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July 2012 to December 2012
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Sandra Hite, Dallas, GA
On May 5 2009 my youngest daughter crystal passed away after 16 hours of open heart surgery. She was 26 years old and left behind a loving husband and three children. My grief has just about been unbearable. Recently on my way to work I was crying out to God to just let me know that my child was ok. I told him to send a yellow butterfly because she loved butterflies and the color yellow. All of a sudden a whole bunch of butterflies were flying past my truck and they were all yellow! God let me know she was safe in his arms and that I will see her again.
Karen Graydon, Montgomery, AL
When I See Butterflies

I think of you
When a new day comes with that fresh morning dew
When a new season brings a chill and leaves fall from the trees
When Santa Claus comes for those who believe
When ole man winter makes the cold winds blow
When the valleys and the hills are covered with snow
When I feel sadness, joy, even pain
When I stand in the sunshine or walk in the rain
When the flowers start to bloom, and birds sing
When my nights are filled with sweet sweet dreams
When I open my eyes and when I see Butterflies

By: Karen Graydon, 12/2012
Carly, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
White butterflies have always held a special place in my heart because I find whenever I am having a rough day, feeling stressed about things or just not really sure what direction I am moving a white butterfly appears around me and I take it as a good omen that things will be good and transformation will occur. Fast forward to now. My now Fiance had taken me to Victoria for the weekend and proposed. It was a cold night and we were on a horse drawn carriage ride. Out of nowhere a hoard of white butterflies started flying along side us as we were going along, then one came and danced around my hand. My boyfriend also took this as an omen and proposed to me in the midst of the butterflies. The crazy thing is, it's pretty much December and we never saw the butterflies anywhere else so I am definitely taking this to mean something great.
Cathy, Ocala, FL
I have been feeling very despondent. Sad, lonley, lost. I have been asking God for a sign that things will get better, and I will be where I want to be, and where he wants me to be. It was an unusually cold morning for November in Florida. Suddenly a beautiful black and yellow butterfly appeared, and stayed with me for more than a few moments. It gave me hope, that things will get better, and to just hang in. In God's time-not mine.
Mary Lee, Traverse City, MI
My family lost three of its members within a year. My grandson, Harrison died at the age of 5 on April 9, 2011; my dad, Nicholas died on March 25, 2012 at the age of 84 and my brother, Nicholas, Jr. died at the age of 53 on March 27, 2012. We have been grieving a long time.

On Sunday, September 2, 2012 while sitting by the lake on my mother-in-law's property in Michigan on a beautiful sunny day a butterfly suddenly appeared. Many family members were around. Some were playing in the water, others sitting on the dock. My mother-in-law, my grandson, Adam (Harrison's 10 year old brother), and I were sitting on lounge chairs enjoying a nice conversation. For at least an hour this butterfly flew around us very closely and landed on my foot 5 times! At one point it circled my mother-in-law's head so closely it touched her hair. The last time it landed on my foot it stayed for at least 15 minutes crawling up and down pecking away with it's very delicate feeler. When I put my hand next to it, it crawled onto my fingers where it seemed perfectly happy to stay. We had plenty of time to observe the butterfly's unique markings especially the blue dots that outlined it's wings and remarked many time how beautiful it was. I took many pictures. I couldn't help but think that it might be Harrison saying hello. When my sister-in-law, Leslie walked by and saw the butterfly on my foot she confirmed my thoughts and said, "It's Harrison!". Adam and my mother-in-law agreed. It eventually flew away and we didn't see it again.

The next day, my husband, Doug was leaving for Toledo. I walked out to the car with him and said goodbye. As I began turning to go back to our house I looked down. There on the driveway, not more than 2 inches from my foot was the SAME butterfly! It was dead. I screamed to Doug. He shouted back, "IMPOSSIBLE!"

I felt sad since I had grown very attached to this beautiful creature of God. I couldn't believe it! It WAS impossible! My mother-in-law's house is 1/8 of a mile away. We are unable to see it from our house. How did this butterfly find me? I knew then that it had to be Harrison (or maybe my dad or brother or possibly all three!). When I researched the symbolic meaning of a butterfly on the internet my thoughts were confirmed.

The butterfly is a symbol of life after death, resurrection, transition to a new life, change, transformation, joy, freedom, growth and happiness. It also represents the soul. Many people have reported receiving a sign involving a butterfly which affirmed that their deceased family member had survived physical death and continues to live in another dimension of existence. These signs are called ADC's, after-death communications and are relatively common. The butterfly is the most frequently mentioned ADC sign. Many organizations, including Hospice, use the symbol of the butterfly when counseling the bereaved.

Although I know by faith that Harrison, my dad and brother are alive and well and in a much better place this butterfly assures me they are happy in their new home. That gives me joy, hope and comfort. I also feel they are telling all of us in my family that it's time to move on with our lives and not to worry or grieve them anymore. And thanks to this beautiful butterfly we can be filled with peace and assurance knowing that someday we will see them again. I have preserved the butterfly as a reminder of this.

"COINCIDENCE #1": My dad and brother's funeral was on the Thursday before Holy Week - the same day as Harrison's the year before!

"COINCIDENCE #2": When Harry, Harrison's father, searched for information about this particular species of butterfly on the internet he learned it was called "MOURNING CLOAK".
Isay, Cerritos, CA
I work in graveyard shift. While preparing for work I went to the bathroom of my bedroom first I open the window and in goes a black small butterfly or moth as my kids said it because they too saw it flying or in a wall in my bedroom. I got a scared feeling about a black colored butterfly, so I googled to check the meaning of black butterfly entering a bedroom, it said that a member in the family will be ill or is ill. I thought about my mom who is in the Philippines who'd been sick undergoing dialysis since June 2012. The next day I remember clearly Election Day, me and my daughter went to vote in the morning, drove there in her car. At that time I didn't have my car so I drove my daughter to her work then go home in her car. I want to go back to bed because I have to go work at night. Entering my bedroom, I looked for that butterfly from last night and didn't see it. So I said maybe it was gone or dead. Climbing up to bed I tossed my comforted aside and there goes the butterfly under my blanket and it flew. oh no that's exactly what said. Went to bed and got up in the afternoon to pick up my other daughter from school and drove her to her after school class in my daughters car, since we were early we stopped by to get some snacks and back to the car and the car was dead it won't start at all. I got the car towed to my house called my daughter about her and she said it was fine before that. The next night, I was not able to go to work because I was having a hard time to walk I had this terrible pain behind my knee. Upon this writing, I am still having a hard time walking, it's been three days now. I pray the holy rosary twice a day (morning and night), read my prayer book for inspirations. I have faith that this will pass.
Kim, Sparks, NV
My mom passed away on July 2nd of lung cancer. During the 6 days she spent in the hospital, I began to notice butterflies. I had never given much thought to butterflies before, nor did my mom but I began to think of her every time I saw a butterfly. This continued in the weeks following her death. One day I was sitting on my porch and a very small butterfly flew by and I thought to myslef "Why do I think of mom every time I see a butterfly? It's so strange". Immediately after that thought I walked into the yard to pick up the hose. As I bent down I saw something out of the corner of my eye and as I stood up, the biggest monarch butterly I have ever seen (it was huge) flew right at my face and then flew all around my head before landing on my arm for a few seconds and flying off. The moment it touched my arm, I felt my mom's spirit. I had been praying to God to let me know that my mom was with him and that she was okay. I was so taken aback by the butterfly experience, I went into the house and sat on the couch. Closing my eyes, I began to talk to my Mom. I had the most beautiful vision of her, smiling and laughing. She was with my grandpa (her father) and her dog who passed before her. During her last few hours alive in the hospital, I told her it was okay to go; that her dad and Scrabble (her dog) were waiting for her. This experience, that began with a butterfly, has given me peace with my Mom's passing. I know she is still with me in spirit and I know she is in heaven with our Lord and savior.
Kim, Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick, CANADA
For the last month or so I've had a beautiful Monarch butterfly hanging around my yard. It's usually flying nearby when I'm outside or near where my children play in the yard. I've thought it strange how it just keeps appearing almost every time we are outside and today my kids both mentioned how twice today it's been near them while they were playing. So I decided to look up and see what it may mean or if it means anything at all.

My grandmother is very very ill at the moment and after reading some of the stories I feel like perhaps the butterfly is a sign from God telling me it's going to be ok and that my gram is going to be well and happy soon. Thank you for letting me share my story and thank you to all those who have shared their stories.
George Smith, Washington, DC
I cannot believe the strong presence of a higher power and faith that was clearly demonstrated to me during the recent passing of my Mother. My beloved Mother (Betty J. Smith) had really suffered the last 5 months of her life. On her final days, we decided to move her to a hospice(what a great way to preserve some dignity through the end). I was notified that I needed to travel to Ft. Myers where my Mom lived, that time was precious.

Arriving on Sunday night, I spent the entire night with her in her room along with my sister. I believe she knew me when I arrived but when I awoke Monday morning, it was clear that she had transitioned to the final stages. I asked my sister if she wanted to go for a walk outside the property of the hospice that Monday morning. On the way back to the facility I noticed this beautiful, bright yellowish green butterfly hovering along the bushes and it immediately caught my attention and I pointed it out to my sister. When my Mother passed at 12:39 PM that afternoon, I will never, ever forget what happened. As she took her last breath, I became so emotional of course and upset but I felt something that made me look out the window of her room. In utter amazement-what seemed to be the exact same butterfly was in my sight and it flew around for a few seconds and then flew up and out of my sight.

I can't tell you how moved I was by this. Clearly, I took this as a sign from God that he was taking my Mother and that I should not be afraid or scared-for me or her...especially since I had commented on how beautiful the butterfly was just a few hours earlier. There is so much comfort in knowing that she is at peace and is no longer suffering and I truly thank the Lord for this acknowledgement!

I Love You Mom!

Your one and only favorite Son, George Jr.
Macy Clark, West Jefferson, OH
My story does not however relate to death, but a certain Monarch Butterfly did change my life tonight.

I'm currently on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and tonight I was walking along the beach; I spotted the butterfly laying on shore, and stuck to the sand out of the corner of my eye when my flashlight grazed over it. I quickly picked up the butterfly, and somehow it was still clinging onto life and stood up on my finger. I carried it around for a while, and I finally returned to my room where I allowed its wings to dry out. Once I noticed the butterfly was able to flutter its wings again, I noticed its hindwings were broken. I went online and found a video on how to repair a butterfly's broken wing. After I watched the video, I attempted the procedure myself. After about 30 minutes of carefully clipping the wings to make them even, and gluing them with adhesive glue I repaired them. The butterfly began fluttering its wings, and began flying again. I was literally estatic. The butterfly circled me multiple times, and kept landing on me. I was so surprised on how still the butterfly stayed as I fixed it up, as well as how it naturally perched on my finger when I put it in front of it. The butterfly is now calmly resting by a light outside of my hotel room door. As crazy as this sounds, something drew me to the butterfly, I knew in my heart I could save its life; I did just that. I feel at peace, and I feel a certain connection to the butterfly as crazy as it sounds. This event made it a perfect end to my vacation. I feel complete.
Luiza, Chula Vista, CA
My grandfather passed away September 2012. The day he passed, I drove home from work and as soon as I parked in the drive way and opened the door, a yellow butterfly flew inside the car and flew around my face. I was startled at first. I had never had that happen before and wasn't sure what it was. As soon as I realized it was a butterfly, I let it fly around me and then it left. I didn't mention anything to my mother at the time. The next day at work when I went out on my break, I was walking around outside and a yellow butterfly flew around me and continued to fly around me while I walked around for a few minutes. I felt and knew at that point it was a sign that my grandfather is watching over me and he is with me. Every time at work, yellow butterfly passes back and forth outside, and I always look up at the right time to see it flutter passed the window. Everywhere I go, there are butterflies. When I'm at school, they come near me as well. Not a day has passed since my grandfather's death that I dont see a yellow butterfly around me. It is truly magical. I feel like he is always with me and watching over me. His favorite color was yellow, and it's always a yellow butterfly. I feel blessed.
Shirley, Bristol, TN
I wanted to share with everyone my story on white butterflies. My beautiful youngest daughter passed away on September 21st 2012, I am so sad and miss her so very much.. She wasn't feeling well that evening. I woke at around 3am and went upstairs to check on her. She was gone. This was such a shock and I am struggling so much to make sense of her death.

Earlier the evening before she and I were standing by the carand a solid white butterfly was fluttering around me. I remember saying to her how odd this beautiful white butterfly was landing on the window of my car. I actually reached out and touched it. Was that a sign my daughter was going to be taken to heaven that night? I remember that evening so vividly. I would love to see a sign she is happy and in heaven.

I love you, Angela
Believer, USA
So I would visit my father's grave year after year and finally got frustrated that I never got a sign that he knew I was there. The last time I went, I went myself and said "dad I come here time after time and you never give me a sign". This particular day it was raining out and my windows were closed in my car. After a few minute visit, I got back into my car and noticed a monarch butterfly on my steering wheel. Without thinking I rolled down my window and swished it out. Not realizing that you don't usually see butterflies in the rain, I drove home. The next morning I got in my car and there sat the same butterfly on my steering wheel. I felt then that this had to be my father showing himself to me in the form of a butterfly.

The other day while sitting on the deck with my brother, another gloomy day surrounded us. It wasn't sunny but even if it was, it wouldnt be for us. My brother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer that morning and we were still trying to digest the news. While trying to cheer him up on the deck something caught the corner of my eye. There sat a beautiful butterfly on my garage roof flapping his wings. It didn't move for quite some time, but I did get the feeling that my dad was here. He was here for support.
Tammy, Festus, MO
My husband Mike and I have three children, two boys and a girl. In March of 2004 Mike and I were looking forward to celebrating our 20 year anniversary and also the upcoming high school graduation of our eldest child our son John Paul who was 18 y/o. John Paul was very much of an athlete and enjoyed participating in most sports but his passion was playing baseball. He dreamed of one day turning pro.

On Friday March 19th 2004 at approximately 4:30 p.m. I was standing in our kitchen making supper when John Paul came walking through the front door. Baseball season was scheduled to start for the school team and John should have been at practice. When I asked him why he wasn't at practice he said coach let them out early for some odd reason. He was in a great mood and was looking forward to having a weekend off of practice and games. He ask us if he could use our car to go spend the night at a friend's house but said that he would be home early the next morning as he and his dad were going to a car show. I hugged and kissed him and told him I loved him which was general practice with our family and out the door he went.

I had to work the next day so I was up early Saturday March 20th in the shower getting ready for work when my husband opened the bathroom door and told me that there were two police officers at our door and they needed to talk to us. My thoughts suddendly went to John as he was our only child who was not home at the time and as much as I tried to fight off the terror that was building in my body my instincts told me that something dreadful had happened. As I dried myself off and got my clothes on I kept reminding God that I put my child in his hands to protect and had never in my life ask anything but that from him and please don't let him be hurt bad.

I forced myself to go out into the living room where the two police remained standing in the front door and I joined my husband on the couch. The look of pure pity was evident in the eyes of both of the gentlemen and afer what seemed like an eternity one of them spoke the words that would change our lives and the lives of our children and family forever. John and his friend had gone bowling on Friday night and it was late when they left. John had not driven our car so his friend who was 19 y/o at the time drove his parents' car. According to the officers the driver of the car fell asleep at the wheel and went off the road and struck a tree on the passenger side and our son was killed instantly. The driver of the car escaped with minor injuries. My mind refused to believe what my ears were hearing and I kept telling my husband that everything was alright, they had the wrong person and that our son was ok. My husband dropped to his hands and knees and crawled around on the floor making this noise that can only be described as pure anguish while I tried to reassure him that it was all a big mistake. The officers said some other things but my mind couldn't process anything other than hearing the words dead and my son's name.

That was the beginning of our trip to hell. I could not make myself say the word dead let alone tell myself that our first born child would never be coming home again. How would we tell his siblings who were 16 and 13 y/o that they would never see their brother again? As a parent it is our job to protect our children from harm and being hurt. How were we going to do that if we had to give them such devestating news? It was if someone had taken our entire family and thrown us into a lake and none of us knew how to swim. It is hard to save someone from drowning if you can't save yourself. It is also hard to console someone if you can't console yourself as I would later learn. I have told my kids their entire life. I can stand to lose anything material in the world and live but if I ever lose one of you I will die. That is how I always felt and it was always my biggest fear and now it was my reality and I felt so lost.

Approximately 2 weeks after John's death I returned to work, mainly to keep my mind occupied. One day a friend and I were sitting outside having lunch when this big blue beautiful butterfly flies around us and comes to land directly in front of me on the table. I was amazed at how fearless the butterfly seemed of us and I put my index finger down on the table in front of the butterfly and it actually got onto my finger and let me lift it up in front of my face and look at it. It dident appear in the least afraid. I held it like that for a minute maybe and I put my finger back down on the table and the butterfly flew off. My friend was like that was weird, I have never seen anyone hold a butterfly like that. As strange as the thought was to me even at the time I coulden't help but think that maybe my son was that butterfly so I said to myself.. John if you have anything to do with this send the butterfly back one more time and I swear it wasen't 30 seconds later and the butterfly reappeared. It landed on the table in the same place and let me hold it on my finger before flying away. I really thought at that point that i was having a mental meltdown. How could I even begin to think that my 6'1 son was now a 3 inch or so butterfly? And if he was indeed that butterfly why did he leave me again?

As time went on I had more encounters with my son but it was not in the form of a butterfly but much harder to explain. I know without a doubt that my son is ok and that he didn't suffer in his passing. He is a messenger of life whatever that is supposed to be and he did not cease to be when he left this life but continued his journey. Many people are skeptical about having the ability to communicate with those on the other side but I know that it is possible because I experienced it and it all started with a beautiful blue butterfly.
Dorothy, Lincoln, UNITED KINGDOM
My mother is in a hospice at this moment in time and I feel she may never come out. Whilst I was in there yesterday there was a dove's feather outside her patio window and then today I found a butterfly in my bedroom and I feel that the butterfly is there for a reason, maybe to settle me emotionally or maybe some member of the family coming to collect her. I wish I could ask it!!!
Elaine, Kildalkey, Meath, IRELAND
Carol, East Windsor, NJ
I am going through a major transition in my life right before my eyes and it's scary. My days are filled with constant scrutiny from people. Some people can be extremely cruel and nasty. I am trying to remain faithful and hoping this shall pass soon. I go walking in the park often as it clears my head. This morning I saw a beautiful monarch butterfly flying by my route. I hoped I would see it again on my way back. Well, I did! I was walking and I saw it again, but this time, it clearly made its way toward me, then it circled back as if it wanted to make contact with me, which no doubt it did. I said Hi, it made my smile. God and his angels are watching over me and letting me know my transition will soon be a welcomed transformation. This is what I believe and trust me, I am a believer...
Shaneika Brow, Ladson, SC
My grandmother passed away in Aug 2005. We were going to the nursing home to get her things. Upon leaving riding in the vehicle with tears in my eyes I say a yellow butterfly fly pasT the truck and immediately felt comforted. Two days later at the furunal home getting everything in order I stepped outside and nothing but yellow butterflies were around me. The day of her burial I was sitting outside and a yellow butterfly flew right in front of me. I always knew it was my grandmother letting me know she was ok and I'm going to be ok! Whenever I'm going through tough times I always see a yellow butterfly and say I love you granny and I know everything is going to be ok! I even got a tattoo of a butterfly to remember her always. RIP ANNA BELL PUSHA
Chris Koch, Lake Village, IN
My son passed away in August of 2012, and his father and I had him cremated. A friend of mine gave me a beautiful blue braclet to wear in rememberance of him. I was sitting outside yesterday talking to a friend on my phone, when a butterfly landed on the braclet and sat there for about 3 mins. Then a half an hour later my mailman came with my sons remains. So I called the friend that gave me the braclet and told her about the butterfly, she said it was GOD sending my son down to let me know he is in better hands and he is at peace, with my Mom,Dad and my 2 sisters that passed away prior to my sons passing. It was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life.to know that he is with Jesus and he is out of all his pain!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!
Charlene, NH
Hi - Well I wanted to share this story with all of you about the experience that I had when I went to the graves of my parents. I went over and I was talking to both my parents and there were 7 yellow butterflies that circled my head while I was talking to my parents telling them that I was doing alright, that I have a program that is working for me. I have 12 yrs clean and sober. All the time I was talking to them, the butterflies circled around the grave stone. Then when I was done they flew away. I was not sure what that meant until I asked a friend and they told me that it was one of God's signs. I am a spiritual person. I just wanted to share my story in my own words.
Lisa, Malta, NY
I read through many of the stories and were surprised how many butterfly stories were related to a death. My story is about life.

It was a beautiful day and my two young daughters and I were having a picnic. All of a sudden a beautiful monarch butterfly flew down and sat on a flower right next to us. My girls were 3 & 5 at the time so you would think their commotion would startle it. The butterfly stayed while we picnicked and opened and closed its wings for nearly 5 minutes! Now I have had many discussions with my husband about the fact that someone was missing in my life. I wanted a third child though my husband was not on board. Every time I thought about not having another child my heart felt a hole. This butterfly was my unborn child. I had an overwhelming feeling and could not forget about it. After our picnic was through the butterfly cheerfully flew away. A few days later I conceived my 3 rd child. Her room is decorated with butterflies ... her 1st birthday I hung butterflies from the ceiling. Her nickname is My Butterfly. She completed that hole and my family.
Catherine, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
My sister died 28 years ago and me and my other two sisters travelled to Manitoba to bring her a stone with her name on it. Before we left Alberta I told my sisters that I had always related a brown butterfly with my sister and that if she was with us when we fixed up her grave site, she would show up as a butterfly. After we planted the stone and were about to have our picture taken behind her flat stone, a brown butterfly passed in from of all three of us. It was incredible, because it was 33 degrees out and no other bugs in site. Glad I got to share this......
Mary, Cincinnati, OH
Well my dad had passed a year ago march 23rd three months before we were to go to our family reunion in Orlando Florida and I had just talked to him two weeks before but even that was weird because we talked like everyday and he had really became my best friend and I told him just about everything. He meant so much to me and we had came such a long way because we didn't get along years before and when I became pregnant with his first grand child it was good but then I had to leave home because we couldn't get along in the same house for long with his personality and mine. Wwe were so excited to be going our first time ever being able to go to a family reunion together let alone out of town. We were talking about what we were going to get into see. A hobby of both of ours was to find and collect money and coins so that's what was on the agenda but it never happend. I took his death so very hard at the time it didn't seem real and it still doesn't. I have his picture as my wallpaper on my phone and it was when he was cooking for me when I graduated and for Thanksgiving and it hurts because I was daddy's little girl and I had to keep eveyone up and I didn't break but I'm really feeling it cause I want my dad back just to talk and let him know what I've been up to and his grand baby.

I've always loved butterflys but one has never landed on me and I was on my way to the hospital this morning at the bus stop and out of nowhere this oh so beautiful brown and white butterfly lands on my shoulder and I looked and said "wow" I was so amazed because it never happened before and I smiled and just to let you know my dad's favorite color was brown and it sat on my shoulder at least ten minutes and fluffed its wings like it was going to fly away but it did'nt and there was my bus and it still was there so I didnt want to take it on the bus because they would kill it so I gently put my hand in front of it so it flew away and I smiled and said have a good day and instantly thought it was my dad and felt just maybe some where GOD sent it down for me to let me know he is just fine and for me to go on with my life because he has greater things for me in store and not consume myself hurting so bad because Ii miss him so bad and feel like will it ever get better because of my hurt and pain, and he left me so early he was only sixty one. I was so very grateful today because whatever it meant I know GOD is watching out and watching me. I LOVE YOU DEARLY DADDY YOUR BABY GIRL.
Colette, Bethlehem, PA
My story is similar to Denise's of TX. It was 8 months since my mom's passing and my husband and I decided to visit the gravesite one Sat. The memorial had recently been finished. I was never really fond of butterflies, they were okay, cats, sunsets, etc., yes. When I went to the backsit of the car to get out the log silk arrangement, I whispered to mom to show me her spirit sometime today thinking, at the cemetery would be nice. I No Sooner turned my foot away from the car and my eyes immediately saw something in the grass. A few seconds later this medium-sized butterfly, orange, black and cream colored, started flying around. I selfishly wanted to catch it but realized it's the elusive butterfly idea. One of her favorite colors was Orange. It gave me such comfort, joy and His peace because I knew undoubtedly that she knew I was there. I shall never forget it. I took a stone from where grass wasn't planted yet, brought it home, and placed an orange butterfly sticker with the date we went. It's a keeper and the experience was AWESOME! Ever since then butterflies are constantly following me. Now they have a "special place" in my heart just as mom does.
Ferra, Detroit, MI
On our Mother's Birthday, it's tradition for our family to go to the gravesite, tidy up the area around her headstone, take flowers, say a prayer and talk to our momma, grandma etc. As we were going to our cars to leave, I was walking behind the family with my daughter, and a swarm of baby butterflies surrounded me and followed me. It startled me at first and I shunned them away, but they continued to follow me. After I thought about it, I began to wonder, if they were a sign from my mother. I now believe, that it was a sign from her, and that she is alright. I've always felt that she was in Heaven. The butterflies reinforced that feeling. It had been a couple of years since my daughter, or myself had gone there. My daughter had a massive stroke at the age of 25 a year ago. After a good hard out-loud cry, I feel so much better. I miss her so much, it's been 24 years since she passed from cancer at age 51.
Taffos, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM
Whilst cleaning my shed out prior to moving house, I noticed a large cobweb in the corner of the shed with what looked like a large butterfly caught in the web. When I tried to clear the cobweb, the spider appeared and I removed the butterfly which was entwined with remnants of the web around it. The spiders web on the butterfly was sticky and it's wings we're folded. After removing the butterfly from the web, I placed the butterfly on my garden table when I noticed it was trying to remove like self cleaning itself to get rid of the web, I proceeded to get a very small twig and slowly removed as much of the web as I could. There was a part of the web on its yes that I managed to remove and finally a piece was near its mouth which had a circular like tongue rolled up. I managed to unroll the tongue and it cleared it away. The butterfly did not move for ages, I sprayed it with water and it allowed me to stroke its back which I though was great as it would not fly away. After this I left it and checked it again in the evening before bed, it was still there, Google said butterflies like plants so when I approached it again, it folded its wings and did not try to fly when I moved it to a plant. The next morning I went out to the garden and it was still on the plant. I picked it up again and it stayed on my finger for ages and allowed me to stroke its back. My 2 young kids kids have been away all week at their grandparents and did not believe the story about the butterfly when they returned.

It has reappeared now every day for about 5 days and the amazing thing today was that whilst doing the washing up with my 2 kids in the kitchen today it came back and flew into the kitchen beside us and again allowed me to pick it up. Yesterday my wife's dad would have been 70, I am sure this is a sign that everything is ok and since finding this site, it is amazing what I now know is not just a coincidence.
Hellen Abihudy, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA, AFRICA
I had a very best friend of mine when I was at college, I just met him a few months after we started college together 2009. We get along so much, I loved him very much and I still do. He was the best friend I ever had. After a few months he get sick and died. The day he died I had a dream about him. We just sat somewhere, he looked at me, he didn't talk, he was smiling. I never dream about him, am not always dreaming. When I dream and remember the dream it has meaning. After I woke up in the morning I received the call that he is dead. It was like he was saying goodbye in my dream. I felt pain like hell, and I still do, though it got better now. i missed him so much.

The day after his death I was walking on the road, I was praying for a miracle to happen, I was wishing for him to appear before me in any means, I wished that he can even talk to me, or just to see him for the last time, I prayed to God just to show me any sign that he is okay, and that he can hear my prayers and that Ii do love him. When I was walking suddenly I saw a butterfly is playing around before me, it was like I saw hope. In my heart I felt that my friend is with me. I never know what butterfly meant, but I felt joy inside my heart, I felt happiness, then I started talk to the butterfly like I was talking to my friend. He flew around for some time as I was walking and then he flew away. It was Amazing moment, what does that mean?
Gemma Louise, South Shields, ENGLAND
Hello my name is Gemma Louise. I have a story about life after living with mental illness. I have bipolar and schizophrenia and I take 7 tablets a day to live a more normal life. I feel a lot better. I did go through a rough time when first diagnosed with the illness. I felt ill all the time and I went through manic depression and stages of my life were left lonely and isolated.

I have no friends but have have this love for butterflys and wherever I go there's always somthing that reminds me of them. I see a lot of butterfly bed duvets and ornaments and wall art and many more all which I have collected for my bedroom. I have even butterfly wallpaper on my back wall. I have 4 butterflys tattoed on my body for this everlasting love I have 4 them. I think I feel sorry for them. They're so pretty and gentle they could never hurt you and when I take my brother's dog Jack for a walk I see them in the local park a lot. There are the red coloured ones I see. And the other day I saw them in his back garden. It was I think a sign as I live in South Shields but however I only see them in Newcastle when I take Jack the dog.

I think sometimes of my brother how he helped me get well. He somtimes may think about the bad times I went through and I looked at the white butterfly and felt love 4 the butterfly and safe in my brother's back garden as it was a warm sunny day and I just thought to my self there is a life out there and as butterfly dies there is a new door that opens it lives then dies not me I will live a long life and they're God's gifts on this earth with grace and beauty. Behold the butterfly!
Ghostchild, FL
Today...I was working on a port...an industrial port...and while walking around truck, inspecting it...I noticed a yellow butterfly following me...so I turned around to shoe it off...and it vanished... Then looked up, and saw another comeing at me...it to just vanished...as if they both 'flew into my body'...and just vanished.... Other workers saw my reaction, as I was twirling around trying to shoo them away...but they were gone...very very odd... The port is grey...clouds were out...very industrial, asphalt, no flowers...a yellow butterfly is not something that should have been there...and totally contrasted with background of port... It's as if they flew into me and just vanished...I know what I saw... I've since done research...yellow means money, and to some butterflies represent death or transformation... I have no idea what to make of it...don't know whether to be scared or hopeful...
Carrie Beaird, Gainesville, GA
My Father passed away almost 1 month ago, and I have never experienced any type of loss in my life before. So grieving is a very new emotion for me. The moment I received the news of my Father's death, I began praying to God to please give me some kind of sign that my daddy was okay, and that I was going to be able to deal with this heartache. The next day, I found out that while he was in Hospice the nurses had placed a Butterfly picture on his door to symbolize that my daddy was beginning his transformation from being sick to dying and then his soul would be released and healed in Heaven!

Just Like on earth the caterpillar symbolizes our body here on earth, the cocoon symbolizes death, and then the Butterfly is represented as a New Life in Heaven flying Free from sickness and has no pain...Absolutely Beautiful! For my Father's Memorial we decided to put Butterflies in his flower arrangement, because the Butterfly on his door was just so touching to us all, it just meant something? I also realized retrospectively that I had packed a shirt that was pictures of butterflies to wear during the week I was visiting my Mother to help plan my Father's Service. At this time I did not realize how important the Butterfly played in my life. My dad was a bit of a comical man too, well, my daughter was eating a popsicle at my Mother's house at on the stick read a joke and it went like this "What is the slipperiest insect? A butterfly" I was like, okay that's Daddy tell jokes in Heaven already.

Every day since my Father's passing I get bombarded with images of Butterflies whether it is a Yellow Monarch flying out in front of me, or a picture on a card, or on my house shoe...I cannot begin to tell all of you how faithful God has been in answering my prayer. God's sign to me has been the Butterfly. The Butterfly is my sign for me to know my Daddy is okay and that I will make it through this difficult time. Butterflies now mean warmth, comfort, strength, beauty, & happiness to me. I know without a shadow of doubt that my Daddy is up there in Heaven with our Creator and he is healed. The Butterfly has strengthened my Christian Faith, and I know in my heart that I will meet my Daddy one day in Heaven. "What the Caterpillar calls the end of the world. The Master calls a Butterfly." ~Richard Bach
EmmanM, Bel Air, MD
I was outside one day and i saw something out of the corner of my eye. What could it be?! A butterfly! A beautiful collection of blue, purple, gold, green, red, yellow, orange, violet, and pearl. I felt its heart smile. My life has forever been changed from this inspirational moment. I have decided to name my first child butterfly. Something about that butterfly just strikes my soul with the purest form of pride.
Jill, Stockbridge, GA
My son Thomas visited me in the form of a tiger swallowtail on the anniversary of his birth/death. 07/04/2003
Brittany, Pearisburg, VA
Six years ago, my mother passed away from colon cancer. I was 12 at the time, and I wish she lived longer to see me graduate and to marry but I have a feeling that she may be there in spirit. My aunt told me awhile back, when I was going through one of the traumatic experiences of my life, that my mom loved butterflies. After she told me this, butterflies began to come to me in the strangest ways. When I was going through custody battles, I always saw butterflies in bushes, telling me "don't be afraid, everything is going to be alright". On my last day of gym, I had to run a mile and when I felt like giving up, a butterfly soared around the track, encouraging me to keep going.

The other day, I got a new bike and a cute orange butterfly perched on the handle bars. My cousin would try to catch "her" but she kept flying in circles and reposition herself on the bike. It was amazing that it stayed for about 10 minutes to just sit on my bike. I know it was her saying "What a beautiful bike! I can't wait to see you ride!" I miss her a ton but I know that she is always around, flying in the form of butterflies. There are several more ways she has come to me, to remind me that she is with me and loves me. I thank God for allowing my mom and I to have brief moments together until we meet again in Heaven.
Michael Roth, Baden-Württemberg, GERMANY
Hi, my name is Michael and I fell in love with butterflies after a friend of mine returned to me and his mother and sister as a peacock butterfly after beeing "killed" in a motorcycle accident. The story of Eric yet touched many many people over here in Germany, and I see it as my target in life to spread that story and the belief that "death" is not the end at all... So I`m writing a poem every day and post it on my facebook-wall. The stories on your homepage also touched me deeply, and I translated some of them into German. I just started a group called "In loving memory ~ The butterfly group", where I want to share my poems, butterfly pictures of my British friend Roger Hatcliffe and hopeful stories. So I wanted to ask you if it`s ok that I translate some of the "Inspirational stories" on your beautiful website, so that the people here in Germany can read them, too... They`re not dying, - they`re flying~~~

Greetings from Germany,
M Pham, Reseda, CA
Today is 32 years of my father dead's anniversary, I was in my back yard trying to do some cleaning, suddenly, a orange with black dots was land on my arm, I thought it was a bee so I shaken my arm then it flew away. I that moment I saw the butterfly and thought that my father's spirit came to visit me. Just before the incident, I was talking to my mom about go to church and gather every body in my family and pray for him, then my husband was disagreed with that, I was a little upset with him, then went outside to the back yard... I think my father's spirit came to comfort me. I felt sorry that I didn't recognize it sooner. Anyway, I escaped VN for about a month or so then my father passed way, because I was at my teen, left home alone, since then, father's spirit was always with my to help me whenever, I need it.
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