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Monarchs return to make butterfly lovers' hearts flutter   by AUSTIN WALSH   - Santa Cruz Sentinel  10/7/09 Orange and black in October are typically associated with Halloween or a playoff winning streak by the Giants. But this weekend, in Santa Cruz, they will represent the traditional colors of local love for insects.
Piscataway students' learning takes flight with butterfly insight   by JEFF GRANT   - mycentralnewjersey.com  10/5/09 A group of Monarch butterflies is ready to take wing from the confines of a township elementary school, where students have been observing their development from larvae, culminating a 3 1/2-week exercise mixing elements of math, science and geography.
School rallies around cancer-stricken student   by BARBARA S. ROTHSCHILD   - Asbury Park Press  10/4/09 Eight-year-old Gracie Doran has always been partial to butterflies because they are colorful and pretty. But this year, her favorite winged species has taken on added meaning -- as a symbol of hope and rebirth -- as the Paine International Elementary School third-grader battles an aggressive and sometimes fatal cancer.
Marvelous Monarchs   by Cindy Letchworth   - Misssouri Conservationist for Kids Watch them grow from tiny caterpillars to beautiful butterflies.
Stalking the Wild Lepidoptera   by Margot McMillen   - Misssouri Conservationist for Kids Kids take part in an international monarch butterfly research project.
Blooming Butterflies   by Martha Daniels   - Misssouri Conservationist for Kids Butterflies are on the move from March until late October. If you want them to hang around your home, give them the colorful wildflowers and nectar they desire. A warm spot and a sunning area help, too.
Shoot the Poop     - Science News for Kids  3/7/2003 Some caterpillars get rid of their waste with ballistic force.
Will Climate Change Depose Monarchs?     - Science News for Kids  3/19/2003 If you've ever seen a flock of migrating monarch butterflies, you're one of the lucky ones. Fifty years from now, your memory might be all that's left of the flapping beauties. A computer analysis suggests that some populations of monarch butterflies could die out in North America if the weather in Mexico changes.
A Butterfly's New Green Glow     - Science News for Kids  3/17/2004 The colorful patterns on a butterfly's wings can be mysterious and beautiful. Add a jellyfish gene to a butterfly's genetic makeup, and the result might be even more awe-inspiring.
Raising Caterpillars     - Science News for Kids Any caterpillar or larva you find in the field will grow into a butterfly or moth.
Inspired by Nature   by Emily Sohn   - Science News for Kids  11/3/2004 Researchers are applying lessons learned from butterflies, beetles, mussels, and other creatures to problems of human survival.
Butterfly Wings and Waterproof Coats     - Science News for Kids  3/5/2003 Scientists have long been trying to make materials that effectively repel water. But some plants and animals have already solved the problem. When rain falls on certain butterflies' wings, for example, the water forms into beads that roll right off, carrying dirt away in the process.
A Butterfly Optical Illusion Activity     - Science Museum of Minnesota Cute activity for kids
Caterpillar to Butterfly     - Science Museum of Minnesota Life cycle illustrations for very young children
Mariposa Monarca - A Visit to the Monarch Sanctuaries in Mexico     - Science Museum of Minnesota Beautiful illustrated story
Where Do Butterflies Come From?     - Scotia-Glenville Children's Museum An explanation for kids, with an great activity for youngsters.