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Colors of the Butterfly by Family Roberto
Enjoy this adorable childen's video from Family Roberto about butterflies!
The monarch butterfly migration is one of nature’s greatest events. This orange-winged wonder travels up to 4,500 km from all over North America to spend the winter hanging from oyamel fir trees in central Mexico’s mountain forests. I got to go there.
That caterpillar in your backyard is chewing through your best leaves for a good reason.
Check out the lifecycle of a monarch butterfly - from pupa to adult.
Watch This Caterpillar Turn Into A Chinese Luna Moth
These remarkable photos show the captivating moment that a monarch butterfly emerged from its shell. The images, which were captured by photographer Ken Rohling depict the butterfly as it exits from its shell, having developed from a larva to a stunning butterfly.
Butterflies are one of natures most beautiful insects. Enjoy their beauty - including the Monarch butterfly - with relaxing music and the sounds of nature.
I took two friends to the Coronado Butterfly Preserve in Goleta, CA. That day they had counted 40,000 butterflies. They hang in clusters from the trees until the sun warms them. They fly looking for nectar, water and nutrients from the mud. It was totally enjoyable.
Metamorphosis by leezaeileen
Swallowtail butterfly going through metamorphosis
"A Journey to the Monarch Butterflies" (27 min) available at http://www.docfilm.com - shot at El Rosario sanctuary in Angangueo, Michoacan. While focusing mostly on experiencing the monarchs, the film is also a travel guide, and a warning about the destruction of the monarch habitat.

Enjoy some very close-up slow motion footage of these amazing orange, black and silver butterflies, as they visit the flowers of Lantana bushes. This footage was filmed inside the Los Angeles Zoo, on ornamental plants along one of the pathways. The adult butterflies love to feed on the nectar-rich flowers of Lantana, while the caterpillars eat the leaves of Passion Vine.
A very close-up look at the pupation process of the Indra Swallowtail (subspecies phyllisae), accompanied by still images of the adult, larvae and a time lapse emerging sequence.
This video was created using time-lapse photography following the life of a Monarch Caterpillar to a Butterfly.
Attracting butterflies to a garden involves providing plants that blossom from spring until fall and offering many pollinating opportunities for single-blossom flowers. Encourage butterflies to come to a garden, also offering plants to lay their eggs on, with tips from a professional horticulturist in this free video on gardening for wildlife. Click here to learn more about starting a butterfly garden.
Tips on how to create a beautiful garden that will attract many birds and butterflies. Click here to learn more about starting a butterfly garden.
Promo video extracted from "A Paradise On Earth" DVD about Phuket Island.
The Independent Florida Alligator presents the Florida Wildflower and Butterfly Garden as part of its Gainesville Explorer series. Click here for a full list of butterfly exhibits.
Making a butterfly garden involves growing leafy plants for caterpillars and planting fluffy blooms like leatrice, lavender and Black-Eyed-Susan. Create a butterfly-friendly garden with tips from a professional gardener in this free video on gardening. Click here to learn more about starting a butterfly garden.
Interested in seeing the most beautiful butterflies from all part of the world? Watch our video and enjoy.

A look at Illinois Prairie Butterflies with Doug Taron from the Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago.
Dreaming of Butterflies by marcolfinu
Since I was a small child I loved butterflies and insects. The primary source of the pictures is professor Oleg Kosturin in Novosibirsk. I edited the images. The music is my own interpretation of the famous "Volare" of Domenico Modugno. Enjoy!
Butterfly Dance by SkunkMoney
Two orange butterflies are mating. It is pretty cool. Sorry about the camera shake.
A Shy Butterfly by dankinsky
A peacock butterfly spreads its wings
De kleine vos (Aglais urticae) by MariaJBogaerts
Seen at the butterfly garden at Waalre, the Netherlands: the small tortoise shell (Aglais urticae)
Naissance d'un papillon filmé à "l'île aux papillons" à Noirmoutiers.
Collezione di Farfalle by MartinaCecco
Di questi tempi di farfalle ... ce ne sono sempre meno. Peccato, perche' la farfalla e' un animale strepitoso: nasce da una crisalide che la protegge e' come un diamante prezioso incastonato nella roccia, o come una perla nascosta nella conchiglia.
Farfalla by Deresere
Juhu schmetterling by theg21

Papillons by majorettesdecoudeker
Papillons en liberté by virussamson
Papillons au Jardin botanique de Montréal en avril 2007
Butterflies by englishtim
Butterflies at the Munich Botanical Garden
Ornithoptera by hexapodaric
Birdwings butterflies in Maizerets butterfly house in Québec
Video of these two beautiful species taken at the Gainesville Butterfly Rain Forest
A Morpho Butterfly emerging from its cocoon. This video was produced as an eco-educational initiative for the students of La Escuela Hacienda Jaco in Costa Rica.
Brookside Morpho by eenusa
Morpho Butterfly at Brookside Gardens
this butterfly was just born at the cockrell butterfly center in houston. its wings were still drying out.
A Red Admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta) emerges from its chrysalis and expands its wings, in time lapse. Much more butterfly/moth video, photography and life cycle studies available free to the public at HTTP://jcmdi.com
This collection features 25+ time lapse sequences of Butterflies (and Moths) emerging and expanding their wings. Includes previously released AND unreleased material.

A short video showing the White-Streaked Silkmoth (Saturnia albofasciata) laying eggs. The music is "Midnight" by Technician. More photos, video and documentary at JCMDI.COM
A short documentary featuring a trip to the Mojave Desert's Granite Mountains in search of the Ford's Indra Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio indra fordi). These delicate creatures survive in an incredibly hostile environment of bare rock, scant plantlife and low rainfall.
This female Apache Fritillary (Speyeria nokomis apacheana) is placed on a plastic cap filled with 10% sugar and water solution and nudged until she senses it with the "taste buds" on her feet and begins feeding.
This compilation of videos and stills chronicles the life cycle of the White-Streaked Silkmoth (Saturnia albofasciata) from mating through emerging. Music "Oasis" is by Technician. Much more video, photo, and text documentation, free to the public at http://lepidoptera.jcmdi.com/index.html
Realtime + time lapse video of a Velda Pine Moth (Coloradia velda) emerging from its pupa, then expanding its wings in 30x time lapse. Original music by Technician. More butterfly/moth video, photography and life cycle documentary at http://lepidoptera.jcmdi.com/index.html
Slowed down footage of the Moth
Hummingbird moth by rilleolsson
Me and my sisters saw this insect the other day, and as you can see it looks like a mix between a humming bird and a moth. Apparently, it is called a hummingbird hawk moth. You learn something new every day
One moth had just emerged from its cocoon (shown) and was still hanging on it (07.06.21), when another came in to mate. Cecropia moths are very rare here, so that it is amazing that another one found it.
Visita al Santuario de Mariposas Monarca "El Rosario" en Michoacan, Mexico. Visit to "El Rosario" Monarch Butterfly sanctuary at Michoacan, Mexico.
Monarch Butterflies in Mexico by adriennebrewster
The monarchs at Sierra Chincua butterfly sanctuary in Michoacan, Mexico, March 2007. We were there with a tour led by www.wingsofparadise.com

A mourning Cloak Butterfly coming out of Chrysalis
Watch as a Monarch butterfly emerges from his chrysalis in realtime.
Time-lapse of many Monarch Butterfly hatching out of their chrysalis - July 26, 2007 - a close up of a rarely seen event of Monarch Butterflies being born when they brake out of their chrysalis. - Mississauga - by Donald Barber - more at http://cawthra-bush.org
They are Palamedes Swallowtail Butterflies, native to Florida, feeding on Honeysuckle Vine blossoms, a favorite of butterflies, bees & hummingbirds.
Purple Butterfly Valley is not a specific geographical name,but a term used by butterfly researchers to represent the biological phenomenon of Euploeini butterflies overwintering en masse.
Butterflies At Barleycorn by wildlifegardener
Tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies, bees and hoverflies in the wildlife cottage garden at Barleycorn.
Meet the largest caterpillar in North America! And watch it turn into a beautiful moth. This is one of 89 videos featured in our interactive educational science software entitled Backyard Bugs. Available at http://www.totallybuggin.com
The Common Gem by Zoologist2007
(Poritia hewitsoni)
(Papilio polytes)
(Hypolimnas bolina)

Australian vagrant by Zoologist2007
(Vagrans egista)
No common name
A Western Tiger Swallowtail feeding on some Lantana flowers in my backyard.
Butterfly Ballet by wildstar1
This is a pair of Tiger swallowtail butterflies. They're feasting on nutrients in the soil after rainfall from the night before. The wind was blowing them around a bit.
Colibri butterfly by paprika1970 paprika1970
Seen today 10July 2006, 2.30pm in Antwerp, BELGIUM You think it's a Colibri? Wrong, it's a Macroglossum Stellatarum, an insect!!!
Butterfly by kikyorai
The butterfly coming to a leek flower.
You can restore flight to a butterfly in need. You can be a hero and make a real difference. Please take action and join our National Plant A Seed Campaign. One Seed Can Change The World...We Need You To Plant It.
The Swallowtail Butterfly by AllanBrooksNC
Shari from the Allan Brooks Nature Centre in Vernon BC talks about the Swallowtail Butterfly, one of the many butterflies you can see while visiting the Nature Centre.
I had a video I captured of a butterfly from a while ago and it inspired me to make a video for these beautiful delicate creatures. The song I chose was Thomas Newman - 'Any Other Name' which is from the American Beauty Soundtrack. The odd person has been worried about the trapped butterfly and wondered if I rescued it. Just to let yous know that YES of course I did! The poor butterfly flew into my house and got trapped at the living room window. We have 5 cats so it was lucky I was about! I had my camera sitting near by and filmed it for 20 seconds
A video slideshow featuring images of interesting and spectacular butterflies from the JCMDI website, accompanied by music from TECHNICIAN. Much more video, photography and documentation is available at http://lepidoptera.jcmdi.com/index.html

Butterflies! by acarvin
Video of some of the hundreds of exotic butterflies living at the Brookside Gardens butterfly pavilion in Wheaton, Maryland.



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