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July 2011 to December 2011
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Danielle, Bakersfield, CA
On March 4,2011 I tried to commit suicide. I shot myself in the stomach, lost a kidney. THANK GOD HE SAVED ME. I knew it was wrong but I was so tired of the pain I go thru everyday due to severe back problems. I was just so tired after so many years. This all started when I was 26 yrs old and I did this at 39 yrs old.

When I was in ICU and they took the tube out I told my pastor's son-in-law and my best friend that butterflies and rattlesnakes were breeding and that they need to warn my mom not to touch them because they were so beautiful but they were very poisonous. Since then and going through all that trauma, there's not a day that goes by I don't see a butterfly. To me it means that a butterfly starts out as a caterpillar and then turns into this beautiful butterfly that God has created. I feel that the snake represented the enemy and the butterfly was God and He won once again. I just know that those butterflies I see everyday are a sign from God that things will be okay.

I almost died that day and days to follow but there's a reason I survived for which am so grateful even during the pain now. I don't remember saying what I said in the hospital but it meant the world. Bless you for letting me tell my story. Thank You Jesus for giving my life back.
Darlene, Tahlequah, OK
In 1984 my Grandfather was in Tulsa hospital having open heart surgery my parents left me and my sisters in the care of our older brother so they can be by grandpa's side. I was 14 years old. Two days after not hearing anything from our parents I decided to sit outside on dad's riding lawn mower. At that time I watched as our neighbor was walking in the yard and my brother ran out to meet her. As I sat there 10 Butterflies landed on me I remembered asking the butterflies "Did my Grandpa die?" The Butterflies sat on me for 10 minutes until my brother walked back in the yard then they flew away. My brother told me that my grandpa just passed away while on the operating table that broke my heart.

On another occasion involving Butterflies my little sister committed suicide back in 2010. I had to go to Arkansas for her funeral and while I was there I noticed Butterflies flying around in the cemetery and on my way back home the Butterflies followed me home. They stayed out in my yard for 3 days.
Jo, Denton, TX
My son died on Fathers Day. He was riding his orange Harley and a drunk driver hit him.

During my grief I went out to the yard one day and saw this beautiful big monarch butterfly on my bush outside my house. It sat there forever, and for some reason I felt a connection with the butterfly, like I have never felt for an animal/insect before. I kept asking myself why I felt that way, then I realized the butterfly was the same color as my son's Harley. The Harley was orange and had black leather saddle bags with silver brads (the dots on the butterfly). I ran in the house and got a pic of my son on the bike. I took it back outside, and wow!!!! It was him. He sat there for the longest. So now everytime I see a butterly I know he is with me.

I see them alot when I am sad and hurting because I miss him, and he tells me it is okay Mom, I am with you.
Elizabeth, Denver, CO
I used to be a very troubled child. I went down all the wrong paths, took all the wrong turns, and hung out with all the wrong people. When I was 13, I ditched school to get tattoos with my friends. A few months later I was caught and grounded for a long time, anyway, that's what started it all. I ratted out my friends who also got tattoos and got them all in trouble. That was the day when I lost everything, my dark past exposed to my parents and all of their trust lost. It was a very hard time for me considering I lost not only my parent's trust but all of my friend's as well. It was a very lonely time.

But that summer, I had a suprise visit from a very lovely friend. A yellow monarch butterfly about the size of my fist passed by me in the heat of the day. I was stunned in the shower of it's beauty, and I believe it was this butterfly that helped me realize I was making a mistake in my life. Since then, I have cleaned up my act and I am going far. I know this might sound strange, but I swear the butterfly visits me every summer. I know they live no longer than a few weeks, but I swear this very same butterfly has been visiting me every summer, every day since I was 13. When I see it, everything is silent, it's like the world is a place filled with nothing but joy. Where ever I am, where ever I go, I always see my yellow butterfly. I'm not religious, but I swear this butterfly is my guardian angel.

- My Yellow Butterfly <3
Mary Jane, Louisville, KY
My son, Trey was killed by a drunk driver at age 33. On the day we buried him, while I was still at the cemetery, someone said, "There are two butterflies on your shoulder." I turned to look and they stayed right there. Even though I moved my head they didn't fly away. I said, ”That’s Dad and Trey letting me know they are okay." My dad died 4 months earlier. I didn't realize how true that statement was until later.

It was a couple of years before I found out that butterflies are the sign of new life. The caterpillar stage symbolizes their life on earth. The cocoon stage symbolizes death. Then they emerge into a beautiful butterfly which symbolizes their new life in Heaven.

Trey always knew to let me know he was okay anytime something happened...like the time his house was hit by a tornado. I knew to stay by the phone and he would call as soon as he could. This was before cell phones. Sure enough he found a working phone down the street from his house. He said, Mom I can't call anyone else because there is a line of people waiting to use this phone, but I knew I had to let you know I was okay. I know when Trey died he told my Dad they had to let me know they were okay...and so...the butterflies on my shoulder. He let me know before I even left the cemetery. That was Trey...always taking care of me.

I see butterflies all the time in my yard. I always say, "Hi Trey" because I know it's him coming by for a visit.

I found a stamp at a craft store that has two butterflies on it and it says "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." When ever I send anyone a card, I always put that stamp on the inside of the card and on the back of the envelope.

It seems that butterflies turn up everywhere I go now. I could write a book about all the butterfly stories that have happened to me since Trey died. Butterflies give me comfort because I know that it's Trey's way of letting me know he's always with me and he's okay.
Rosa, Ventura, CA
My daughter and I were walking our dog in the park and we both saw a butterfly carrying another butterfly and no they were not mating. The one being carried was either injured or dead. I felt so sad when I saw this. I had just been a witness to something so tender and loving. I have been searching for information since then and it was only when I saw a story on your site that I finally found someone who had actually seen the same thing I did. Thank you
Heidi Pfister, Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA
My dad had passed, November 2nd 2011, and my sister asked for a sign he was alright. An hour later, after her and her husband got home from the hospital they asked me to step outside so that they could tell me father had passed away. I was at their home watching the children. After she told me, she stepped inside, and my nephew was shouting "there's a butterfly on your shoulder!". Low and behold,a butterfly out of nowhere had attached to my sisters shoulder and came in the house with her. We brought it outside and captured a photo of it in her hands. Then, it flew away.

We live in Ontario, Canada. We rarely see butterflies at all even in the summer, and to have one attach to us in November- an hour after dad had passed away is truly a sign from him. Thanks for letting me share this with you.
Vanessa, British Columbia, CANADA
Before my grandma died in 99, she had watched the movie "Patch Adams" with my Mom. When the movie was over my grandma told my Mom, if she could come back as anything it would be a butterfly. Sadly in the summer of 99 we lost her. When my Mom came home from the hospital that morning she an my sister were sitting on our back deck, when out of the corner of her eye my Mom caught a glimpse of a butterfly. She said it was flying very slow as if it were tired, then it came and landed on the table between the two of them. A couple weeks later we had another visit a bunch of my aunts and cousins got together to go through my grandmas old clothes, (dressing up). When a monarch butterfly same kind as the last fluttered between all of us at the table.

Another time was my Grandma wanted to see some of the grandkids Irish dance, but she passed before any of us joined, but one cold spring day my Mom was standing out in the parking lot of a hotel in Calgary, thinking of how much she wished her Mom could have seen my sister dance, when a butterfly came and hovered by her. There have been several times when a butterfly has appeared most of the time it's when something difficult is happening. The last encounter someone in the family has had was myself this summer. I went camping with a bunch of friends, we all wanted to go down to the dock for sunset and just dip our toes in the water an enjoy it. There is one friend in particular that I had a little history with and unsure of things between us. I was standing a few feet away from him when I noticed this butterfly circling him, he held out his hand and it landed in his palm and just sat there for a few moments then flew right past me it was like she was there letting me know things were going to be okay. Both my sisters have a butterfly tattoo now, I have a group of five butterflies, so that no matter what she is always with us.
Cory A., Santa Fe, NM
I have a strong Christian faith and have never really looked for earthly signs, but maybe i should. My husband had a 2 yr bout with a terrible cancer. We knew he was dying. The morning he left us, as soon as they took his body away, a huge yellow butterfly appeared at our window flapping its wings. Curious, i felt it was saying "hello" but i just looked and went on with the business at hand. Hours later the same butterfly flew down our driveway to a good friends car (who was bringing us dinner), flew back with her, and landed on the doornob - as if welcoming her in. We havent seen a butterfly like this since that day 4 months ago.
Renee, Fort Worth, TX
A few weeks ago I was sitting on my front porch and my eyes just went to a small movement across the street and as I walked over to investigate I found a giant beautiful monarch that had unfortunately probably gotten too close to a moving car because his amazing wing was slightly torn and though he tried to alight again he was unable to. So I gently held him out on my open hand and softly caressed his wings and atenna. I closed my eyes and immediately felt his energy and I was flying high above the trees and houses and off exploring our amazing planet, and when I say this I'm not exaggerating in any way, I literally felt myself in him, it was absolutely amazing!

I have also been on a very spiritual path for the past few months and seeking to be ever closer to God and as if by a message to me, I believe our Father has said He is with me always because every day I'm visited by my beautiful Monarch friends, whether I'm just sitting outside or driving in a car, I see one fluttering by my window or racing ahead of me in the car, they are always by my side. So even though I lost the magnificent Monarch that died in my hand hours later I felt Him, my beloved Father, through the spirit of these most amazing creatures! Thank you Lord for creating such beauty in life, I pray for my human family to open their eyes to the magnificence and splendor that He shares with us every day if we just look around and notice it, not just in the butterflies but in the soft warm breezes that caress our face, the warmth of the sun, the leaves on the trees swaying in the wind, the soft billowing clouds that waft overhead or the sweet laughter of children...life is beautiful...please enjoy His gifts! Much love to you all!
Gwen Williams, St. Louis, MO
It took me several months to write my story, actually I found this site and these stories when searching for "if and when butterfly landed, attacked humans."

My mother passed away in 2005 and she loved butterfles, she was a collector. When she passed my sister decided to pin 7 butterfly pins in her coffin one for each of us kids. Amazingly when we arrived at the wake my sister experienced a wall filled with butterflies, she tells me I should remember but things were foggy at that time for me. I will never forget what happened at her gravesite. I saw out of the corner of my eye the butterfly fly under the tent, and thought to myself there's mama but when I looked up at the ministers who were giving their final thoughts, all three of them looked strange and seemed to be moving their heads up and down as following something behind us. All of a sudden the butterfly came around flew over all the kids present on the front line and then landed on my disabled daughter seated in the second row in her wheelchair. Right on the top of her head! We all gasped and smiled because we knew mama was fine.

Anytime we see butterflies we always say hi to her. The strangest thing happened to me a while back, my Mother had come to me in a dream and I didn't know I was actually dreaming until I woke up. She gave me a message, after months of nothing happening I asked her was it really her that came back to give me that message. She told me something that made me quite happy at the time. I begin to think perhaps, I had gotten it wrong. So while on vacation recently I started my daily meditation walk asking her if she was just teasing me in the dream, was it real, should I believe what she told me? I wasn't a block away from the house when this big huge beautiful white, trimmed in black butterfly came and seemed to attack me it circled me three times, it really made me nervous, then it flew a few feet away sat there on the grass. I began to walk away when it followed me and circled me again this time coming so close to my body. Cars stopped and watched this butterfly encircling me, I have to say I was uncomfortable at first, but after reading all these stories, I know it was my mama confirming she is watching over me and wants me to know it!
Denise S., Morristown, NJ
After my dad's burial yesterday, my husband and children along with my brother and his family went to lunch. As we were saying goodbye in the parking lot of the restaurant, a beautiful Monarch Butterfly flew very slowly and fluttered around us. I was overwhelmed with a warm feeling, and I truly believed it was the spirit of my father.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
Three months and three days ago, my big sister, Sierra, passed from a disease called leukodystrophy, it's when your body is slowly shutting down. My sister was sixteen and it took 13 years for her to pass, but she didn't go so quickly because all the love our family gave to her, and the care and help we also gave her.

She was all about the color purple, and always had butterflies as her theme for her bedroom, oh and she was in love with Justin Bieber. People don't think I understand fully what happened, but they dont know that for sure. I know a lot and for that reason, when ever I see a butterfly I always think of my sister.

At her funeral my cousin let out a butterfly and it made me cry that I didn't get to see the butterfly. I think I was too busy crying, but I know that when I see a butterfly I'll think of her because I may only be 11 but I know a lot about my sister.

So please every time you see a butterfly think of my sister and pray that she is in a better place now and is in no pain at all. Thank you, for taking your time in reading this, if it has made you cry, I understand crying just means you care!
Christine, WI, USA
I had a friend of mine pass away this past March. It was tragic and so unexpected. It was really hard for all of us to wrap our heads around. His 18th birthday was in July. I was in my room sulking and wondering about him. Then it hit me - it's such a beautiful day, so sunny and the sky so blue, he wouldn't want me to waste such a nice day. So I decided to go outside and walk around. While I was walking I just stopped, looked up to the sky and said "happy birthday Alex! I wish I could know you're okay. If you can, in any way I don't care how but can you show me you're okay? I just want to know you're fine where ever you are." All of the sudden the biggest butterfly I have ever seen in my life just came out of nowhere and fluttered around me. It was amazing. I was so speechless, but so happy. It was so close to me (it almost landed right on me) but this butterfly stayed by me for a little while. And then it slowly started to fly away, but it stayed in my eye sight for a good 10 to 15 minutes. It really took my breath away, and I felt so calm after that.

And just recently I found out that's not the only butterfly experience about Alex. At his parents house there is a fountain, and it's his fountain. His mom sits on their front porch everyday, and guess what covers his fountain? Tons and tons of butterflies. Now I see butterflies almost everyday, and I can't help but smile. He's showing us he's still with us :)
Deb Robb, Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA
my dad had a stroke about 3 years ago. My mom then stepped up and was looking after him until she herself was rediagnosed with breast cancer. At that time we had to put him in a home as my mom had to undergo her own chemotherapy. Unfortunately, my dad passed about 6 weeks later.

What was really truly strange is that I've lived in Mississauga my entire adult life and was divorced when my dad had his stroke. My mom then asked if I could please come up here to help her with my dad which I did. She actually bought a house and renovated the upstairs just to accomodate me! Well, I did everything for that house including painting it from top to bottom, cutting the grass, shovelling the snow in winter...pretty much everything my dad would have done if he had been able.

Once my Mom realized that she couldn't look after him anymore, my sisters and I got together and asked her what she wanted to do, so the house was sold and she moved into a 'senoirs' residence. We got a call one night from my sister saying that Mom checked herself into the hospital and can I go stay with her? And I did. So much pain it was unbelievable! There was nothing I could do to help her that night. But I guess in her eyes, I was just there. She passed away Feb 5th this year.

My sisters and I had a memorial service for her when we interred her ashes in the family grave. Lo and behold this little white butterfly flew over the grave as my son put the urn in the ground. Later that day at my sisters, the same butterfly flew all around my sisters back yard.

Doesn't end there. I see a white butterfly in my backyard every single day since. Got myself a puppy, and that's even more weird! Seems she's a pappillion/shitsu mix, and "pappillion" means butterfly in French. What made me choose that puppy? I'll never know, just know that butterflies are now part of my life, and I know it's my mom.
Mary Donaldson, Goshen, CT
Our Grandson was swept away by the raging waters in a creek from the Lee storm. Yesterday, while we were back home there were five of us putting up a new bleacher in the Baseball/ Soccer field at the town field. My friend and I happened to look up and we noticed a lone monarch butterfly above us and around the bleacher being assembled. The community wanted to do something to honor our Grandson's memeory. They are repairing or replacing equipment as needed at the Camp.

My friend had heard about butterflies and signs and I am sure this was a sign for the both of us. Our Grandson was happy to see the improved equipment for the use by future children and parents. Our Grandson loved baseball.
Trish Hayes, Pittsfield, MA
My boyfriend of 16 months and I finally received news 2 months prior to my butterfly experience that a bone marrow (stem cell) transplant donor was found for his pre-Leukemia (myelodysplasia).He had been given a definitive diagnosis 8 months ago now. "My" two butterflies came to greet me just yesterday. Butterflies have always reminded me of my mom that we lost 10 1/2 years ago to Ovarian Cancer.

In the late afternoon 9/14/11, a beautiful late summer day, I was walking my two Peakapoo pups. We live in a beautiful neighborhood (kind of like a country area of the city). It recently had been a very difficult time for my family, (my three daughters, my BF and I). My BF Scott had been the most frightened over this life threatEning illness. His docs said the only hopeful treatment was a bone marrow transplant. I was frightened too. It seemed to take forever until a match was found, out of 8 million people (including myself) in the National Registry. Scott naturally took his negative emotions out on the ones he loves the most, the 4 "girls" of the house. What a relief in so many ways when an acceptable donor was found for the love of my life.

In addition to losing our mom, my brother and I lost our dad 5 1/2 years ago, I say of a broken heart because he missed mom so much. Well, along that walk with our pups two orange & black Monarch butterflies fluttered around us for at least 5 minutes. I believe it was a representation of my parents giving me a message from above that everthing is going to be alright.
Bernice Perry, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, CANADA
Monarch Butterfly, a big beautiful Monarch fluttered through the air, not once but twice in exactly the right moments...

I am a breast cancer survivor since Sept. 2009 and last September I met Donna, a stage 4 breast cancer survivor. Donna, Kim and I celebrated life at a retreat in our province of Nova Scotia lifting our ONE glass of wine and cheering ourselves for coming through this horrible disease. Donna, however had a reoccurance and her life that we celebrated last year came to an end last week September 6th.

It sucker punched me right in the gut... My whole terrifying experience came back to haunt me like a devil in the night. I had done so well to deal with these emotions (I guess burying them does not work well)Everytime I looked at my two daughters or husband, I cried. I felt an overwhelming fear, I had not yet experienced. It caused me to feel exhausted and depleted!

Here is where the butterflies come into play. I paddle with 20 breast cancer survivors and that very Saturday I had to be in Toronto to paddle with the team on the very day she was being buried. My emotions, and energy level were not where they should be just before a race. I prayed and took my rosary with me in hope that I would be able to get through the next 3 days, let alone have fun.

Saturday morning we gathered for circle time before the race and I was asked to say a few words. I almost choked! But out of my mouth came the most inspiring few sentences reminding everyone that I was paddling hard that day to celebrate my friends life. We broke the circle and there in the midst of us fluttered (still gives me goosebumps)a huge beautiful Monarch Butterfly. It passed us by and was not seen again until the very next morning when we were again going to race our first race. It was the only time we saw a butterfly all weekend.

Some of our team were suffering from minor injuries and just exhaustion but somehow we believe Donna came to send us a message she was OK and not to worry. We paddled strong and hard and placed 1st in our division.

Donna, I believe in her spiritual way changed my weekend that day. I let go and I found in me the self that was there to enjoy life not dwell in its sorrow. I believe firmly that it nothing sheer of pure spiritual connection! Thank you my friend...
Jimmy Stevens, Ormond Beach, FL
First I cannot believe that there is a website dedicated to this. I happened upon the site after I felt compelled to do a search for 'yellow butterfly + death'. But I am more than sure this is how 99.99999% of people who have posted here found out about this site. Anyway here is my story...

It's about 12 hours after I found out that my Dad passed away. I think I am ok with it though, my Dad had been on kidney dialysis for about 20 years and has been through more medical issues, surgeries, etc than 10 men put together should ever have to go through. Anyway, I was laying in the bed this morning trying to sleep because I think I had just more than an hour of sleep last night. Then through the mirror on my wife's dresser which faces a large rectangular window I see this yellow thing fly by. I wasn't quite sure what it was at first. I thought a small yellow bird of some sort because it went by fast, until I saw it a few more times go by the window, then I realized a yellow butterfly, ok. The thing is, it is the middle of September that's what sparked my curiosity and I am no '*pologist' nor did I study science in college. But, I thought it strange a small yellow butterfly this time of year. When I think of butterflies, I think a spring thing. Anyway most of the morning, I have seen this butterfly flying around my backyard. After, I did the search and found this site and others relating to this I mentioned it to my mom and my wife. My mom then says 'that's strange, after I brought dad home from dialysis, I went to Lowes and in the garden center, this yellow butterfly kept getting in my face and I kept trying to shoosh it away but it kept coming back. So I went outside just a little bit ago to see if I saw it again. I did not see it when I was out there. I do hope I see it again though. I don't need confirmation that my Father is ok, because I know he believed in the Lord Jesus and he was a saved man because he told me many times how he had Christ in his heart, which in my faith is the golden ticket to heaven. Like I said though, it would be cool to see it again simply for the fact that, now I know what it is.

This only solidifies my faith more because this is not just coincidence that many people have told the same story and if we were really spawned from dirt or algae or whatever, I wouldn't have seen what I did. I sit here right now kind of blank, not really feeling anything but it is a beautiful day and I know my Father and he would not want to see our worlds come to an end because, he passed, rather he would want us to do something that we enjoyed, because that was the kind of man he was, always doing for or thinking about others first. He will be missed by everyone.

RIP James Richard Stevens Sr.
Love, James Richard Stevens Jr.
Erika Guerrero, Chicago, IL
We recently lost my grandmother Mama Maria on August third she has been sick for awhile since January nineteen she was only sixtynine. she was diagnosed with heart failure and two weeks before she passed she was admitted to a hospital and was on a ventilator but she was full alert and was taken off and back on again. Tthat day before she passed I was outside the hospital taking a breath when a small white butterfly swirled around me and landed on a flower right in front of me I didn't make it out to anything but a couple of hours later she passed away at two thirty five. On our way home from the hospital I saw the same butterfly by the car window I somehow felt it was her. After We all gathered at her home as I stood there in front crying looking at her garden another butterfly same white small one flew by and swirled around I felt some peace and I felt it was her. On the day of her burial another white butterfly sat on her coffin and for sure I knew it was her giving me a sign she was safe.

Now every time I think about her I see them. I cry a lot people has told me I don't let her rest to stop and just let her go. I am devastated I worry for my own mother because we have been by her side everyday since she got sick everyday night and day we practically lived in icu's for seven months and now we don't know how to cope. Is that a message from my Mama Maria I ask my self and after reading all the wonderful stories I am sure of it thank you everyone I will pass this website to my family since everyone saw the butterflies. I hope this brings some peace to my mother after reading all the stories. Thank you guys
Carolyn Lott-Dooley, Kalamazoo, MI
I dreaded dressing up for my son's wedding August 6, 2011. I've had heat exhaustion a few times; extra clothing in hot weather is miserable. I was standing in my laundry room thinking about wearing a pair of pants and blouse to be cooler. Then, a telepathic voice told me, "Carolyn Kaye, you are not going to have to worry about the weather, go to your son's wedding and dress up, do not worry about your blood pressure, the weather will be fine."

I went into the living room and told my husband, my grandmother just came to me and told me to not worry about the weather, I asked him to check the weather channel. Then, I walked outside, it was raining on the left side of my house and dry everywhere else. We headed to the wedding, the weather was comfortable. Before walking down the aisle to be seated, I made the comment, "I wish I had a built in fan underneath my dress." As the preacher began to speak, a yellow and black butterfly flew over my son and wife to my head; then, it flew over the bride maids heads.

On August 6, 1960, my grandmother died on her 66th birthday from high blood pressure. While taking pictures, my husband and I began to get hot, suddenly, a rush of cool air swept over us, cooling us down. After the pictures, we headed to the reception hall, a few miles down the road, on the right side of the road was a yellow and black butterfly; my husband did not see it, then, on down the road, he saw the white butterfly fly over the car, next, a beautiful red bird flew across the car. I feel, it was my grandmother's spirit watching over us.
Shelly Reyes, Excelsior Springs, MO
On September 4th, 2009 my family went through a heart wrenching moment as we watched my 2 year old nephew, Ethan, take his last breath as he left us behind to move on to his ever after. I remember this night like it happened last night....forever suspended in animation within my own mind. The feeling is so surreal.

Ethan had a rare genetic disorder called Gaucher Disease. His body basically could not absorb the nutrients in which he needed to survive and thrive. Although he was plagued with this horrible leech, Ethan was a beautiful, bright blue eyed, happy baby boy. His smiles would melt your heart. He was very much loved by all.

On the day of Ethan's funeral, as we all stood graveside listening to the sermon, I noticed a little yellow butterfly fluttering about. It went in and out flying around everyone like a child running through a crowd. Flying around the casket and my brother and his wife...I just knew that it was Ethan saying "look at me, look at me...I'm running, playing and free". Afterwards, my husband and daughter stated that they had noticed it too. I paid no mind to it after the day was done, passing it off as a wild idea in my head. A month passed before I went to visit Ethans grave. It was late October, had been raining and was dark and gloomy. I decided to stop and visit while waiting to pick my son up at a nearby school. As I sat on the cold damp ground, I begin to talk to Ethan, telling him that I saw him fluttering about at the funeral. It felt like I was telling him "you should be more careful, you might trip and fall or run into someone". I continued by telling him how much I missed him and that to please visit me often as a butterfly so I will know that it is him. No sooner than the words came out of my mouth, a little yellow butterfly came out of no where, flew over Ethans grave and up into my face brushing its wings against my cheek and then was gone in the trees. There was not another butterfly or bug for that matter anywhere to be seen. A shocking, overwhelming wave of emotion hit me and I burst out in tears. I could not believe it. I was so taken back by it that I immediately called my Mom sobbing endlessly as I told her. When I finally collected myself enough to drive, I told Ethan that I loved him and hugged the ground. I picked my son up and started to drive home when it started lightly raining and revealed a double rainbow. Again I started sobbing because Ethan was born under a double rainbow. I dropped my son off at home and went out to my Dads where my husband was helping him on a car. I figured that when I told them what had happened that they would think I had been into the rum or bumped my head on something. Instead when my Dad saw me, he came up and started hugging me and said "so you saw a butterfly". I looked at him bewildered and then he told me that my Mom had already called him and told him what had happened. Since this day, there are always butterflies around me, even at the most unusual times. I have even had a yellow butterfly tattooed on my shoulder in memory of Ethan. I will never look at these beautiful winged beings quite the same again and a yellow butterfly will forever be my signature!

It is amazing how the universe speaks to us in unexpected ways...we just have to take the time to listen!
Theresa, Appleton, WI
My 10 year old daughter and I came up to care for my Dad who was diagnosed with cancer. Twelve days later he passed away in his sleep on his birthday, the night before my daughter got his last words of "I love you too." About 2 months later a sparrow flew into his apartment that we are now living in but on the way back out the sliding door it flew into the glass and died a few minutes later, I thought that was strange.

A couple months later we traveled to my Dad's hometown where I buried his ashes to take a look at his headstone. While we were on the property he use to frequent, my daughter, myself, and 3 other family members were just hanging out when a white admiral butterfly came out of nowhere and landed on my daughter's shoe. He stayed for about 15 minutes then flew over to my leg stayed for a minute then back to my daughter. He must've stayed on her for a good 30 minutess total; she even walked around the yard and down the street with that butterfly on her. I have pictures and video of her walking and sitting with that butterfly. My cousin and I believe it was my Dad. Could these accounts be symbolic signs?
Isha, Birmingham, ENGLAND
I am a mother of four boys and lost my only daughter Keris who was born asleep on 12th of July 07. At her funeral her reef had her name with butterflies, and my mother inlaw also brought a reef that had butterflies. Ever since I keep seeing butterflies and saying it was my daughter.

Soon after I lost my daughter I got pregnant and had my last son. When we were going to see her at the cemetery my son asked "do you really believe butterflies are Keris?" I told him I didn't want to talk about it, and as I said that two butterflies came over, hovering around my buggy as I'm walking. One landed on the hood of the buggy and the other went into the hood right by where my new baby was. I was gobsmacked. Anyway we went to see Keris and left to go to the bus stop. As I sat down I noticed a leather tag off a bag on the floor but it was in the shape of a butterfly. How mad. But to top it all off it was my 30th birthday in June and I had a big party the theme was black n dark/hot pink. As I'm in my sister in law's garden on the day of my party a beautiful black and hot pink butterfly lands in front of me and stayed there long enough for me to take a picture and then it flew away. Then at my party on the wall there was a garden toy. A big butterfly :) And I have just read that butterflies mean rebirth, as in my gorgeous last son that would never have been here if I didn't lose my daughter
Kenia M., Los Angeles, CA
Almost three months ago I had a miscarriage. I was only 4 months pregnant when my baby died inside me. Two weeks after I had the D&C done I went to my back yard and a beautiful small white butterfly flew right next to my face and caught my attention very much. I broke down in tears. I have seen it 7 times in less than 3 months now, and I know because I feel it in my heart that it's my baby!!
Eve, Milford, CT
Twelve members of our family spent this weekend together, belatedly celebrating "Gram's" 85th birthday, which was in January. We'd accidentally learned that she had long desired to go on a whale watch, which we began planning months ago for this weekend. Children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren had traveled from Maryland, Louisiana, and New York to Connecticut to sail out of Narraganset, RI.

We were all together, sitting along the boat railings, about an hour out onto the ocean when a monarch butterfly flew onto my husband's (oldest son) lap, then climbed onto his finger, and stayed for several minutes, leaving him only to light on my grandson's finger (oldest greatgrandchild), where it stayed for a very long time.

We believe it was approximately a half hour total for this wonderful "visit"--- Gram was widowed in 1987, and several of us truly believe that Grandpa flew in to be part of our celebration for her. When he finally left, after many photos were taken, and several of us changed places to be near Zach and "Grandpa", he flew of Zach's finger, circled his head, and then flew right into the water of the ship's wake, the white foam rolling over it, as Zach and I watched.
Jane, North Adams, MA
Three years ago in 2008 my son of 31 years took his own life. My life was a mess without him. Even today 3 years later I feel the same as I did then. I have to say that my life and my soul will never be the same again and I find it so hard to move forward. And before that my dad passed away one week before my son passed away.

The day of my dad's funeral I was getting ready to walk out my door to go to his funeral when some people came to tell me that my son had died. A mother should never outlive her children. I still had to go to my dad's funeral right after I was told about my son.

I can say I can't even remember my dad's funeral even though I was there. After my son was buried I had to get his head stone made and set on his grave. When the stone had been finally set I had to basically make myself go to the cemetary again. My son was buried next to my father.

As I was standing at my son's grave with my mother who came with me this beautiful bright colored butterfly was just trying to land on me and it just wouldn't give up. I said to my mom "what is wrong with this butterfly." It wasn't going after her, it was going after me. So I stood still and it landed on my hand and just stayed there doing nothing but it seemed to be looking at me. I then went with my other hand and and it flew a little bit and landed on my other hand. All of a sudden I started to cry because I had this really strong presence of my son trying to tell me that he was happy where he was. It was a very very strong feeling. I said I miss you baby and then the butterfly just up and flew away. this made me so happy. so i now know that the ones we love never really leave us and i know that my son is with me always thanks to that beautiful butterfly.
Nicole Silla, Massillon, OH
My son, Alexander, was born stillborn June 13th, 2011. Just recently, I have noticed that a butterfly has been following me around. One experience was at a festival shortly after his death. This butterfly followed me around for quite some time. Today, while in my backyard, I tried to explain to my husband that butterflies seem to like me. He just laughed until a butterfly came right next to me :) I believe it is my baby Alexander letting me know he is okay.
Jen.G, Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA
I prayed for a sign that my sweet dog was ok. I had to have MY dog of 16 years put to sleep after she suffered a stroke in the late nite and couldn't move. We buried her on Saturday and on Sunday I was sitting in the garden crying, missing her being here with me and that's when I noticed a monarch butterfly sitting on my flowers. It would flutter around then land and sit. I felt that was a sign as I've never seen a monarch butterly in my yard or anywhere for that fact. I feel that was a sign from her that all is ok.
Nida Evangelista, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES
Visited by Flock of Golden Yellow Butterflies early morning a month before your 5th Birthday. Nanay and I were surprised by a dozen of big yellow butterflies situated in one corner of the house, in the “sewing area”. We were amazed how impossible those butterflies came in since the door and windows are all closed. We estimate the butterflies visited us during the dawn. And what I was really stuck on is the one Little Golden butterfly separately located in our room.

Again the appearance of Butterfly inside the OFFICE and DELIVERY ROOM, every time I feel stressed and depressed due from work. I always ask guidance from my Angel, my baby in Heaven. There comes a time that I’m almost losing hope and confidence in my work, accompanied by several family problems. I know she’s always there. She doesn’t like me to cry nor doesn’t she like Mama to get hurt. She really is, our Angel in the Family. And while I was inside the Delivery Room of the Hospital for her younger brother, butterfly came in. I don’t know how it was. I believe there something supernatural happening that time. Really ANGEL do exists, and she’s my baby.

July 16, 2011- appearance of Golden Yellow Butterfly@ home. since almost 2 years gap.

July 17, 2011-appearance of Golden Yellow Butterfly similar to what we saw last October 2008 (dozen yellowgold butterflies at home). We were surprised among the crowd at the Mt. Carmel Parish in Project 6 during OUr Lady of Mt. Carmel 50th Fiesta. It was beside us (seem she's joining us with her siblings and Papa) in the mass. We felt the pour of the holy spirit that time, because the mass was also very special. The celebrant is bishop of cubao with 10 OLMC parish priests. We believe our angel daughter is with us. We are so happy.
Sara Azary, USA
I keep seeing butterflies this past month. I am sure that this is their migration time and that is on reason why I keep seeing them but they are constantly around me right now. We lost our dog a month ago tramatically and I miss him so much. Our home seems so empty now that there is not a hundred pound puppy bounding around.

This past weekend my family and I were camping and a butterfly landed on my hand. I at first did not see what was on my had so I fliped it to get what I thought was another pesky biting fly off my hand but the butterfly just flitted off for a second and returned. My neice was watching the butterfly and asked why it had landed on me. I looked at the small orange creature and told him thank you, that I had needed it to visit me, that I needed that at this time. My neice then asked if she could try and hold it. I tried to move the butterfly onto her hand but it wasn't having it and fluttered off. It had only come to visit me at that time. Thank you butterfly for your presence in my life and helping me cope with such a disheartening loss.
My gran passed away in march 2009. She lived way up north in a lovely little semi rural village. When all the family went up for the funeral we went to her house just off the main street. The church was on the main street and just 2 minutes if that from her house. We all walked to the church and it was a lovely sunny day. When passing her neighbour's garden filled with lovely flowers starting to bloom, there sat a huge red admiral butterfly as if it were waiting for us, and then circled passed us. It was as if she was walking us up to the church and we all felt some kind of calm, relaxed spirtual feeling as if we knew she was telling us everything would be ok. xx
John Hostutler, Pataskala, OH
My son passed away August 29 2009 when he was 16 years old. He had a 3 year battle with cancer. When we were at the burial site the casket was ready to be lowered into the ground. At that time there were about 1000 or so white butterflies flying around and over his casket until they lowered him into the ground. I made a comment that these were angels putting my baby to rest. After he was buried there wasn't a butterfly around to be seen.
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