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Butterfly Gardens, Houses, Exhibits, and Displays in Canada

Get up close and personal with butterflies at a butterfly exhibit near you!


Calgary Zoo, Butterfly Exhibit - Butterfly House
1300 Zoo Road NE, Calgary, AB, CANADA
Phone: 1-800-588-9993     
Email: guestrelations@calgaryzoo.com
Wander along lush pathways, to explore a living library of trees and plants – including a few that might surprise you. Kiwi fruit in Alberta? You bet! All paths lead to the ENMAX Conservatory where you’ll find a steamy butterfly garden and jungle atmosphere – complete with banana trees and pineapple plants.
Devonian Botanic Gardens - Butterfly House
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, CANADA
Phone: 780-987-2496     
Highlights of the Garden, which was established in 1959, include the beautiful Kurimoto Japanese Garden; a Tropical Showhouse with exotic butterflies; Temperate and Arid Showhouses; alpine, herb, rose, peony, lilac and lily collections; a Heritage Garden; Native Peoples Garden; trial beds and more.

British Columbia

Butterfly World and Gardens
1080 Winchester Road, Coombs, BC, CANADA
Phone: (250) 248-7026      Fax: (250) 752-1091
The Emerging Area will amaze you as you watch a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis to transform from a soggy insect into a flying jewel of brilliant colour. View the eggs of the butterfly or watch the caterpillars devour a plant before your eyes... you can actually hear them as they munch away
Victoria Bug Zoo
631 Courtney Street, Victoria, BC, CANADA
Phone: (250) 384-2847     
Email: bugs@bugzoo.bc.ca
A visit to this must see zoo offers visitors an excellent opportunity to view and experience multi-legged creatures from around the world in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere.
Victoria Butterfly Gardens
1461 Benvenuto Ave., Brentwood Bay, BC, CANADA
Phone: 250.652.3822     
Victoria Butterfly Gardens offers your only opportunity to experience the warmth, beauty and romance of a tropical jungle without going to the tropics. Stroll through this indoor tropical wonderland, where Caribbean flamingos walk through the streams and ponds among the beautifully coloured koi, goldfish, jack dempseys, albino oscars, tetras, barbs, jaguar cichlids, plecos, Australian whistling tree ducks and red-eared slider turtles.


Newfoundland Insectarium - Butterfly House & Insect Zoo
2 Bonne Bay Road, Reidville, NL, CANADA
Phone: 709-635-4545      Fax: 709-635-4506
Email: nfinsectarium@gmail.com
The Newfoundland Insectarium is a museum of nature featuring insects and arthropods from around the world. It houses thousands of live and mounted specimens including a butterfly garden, glass beehive, and ant colony.


F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery
Science North, 100 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, ON, CANADA
Phone: 705-522-3701 ext. 0     
Email: contactus@sciencenorth.ca
Close to 400 free-flying tropical butterflies make their home amidst more than 200 exotic plants in this tropical environment. Watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis in the eclosion cabinet. Learn what countries these species come from, their life cycle and mating habits. Use the magnifiers attached to the portable feeding stations for a closer look.
Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory
Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON, CANADA
This magical attraction features over 2,000 colourful tropical butterflies floating freely among lush, exotic blossoms and greenery. Paths wind through the rainforest setting, past a pond and waterfall and the Emergence window, where butterflies leave their pupae and prepare to take their first flight!
Toronto Zoo
361A Old Finch Avenue, Toronto, ON, CANADA
Phone: 416-392-5929     
Email: tzwebmaster@torontozoo.ca
Urquhart Butterfly Garden
Centennial Park, Cootes Dr and East St North, Hamilton, ON, CANADA
Email: urquhartbutterfly@gmail.com
The gardenÂ’s objectives include educating the public about how to contribute to protecting butterfly populations. The garden also provides a relaxing, natural environment where people of all ages can learn about the diversity of local butterfly species and enjoy their beauty.
Wings of Paradise
240 Waterloo Street North, Cambridge, ON, CANADA
Phone: 519-653-2002     


Centre Jardin Hamel - Butterfly House
6029 Boulevard Hamel, Ancienne-Lorett, QC, CANADA
Phone: 418-872-9719     
Email: fleuriste@jardinhamel.com
L'Insectarium de Montreal - Butterfly House & Insect Zoo
4581 Rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, QC, CANADA
Phone: 514-872-0658     
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