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January 2012 to June 2012
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Debbie Newlin, Hagerstown, MD
I was raised by my grandmother and she passed away in 2008, 90 years old. I kept her at my home for her last two months while hospice came in daily. Everyday, I would tell her I was giving her a butterfly kiss,and I would put my finger up to her lips. She passed and I was very sad, I too wanted a sign that she was watching over me. Her favorite color was Yellow!!

Last summer I was on the deck of our porch and I saw a beautiful yellow butterfly, I walked over and put my finger down to it and talked to it saying I would never hurt it. The butterfly climbed up my finger and just sat there and stayed there for a few minutes. It's filler just kept going up and down my finger. I know it was a sign that the butterfly did this, and it way of saying Butterfly Kisses To You! Last week on my front porch again a beautiful butterfly, Brown with Yellow on the tips. I put my finger out and it sat there and stayed on my finger as I was walking back to sit on the chair. I will take all the Butterfly Kisses from my Nanny! I miss and love her so much!
George H Tullos, Jr, Dayton, TX
My belovid sister passed away on June 4th, she was my best friend and the sweetest and kindest person that I knew. She was 43 and had been sick for a while. I took it really hard. A few weeks before she passed away, she was telling me that there were so many butterflies at her place and that she loved to go outside and watch them. She said that there were more yellow butterflies than the others. At the funeral home there was a butterfly just hanging out and greeting everyone. At her grave site there were two yellow butterflies going from flower to flower, It gave me peace, for as I watched them, it was God's way of telling me that everything is going to be ok. I know she was looking down on us and enjoying as much as I was. God has so many beautiful things here on earth that touches our hearts. I will always remember those two yellow butterflies, and the comfort they brought to me.

Thank you Sweet Jesus for those two Yellow butterflies.
Kristina Hanson, Costa Mesa, CA
My son died of SIDS in April of 2011. He was 9 weeks old. His name was Lee Harrison Hanson. He went by Harrison. The morning that I found him, I couldn't believe it; my family made it from EVERYWHERE. My dad and his girlfriend came from St. Louis. I remember laying on the floor, hurting from my milk. I remember going for a hike with my dad. At the end of the day, I went to close my drapes in my studio condo. I pulled a drape that I pulled shut every gay and found...a THING. My dad wanted to investigate; I wanted to throw it away. He won.

Three days later, I went to take care of his cremation arrangements while my dad went to the airport to pick up my brother. When we both got back at roughly the same time, I sat on my couch - totally beat. Until I looked to the window and saw a beautiful butterfly flapping to get out, into the light and warmth of the world. We caught it to identify it. Three hours later, my dad insisted we let it go. It was a Mourning Cloak. I remembered, days prior, trying to set my son on the ground out of his stroller contraption to get the front door open. I almost squished a caterpillar. It had to be the same one. The distance was minimal - but, that he got over the fence and onto my drapes unnoticed... When we uncovered it on the counter, it never moved. Two days later, we saw that it was dead. It offered itself up for my son. I have it framed in my bedroom.

Sometimes, now, I see others. I know it's not a coincidence. After all, they were breeding here and that's how I found mine, right? But, WHO FINDS A BUTTERFLY IN THEIR HOUSE? I think the coincidence of it all is too much too ignore. I see mourning cloaks sometimes. I see them outside my house. The other day I put my arm out thinkinng --- they will never land on me (after all, I had been on a beach in Oregon with 40+ butterflies the week before and none of them landed on me). The mourning cloak landed on my arm. I felt his wings flutter and then he was gone. I have a poem on my back, next to my mourning cloak tattoo:

Lost and found, his life
flutters in my self and soul.
Grateful for the glimpse

I hope I have another baby. But, if I don't - my baby was SO wonderful that I will be satisfied for this lifetime. He was an angel.
Karen Foster, Crosby, TX
On June 4, 2012 my sister passed away. She and I always loved butterflies and as I was trying to find peace and comfort throught this very difficult time, a very ironic chain of events happened the day of her funeral with the butterflies. At the funeral home; there was a black & yellow butterfly that just fluttered by the door for a while. As we drove almost 200 miles to the graveside for her service there; there were 2 yellow butterflies that were all over her beautiful flowers. They would flutter on the flowers for a minute and then flutter in the air and then right back to the flowers.

I felt as if it were a sign from her telling me that everything was going to be ok. She would have loved them and enjoyed watching them as much as I did that day. Talking with a friend at work today, she sent me this link and was telling me of experiences she knew of with death & the butterflies. I have truly enjoyed reading some of the stories on this link
Rosalva Amezcua, Monterey Park, CA
I am a kindergarten teacher at an Elementary School in Highland Park. A few weeks before spring break, there were hundreds of black caterpillars on an elm tree located on the lower yard of our school campus. These black caterpillars were falling off the tree and were crawling all over the yard. The students and parents were startled due to the numerous amount of these crawling creatures. They began stepping on them and disposing of them for the safety of the students. When I found out what was happening, I quickly ran to get a plastic container to put them in and told everyone to stop killing them. Two 1st grade teachers came to help me "rescue" them as well. I had my T.A. research the type of caterpillars they were and we learned they were spiny elm caterpillars that become mourning cloak butterflies. I gave some of the caterpillars to a parent who volunteered to feed and take care of them until they became butterflies and gave the rest to the two 1st grade teachers who also volunteered to provide temporary homes, feed and take care of them as well. Everytime the students spotted some spiny elm caterpillars, they knocked on my classroom door. I went to collect them and later offered them to the two 1st grade teachers who graciously welcomed them into the temporary home they had provided for the previous ones that were rescued.

Ten to 11 days later, the butterflies hatched from their chrysalis. The two 1st grade teachers brought the butterfly containers outside near some plants by their classroom so everyone can see and enjoy the beautiful butterflies. They were blackish/brown and had blue spots next to the yellow/golden lining along the wings. After our return from spring break, we found out that one of those 1st grade teachers was diagnosed with brain cancer. Six weeks later she passed away. She embodied a passion for life, optimism, and hard work. She was a true educator, and taught life lessons that went beyond the walls of a classroom.

On Saturday, June 16, 2012,(the day of her church service) as I was getting ready to go to the service, my younger daughter discovered a butterfly in our patio. (We have a patio enclosed by screen panels. Our two dogs sleep there and we leave the door open for them during the day.) She ran inside our home to tell me that there was a butterfly inside our patio! It was a mourning cloak butterfly!!! I quickly got my daughter's bug container and used it to catch the butterfly. I took it to the church service, showed the butterfly to the other 1st grade teacher who was at the church service as well. I told the family (daughter and husband) as well as our school principal this story. I asked the daughter and husband if I could release the butterfly outside the church and they said yes. I went outside near a big planter with beautiful flowers and opened the container door. The butterfly sat calmly in the container and showed no interest in flying away. As I gently stuck my hand inside, it crawled on my hand and stayed there for quite awhile. I lifted my hand to get a closer look and the butterfly continued to stay perched on my hand. I felt total peace and calmness. The principal had followed me outside and witnessed the butterfly on my hand. I asked him if he wanted to hold her and as soon as he gently reached to put his hand next to mine, the butterfly flew around him and then flew towards the sky.

I believe this butterfly came to visit our family in Monterey Park because my younger daughter and I helped rescue its family and my older daughter was that 1st grade teacher's student 5 years ago. Or, maybe it came to thank us for rescuing its family. Or maybe this teacher returned as a butterfly to say her last goodbyes and let us know she is alright, completely at peace and free of cancer pain. After doing some research online, I learned that it is believed the name of this type of butterfly "mourning cloak" represents the cloak worn by people who mourn the loss of a loved one. This type of butterfly is a symbol of "mourning" the death of a loved one. What ever the reason is, I feel special and blessed to have had this wonderful experience.
Kayla, Pompton Lakes, NJ
My grandfather passed away last year July 29th. After his funeral to pick up my friend's brother a little bug stayed on the window near me on the entire highway. It was a busy highway as well. soon as we got to the exit after 15 minutes the bug finally flew away. Since then I see white butterflies all the time. It has been recentely everyday for the past 3 weeks. No matter where I am a white butterfly always flies right past me, near me or around me. Whenever I feel upset I look up and some how the butterfly is there! I may be just missing my grandfather and looking for that comfort but at the same time I know it means something.
Sonja, Durango, CO
While spreading some of my husbands ashes along one of his favorite places this beautiful yellow butterfly surround myself along with 5 other of our friends. We were in awe of this beautiful creature. Three days later were riding the train to do the same per my husbands wishes and the yellow butterfly followed the train path to its destanation. Again we were inspired but in awe. upon arriving home the most beautiful moth/butterfly entered our home and stayed with our family the entire night. Everyday now the yellow butterfly appears from out of no where when I am at the window, when I am outside or just sitting with my memories. It gives me such peace and heartfelt comfort to feel my husbands presence through this butterfly. Something that was totally unexpected but not surprizing.
Sharon Duffy, Sarasota, FL
I am reading a very spiritual book, that I find hard put down. This morning, as I set out to go to work, I was excited to try out my newly found ways to connect with my higher power, and strengthen my conviction on staying positive. On my drive to work, I repeated over and over to myself, what a beautiful day it was , and how my day would be a good one. At 7am,I was parking my car in the lot at work. Before I could open the car door, a huge orange and black butterfly landed on the drivers side window. I thought it was odd, being in a large, open parking lot, with many others arriving for work, that this pretty butterfly was waiting for me. I assumed it would fly away, when I opened the door. As I did, it flew at me, and touched my face. It frightened me so, that I screamed, brushed it away, and ran toward my building. Some probably thought I was running from a bee. I looked around, and I could not see it anymore, anywhere. I felt silly saying I was attacked by a butterfly, so I kept it to myself. What the heck was that about? Butterflies are usually calm, and serene, in their nature and flight. I thought about the book, and how it said that signs would be all around me. I now think I was being told to pay attention, or to be more aware of my surroundings. My eyes are open. Thanks for having this site available for me to read, about others' experiences.
Manda, Allentown, PA
Hi! My name is Manda. I'm 16 years old. Two months ago, my mother passed away after a hard fought battle against cancer that lasted her 4 years. She was the most wonderful mother I could've asked for! Always so sweet, and happy, and smiling, and caring towards everybody. Because of this, for her funeral, I knew she deserved something really special. I thought that the releasing of butterflies would symbolize that she is now free from pain, saddness, and hurt. Sadly, the cost of butterflies was too pricey for my little Pennsylvanian family. So, we went with balloons. We chose green: her favorite color. It was so sweet. Everyone wrote messages to her and we sent them up to Heaven. Some of my friends from church knew I had wanted the butterflies. Two of them took a few minutes while we were at the cemetary to pray for one, just one, to fly by. We all let the balloons go at the same time. There was a tent-type thing over the casket and I was sitting in one of the chairs under it. As I walked out from under the tent and let my balloon go, I saw a little yellow butterfly flutter by and fly up with the balloons. That moment, I realized that God had it all taken care of. Now, butterflies are my connection to my mommy. Everytime I see one, I know she's stopping by to say hello :)
Richard Webber, Ridge, NY
Here is a story that my father wrote shortly before my mom's passing on November 3, 2011.

A Visit from an Angel

In 1994, while fishing with my brother Paul on the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York., I had a visit by an "angel" in the form of a Monarch butterfly. It landed on my left hand and stayed there for so long that I started talking to it as if could hear. I knew that its final destination was Mexico so I said, " You have a very long flight ahead of you so be careful and try to catch the northeast wind." After my brother took a photo of the butterfly , it flew across the river and upward toward the top of a sixty foot high tree abut two hundred feet away. The butterfly then made a 180 degree turn and flew back and landed on my left hand. A very strange feeling came over me and I began to tremble. Paul was not aware that the same Monarch returned, and I was so choked up that it was several minutes before I could tell him what happened. The memory of this event has remained with me and I often wondered if the butterfly's strange behavior was meant to tell me something about my life.

On October 14, 2011, the date of our 50th wedding anniversary, my wife Linda lies in a bed with hospice care. It has been a very long and painful time for her during the past two years. She had chem treatments for uterine cancer and was in and out of hospitals and treatment centers for back pain. She had many tests for cancer and in other parts of the body and was finally told that her cancer spread and could not be treated. She was given only a few moths to live. Now I think of that Monarch butterfly almost every day. When I looked at my fishing journal to see when it landed on my hand in 1994, the same strange feeling came back when I found the date to be October 14th.

The day my wife passed away my daughter took a walk in our condo complex . She was having a hard time dealing with her mother's illness and didn't think she would be able to go into the bedroom on this day to see her mother. On her walk she saw a Monarch butterfly and it was November! Too late for a butterfly in the northeast. She came racing into the house and went into the bedroom and told her mother that she loved her and had seen a butterfly and it was ok for her mother to go. It was less than 15 minutes later when my beloved wife Linda died.
Mary, Willis, TX
I am a single Mom of 5 kids grown.I was the oldest of my Mom's 5.My Mom &I were the best of friends. And she loved all birds, and butterflies. On the day she died in my arms I went outside screaming. My friend next door came over and comforted me. Then a red bird came in the tree infront of me just singing away. My friend said she read somewhere that the spirit of a loved one can come in a bird, or ?.

Now on every Monday I sit outside, and for sure a bird, or a butterfly will make itself known to me. And then I see a butterfly drinking from my hummingbird feeder; never saw that before. I saved the best for last. My 9th day in the hospital, was very serious with the worst of outcome. At 11 am I was crying my eyes out. I said my prayer, and went to my window talking to God, and Mama. At noon I felt a touch on my head from Jesus and he said "Mary you're gonna be just fine". Then I said in my head if this is true can you send a butterfly to assure me. One came on my 4th story window. I was in awe and now I'm perfect in my health. And I've never seen so many birds,and butterflies in my life. I know now how good it feels to be in the arms of Jesus. Through time birds have played very special parts for God as to now. Hope my story will encourage someone else. May God Bless all who read my story.
Jas, Victorville, CA
Almost a year ago, when I was 18 years old, I lost a baby. Two months after the incident I kept seeing a yellow and black butterfly. I saw it everywhere I went, it even landed in front of me while I sat on the floor and let me take a clear picture of it. Every morning I see it fly by my window, somehow when I see it I smile and feel the pain I have inside going away. I know my baby is in a better place and will always be with me.
Shaheda, Washington, DC
For months I had been secretly mourning the untimely death of a loved one, feeling depressed and finding no reason to go on. Then one day as I was walking back home, a monarch butterfly flew gently by and rested on my shoulder, which delighted me instantly, and just as I said 'you beautiful thing', it flew and rested on the wall on the right of me. I thought of that butterfly for days, not knowing which online interpretation to subscribe to. Just today, a tiny baby-monarch-butterfly fluttered by and instead of resting on my shoulder, it rested right near me, while I admired its little wings ... it then flew away. I am so grateful for its presence and maybe one day her message will come through too.
Marilyn, Cambridge, MA
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in Cambridge. I was walking my Papillon on Avon Hill when I noticed a butterfly flying around. This was a beautiful brown butterfly that we had not seen in two seasons and I immediately realized Grace our Papillon who died nearly two years ago was walking with us. We know she is in heaven and occasionally visits us only in her very favorite places. I stopped to talk to her and the butterfly just sat on a leaf and looked at me. She was so close, I could see her tongue. It made me so happy to be able to feel Grace close to us.

That same afternoon on our next walk another brown butterfly appeared in a different area. I began talking to Grace again and this butterfly flew onto my shoulder. I was in disbelief that this could happen and I continued to talk to Grace. This was definitely grace because she had little white spots. She stayed around after she flew off my shoulder and then sat on a car and looked at me while I talked to her. She then flew onto my arm and sat while I continued talking and then slowly flew away.

After reading the most recent story, I realized Grace was telling me when she sat on my shoulder and arm that she is at Peace and Rocky and I should be as well. This has been very hard for us to do because her death was due to an operation. Very awful story. God is with us and Peace is also with us. Amen Marilyn and Rocky
Doris E. Wilson, Kansas City, MO
Just before my husband's death, butterflies began to have a special meaning to our family. My daughter Yvette who I would never thought would get a tattoo, decided to get a tattoo of a heart on her ankle---at the last moment before the process was to start, she decided on a small butterfly. When she came to visit, she didn't tell us she had gotten a tattoo. My husband Malcolm who is really observant noticed it and said "Girlfriend, what do you have on your ankle?" she laughed and said a "butterfly".

A few weeks later Malcolm died and we started reading about signs and symbols as it relates to death. The butterfly is a sign of rebirth. My daughter said "Mom, maybe this is why I changed my mind at the last moment-because God knew Dad would die and go to Heaven."

One day a single butterfly appeared at a tree where my Son Eric had carved my husband's initials. It appeared and flew away.

For the past few weeks, I have asked God to send me a sign that Malcolm was okay. I waited and waited and nothing happened. Last week, I went to visit my daughter who lives in Marion, Arkansas. She planted a tree in Malcolm's memory in her back yard. Last Saturday as I was sitting in the backyard alone, a single yellow butterfly came flying from a couple of housed down in the backyard and to her back yard, turned around and went back and disappeared. I was amazed and was speechless. My daughter came out to sit with me and it did it again and disappeared. I said Yvette, did you see that? I told her what I had asked God for and this must be the sign. It appeared two days later when I was sitting with my granddaughter Tiffany. I said "did you see that." I shared my request to God with her.

The day I was leaving, it was kind of chilly I looked outside and was hoping to see the butterfly but nothing happened. I then decided to put on a sweater and sit outside for a moment---guess what? The butterfly made a pass again and disappeared. I thanked God for sending me a sign. I felt so peaceful. I knew in my heart that Malcolm is okay with God in Heaven and this was my confirmation. I am working on getting "me" to be okay being here on earth without him by my side. I have to work on it day by day, prayer by prayer, and with God' as my strength, one day I know things will get better.
Taryn, CT
When I was in my early 20's. I had lost both of my Grandparents within a little over a year of one another. It was a sad day, and I was feeling lost. I wanted to get as close to heaven as I could, and say what I wanted to say alone and aloud. I went to a local hiking trail that led to the top of a mountain. I climbed alone for about 45min till I reached the top. There I sat for awhile and viewed the scenery. It was a beautiful summer day. I sat for about an hour with my thoughts sometimes talking aloud and telling them how I missed them. I then decided it was time to go. I had said before I left aloud "I wish I knew that you guys were here, and that you could hear me, and you were together once again and happy". Just then two white butterflies flew infront of me, close enough that I could touch them if I wanted. Flying together in unison chasing each other happily, and then flew off into the day and the white made them seem like they disappeared in the bright summer sky. That was my sign! that's how I know they are together and happy. I always notice when I am thinking of them a butterfly enters my sight.
Shannon, Fort Worth, TX
My mother died 8/7or8/2012 either Easter eve or Easter day we are not sure, but that does not matter. I have never seen so many butterflies around me. Out where she died as well as my house and other places me and my family are. My mom really liked butterflies, so to me it is saying she is still around flying showing me she is still here. Some stories of our experiences:

My husband: On the way back to the farm from the funeral home there was a dead butterfly in the seat between my husband and a family friend. My sister ordered 4 sets of flowers for the memorial service and she never said anyting about butterflies and there were 4. One on each set of flowers. Which meant to me one for each of the women in her life Me and her 3 best friends. Family friend: Today he went on a motorcycle ride far away and he stopped at a gas station and there was a butterfly flying around him and landing on his motorcycle. My mother's death was in no way expected and I am having a hard time with this, but in a way seeing as many butterflies as I have had been seeing it kind of makes me feel like she is still here.
Nadine Edery, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
My husband passed away on January 26, 2012. I asked a few days ago when I went to his grave to show me a sign, any sign...that he listens to me. Today, I went to visit his grave and of a sudain I see a beautiful orange butterfly posing on one of the bouquet of flowers and flying to the other one on his grave. I felt so happy because I know that it's the sign that I expected from him. I thanked him for that and felt better.
Shifting C, Chicago, IL
April 3, 2012 on a 90 minute walk with a suffering friend...lone butterflies passed in front of us five times. And each moment was exactly at the time of an epiphany.

The first- an idea jumped to me about the Philadephia McDonald's group "win" of the lottery immediately after walking passed an African American woman wearing a shirt with only the word "honest" on it. A butterfly appeared at the exact time of the idea, passing her and butterfly. I hope it means the lottery winner is telling the truth. But my idea actually was that it's an elaborate scam as a part of a bigger strategy. We shall see.

Second- five minutes on, and now walking with my troubled friend- I had an idea for a golf business -butterfly! - at the same time, unknown to me until seconds later the idea and butterfly occurred in front of my friend's uncle's home who was a golf pro! - THis idea is being developed. That's a must do!

Third- Mildly excited now about those two appearances- we both decided at the same time to walk upon the beach- I said, "I see signs," right before I almost stepped on these words written in the sands - "I love you". "Another sign", I said- only to immediately see the third butterfly. Huh? It's not like they are flying around everywhere.. it's Chicago in early April!

Fourth time- off the beach now. A friend is getting audited by the IRS- I found that our earlier in the day. A thought came to me that it is no accident- that she is being investigated - but not for financial reasons! Sure as heck, butterfly number four- right on cue. That one was the most disturbing because of her potential global and spiritual influence and a major project she recently started that could transform and upset a lot of people.

Fifth reveal- I can not say what was said- but after I said it, to my now believing friend, I yelled as just a joke, " A butterfly should appear after that idea," and as God as my witness- the shadow of a butterfly from behind us tracked along the sidewalk in unison with my hand calling for the butterfly! That shadow of a butterfly - and the four prior- all within an hour or so......well it was powerful enough for me to seek this website out and share this with you followers and fans or butterflies.

For me- it appears the butterfly revealing itself can be a confirmer (I hope) or mocker of thoughts and ideas. Too soon to tell which, but I am a humbled believer that the butterfly is a cosmic spirit messenger.
Cindy Brooks, Chattanooga, TN
Today I saw a beautiful yellow butterfly with black on the wings in my yard after coming in from church. I had been thinking about my brother, Clay, who fought a long hard battle with AIDS back during the time when people did not live long. He was even featured on a video of people who fought the battle and survived many years. Clay was always proactive in his own healthcare, researching and using the information he gleened. -- A few minutes ago, I was thinking about the butterfly again, and saw it attached to the corner of my door. I talked to the butterfly and told it to land on my shoulder. I opened the door and it followed me inside.
Traci Allen, Howard, NY
I remember at some point when my mom was sick that I watched a movie, and in the movie while someone was at their loved ones graveside a butterfly visisted them. I can't remember the movie, but I did remeber that the butterfly was a sign that your loved one was near. After my mom passed away I was having a very difficult time because my daughter (then 10) and I took care of her everyday for over 6 months. It took me several months after her death to even be able to return to her graveside. When I was finally able to visit her, while I was sitting and talking to her, I told her how much I missed her and how hard it was. It was while I was crying that the butterfly appeared. While some people would say that it was a coincidence, I would not.

It was winter.
Tami Wachtler, Kent, WA
Over the last year my mom suffered from lung cancer and passed away in August 2011. In the months prior to her death my mom had lost two of her sisters. My mom had a strong faith in the Jesus Christ and heaven. Her passing was peaceful but not with out much sorrow.

Following my mom's death, my sister told me that when she was sitting outside white butterflies fluttered around her feet and seemed to be playing. She thought of them as my mom and her sisters dancing a bout. A day or so later when I was leaving my house, I shut the front door, walked down the stairs towards my car, and for some reason I paused, a warm air swirled around me, from my ankles up. The air was so warm and comforting I just stood there. I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace, nothing I had ever felt before or since. The world seemed silent but I felt a presence with me. I'm not sure if it was out of grief but I uttered "mom". And then from a few feet away a white butterfly appeared almost out of no where and fluttered to me, around me, right in front of me. I had never had a butterfly so close and bold, it seemed fearless. The butterfly flew around the yard, around the tree, up in the air and then back to me, until it final fluttered up towards the sky. The butterfly brought me a great sense of peace. I have no doubt it was a message from my mom. In the days and weeks after my mom's funeral, white butterflys seemed to appear every where and my parents yard was alive with them. There were reports from other family members about seeing white butterflys too, each with there own special meaning and story.
Ellya, Los Angeles, CA
I had gotten my dad to give me butterflies for Hanukkah.[Of course, I let them go.] They came as caterpillars and I took care of the caterpillars till they turned into butterflies. I let them go a few weeks after that. I opened the cage I had put them in. They all rushed out-except for one. I scooped it up with my hands and carried it to the top of the playhouse so it could fly off from there because I noticed it couldn't fly. But it still didn't fly away. I climbed down and started to walk towrd the flowers so it could at least live. Then I noticed the butterfly was panicking in my closed hand. So I opened my hand . . . and the butterfly flew out! It was flying to the flowers-exactly where I wanted it to go! I'm glad the butterfly is safe.
Jessica, Minneapolis, MN
On January 10th, 1998, an extremely close friend of mine was murdered at the age of 16 in Chicago. It was so senseless and I mourned uncontrollably for years. I attended the wake, but could not bring myself to go to the burial. I am going to be back in Chicago for business in two weeks, so yesterday I decided I was going to be brave and finally go visit his grave. I began to search for the cemetery and could not find it. I had lost the obituary and the town I thought he was buried in, the cemetery told me he was not buried there. I began to feel hopeless and cried and sobbed. I was sad and heartbroken all over again. I went to sleep and woke up this morning to get ready for work. As I was on my way to work, I looked to my right and there was a rainbow poking through the clouds on a sunny day in February!!! How likely is that? I felt this calming peace go over me and knew that was him. All of a sudden, the correct cemetery that he was buried in popped into my head! I called them and they confirmed that he was there. I feel so much peace and feel like he guided me to him!
Irene, St. Rose, LA
Let me start by saying I'm just trying to make sense of this. When I was a little girl on several different occasions yellow and monarch butterflies would land on my head and stay there for a few minutes. I am grown now and have notice when I am going through a storm or just not having a good day I will spot out of the blue a butterfly. And feel a peace come over me. I have a 9 year old daughter and about two years ago the same thing happened to her we were outside in the front yard one day and a yellow butterfly landed on her head and would not move. I literally had to pick it up and take it off of her head about 5 minutes later. I'M JUST WONDERING IF ANYONE CAN MAKE SENSE OF THIS?
Patty Woods, El Paso, TX
My German grandmother (Oma) and I were very close despite my being raised primarily in Texas. She would come to stay with us for 4 to 5 months every year until she became to old to travel. Sadly I hadn't seen her in several years when she passed at 95 in Germany. A week later, as I was leaving my home I saw the biggest brown butterfly with turquoise, very unusual looking with somewhat battered wings, and as I was driving away I saw it banging against the side of my house, moving along continuing to bang against the house and windows. When I returned home that night, it was in my bedroom in the corner of the ceiling. It was there for about a week. I knew it was my Oma saying goodbye. It's been about 5 years since this happened but I think of it, and her weekly. I never found the skeletal remains of the butterfly in my room, it just wasn't there one day though I searched.
Louise, Mittagong, NSW, Australia
My mum had passed through a train accident. I was grieving for a very long time - years . I couldn't come to turns with it. I had counselling and bereAvement counselling as well for years. I was seeing anspiritual lady to help me understand. After all this help for at least 5 years, I was outside sitting in the garden and this amazing big beautiful white butterfly would flutter around me and I got this funny feeling near my heart. I thought to myself "Mum" and I told my husband and every time I was outside near the garden she would com. I was so happy and it helped me to believe she will be with me forever and she is ok and has no more pain in her life. And I was able to move on. Thank you, Louise
Julie, Chicago, IL
My mother was in a coma and on a breathing machine. Mom was very clear about not wanting to be kept alive by machines. We met with the doctors and agreed that they'd turn off the machine in the morning. Directly after that meeting I went to stand outside the hospital - to pull myself together. There was a lovely covered patio that had a glass block window with a 6 inch opening at the top.

On the other side of the window, a lovely garden had been planted with all the flowers butterflies like - purple coneflowers, black eyed susans, butterfly bush etc. As I stood under the covered patio, I saw an enormous butterfly attempting to fly up to the opening at the top of the glass block window so it could fly through the opening to the garden. It would try - and would almost get to the top - then fall back to the window sill. After resting a while, it would try again - and fall back again. I watched the butterfly for a long time and it occured to me that my mother was trying to do the same thing the butterfly was trying to do. - To get to the garden. I thought about helping the butterfly - but I didn't want to pick it up and freak it out. So I went back to the hotel and told my family all about the butterfly. They listened politely without attaching any significance to it.

Early the next morning we returned to the hospital through the same patio door. The butterfly was still there! I called it to everyone's attention - but they were all concerned about losing our family's matriarch. Nobody really cared about ""Julie's butterfly"". We went upstairs and the doctors turned off the machine. Mom passed away. When I left the hospital, the butterfly was gone and I knew my mother had made it safely into the garden.
Teresa. Lufkin, TX
My son had a battle with cancer this past year. The pain at times were so unbearable and as a mother it broke my heart to see him in such pain and could do nothing. His two daughters, partner, and I watch his life fade away slowley. Not much of him left when death took him away. He was only 36years old. After the memorial service that morning we went home with family and friends. I wanted to go back to grave site to make sure he was alright only a mother can understand why I had to go. My sister, daughter, best friend,and my sons oldest daughter went with me. To my amazement found all of his beautiful flowers just thrown on top of his grave. Very upset we all started picking up the beautiful sprays and aranging them around his grave. We stepped back to look and was please how pretty his site looked then out of nowhere a beautiful butterfly flew to each flower and hover around the grave, then as suddenly it flew away and disappeared.. My sister said hey mom is with us but in my heart I knew and said no it is Kelley letting us know he isn't in that grave his spirit flew so gently toward heaven and a peace came across my heart. The next day my daughter looked up on the internet about the butterflies visiting the grave sites and what it all meant this brought joy and peace to our broken hearts. I told his girls of this and now when they see a butterfly they say hello daddy
Julie, NJ
I am 16 and I am writing a book about my story. I have one of the most challenging stories a 16 year old girl could have. I was raped when I was 15. I am using butterflies as a symbol in my book. After each chapter there is a picture of a different butterfly with a quote underneath it. Butterflies are beautiful and I know that even though Ive been through a lot I'm still beautiful too.
Denise Williams, Houston, TX
It had been 8 months since my mother had passed away. While my family and I were tending to to her grave, this little yellow butterfly kept visiting and would not fly away. We all thought it a bit odd for a butterfly to be flying around in Michigan in October. However, at the time it gave all of us a sense of joy--as if my mom was letting us know that she knew that we were there. We stayed longer --but it just would not fly away. My dad's mental spirit began to change and he commented that there is something good about a butterfly visiting a grave. I could not shake the feelings that I had experienced & what my dad had said that day.

So, when I returned back home to Texas I decided to investigate on the internet the presence of a butterfly at a grave site and to my amazement found this site. The numerous testimonies of people experiencing the same thing that my family & I experienced that day was to say the least ---heartwarming. I also learned that it is a Christian belief that a butterfly visiting the deceased means eternal happiness. Needless to say, the sense of peace that I felt in my heart while seeing that little yellow butterfly that day will be a moment I will never forget. It was truly a memorable intervention of God's love and such a comfort to us.(Ironically, I had buried a little butterfly pin under my mom's tombstone when visiting her in July--only because of her love for jewelry). I shared this site with my family members and they were equally touched by what they had read. I am graceful for finding the stories & hope my story will bring comfort to anyone else who reads it.
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