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Spreading Butterflies     - University of Kentucky, Dept of Entomology The wings of moths and butterflies look better and are easier to identify if their wings are spread. This is done with a spreading board.
How to Make a Spreading Board     - University of Kentucky, Dept of Entomology The wings of moths and butterflies look better and are easier to identify if their wings are spread. This is done with a spreading board.
Where and How to Collect Insects     - University of Kentucky, Dept of Entomology General insect-collecting techniques - for kids
Pinning Your Insects     - University of Kentucky, Dept of Entomology Methods for pinning butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, bees, and other insects
Collecting and Studying Insects   by Bastiaan M. Drees   - Texas A&M University Guidelines
The Insect Collecting Tent     - Michigan Entomological Society A good way to census an entire tree or shrub is to cover it with a plastic tent-like bag and then asphyxiate the arthropods with a safe quick-knockdown chemical such as pyrethrum.
Insect Mounting     - Los Alamos National Laboratory - NTEP Materials, techniques, labeling
How to Set Insect Traps     - Los Alamos National Laboratory - NTEP One step in the collection of insects in an area is to set insect traps. These will generally attract crawling insects such as ants, beetles, and the like. These traps will give you a fairly good guesstimate as to the numbers and varieties of ground insects in your area.
How to Collect Insect Samples     - Los Alamos National Laboratory - NTEP Field equipment and techniques
Dragonfly Collecting Policy and Guidelines     - The Dragonfly Society of the Americas Ethical guidelines
Catching and Preserving Dragonflies   by Terry Morse   - Entomo-l Email List Very extensive, complete information
Flying Tigers (Tiger Moths)   by Charles E. Williams   - Michigan Entomological Society Tiger moths are common, easily observed and collected, and can provide both an evenings' entertainment and a splash of color to any insect collection.
Studying Butterfly Populations in Urban Areas   by Joe McMahon   - Michigan Entomological Society Although seldom reported in the scientific literature, studying butterfly populations in urban settings can be exciting as well as provide important information.
Collecting Giant Silkmoths   by Louis F. WiIson   - Michigan Entomological Society The Saturniids or giant silkmoths are among the largest and most spectacular of American moths and favorites of collectors
How to Mount a Butterfly   by Bastiaan M. Drees   - Texas Agricultural Extension Service  Mar 1994 A technique for mounting butterflies and moths
Statement on Collecting Lepidoptera   by The Lepidopterists' Society's  June 13, 1996 The Guidelines elucidate the manner in which collecting should be conducted. Practitioners are encouraged to adopt these Guidelines and to use the Guidelines for the instruction of others.
Butterflies Aid in Kenya's Rain Forest Preservation   by Catherine Bolgar   - The Wall Street Journal  3/7/96 Butterflies are earning their keep in Kenya. In a country plagued with tropical forest destruction on the coast of eastern Africa, the Kipepeo Project provides an incentive to preserve the Kenyan forest.
Butterfly Farming in Papua, New Guinea - Success Story   by Ken Jansen   - Sustainable Times  Spring 96 In the Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG), land and resources are held in traditional customary title; however, villagers still need a cash income.
A Pinless Technique for Spreading Butterflies   by Michael Lastufka A "pinless" method for spreading butterfly wings, developed by the author
Monarch Parasite Alert   by Rick Mikula The dangers involved in shipping infested monarchs for release
How to Pin Butterflies   by Ianni Enterprises How to spread butterfly wings for mounting and display
Attention Live Specimen Collectors   by Rick Mikula IMPORTANT! Information on federal and state permit requirements
Collecting Insects - Preparing Insects for Mounting   by Michael R. Williams, Ph.D.   - Mississippi State University Extension Service  3/17/98 Topics include: insect killing jar, insect relaxing chamber, insect spreading board, spreading insects, protect your insects