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Tomylin, Lago Vista, TX
Two mornings ago I was walking my pup.There was a beautiful perfect lil butterfly laying on the road. I thought it was deseased and decided to save it's lil body. I thought I may put it on an arrangement I had od old roses. Anyway , I laid it on a shell I had filled with lucky marbles by my kitties dining area. That afternoon late I went to feed my kitties and saw them looking intently at something. It was the butterfly and it was moving it's wings. You could have knocked me over with a feather hehe or a butterfly's wing hehe. I guess it had been frozen and thawed out. I am thankful to be a part of this butterfly's reawakening and my bout of low faith has been cures. I pray I can keep her alive and content till it's warmer and set her free
Mary Blasco, NJ
I have always been fascinated by these creatures since I was a child when I used to chase after them to get a better look at their design and colors and this is when I found out how fragile they seem to be....But not so, They are quite resilient and can endure long hardships migrating against wind and storm. In my adult years I have linked these strengths with the human spirit and The metamorphosis that transforms them, reminded me of our own transformation in death. According to the Christian faith we die, resurrect and become new creatures. I was reflecting on this, after my mother died from pancreatic cancer, a mother of eight children, who had raised us with great challenges and limited resources, but who's indomitable spirit made it all possible. I was by her grave with my sister Amy as we asked God for a sign, perhaps a beautiful butterfly, to give us solace. We were saying some prayers by her grave, a time when butterflies were not around anymore, we had put the thought aside and were ready to go, when suddenly, above our heads we felt a rush of air and something that felt like a bird going over us. To our amazement, we turned to see the most beautiful, majestic and bright butterfly we had ever seen. Tears were rolling down our faces, because we knew our mother had gone through her metamorphosis and this was the sign we had asked for. The butterfly swirled around us touched the grave and flew up and got out of sight. This was in the fall of l992. "Butterflies are symbols of the spirit".

I just submitted my story, but I want to also share something pertaining to butterflies that I read in the Daily News after 9/ll. When they were looking in the ashes, a slew of butterflies emerged from the ruins as if to symbolize that the souls of those who perished had been freed. I'm sure this gave some peace to their love ones after such tragedy.
Delana, McKinney, TX
he is gone. Because I do not like to cry much in front of our girls I oboutside in the morning to sit on our porch and speak with my husband . One particular morning a few days after his passing I became angry at him . I've been asking him for some sign , for him to show me something to let me know that everything was going to be ok . Since he was the main supporter of the household! Well as I sat there about 30 minutes later a big Monarch butterfly flew up and landed on my shoulder.. I got startled at first so I pushed it off but the butterfly didn't fly away , instead it sat on the chair right next.to me and sat there for about 5 long minutes and opened and closed its wings while I spoke directly towards it .... In that momemet I felt overwhelming sense of peace! It was wonderful. And I see a butterfly daily. I know this was my husband . Telling me he is still here with me.
Jen, Perth, Australia
I had lost my only brother on 3-May-2013. Since his passing I would notice white butterflies flutter around like when I'm driving or just being outside. Seeing this beautiful creature assures me that he is now free from any ailments and that he has been washed from any mortal sins and at peace with Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Jonathan, San Diego, CA
My father died yesterday. My family had a nickname for him, "Butterfly"; I know, right? He was actually very interested in butterflies, and he would routinely stay up late at night studying their wings under his microscope. Anyway, I went out early this morning to smoke a cigarette, and what do you think I saw? Right, a butterfly. I honestly almost started to cry. He came and landed on my nose, and I swear I could hear him say, "I love you son." I am not mentally ill, so I think that I was just remembering his last words to me the night he died, but, nonetheless, I like this story. I am glad that I could share it with all of you.
Mary McDonald, Brighton, East Sussex, England
I was sitting in a swimming pool on holiday with my son and daughter and had been talking about my dad who had died 2 months before my daughter was born. He was very special to me as he was all I had as he had bought me up as a single parent because my mum died when I was a little girl. I was feeling really sad and was missing him when my son said there was a butterfly hovering above my head, it then flew to my daughter's head and landed there quite happy to sit with its wings closed. After about 5 minutes it flew to my son's head and stayed there the same. It flew about us then my son put his finger out and the butterfly landed on his finger quite happily and eventually flew off after quite a while. We had not seen and after that did not see any more butterflies. I just knew it was a message from my dad and felt really peaceful after this happened and have felt much happier ever since then.
Yoav Ilan, Ibiza, Spain
"pulse of a butterfly" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raO_A5cj6HM

i remember playing the piano that day at home, composing a new song.
i felt stuck. the new song was not going well and i felt tired.
at one moment i decided to take a break and go out to the garden for fresh air and an orange. i called Rocio my neighbor, to come along and she brought her camera.
after a while, i remember noticing a little butterfly on the ground. i don't know why, but something inside of me wanted to meet him. say hello to him.
at that moment, i was quite sure he would fly away once i got near him, as butterflys do.
but he didn't.
he stayed.
he wanted to say hello too.

the song you hear on the video is the one i was practicing that day. later on i finished it and decided to call it "Pulse of a butterfly". this meeting reminded me that even on a bad day, things can change for the best and beauty can apear.

this video was taken just under my house in Ibiza Spain.

music taken from my solo piano album: "Stories without words"
Wika, Chicago, IL
My grandmother passed away Monday 9/9/13 in Georgia after battling with multiple illness with complications of diabetes and a stroke. My uncles and aunts who took care of her went home that same afternoon from hospice, and saw a blue and black butterfly lingering in the garage. My aunt instantly thought it was grandma letting us know that she wants to say good bye to us. My uncle took some pictures, since it was a beautiful butterfly. He was very close to grandma as he is the one who lives with her. He said at the time he didn't think it was grandma, just a butterfly. Later on, the incident was told to me and I requested him to show me the picture. I told him that the colors resembled the picture of her blouse (blue, black with orange and yellow dots) that he used for her funeral announcement. Well, he posted on my facebook wall. After that, my cousin (very close to my grandmother, and spent one of the three nights in hospice with my grandmother before she died) who lived 40 miles away responded that she also saw the exact same butterfly in her yard. She also took photographs, since we all have iphones. She posted for my uncle to see. Now my uncle in spiritual shock and felt very comforted. 3 days later, my mother who is rushing to go to my uncle's house to get the funeral service ready also encountered this blue black butterfly. She described it almost flying into her to get in to the house. This was 100 miles away from the first sighting.

My sister and I had to fly down to Georgia for the funeral service. We stayed 3 days at my grandmother's house. After the big deal made by the family members, we went out looking for butterflies. We saw none and slightly disappointed. The 3rd day, which was after the funeral,as we packed out bags to leave to head back to Chicago. My sister prayed and bit final farewell to my grandmother in her bedroom. I jokingly told my grandmother that since she had not showed herself as a butterfly, maybe I'll sight one back in Chicago. We walked out my grandmother's house and a orange butterfly with leopard print came and landed on the ground. It was the same print as the scarf my sister wore. That scarf was given by my grandmother over 10 years ago for her. We felt very peaceful and we smiled. We flew my to Chicago feeling very nice and peaceful ( 2 days ago).

Yesterday I went back to work. As soon as I walked in to my office, I gasped. A gift that I received from a random patient of mine last week. He left it for me the day after my grandma died. I saw it but it did not register and I had forgot about it. It was a handmade blue aluminum wire of my name in cursive fashion, then turns into a blue butterfly with the neatly crafted wire. It was delivered to me very timely, but I did not realize until after all the other reports of the butterfly sighting. I felt very special. By the way, this patient of mine still does not know that I lost my grandmother. I think on next visit I shall share the amazing story with him, and how he was an angel that gave me so much comfort.

Please excuse any typos as I am very excited to share this amazing phenomenon. Yes, and I am a doctor, and I believe.
Katie, Lincolnshire, UK
Hi my bestest friend in the world passed away on Friday night and when we was younger we promised each other witch ever died first would contact the other if possible and now when am thinking of her sometimes I feel like fluttering touching my shoulder I really believed its my friend :')
Kris, Santa Clarita, CA
My beautiful Niece Sarah Jane passed away at the very young age of 16. She always adored Butterflies and was amazed by their beauty and life cycle. On the day of her funeral, as her mother sits weeping over her daughters sudden un explained death, a beautiful butterfly lands on her shoulder. It was her, Sarah Jane, trying to comfort her mother in her time of grief. We all sat in amazement as we watched my sister stand at the service, and say it's her, she's here with us again. The most touching moment I will never forget. Butterflies are amazing in every way. Nothing more beautiful in the world they a butterfly.
Angie, Wilmington, NC
My story is rather long but very inspirational. My mother passed away 18 years ago from a stroke. During her funeral we discussed her life as a butterfly. Well, after the burial, we all went back to the cemetery. A lone butterfly came out of n where and landed in my outstretched hand, it then went to everyone's hand. We have pictures of it. It was a beautiful monarch butterfly but rather small. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The next day my aunt returned to the cemetery and the same butterfly appeared to her. It landed in her hand as well.

Now, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer May 2nd, 2013. He survived 11 weeks. He passed away on a Thursday. I was staying at a beach condo and would have nice walks on the beach everyday before going to the hospice facility. Well, the whole time there all I wanted was to find a nice big sharks tooth and to watch the porpoises play in the water. Well, that Tuesday, I saw the most beautiful sunrise, found a nice large sharks tooth and saw the porpoises playing in the surf. Later that morning, I was in the car on the way to the facility and just happened to turn on the radio. There was a song about Heaven on the radio. I got to the hospice facility and noticed nurses and others wearing butterfly clothing. The next day I found another sharks tooth on the beach and this time while spending time with my dad, I left the room for a moment and noticed a butterfly was perched on a bush just outside of his room. It stayed on the bush for several minutes before fluttering around and it even tried to get into the facility. It finally landed on the window and then onto the wall of the courtyard. It was beautiful.

Later that night, he passed away. When he was first diagnosed I lost all my faith in God, this was God's way to restore it. I honestly believe there is life after death. Thank you for allowing me to share.
Brazza, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
My loving husband died very suddenly on Monday of this week 15th July 2013 at the young age of 61 years. The services in celebration of his life took place today with Requiem Mass followed by a cremation service then lunch for about 100 family and friends.

I spent the evening with my family and came home to be alone around 10pm just catching up with emails and condolence cards. It is now midnight, and about 10 minutes ago I noticed something flying around the kitchen, thinking a small moth. I didn't pay too much attention as it is quite hot outside and our kitchen window is open. When I looked up I noticed that it was not a moth but a beautiful bright yellow butterfly which landed on the wall in front of my computer and sat there for couple of minutes allowing me to take a photograph which I shall show to my family tomorrow. It has now disappeared possibly out of the window but I really feel a degree of comfort from its short visit.
Ruby, Surrey, BC, CANADA
I have 3 beautiful girls and my last one named Cheryl was was born with cystic fibrosis. I always felt that she was a gift sent from God to us and that she was. Growing up she had a pretty good life of not being in and out of hospitals for infections etc. But around the age of 26 she did start to get infections and had to be hospitalized more and more,it became so bad that she was told that she needed a double lung transplant and has to make a decision sooner than later. When she decided to go ahead with it (which was the hardest thing she had to do because she said that someone else had to die for her to live) we waited 15 months in BC and then we were told that she would have to go to Toronto, Ontario because her time was running out. When she finally said yes and all the paper works and approvals were in place (we, myself and Cheryl went to Toronto, Ontario.Feb 2/08) We left all our family back here, and the transplant happened April 22/08. It was a long recovery and finally Sept 26/08 we arrived back home, healthy,strong, full of life. Unfortunately she had an infection which turned out to be a rare cystic fibrosis infection and it ate away at the her sinuses and on Oct 4/09 she passed away.

Butterflies were always around her as she grew up and no matter where she was they would come around just flying around her, people were always amazed about that.There were so many incidents with butterflies. Since her passing I see butterflies everywhere and I babysit my grandson who is now 5 and when he sees a butterfly he calls out to it Auntie Cheryl have you come to see me/us. They have been such a comfort to me as I know that God has sent her to me in a form of a beautiful white butterflies and I take comfort in them because they are from the Lord letting me know that she is safe in His arms.
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