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July 2009 to December 2009
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Anne, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
I was still getting over a lost love and feeling quite low about this. I had come to really like butterflies and had quite a few butterfly stickers around my place. To me butterflies meant Hope and Love. I looked around my place and felt that I would find love again in God's time for me.

I stepped out of my home and closed the front door and as I was heading towards my car a beautiful yellow and black butterfly hovered around me and landed on the front of my blouse. It stayed on me for a few seconds and then flew away. I felt a sense of Peace and believed that everything would be okay. I felt that all things would happen in God's time.

I remember a poem by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It goes like this

"Happiness is like a butterfly.
The more you chase it the more it eludes you.
But if you turn your attention to other things it comes and sits softly on your shoulder"

I truly believe this and that everything happens for a reason.
R. Sakthi Rengasamy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
A Butterfly on My Hand

It was a cold Monday morning in October, The streets were wet and the air was damp because of the mild showers the previous night. I was pretty late starting for office and I raced out on my motor bike. I drove my bike fast like a mad max, pretending not to hear the many curses I was receiving from many of the other road users. Just to put a halt to my rash driving the Nandanam signal threw the red light at me at the Venkatnarayana road and Mount road junction. This signal tested the patience of many a office going man in the city of Chennai, because it is a pretty long wait of about 5 Minutes either way.

As I stood there in the signal among the many Chennaiites sweating it out, I saw a butterfly, a Green one with Black Stripes cross over the Mount road from the Chamiers Road. I was fascinated by what I saw, the tiny beautiful creature was flying at a height of about 15 ft, and it was getting tossed and dragged by the speeding vehicles below. I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t get to reach the road where I was waiting along with the multitude.

But somehow miraculously it did cross the busy intersection, I could see it was worn out by then; it was losing altitude and hardly flying at a height of 7 ft from the hot asphalt road. It flew over me and I craned my head to watch where it was going, it had by then lost most of its energy and was looking for a place to rest. It was circling at hands reach, the poor thing all it could see must have been the many heads of two wheeler riders, hot car tops and weird tops of auto rickshaws. Suddenly it took a sharp turn and flew back in my direction, as if it had made a decision landed gently on my right hand ring finger which was resting on my bike accelerator.

I was stunned and experienced a mixture of emotions, here is this beautiful creature, and I know not where it is going but has chosen my hand to rest among the multitude present here. Here was a butterfly resting on the very hand, as a kid, used to catch hundreds of butterflies and pin them to a album just for a hobby, the very hand which takes pieces of meat to my mouth, the very hand which has hurt many a man during a fight, the very hand which has spanked my kid that very morning. Still this little insect has chosen my hand as a place to rest safely.

By now the signal was nearing 5 minutes, as the last few seconds ticked; I was praying that the signal does not come immediately so that this piece of nature regains its energy to fly safely into the many gardens just a few hundred feet away. As if it could read my thoughts, the butterfly slowly fluttered its tiny wings and flew away just seconds before the signal turned Green and I throttled my bike with that very hand where it was resting so peacefully.

I surged with the traffic but my heart felt happy, that amidst all this chaos of the city nature had chosen me to partner it on its flight to survival.
Kay, Southport, NC
My mother passed away December 24, 2005. Today I stopped at my daughter's house to get my son and as I was waitung on him I was thinking of my mother then all of a sudden this baby feather landed on my windshield in front of me. It was white and at the end it was lite gray.
Karina, Warwick, NY
When I found this website I became overwhelmed by the many stories others wrote about miracles with butterflies. The butterfly has taken on a whole new meaning in my life. My grandmother, Nanny, died about 2 years ago. She had COPD which makes her have fluid in her lungs. She constantly coughed and it was hard for her to breathe. She was also handicapped so she couldn't walk. My family and I took her into our care and we helped her for about a year. It was obvious that she would die soon so we told her to send us signs. We chose butterflies.

The morning after she died we went out to the daycare center attached to our house only to find the fans spinning and the lights on. We found this very odd and as we looked up at the ceiling we realized that there were paper butterflies hanging from the ceiling. The children at the daycare center had made them a while before.

About 3 months after my nanny died, one of my good friends died unexpectedly. I asked my nanny to tell her to send signs. The night of her wake she was wearing a beautiful dress with blue butterflies all over it. Right then I knew that she was safe in heaven with my nanny. I will never forget about butterfly signs and I will always be looking out for them. It has not become a part of my life but it has given me a new perspective on the way I look at things. It helped me realize that if you ask, you shall receive.:) and that is my butterfly story.
Sue Allen, Nuneaton, ENGLAND
My daughter committed suicide on 25th Dec 2008. It was a terrible shock to us all. I hadn't spoken or had any contact with her for 6 years. This was her doing. That awful day lives with me every day and I will never get over it.

It was about 2-3 months after her funeral that a white butterfly came into the garden. Every day they were there, everywhere I went I saw a butterfly and I knew instantly that it was Sam my daughter who came back as a butterfly. I had a tattoo of a butterfly on my back, so wherever I go, whatever I do she'll always be with me. I never thought that I'd believe that it could happen but now I do, she's around me always and I can feel her.
Liz, Liverpool, ENGLAND
I had been fasting and praying for things close to my heart. When I was feeling a bit weak yet close to God I heard a tapping on the window. It was a butterfly. I was amazed as it was November and very cold out.
Laurie Davidson, FL
My mother and I always believed that the soul survives death. Sadly on October 23, 2009 she passed away. The day before the funeral October 26, 2009 I was at my desk typing on the computer. I always keep the blinds closed but this morning I felt like letting in the light. I opened the blinds and out of nowhere this huge yellow butterfly came very fast and fluttered outside my window and flew around to the side window as if it were peeking inside. My bedroom is on the second floor. Not only do I never see butterflies, but to see one so high in the air made me smile. I knew right away it was a sign from my mother.

A friend told me about a month before that when her mother passed she saw a yellow butterfly at the funeral and it followed her around brushing against her cheek.

The next morning I walked out on my back porch and there were butterflies everywhere.

When we arrived at the cemetery I told the funeral director that I think my mother came to me as a butterfly and he said that is very possible. We had a graveside burial and in the Jewish faith we do not have flowers. There were several butterlies fluttering around the grave, enough that people commented on how many butterflies there were. One butterfly in particular landed on the chain fence and stayed there through the entire funeral as if it was watching.

When I returned home that evening I googled "seeing butterflies when someone has died" and I found this website. It has confirmed my belief that my mom let me know she survived.
Jackie, Millville, NJ
On 8-31-09 my mother passed away suddenly. We had just started getting closer due to the fact that when I was younger I was placed with family members to be raised. Her funeral was 9-04-09 with her burial on 9-08-09.

On 9-09-09 my wife and I were sitting on our back deck when a black, orange and blue butterfly came flying around me. It landed on my shoulder and sat there. I had my wife run inside to get the camera. She took 10 pictures of this butterfly as it crawled up my arm. I put my finger out and it crawled onto my finger, then I put my finger up to my nose and it climbed on my nose and then back on my finger. It took off again, flew around my wife and landed on her finger. I took pictures of that also. When it took off it flew around us and just disappeared. We have never seen a butterfly anywhere around our house before or since then. We both looked at each other and said at the same time that the butterfly was my mother and she was letting me know everything was ok. She reached out to me. It was such a calming effect, one that I've never felt before. I've felt at peace with my feelings about my mother ever since.
Adeann Orlino, Canyon Country, CA
Just recently, yesterday October 21, 2009 my grandfather passed away. He had been sick for a very long time but was fighting. When I was 10 years old, he had open heart surgery and he even went to the Philippines. That was his last big trip. About five years ago, he started dialysis for his kidneys and I think that it prolonged his life for these last five years. My Papa (Grandpa) has meant so much to me and I always would reflect on the memories he gave me whenever I can. Just recently maybe a couple days ago, he fell and fractured his hip and had to go through surgery. I saw him Sunday along with the rest of my family. I asked him if he was okay and he said, "yes, it just hurts a little bit now." He was fine, smiling and even laughing. He looked so healthy. Then that Wednesday he passed away at 3:30. During that time I was waiting for a ride to the hospital and I asked God for any sign that he would be okay. I saw this beautiful vibrant colored butterfly. It was orange and yellow and so beautiful. It fluttered from behind me and then went on its way. The weird thing was that I knew butterflies did not show up in that area so often. I took it as the sign God gave me.
Geeta Goberdhan, San Fernando, TRINIDAD
One of brothers had been ailing from cancer for some time and passed away. My family and I were devastated at losing him at a young age. On the second night of his passing, we all sat together reliving memories of him, when a small white and speckled butterfly flew into the roomm and sat on each family member for a while, even my baby daughter. We all spoke to it and touched it lovingly, convinced that it was him. We had never, and still haven't seen a butterfly of that kind. Somehow, in our grief we knew that he was trying to tell us that he is free from his pain and suffering.
Darlene, Orchard Park, NY
My beloved husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2008. After a long struggle with this horrible cancer, he passed away in Sept 09. I'm so upset, I miss him so much. About 1 week after he passed, I went outside and was crying and one monarch butterfly was sitting in the grass by the door like it was waiting for me. I looked at it, and then it flew right at me and was fluttering around directly in front of me. I know this is my husband telling me that he's ok and for me not to cry. I cried a lot when he was sick, and he told me not to because it was hard on him.
Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, Chaugunas, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
I am a Hindu. Every year as Hindus we devote two weeks to our ancestors, deceased parents, grandparents and family members, offering our prayers to God for their safety and freedom from unhappiness. We do this by fasting, by prayers to God, by offering on a daily basis during this time a mixture of water, rice and sesame seeds and by offering charity. On one of the fourteen days we also offer their favorite food to them by placing it outside the house.

This year in the month of September 2009, I made the requisite offerings as prescribed for five days since I was travelling to the UK to settle my daughter in Law school. At the end of the five days, food was prepared and placed outside my home. I left and went to work. Coming back around midday, I decided to visit the spot where the food was placed. To my amazement, a beautiful butterfly yellow and black was hovering around the spot. I have lived in that house for twenty years and have never seen a butterfly as beautiful as that one. In fact it is rare to see a butterfly. It hovered around and seemed to be saying to me that some one of my ancestors was present. To me it felt like my mother. Within a minute it flew away joyously soaring into the sky.

Rituals are sometimes often frowned upon. People think that death is finality. The soul exists even after death. Our ancestors are living in a different plane. I am convinced of this. What is even more interesting is that all of this happened the day before I left for London. My ancestors wanted me to know that they were aware of my prayers and offerings on their behalf.

What is even more interesting is that today 20th Sept 2009 I came across this butterfly web site just by chance. God allowed this to happen so that I could know that my offerings and prayers to my ancestors were accepted and had value. May God bless them wherever they are.
Simon Whitmarsh, Whitchursh, Hampshire, ENGLAND
My mum passed away on January 14, 2009. It was a great loss. When I was a kid mum told me try catch butterflies in the garden. In August I was doing some gardening. I went in for coffee and was talking about mum then I went back out to mow the lawn when a butterfly landed in front of me. I put my hand on the grass and it went on my hand and just sat there. I'm sure it was a message from mum. I have never had a butterfly do that ever.
Maritza Castilla, Loxahatchee, FL
In January we celebrated my oldest daughter's fifteens and it was a huge party. My mom danced and everyone commented how happy and beautiful my mom looked. Two weeks later mom was at my other daughter's birthday and danced the night away again. The next day my mom went into the hospital and passed away two weeks later.

My mom was my life, no one loved me more then her. She filled our family with love and kindness, she was the one that kept us all together. She had such a wonderful spirit and was my very best friend. The loss of a mother is one that can not be compared.

I started to see a white and tan butterfly with three black dots on each wing. I considered it to stand for my three children. it always appeared when I was thinking of my mom, which was always. I had planted a tree in dedication of her and one day I was there in the yard again with the butterfly. I called to it as I always did and said mommy if it's you and you're okay and you love me, please fly over to your tree. The butterfly was about two feet from me and the tree was twenty feet away. The butterfly moved towards the tree about a foot and I said mom it's that tree and pointed to her tree. The butterfly flew not a second after I did that right to the tree. I knew then that it was her and she was allowed to come to us and tell us she's okay.

My children and I have seen her everywhere. One other day my son was playing by the tree and saw the butterfly which to us is Mimi and he went to it and it let him place his finger on one of the wings. I was happy to see this website, because I was sure of the beauty of this wonderful occurence but now I am sure more then ever it was my mom. We miss her so very much and I don't blame God for taking her, but I was happy he let us see that she is okay. One of the hardest things of losing someone you love so much is never being able to communicate with them, so it has truly been a blessing to have been able to. I have a greater respect and love for butterflies now and so do my children. Thanks for letting me share my story.
Barbara, Humble, TX
My husband donated to his body to Baylor College of Medicine. It has been over a year and half since his passing and I just got his ashes back. Friends and I went out on a local lake that my husband loved so much to scatter his ashes … very emotional.. My friend yelled out look. There was a monarch butterfly flying along side of the boat with us in the middle of the lake. Yes God reaches out to all of us we just have to notice.
Tiffany, Norwood, OH
It started a few weeks ago when I first begin to have this encounter with an orange or golden colored butterfly if you will. I would be walking down the street and this butterfly would fly in front of me, and sometimes it would fly around me for a few moments before taking off. But it seems like no matter where I go this butterfly is always around me. What does it mean? Does a butterfly symbolize something in particular? Is it the soul of a loved one? Is it the soul of someone that I don't even know?

It's not that I am afraid of this butterfly, it's actually quite pretty. I just want to know what it means that it is always around me. I want to know if it's some sort of omen or if it means good luck. Or does it mean bad luck. I'm not sure. but I got to thinking that this didn't start to come around me until after May. Back in May I was walking home from the store and I was right by my house and I looked down and I saw a caterpillar crawling on the ground in front of the church right next door to me. I bent down and put it on a leaf then laid it in the grass next to the flowers. Maybe this butterfly that flies around me is the same caterpillar and it's coming around to thank me for saving it from being stepped on. Maybe? Well maybe I will never know.
Lisa, North Little Rock, AR
I was teaching in a college classroom today, when I noticed a large black and yellow swallowtail butterfly that had somehow become trapped between the storm window and the inside window, and it was fluttering helplessly. Although I was mid-sentence into my lecture, I cried out when I saw the poor thing, and went over to the window to free it.

Some students become upset at this attempt, as they were afraid of this beautiful creature flapping around in the classroom. Finally, one of the students helped me hold the window up long enough to remove it from its glass cage, and it was carried outside and released into the beautiful sunshine outside.

As I understand it, one of the spiritual messages of a butterfly is transformation, so I don't know if the message was for me, or for everyone in that room, but it was certainly one of the more remarkable times I have ever encountered a butterfly. Do others here have any thoughts or comments?
Debbie Liddle, Queensbury, NY
One day this summer I was sitting outside, I was by myself. Two beautiful butterflies came up on me, one was a monarch, the other was a zebra butterfly. They started fluttering around me, then one landed on my shoulder, then one landed in my hand and they stayed there for a whole ten minutes! I love butterflies and they must've known that, they were not afraid of me or anything! It was so cool. I took it as a sign that my life was going to change for the better!
Linda Johnstone, Dumfries, SCOTLAND
My story is sadly my big sister died at the age of 40, 4 years ago now. It was November, a month when there are no butterflies, however in the church the day of the funeral there was a lovely butterfly flying around the church. I'm sure that was my sister saying she's fine and she knew I loved butterflies.
Nancy Crance, West Seneca, NY
My mother passed away on August 1st, 2009 after an illness. We were very, very close. Pretty much the typical bond between mother and her only daughter, not to mention, the baby of the family. I loved, cherished and adored my mother. She was the strongest woman I have ever known.

About 2 weeks after her passing, after having had a few dreams about her which were wonderful, I had one about some Monarch butterflies. I have always thought these were a beautiful creature. Anyway, in the dream they were all on flowers and the grass, and there were at least a hundred of them!! All different sizes. Big, small, one in particular was so giant, you would never find one like it in nature.

As I walked closer, they all started flying away. They were breathtaking and within the dream, I had such a peaceful feeling.

I had mentioned this dream to a good friend (the same friend who directed me to this site). This is what she told me: "Boy your mom is coming through sooo strong nancy this is excellent! Any butterflies represent spiritual activities esp bigger ones like you're describing, again they're a sign of her freedom of pain, of stress and being able to fly-don’t be surprised if you start seeing butterflies in your yard a lot more often now even just one that may fly towards your head."

I have been experiencing such a feeling of peace since my mother's passing, kind of unusual I thought. Shouldn't I be grieving more? Now I know why I'm so at peace. My mother's gift to me, and she continues to send me precious gifts from Heaven, where she is now at peace and is happy with my father.

Oh way, and when I was talking to my son about this dream and what my friend said, he said to me "you know Monarch butterflies were grandma's favorite, right?" I didn't know. I do now.
Leah Henson, Tacoma, WA
I lost my 16 month old daughter 1 year ago we knew it would only be a matter of time before God called her home. So me and my baby Lovelea had many talks about ways that I would know it was her if she went to heaven.I told her that when I saw a butterfly I would know that it was her. Well the day that she passed I was standing on my balcony and a white butterfly flew past me and began circling my house. I would start crying and she would go away. Well a year later when its hot there is not a day that goes by that I haven't seen my little white butterfly flying freely wherever she wants to go. Now I know she knows that is the most comforting thing ever and I will get people calling my like I saw Lovelea today and in Washington we know that wherever a white butterfly flies she is watching over us and our little angel wants to say hi!!! I love you Lovelea
Valerie Meents, West Chester, OH
My mother died June 13, 2008. She was eighty-two years old. She was always so full of energy and life!It was a very difficult time for my family. A few of us spoke at her funeral, including a minister friend of my sister. She told a story about when her own mother died and how a butterfly had landed on her grave. She said there is a Native American belief that if you whisper your wish to a butterfly , it will carry your wish to God.

Right after the funeral, we were at my mother's gravesite, and after the service was over, a few of us lingered by her casket. Just then, a beautiful monarch butterfly landed on the spray of blue carnations on my mother's casket. We really could not believe our eyes! The very next morning, I opened my garage door to go to my car and there was another monarch butterfly that had landed on the hood of my car and flew around for a few minutes before flying away! About two weeks later, my husband summoned me to the garage where we saw a beautiful blue colored butterfly that flew around the garage, and flew so close it almost touched my face! There was the shape of an eye as a design on it's wings and my husband said it reminded him of my mom's blue eyes. I truly believe that this was my mom's spirit and this did give me a feeling of peace!
Jill, Edmonton, AB
I was away for almost a week after my husband's memorial service. Our kitchen was open to the living-room. Weary after my train ride back, I sat down to relax. Suddenly I was startled by the movement of a huge Monarch Butterfly that appeared out of nowhere and flew into the living-room from the kitchen. He landed right beside me on the arm of the chair. His wings gently moved up and down for a few minutes and I spoke to him. I said: "What are you doing here?" I opened the patio door and tried to put him outside but he wold not leave so I left the window open.

At the time I had never heard about butterflies being compared to the new-birth in Christianity or a mourner's cloak, but I immediately knew that there was some significance attached to my little visitor. I was greatly comforted by him.

There was no doubt in my heart from that day to this that God had sent that butterfly to comfort and to assure me that my beloved husband was now at peace.

The remarkable thing about that butterfly was its size and the fact that our apartment on the second floor had been closed up for over a week. Also noteworthy was the fact that it was out of season to see a butterfly.
Evelynbutterfly, Hacienda Heights, CA
3 years ago I read in a article that Monarch butterflys were very, very close to extinction that year was a good year for me so I decided what the hey! Im gonna try to put my part in, 7 months and 2,000.00 dollars later (at least) and hours and months of goggling every type of California butterfly native plant and host plant, I searched every garden place and nursery store I could find! I had alot of space in my back yard and I could fit a lot of plants. I could go down the line with every plant we planted but the one that really got me was the milkweed plant (the most important for them) I really honestly thought that by planting a Milkweed and butterflyweed plant that I could really bring a Monarch to come lay eggs! Boy was I WRONG!!!!! That year was horrbile I had just lost my 29 year old brother and was devasated but I think with a little help from my brother in heaven and lots of Milkweed plants behold.... My mom runs to my room one afternoon and says "Evelyn! I think there are caterpillars on the Milkweed" as I ran to our backyard.... Yes!!! We found four Monarch catapillars!!!! So very happy I had kept my caterpillar rearing kit from last year, I cut a bunch of Milkweed and brought them in my house to help them out and keep them away from the bunch of birds that began to visit our home after we planted the garden. A couple of weeks later and a beautiful and amazing transformation. Monarch butterflys!!!! We watched them come out and dry out and soon we released them into our garden. They didn't stay too long but every inch in my body and my daughters eyes were very, very happy to have them here even if it was only 2 days!
Ashley, Midlothian, VA
My nanny (grandmother) passed away almost 4 months ago. She ran a daycare for about 20 years and has raised me every day throughout my whole childhood along with many others. There was no one ever like her and she brought so much entertainment into everyones lives and has helped so many people.

With such a shock of her death and her leaving us, many of us have been grieving. I personally always think about the possibilies of after-life and have had a hard time coping with this loss, as it is my first loss of anyone close to me. I work with my mom landscaping a lot, and my nanny loved that I helped my mom out so much all the time.

I can't exactly remember when I started to see this white butterfly, but after the 3rd time I saw this butterfly I began to think it wasnt just a coincidence..I started to think if it could be possible, and a smile just rose on my face. sure enough, the next yard we went to cut..when I was thinking "theres no way I'll see it here" there it goes in front of me flying. and from yard to yard, it was always there. wherever I seem to go, this white butterfly happens to find me. I didnt start to notice this until about 2 or 3 months after she passed away. and today, at the same yard that I thought to myself it isn't a coincidence, I see this same white butterfly flying around. a few minutes later, it flew right up to me, circled around the bottom of my leg and lingering down there flying, then flew back up, and slowly flew away. :)
Tiffany Ewing, Florence, KY
I am 24 years old and I am beginning to allow myself to heal from hurtful things that happened to me in my childhood. I have a lot of anger built up inside and sometimes I don't know how to let it out in healthy ways.

I was introduced to doing exercises to connect more with my inner child and I have come to realize that I love butterflies! I've always looked at them and thought they were beautiful creatures but nothing more than that. But when I was writing in my journal and allowing my inner child to speak she said she loved butterflies. Ever since that day I see butterflies EVERYWHERE! I could be driving on the high way and see one flying along with me beside my car. I see them when I'm laying out and enjoying the weather. I see them when I'm looking out the window at work. I see them when I'm walking to my car. It's as though they literally follow me anywhere I go. And I have seen every color butterfly there is it seems! :)Everytime I see them, I feel calm. I could be in the worst mood and a butterfly will come into view and at that moment I feel at complete ease. I get a little giddy inside and my heart smiles. I feel it's God's way of telling me that I'm healing. And that though this process is hard, He will be there to soothe me when I'm hurting or falling apart.

Butterflies are fighters. Though they look frail and delicate, they are fighters! The process of becoming a butterfly is a fight. And I feel I'm in my cocoon right now. Fighting this fight to heal from past hurt. And soon I will be able to be a beautiful butterfly and be free to spread my wings and live my life free of hurt! Us women are like butterflies. We are beautiful and delicate but don't ever underestimate our strength!
Gloria, Glendale, CA
My nephew died yesterday in his sleep. He was 32 years old. He was in poor health, overweight and suffering from a back injury. We are still trying to determine cause of death, but it appears to be either accidental overdose or heart attack. The day before I was sitting by our pool watching my 2 children and husband swim. A beautiful and large butterfly sat next to me. It looked like a Monarch Butterfly. I pointed it out to my kids. It fluttered about and sat down again right next to me, just six inches from where I sat. I extended my hand out to it to see if it would land on my hand. It flew about me and then disappeared over our hedge. I wonder if these wonderful little creatures have the acute sensibility to detect a death that is coming?
Linda, Wakefield, GREAT BRITAIN
Yesterday (25 July 2009) at the precise time my grandson was born, a red and black butterfly landed on my knee and stayed for several minutes before returning to a branch of a bush next to the garden swing where I was sitting. I had been watching it for a few minutes before it landed on my knee and remembered a story I had read about butterflies appearing at times of need. At the time I was extremely worried about my daughter who I knew had gone to hospital for the birth of her baby son. Throughout her pregnancy I had been worried that something bad was going to happen to them and the closer it came to the birth the more worried I became. As soon as I found out the birth was imminent I said out loud 'Look after them Mum'. Mum died in November 2007 and I have always felt she is there for us whenever we need her. She gave us sunshine on my daughter's wedding day when the weather on every other Saturday in 2008 was awful (the sun always shone for Mum whenever she went on holiday). I ask her to keep us safe whenever we take a flight and whenever my daughter is worried about anything I always say 'Don't worry - Grandma will look after you.'

When I first saw the butterfly sitting on the branch I immediately felt it was a sign that something had happened and began to cry. My husband came with a cup of tea and explained he was worried too. By then the butterfly had landed on my knee and I told him of the significance. He offered to ring my son in law to find out if there was any news regarding the birth. He didn't answer the call but rang back a few minutes later to say our Grandson had just been born -at the precise time the butterfly came to sit with me.

Reading the other stories confirmed to me that butterfly was Mum reassuring me and telling me my daughter and my grandson were safe.
Hillary, NY
My father died on August 20th, after a long fight with ALS.

Later on that day the family was leaving and a yellow butterfly was fluttering around everyone, nobody thought anything of it. Until, my grandmother had said that in one their conversations, (my father and grandmother) she requested that if something ever happened she wanted a sign that he was ok. And, they agreed on a butterfly. After hearing this we knew right away that the butterfly fluttering around was a sign from my dad.

Now, after a year has gone by, yellow butterflies still appear. Whenever I see them I think of him. That is just his way of letting me know he is alright.
Red Maroon, Singapore
Today, July 22, 2009, I had my story (Red Maroon, Singapore)here way back a month of April, 2009. As I promise, I will continue my story... I haven't see any single butterfly in my room, elevator or in a stairways as before, the result of my PR application last May 19 came,and it was not successfull, I think it a positive way that there is a meaningful reason for it. For the past few months,May and June, I have some doubts of my health due to some heart problem, but I still keep praying about my health conditions, continue work, and keep communicating to my relatives in Manila. 3 weeks ago, while, Im busy working, I went to 3rd floor for some IT work and I saw a butterfly in stairway flew in front of me, and went to my back. I just noticed that the butterfly touched my back shoulder, I was able to touched it wings of the butterfly and it flew away... I smiled and hoping that everything is ok... I believe that butterfly signifies that I need to trust my faith and strengthen my beliefs to Jesus to overcome my doubts and worries. I never forget to pray before I sleep...and I know that butterfly will come back again...
Julie Mock, Camp Hill, PA
My nephew, only 27, died on July 3rd 2009. He was riding a motorcycle. He had a helmet and was NOT speeding. The back tire blew out and he flipped off the bike with the back of his head hitting the median and immediately killing him. He was revived on the way to the hospital with the sole purpose being to harvest his organs so that others may live.

His funeral was not until Thursday July 9th. I wanted it earlier but it was to be a full fireman's funeral with motorcycle escorts and that took time to organize. Over 1000 people flooded the funeral home to say their goodbyes to a local hero firefighter who died much too young. As we exited the funeral home, the most incredible BIT of rainbow appeared in the sky. Just a small strip of the rainbow--the middle part--in very bold, glorious colors. They hoisted the casket up on to the firetruck and drove the few miles to the cemetary. Directly across from the cemetery is where this poor soul lost his life on that Friday before. The procession took quite some time with over 50 motorcycles and many firetrucks along with all the cars. When everyone was finally assembled near the grave site, again, the rainbow appeared in the same form. While his casket was being lowered from the truck and positioned, as the bagpipes played in the background, the rainbow shifted. It was as if someone poured water onto a watercolor painting and the vivid colors diluted and simply floated away.

A few words were said and people lined up to place a flower on the grave and say one last goodbye. Three doves, representing his three small children, were released. My surviving nephew was especially grieving. It was his bike that his older brother borrowed to get to work that fateful day. It was, in his mind, HIS fault this happened. Just then, the most beautiful monarch butterfly, fresh from feeding on nearby milkweed, alit on him. People just stared. He got up to move towards the grave. The butterfly did not let up but continued to swim gracefully around his head. 1000 people and yet the butterfly chose him to be with at that time. There were many people there that were not the most religious or led a not-so-admirable life. Yet, after they witnessed the events of the rainbow and the butterfly that day, they NOW choose to believe.
Zora, USA
I'm a 46 year old mom and had a hysterectomy 3 months ago. Nothing about it has gone easily and I don't know why. I've had numerous setbacks and problems, but I have had an odd thing happening through all of it. I keep seeing big yellow butterflies. I've seen them as I park my car in a parking lot the shopping center, in my garden, as I'm driving and today, there even was one that showed up outside the 4th story window of my doctors office right before I had to have a very painful corrective procedure....and...when I got done with the procedure and slowly walked past the front desk there on the receptionists countertop was a little flower arrangement with a life-like yellow butterfly in it. I was shocked, I feel it means something. I can't adequately explain how many I have been seeing, it feels like a definite message just for me…I somehow feel touched, like there is a gentle presence following me through life right now, and that I deserve to be treated with kindness and tenderness even though I am having to go through so many years of this tough health struggle. May yellow butterflies grace other peoples' lives who are feeling deeply challenged by life!
Molly Beth, Mesquite, NV, USA
Last week at this time I was in Texas, saying goodbye to my mom. Mom has terminal ovarian cancer. Now I have always loved butterflies. The day before I left to go home, I sat on my sister's balcony and prayed. I asked God to send me a sign he would take good care of my mom. Begged for it. Ten seconds after I said that prayer, a beautiful butterfly flew up to me. Something told me to hold my hand out. That little creature landed right on my fingers. Even allowed me to grab my cell phone and take a picture. A few seconds after, I thanked her... and she flew away. I will always think of my mom when I see butterflies and know she is ok.. in life and death.
Jackie, Longview, WA, USA
My Mom died in June of 2007 of cancer. In April of 2007 she went to the doctor because she had not been feeling well. They imediatly placed her in the hospital and did tests. Three days later she was told she had 60 days to live and had terminal cancer that was in every bodily organ. I took a leave of adsence from work and stayed with my Mom for the remainder of the 59 days that she lived. We spent every moment she had holding each other and talking. I was not ready to give her up. It was hard to see this woman who was so strong go through the pain that cancer gave her and turn her beautiful body into something so fragile and broken.

I have not been the same since she left. My story just like others is an amazing testiment of the soul. After my Mom died I could not find a reason to get out of bed. One morning at the beginning of July my husband told me that I had to come outside. I reluctantly went out to see what he wanted. He told me to watch. He walked into the yard and as he stood three beautiful swallowtail butterflies circled him. When he walked they followed. They followed him all the way around the house. As I sat on the front porch crying as he said Mom is here the butterflies landed on my lap. It was hard to believe. Butterflies had never been around our house and we have lived in the same house for over 10 years. I sat outside everyday as the butterflies stayed and played close to us.

This year it has been two years since she left. Every year the butterflies come back. This year there is only one but I have no doubts that my Mom comes to visit every summer. I still need her and miss her very much. I think that God gives us the privalege to visit with the people we loved through the beautiful butterflies.
Teresa, London, UK
Some months ago I met a guy who was really into me, but at the time I wasn't too sure he was my type. Months Since then I kept thinking about him and couldn't get him out of my mind. I began to get a strong intuitive feeling that I may have turned away a soulmate. I took the bold step to make contact and let him know he was on my mind. After contacting him via email I became overly self-conscious and concerned that he may no longer be interested, and that I'd made a mistake.

I sat in my garden really needing some reassurance. I saw I butterly land on a wall a metre or so away from me. I mentally said to the Butterfly, "come on my hand" and outstretched my arm. The butterfly fluttered around me and then landed right on the back of my hand. It stayed there for ages, in fact I eventually shook my hand to encourage it to fly off.

I felt reassured, that all is well, that very soon I will be in a wonderful relationship.
Lynn, IL, USA
Several years ago my Grandma passed from Alzhiemers. She was the matriarch of the family and was dearly loved by all who knew her. On the day she passed, her husband, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren surounded her with love as she passed. It was the most painful thing I had experienced but I aslo wanted her to be free from that disease.

Shortly afer, a few of my aunts and uncles and most of the grandchildren were outside sitting, talking, crying, praying and watching the littlest run around and blow bubbles. Just as I was feelng my life would never be the same we all noticed dozens of butterflies flying around us all. I had never seen so many butterlies in one place at one time. They hung around for about an hour and then like that they were gone. It was amazing and beautiful. Maybe, it was her way of letting us know she is free and more beautiful than ever.
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