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January 2013 to June 2013
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Grace, Chagrin Falls, OH
My significient other passed away May 26 2013. I was looking at some pictures in a photo album with my granddaughter. A couple days later I took the albums to find pictures of him, there were three albums together . I picked up two albums and on the top of the third album there was a white envelope, that was not there a few nights ago when I first took the albums out. I opened the envelope and inside was a large picture of a monarch butterfly, it was yellow with black on the wings. I never saw this card before. I opened it up and on the inside were the words 'thank you'. He had been sick for a while and I took care of him. Then I went shopping with my girlfriend and while walking down the aisle I stopped and there were four plates with butterflies on them and they were from Stafford England. His name was Stanford . Since then I have come across numerous things with butterflies. I know they are watching over me.
Madison, Cincinnati, OH
Today is 05/17/2013 1:46am.I am 15 years old, and what happened to me today just has shocked me and made me very happy, I just wanted to share my story. 2 days ago on March 15 my grandmother passed away, who I was very close to and loved very much. I have such a big family and we are all sticking together for it. Anyways, I am taking this very hard and in denial over it. I've been talking to my grandma asking if she could send me a sign or something that she was okay and to just see her and touch her again. Earlier I was outside of my uncles where she lived in the back yard. And I saw this yellow & black butterfly. When I was younger I have always mwanted to touch a butterfly and I never have. Today I walked up to the butterfly with my little cousin and sat by it. All of a sudden it flee and landed on my hand. I was soo shocked cause I have never touched one. It just sat and crawled on my hand. Then flew back to the ground. I touched it and it didn't fly away. It was also kinda damp outside. I honestly think it was my grandma coming to me telling me she's ok. After telling my aunt. And looking on google. This has helped me, and I hope I see the butterfly again. I love and miss you Hattie.
Patricia, Barrington, NJ
My father had a stroke when he was 40, and spent the next 25 years in a nursing home. He passed away when he was 65. On the day he was laid to rest I came home and sat in the back yard. Just thinking how I was going to miss my Dad,and how in this life he had worked so hard and the things he had missed in life due to a stroke. When a butterfly came to and sat on the arm of the chair I was sitting on. It just sat there for the longest time. It was like my Dad was telling me he was free. Every year in the spring a butterfly comes and sits on my chair with me. I always told my daughter Pop Pop is coming to say hello. Dad has been gone 29 years this year.
During the time of hardships and no one to turn to, I talked to God and asked him a favor. Lord, if you have any plans for my future especially a partner in life, I would like to see a yellow butterfly early in the morning that symbolizes a "y" "yes" answer. As I woke up, anticipating for a sign of butterfly yet I saw nothing. Then when I was playing before lunch with some kids outside the garden area of our church, I saw a tiny yellow butterfly flying before me from the right side went to my left side then at my back then gone. When I said yellow, it was all yellow and not spotted. Specific prayers worked. I believe there is someone out there who is destined for me to meet as my husband. Who will love me just as I am. In God's time we will meet. And the yellow butterfly will lead him to me, to find me and make me believe, he loves me just the way I am but like a butterfly, transformation is welcome though the process is hard, he is willing to be with me all the way.I thank God for the specific answer through a yellow butterfly.
Martha Curtin, Philadelphia, PA
Hi! My name is Martha. I was blessed with 4 wonderful children. A son and three daughters. June 19,2013 my son was rock climbing out in Kentucky with his son. My beautiful boy had a heart attack and died while climbing. He wasn't always able to get service on his cell phone being in the area he was in but that morning, on the day he died, he called to say "We are having the time of our life and I love you Mom". His last words to me were I love you Mom. I was thrilled to hear from him. That evening, we were all in shock and disbelief over his passing. As I sat on my front steps with my daughter Patty, a big butterfly came out of nowhere and circled my head, not once but twice and flew away. We were all in awe of this occurance.It was an odd thing to happen in the city and at night.

I have a very dear friend who lives in Alabama. The next morning as she sat on her deck drinking her coffee, a huge butterfly came down and landed on her table and stayed there for the longest time. Since her and I are so close, even though we are miles apart, she felt that the butterfly was my son. She couldn't be here for me, so Bobby went to her. You see, I love butterflies. I have a tiny one tattooed on my shoulder. Whenever my daughters and I see one, we know that Bobby is here with us. When his 9 month anniversary came, that day 009 came out in the lottery. I guess it was a reminder to us. Does he think we would ever forget him?
Melissa Stanford, Warren, OH
I am a teacher in the Warren City School District. I have taught for fifteen years. Consistently, God has opened my eyes to the wonder in the hearts of these fabulous young people. On a daily basis I am inspired and encouraged by little butterflies that I see growing, maturing, developing. It is my "calling" to pour into them and nurture and guide them on the path to a positive life. However, I have also experienced the power of God in the things these children say and do. Once, I had a student say to me that "God's word is a permanent marker." It was from God's heart through my baby to my heart.

This weekend we suffered a severe tragedy. We lost six students in our community in a car accident. Today my precious butterflies are creating Butterfly Poems in honor of those we love and lost. As a butterfly has to learn to struggle to transform its way out of the cocoon, so my precious butterflies have had to endure trauma and struggle, but yet they still fly...soaring higher and higher. I am so honored to have these precious young people in my life. It indeed is a gift.
Vanessa, Hallsville, TX
When I was 8, my great-grandmother passed. I grieved over this moment so badly, I wouldn't talk the whole way home (and I'm usually pretty talkative). When I got home, I stared out the window. My great-grandmother's favorite butterfly was a Monarch, and when I looked outside, there were at least 12 Monarchs! I said a short prayer. I love you, Great-Grandma, I sobbed, and I hope you know that.
Irma, Oxnard, CA
Hi my story is about a girl name BRANDI, my daughter. My girl was taken away from us on November 30 2003. She died in the hands of people that she thought were safe. Our lives her dad and 2 brothers that dearly loved her covld never be the same without her. At the time before they caught these culprits I asked my mother in law one day how can we keep my daughter's name alive open so that the public can know that they are still out there and that justice will happen for our girl. I wanted to especially let this be known on the anniversary. "Shall we throw doves up? What can we do in her memory?" So all of the sudden a flying moth of some sort was being a pest in my face buzzing around me and then it stopped right in front of me. It was a beautiful white butterfly just staring at me. I felt this closenes to my baby girl like I never felt before. From that moment on she will always be our butterfly roaming free as could be. Thank you for allowing me to feel this moment again!
Madison, Louisiana, USA
My Uncle Jamie died in the year 2002 . He was 22 years old and had a great life ahead of him . But this one night changed everything . He died . He went to a bar with a group of buddies , and when they all left he was still sitting at the bar waiting on my grandmother to come pick him up because he had a little to much to drink . He was talking to a women and he go up to go to the restroom . And all of a sudden got a major headache . So he asked this women for some medicine. Well the women gave him a different kind . When he got home that night a couple of hours before he died he told my grandmother ( his mom ) " I hate what I'm doing to that girl " and sadly that where his last words . He died in his sleep because the medication killed him .

Well a couple of months later I needed to get things off my mind so I went for a jog . The song that they played at his funeral came up on my Ipod and started to play . And the more it played the more I cried . I had to rest , so I say down on a sand hill . As I was sitting there I looked down and looked back up and there it was . A little orange butterfly . It stopped and landed on my shoe and it was looking rooght at me . It's been almost 11 years now . And I still think about it . I am a believer ! R.I.P Uncle Jamie .
Erica, USA
My father passed away when I was 17 years old from cancer. We had been incredibly close, our relationship was filled with cute nicknames, inside jokes and love. I was the epitomy of "daddy's little girl", and he was an incredibly protective, loving and hardworking father. I am a nursing student and one day, as I studied for an exam and read about the experience of cancer patients, I could not help but get incredibly emotional. I was in my room, when a sort of poster fell right beside, upon which my mother had clipped on a large butterfly. I turned around and saw the butterfly stiking out at which point I decided to look for the meaning and stumbled upon this site. On fathers day of that same year, I had been at work when a butterfly flew in through the window, sat on the hinge of the door and watched me for about 5-10 minutes. Another time, I had an exam, and a butterfly followed me as I walked towards school. I find a lot of comfort in feeling as though it is my father visitting me in times of need. I have since gotten a tattoo of a butterfly in honour of this wonderful miracle and connection we now share even after his passing. Thank you to everyone who has shared their story.
I was celebrating my 46th birthday and was at a restaurant having dinner with my husband. I was having a glass of red wine and as I put my glass down on the table, a butterfly sat on the glass for a few seconds then fluttered around in the glass then flew away. I suddendly went cold and got very emotional and tearful. I do believe that this is somewhat related to the death of my sister whom I was very close to. She died when she was 46. I felt her spirit around at that moment. I also lost my mother whom I was also very close to but when this incident occurred,the first thought that came to my mind was my sister. I thought, she is around,looking over me! I have not stopped thinking about this and it does worry me a little because I don't really know the real meaning of this. I always worry that it might mean something bad! If anyone can help to put my mind at ease, please email me. I'd like to believe though that it means what I think it is, my sisters'/mothers' spirit....
Liz Hollis, Manchester, ENGLAND
I have read some very moving stories and realize I am not imagining strange happenings with butterflies that keep appearing in my home. I lost my soulmate very suddenly on Febuary 1st 2010 and was unable to move on in my life. I had a medium visit my home last summer, and just as he arrived a very large butterfly landed on my patio table and he told me this was my partner giving me guidance. I was amazed with the accuracy of what my partner was saying. I have managed to move on and try to enjoy life again.

It is now coming up to the second anniversary of his passing and for the last couple of weeks butterflies have been appearing upstairs in my home.the first one I saw I tried to free it by opening a window but it refused to fly away. Tonight I decided to go up to the attic where my partner spent a lot of time painting and writing poetry. As I entered the room an identical butterfly was on the window ledge. I felt quite at ease with it around so started sorting mementos we had accumilated over the years .I came across a stack of sympathy cards that was sent on his passing and started to read through them, I became very upset and started to sob and whilst grabbing a tissue to wipe the tears I dropped one of the cards. When I bent to pick it up another butterfly was at my feet so I had two in my sight, may I add that here in England it is 5 degrees below freezing and the chances of seeing a butterfly are very minimal. This experience has assured me my partner is never far away from my being.
Rod Cheson, Keene, NH
August 19 2012 - The butterfly that liked to watch golf

My friend Pete and I were at the end of a round of golf, had just climbed the hill to the 17th tee and were pausing to catch a breath when Pete said, "Did you know there.s a Monarch butterfly on your leg?".
We waited for a few moments and when it remained, I slowly slid my gloved hand down my leg then under the butterfly's legs and to our delight it climbed onto the glove. We were fascinated that it stayed. After a period of time I brought my hand up to my face, and it wasfacing me, wings together. I asked, "Are you Ann or Carlene?". (My two wives I lost to cancer). The wings slowly spread and closed. I told her It was time to get back to the game (fortunately there was no one behind us). I slowly transferred HER to an extra glove I had on the cart, removed the driver and SHE remained watching until I hit the ball then sadly she flew off in front of us and then behind us.

As I approached my ball I looking down, there was a large shadow of flapping wings, I turned and there was SHE was! I held out my hand and SHE landed. WOW! For the next 3 shots the cycle repeated: transfer, hit, fly away, return. At the green She remained on my left hand as I made a right-handed putt .

As we walked to the 18th tee , SHE flew off and landed on the back of Pete.s leg. I shouted, "Boy, are you fickle!". She finished exploring his leg and returned to my gloved hand. The cycle continued for the next 3 shots, which brought me just short of the green. With HER on my right arm now, I proceeded to make a chip shot and two putts. We walked 150 yards to the parking lot and on the way I held up my arm to a man loading his clubs into his trunk. .I brought my coach for two holes.. He smiled and said, .You have a nice pet there..

As we arrived at my car, it was as though SHE knew the match was over. This marvelous creature flew off into the trees bringing this adventure to a close. Each time I'm at the course my hand is raised, hoping SHE will return.
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