my requests --- they all happened. I told her earlier that my husband told me to be with her all throughout the pilgrimage to pray together. Eventually prior to the Walk, she told me that she has a confession to tell me. She said that she was in doubt about all those butterfly stories she heard from me ever since and that her best friend even told her that it's true as she herself witnessed the butterfly in the Holy Land. As my husband told me, the butterfly followed us appearing along the way throughout the Walk of the Cross. On the 8th going to the 9th station, his message came clearly to me, "Do not be surprised and excited, be calm and gentle". On the 10th station a large sole white butterfly shall appear. The one that represents my spirit will be with all of you, somewhere out of your sight. This large pure white butterfly represents the Holy Spirit of Jesus, the Divine Mercy. Keep your eyes focused on the picture of Jesus at that station, the butterfly shall appear from behind this picture. "You shall witness the Butterfly flying all over and around where all of you are praying." We arrived at the 10th, I focused on the picture of Jesus, the one where He was being stripped off his clothes, then, minutes into our prayers of the holy Rosary, the large ( about 3 inch wide opened wings ) beautiful sole pure white butterfly came flying from behind the picture, flying ever so gently as it gradually flew down and around the pilgrims. I shared with the same female co-pilgrim that I told my husband to help me in my strong desired requests for the Holy Spirit to come and fly around me and her then just me alone. The butterfly suddenly did as per my requests then continued flying around all the pilgrims. The 2 of us moved down near the path prior leaving the 10th station, then as we were praying, the small white butterfly flew in between our faces touching my left cheek. I was prompted to look behind --- where I saw the 2 white butterflies flying in circle. I heard my husband message, "" We'll be with you all the time. Bel, you'll see the small butterfly as you are about to get in the bus."" I believe and trust in, thus, rely on God's LOVE alone. HE heard all my prayers where I literally talked and poured out my heart's deepest sorrow and extreme pain as I offered it all to the Foot of the Cross. I can never thank God enough for all the revelations of HIS LOVE.

Thank you very much for this butterfly website. My story here is already too long, but not long enough to share every butterfly incidence related mostly to my husband's eternal life.

Sabel or Bel ( Lito, my husband, nicknamed me )
Sarah, USA
As I always do, I sit on the edge of my living room couch-it is near a window. I really like to look out from this window but there came a day I forgot about everything around me and I just sat there,looking, looking for something but I didnt know what I was looking for until a white butterfly came flying from nowhere and stood right on a leaf in from of my window. I was surprised so I kept looking at the beautiful butterfly but it flew away. The next day, I sat there as always and the butterfly came again. This happened for about a week and still the same butterfly cAME everyday. I always look at it - its color making it shine as a star.
Jim, Las Vegas, NV
My father and I were on our way to a wedding in California my brother son was getting married in Malibu we had to get a room about 40 minutes from where they were getting married so the place we were staying at provided a shuttle so we would not have to drive. Anyway I was getting on the shuttle and I looked down I saw this beautiful yellow and black butterfly. I lowered my hand and he crawled up to my hand so we arrived to the destination were Steven my brother son was getting married.

Let me back up for a minute my brother passed away 3 years ago in December my mother the following year in July so we are now at the wedding. The butterfly moved to my shoulder and stayed on my shoulder throughout the wedding ceremony and through the entire party. Afterwards people were coming up to me and could not believe this butterfly was still on my shoulder. They though it was not real until I would make his wings open, and they were all in disbelief. I felt at peace the whole time. I believe my mother and brother had a connection with the butterfly. I know they were telling me that they are ok. I took it bad when my mother passed away I felt that I gave her a lot of grief through the years. I feel a lot different at things in life. I have faith in God today. I have faith in myself today. I'm not perfect, I still make mistakes but I try to correct them right away. Any way we got on the shuttle and headed back to our room and as I was getting off the shuttle the butterfly flew off me right away. I felt this feeling that we will all be together again.
Carol, East Windsor, NJ
This story is about a brown moth, whose wings were large, similar to the wings of the butterfly. I have to tell the world about my amazing experience. It is however, bitter-sweet. This happened, Wednesday July 23, 2014. I was working on an assembly line for a high-end cosmetic company. It was my third week and I was trying to get adjusted and up-to-speed. Well, while I was on the white line, one of the supervisors told my line leader, he needed someone to go the other line to help out. I believe it was the green or blue line. I guess you can figure out who was selected to go, yes, it was me. When I got to the new line, it was pretty scary. The boxes that needed to be opened were stacked about 4 and 1/2 feet high. I immediately started opening up the boxes and separating the products, so I could get ready for this line, which was no joke. There were about five people on each side of the conveyer belt. I learned later that more people were needed, but they cut manpower the day before and told some people they had Wednesday off. I didn't have much time to prepare and almost about 10 minutes in, the production started. I had to put in about eight products. It was challenging because there was another worker on the opposite side who had to put in her products after me. The boxes were high and deep, so you had to reach down just to put in the products, it was annoying. This was a big shipment. But, I tried my best.

Well, I will say about 5-8 minutes into the line movement, the supervisor asked me to vacate and return to my original line. What was the reason? Clearly, this was embarrassing. There are five lines out there that are filled with workers, so everybody has a view, when someone gets pulled from a line. I was furious. I got pulled off the line after I opened all those boxes, with my yellow box cutter. No one provides an explanation. You are expected to follow and fall in line, excuse the pun... I walked back to the white line and was visibly upset. The line leader asked me why I returned. I told her I did not know and that he asked me to leave. My eyes were filled with tears and I tried to hide it, but was not successful. I tried my best not to let any tears fall from my eyes, and by God's grace, not one tear rolled down my face. She talked to me and was very comforting and asked someone to bring me some water. Then, she left and I just picked up where I left off, placing an item in each box.

Now, what happens next is purely amazing, a rare gift. All the sudden I thought I saw something fly around me, and I thought it must be my imagination. How could it get inside the warehouse, I thought? It wanted to get my attention and it surely did. Then I looked up and saw it, it was a moth. It looked just like a butterfly, but it was all brown, so clearly it was a moth. This was real. It flew around me again and landed on the left side of my vest above my heart, and stayed there for a while. I just remember thinking, wow; this is a special moment and one that I will treasure always. I felt loved, warm and fuzzy after that experience. Then, as it mysteriously appeared, it mysteriously just flew away. I kept thinking how could it get in and realized that the white line was closest to the receiving area, which has a large opening, to allow the trucks to get inside the warehouse. This moment was spiritual for me and I truly believe it was my mom letting me know she was with me and came to my rescue when I needed it so badly. It felt like time had stopped so I could receive this blessing. All of my cares were shut down, nothing else mattered to me. Ironically, it was the day before my mother's birthday. She passed April 1, 1981 at the age of 52. She would have been 86 years old, Thursday, July 24th. I love you Mommy and miss you so much!
Sandy, Chagrin Falls, OH
My mother died April 30, 2006 after 2 years of battling cancer. She died after midnight on the 30th, the next morning I was so very sad. I walked outside, it was a warm morning and a large yellow butterfly (swallow tail?) came around me, fluttering and dancing around. I was in my front yard and walked the backyard and it followed me. I then walk back to the front yard and it fluttered and followed me again - it didn't want to leave me alone! This went on for at least 15 minutes. It was unusual to see this large of a butterfly so early in northern Ohio. It was very comforting, I felt it was my mother visiting me.. I'll never forget it. I gave me incredible comfort. I wanted more signs from her. I did get them, different forms over the months. I miss my mother dearly, she was a special person whom I admired and treasured.
Janine, Plainfield, NJ
My 5th day of having a painted lady waiting for me outside my patio door. When I go outside to greet her, she flies around me and lights on me. If she sits still, she allows me to get next to her and when I talk to her she open and shuts her wings. Years ago, I lost my husband and later my father in June and July and my husband's birthday was just the other day. If this is a sign of someone watching over me, I have been touched by the pure nature of life. I have been blessed.
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