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January 2014 to June 2014
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Elaine, Colorado Springs, CO
My husband and I are of different faiths. We got married in 2005 at our Renaissance Faire in Colorado. I got divorced from my previous marriage and never got it annulled in the Roman Catholic Church. To my husband,who is Southern Baptist, if God blesses you and your husband, that means God will bless your marriage as well.

We exchanged our vows in front of a Non-Denominational Minister who dressed like he was in Renaissance Timeframe. We actually had an 16th Century English Tudor Wedding because it was the Theme of the Renaissance Realm. I was dressed in gold upholstery fabric and had a large skirt and a doublet with a laced up front with split sleeves that had my ivory satin Chemise sleeves puff out of and I wore a Juliet Cap with Ivory Chiffon sheer material for the veil. I embellished the bodice of the gown with tiny hand sewn ivory pearls and did this as well on the Juliet Cap. I carried a ivory silk rose bouquet with gold sheer wired ribbon swirling from the bow of the bouquet.

My husband wore a Cavalier Hat pulled up on the side with a feather plume, his doublet that I sewed for him with a rich upholstery fabric of black, rust and metallic gold in a paisley type design. It shined so beautiful in the sunlight. I sewed it with a high collar and used Spanish antique brass clasps to close it together from the neck down to below the waist. It had a peplum flare below the waist. He also had split sleeves that had the Spanish antique brass clasps gathering it together to showoff the Poetic shirt that I sewed for him underneath. He wore his black pants and wore motorcycle boots and carried a sword for the full effect.

Right after we pledge our vows to each other we turned around, and proceeded to process down the aisle again as husband and wife and two white butterflies met us down at the end of the aisle and escorted us behind the bagpiper to our reception area and then disappeared. My husband and I were wondering all these years what this meant. It was beautiful but strange. No one had died recently, it was just a wedding. It was very magical to say the least.
Madeline, MN
My story is not of death physically but it feels like death of my heart. I went through a divorce in 2009 and I had moved away. I have always been a stay at home mom and very involved with my kids and family. After my divorce it has been very hard on me because my eldest daughter stayed back when I moved away. I have been under so much stress over the whole ordeal I have lost some of my hair due to severe stress the doctor said. I have always been a religious person even as a young child.

For the past two years I have been praying so very hard for happiness. One day I was outside with my dog and the sun was shining bright I closed my eyes and just prayed so hard I opened my eyes and all around me were Tiger Swallow tail butterflies and one Monarch It was the most extraordinary thing I have ever seen it was so beautiful like out of a movie. It might sound weird to others to read this but I thanked the butterflies and God. Hoping all this is looking to a brighter future very soon. Thank you for reading my experience. May all your Blessings come True!>
L. Betancourt, IL
I can honestly say I'm a true believer when it comes to a butterfly as a sign of your loved one. Here's my story.

My auntie passed last year and ever since then I been seeing butterflies appear wherever I am. It would catch my attention and I would get this relieved feeling of comfort like a confirmation that she was there. It truly makes me smile everytime but today was so different so amazing because tomorrow is the one year anniversary of her passing and this whole week has been hard knowing this Saturday June 14 2014 was the day she left us and passed.

Thinking about that as I was on my way early this morning to get some breakfast I felt like a flutter near my left ankle and it kinda spooked me but then I looked and saw in the corner of my eye it was a beautiful brown butterfly that had brushed against me so gently and flew off and followed me and landed on a leaf in a bush next to me. I even took a picture of it - I truly felt that the butterfly was her telling it's okay. It made me believe that our loved ones are always here there signs eveywhere and open your heart and believe it because I do This website is so blessed - what a wonderful site of such spiritual inspiration. God bless ..... this is my story.
Efota Joe, Benin City, Nigeria
WOW!!! I had an experience with a butterfly today. I was about to wash some dishes outside my house. This little gentle butterfly came and landed on my finger (engagement finger) and stayed on it till I finished washing the dishes. It was amazing, I was looking deep into its eyes and I could feel some great strange connection. It was on that finger for a while and entered another one. It stayed for about 25 minutes before flying away. When it did fly away, I felt like crying. Oh I missed it!!! I wished it to visit me some other time (smiles)
Evelyn, New York City
I was sitting in the park and a white butterfly flew on my leg. At first I thought it was a feather till I shook my leg. It just flew onto a bag I had next to me and stood there till I left, then flew away. I thought of my grandson that passed a year ago, good feeling though.
Don, Hedgesville, WV
My wife Lorraine passed away June 24, 2013 after 21 years of marriage. Throughout Lorraine's life she was very spiritual and as a member of the Arlington Metaphysical Church in Virginia practiced Reiki healing. Lorraine also had Native American "guides" that she turned to during challenging times.

After Lorraine passed and I was confronted with my challenge of packing up my household in anticipation of moving off to my next abode, I would sit out on my deck trying to relax and lo and behold a monarch butterfly appeared and flew around not more than 10 feet of where I was sitting. It seemed odd since there were no other butterflies to be seen. Having lived on my property for more than 14 years, butterflies usually showed up in groups. However this particular butterfly had no companions. Also when I would need to go out, when I opened my garage door, the same butterfly would appear. I wasn't sure what to think, however I made sure when I backed the car out that the butterfly did not end up as "road kill". At first, I thought maybe Lorraine came back to earth as a butterfly but I needed more convincing.

Growing up as a Jewish kid in New Jersey, I was skeptical about anything bordering on spirituality. However, after 18 months of dating and 21 years of marriage to my soul mate, I was willing to be more open minded about the unknown. However, I still needed more evidence to convince me that all is possible in the vast scheme of things. This is now the beginning of my quest for faith and peace of mind.

At the time of Lorraine's passing, I decided to donate her body to an organization that used the deceased for medical research. At the end of a set time period, Lorraine was to be cremated and her remains returned to me. Lorraine's final wish was to be buried next to a tree so her spirit would have access to her "guides". I'll get back to this in due course.

In the process of getting things packed in anticipation of my move I had to go through Lorraine's personal items including all of her jewelry and miscellaneous items. As I opened her drawers in her jewelry box, I kept coming across items that depicted butterflies. I knew Lorraine liked butterflies, but she also liked other collectibles like gnomes, Dickens Village buildings and characters, ceramic cows, and best of all about 100 dolls that she collected and displayed throughout the house. Keep in mind while all of this packing was taking place, the monarch butterfly was always waiting for me to come outside.

The time finally came when I now had to go through the process of relocating to my new homestead. Mind you after living on 28 acres for 14 years it was a wake up call to downsize to a townhouse on one tenth of an acre. Oh well, let's get back to Lorraine. After getting situated in my townhouse, I had Lorraine's remains sent to me. I opened the shipping box and took out a 4" x 6" box with a nice cord tied around it in a bow. It had hardly any weight and ironically a song came into my mind as I picked up the box containing Lorraine's ashes: it was Peggy Lee singing "Is that all there is?" I put Lorraine up on my bookcase in my office and contemplated as to how to fulfill her final wish. After 2 weeks of holding on to what was left of Lorraine, I came up with a plan. I would ask my friend Norman if it was ok to find a final resting place for Lorraine on his daughter's 13 acres of forest on the side of South Mountain in Maryland. Norman's daughter was redoing a log cabin on one of the most beautiful pieces of property this side of heaven (very appropriate).

So one day I arranged with Norman to bring Lorraine to this little piece of heaven and find a good solid tree where Lorraine could rest in peace. As we got onto the property and started to discuss where we could find the "right" tree, lo and behold a monarch butterfly appeared and flew around near where we were standing. As before when I saw the butterfly on the deck of my old house, here we were deep in the woods, and only one butterfly appeared. It stayed in an area while Norman and I went off to find the "right" tree. After locating the right spot, Norman helped dig a deep enough hole to accommodate Lorraine's ashes. I now undid the cord around the box and opened it up. Inside was a plastic bag containing what was left of my beloved wife and soul mate. I then untied the plastic bag and committed Lorraine to her final resting place. During all this time, the monarch butterfly remained in the same area where we left it. I now had a strong feeling that Lorraine was there in the form of that monarch butterfly.

To reinforce my belief, here comes the icing on the cake. Yesterday I called Norman and told him I would like to come out to the cabin to see him and meet his daughter for the first time. Yesterday was about 10 days after we buried Lorraine. When I got there and we were walking around the property, guess who was flying around all by herself. Yup! You guessed right. It was the same monarch butterfly that came into my life around a month ago.

After reading my story you can choose to believe or disbelieve. You can say that monarch butterflies are common throughout the area but keep in mind this was always one butterfly alone. And besides, when I pass on to my reward and one day 2 butterflies appear on your back porch, maybe then you too will believe.
Stephanie, Jackson, TN
I remember playing outside and the yard was full of yellow butterflies. I ran in the house and grab an ice cream bucket my mom had rinsed out. I put as many butterflies I could put inside the bucket, walked back into the house, and released the butterflies in the house. When I am depressed I think back those yellow butterflies and it brings me peace and balance my mood. Thanks for allowing me to share. A childs heart.
Destinee, Casselberry, FL
Hi, my name is Destinee. I am 14 years old. A couple months ago, my mom had a miscarriage with my baby brother. She had found out that there was a knot in his umbilical cord and that he had died just four days before his due date. We were all so shocked at the death of him. He died on August 17th, 2013. And my mom had to have a still birth on August 18th, 2013. The doctors had given us a box with butterflies all over it with his belongings inside of it, and my aunt had given us stuff with butterflies on it too. In our family, there had been many miscarriages and connections to their children with butterflies. Now there is this one bright orange and black butterfly that I see every single day, no matter where I'm at. It follows me while I'm at school too. I believe that its my baby brother VJ watching over me. I love you. so much VJ!

Rest in Peace My little angel!
Shelley, Lacey, WA
When I was in 4th grade in California, we had a small twig with a cocoon on it in an open glass jar, sitting on a ledge in our classroom. I noticed that the cocoon was starting to move. Me and about 5 other classmates were allowed to take the jar outside and sit on the sidewalk awaiting the birth of a Monarch butterfly. While we sitting there waiting for the butterfly to emerge, I gasped when I was saw the beautiful butterfly coming out of the cocoon. The butterfly flew straight into my mouth from the twig. I sat there with my mouth open, while it was fluttering inside, and then it flew away, unharmed. My life path has evolved into Shamanic energy healing and I blessed with my experience of this truly magnificent beauty.
Earnestine S Holder, Dublin, GA
My Poem below puts perspective on hope for my new life in words. This poem was written in excess of ten years ago at one of the lowest points in my life when all my world seemed to be caving in. It was through this divine providence of destiny that I found a new and exciting love.I am grateful to the Creator for the spirit and insight to inspire me with what turned out to be a Spiritual Connection and abundance of joy.Simply amazing in light of having never been drawn to anything that is not human in nature.

" Butterflies My New Found Love"

Butterflies, Butterflies, my new found love you are.
Your beauty and colorful hues brings light that shines bright as the morning star.
You are New Life, New Hope, New birth of Faith.
If only I had wings I would attach to become your mate. You are my unsung Hero - Summer, Fall or Spring.
O how I marvel at having you as the wind beneath my wings.
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