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January 2009 to June 2009
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Vivian Lee, Las Vegas, NV, USA
My daughter Denise gave me a picture of a beautiful blue butterfly, she had taken on a trip in Costa Rica. She said mommy when I die, I will come back as a beautiful butterfly. I hung the picture in a special frame on my wall. I cherished the butterfly photo from my loving daughter, Denise, who now is in heaven and comes to visit me and show her love as a beautiful butterfly. My beautiful daughter Denise passed away May 16th, 2004. Denise was 27.

After her memorial, I was sitting on my son's porch where he had sat by her side the day before she left us on this earth. Rain was pouring, heavy wind was blowing. I even had a cigarette in my hand. crying so many tears, A beautiful butterfly landed on my hand by my tear filled eyes, spread its wings on my face, the butterfly gently touched my face with soft wings. I called to my son who was near by. Rich could not believe his eyes, he took pictures of the butterfly wings touching my face. The butterfly never flew away, stayed in the windy breeze and rain giving me love. I felt and know in my heart, the butterfly was my Loving Denise, touching my face with her butterfly wings, as if to tell me. "Mommy, I love you. I told you I would come back as a beautiful butterfly. Here I am. Love you Mommy, I am your beautiful butterfly."
Vicki Watts, Birmingham, AL, USA
On a nice and pleasat Sunday afternoon, my 3 year old daughter Karleigh was on her trike on the deck. I notice how this butterfly played and danced about her. Sometimes landing on her fingers or arm. To my amazement she was able to touch the butterfly serval times. They kept this up for about 15 minutes. Karleigh is a loving and compasinate little girl. She is full of love and joy. Everybody she meets she tells them she loves them. This butterfly and Karleigh made each other's day.
Carol Boulden, East Windsor, NJ, USA
Today is Saturday, May 30, 2009. I did my normal walk through the park and went back to my car to go home. As I got in the car I saw this beautiful butterfly, it was orange, yellow and I believe brown. It flew in my car and landed on my knee as I sat in the front seat. It stayed for several minutes and seemed to staring or looking right at me. I bent down to pick up something and it remained on my knee. This is truly fascinating and a great feeling. I have a love for butterflys and it really touched my soul. I have been going through some things and I hope it is a message from the heaven above.
Terri, Flippin, AR, USA
In the summer of 2003, my nephew was killed in a car accident. Less than a month later I learned my sister, just two years younger than me, had advanced cervical cancer, and I would have to face yet another reality that I would have to deal with breast cancer. I know that during all this sadness and adjustment time I needed God more that ever, I don't know why but have had several encounters with butterflies, I know they bring me comfort, messages they bring as well but don't always know what the message is.

Just the other day right after Memorial Day, I visited my sister's grave, and had such a hard time, telling her mainly how much I missed her touch, she would always take her finger and caress it across my cheek, and always tell me something wonderful. My heart ached to see her, to touch her, it has been 4 years since her death. A few hours later, at my home sitting on my balcony, a small grey and white butterfly flew over and sat on the rail. Something told me, if you're Cindy, you will let me come close to you. I went up to it, it got on my finger, and just stayed for awhile caressing my finger. It felt the same as the way my sister touched my cheek, no doubt it was her, to let me know everything was fine, she was fine, she missed me too. What a great gift from God. I also realize, butterflies don't want to get too close to anyone whose angry or bitter, I think they like to be close to true hearts at the times they visit. I just wonder how many lessons can be learned from butterflies.
Chiara, Maryville, TN, USA
Mom and I stopped at a rest stop on the way back from North Carolina. In our path on the ground walking toward the building, was a big Orange and yellow butterfly. It was making a buzzing sound, but didn't move. When we came out, it was still there, in our path. We lost Dad a year and a half ago, and lately have been stressed out a lot.

Today my son texted me, and said a butterfly landed on his work cart. He put his finger out and it landed on his finger, and he tried to make it fly away, but it came back. In his text he said he thinks it's his grandpa.
Sanjyoti, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA
Hello, everybody. I'm Sanjyoti. Once, me and my friends were playing hide and seek when I saw a beautiful butterfly. I stopped playing and looked at the butterfly. It flew around me and sat on a thorny plant. My friends saw me looking at the plant. They too looked at the plant. They saw the butterfly. The butterfly sat there for a very long time and it flew away in the morning. So, me and my friends decided that the plant should be called butterfly plant. We also decided its birthday and many other things. That was my best day in my life!!!
Jen, UK
May 31 st 1995 was the day my daughter died in her sleep, cot death. She was 19 months old. She had a beautiful birthmark on the top half of her back in the shape of a butterfly. She was so special to me, but I was only able to have her for a short time. I will always love her and now love butterflies too.
Zita Matthies, Christchurch, Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND
The City of Christchurch is known as the 'Garden City', and many folk purchase Swan plants just so they can feed the Monarch Butterfly caterpillars. While I don't have room for a swan plant, I do grow crackerjacks (giant marigolds) every year, as I know the Monarch's love to feed from them.

This particular year, I had a very good display in the front garden, and the butterflies visited daily. One day, to my horror, I noticed one butterfly only had one-and-a-half wings, and couldn't fly, and couldn't reach the flower heads so easily. I brought it inside to the conservertory and gave it fresh flowers each day, and it lived on for another 9 days.

Having come from a damaged background, I could relate to the butterflies struggle to survive, and it gave me great courage to keep on flying high above the circumstances life had dished out to me. It's strength and will was very evident to me, and I keep my precous butterfly as a reminder of the lesson in courage it gave to me.
Natalie, Madison, AL, USA
I was at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and saw a beautiful orange butterfly. It was simply fluttering in the air around flowers, trees, and bushes, stopping and landing every now and then. It was the first butterfly, not moth, that I had seen outside of the butterfly house in the area. It was amazing, and from that moment on, Lepidoptera became my favorite order. (I am a huge bug nerd!)
Claire Barrett, Hitchin, ENGLAND
My dad passed away in December 2008 of terminal cancer. During his funeral A butterfly flew over our heads and landed on his coffin and sat there through the service. A few weeks later I visited his grave to find a beautiful butterfly sitting at the bottom of his cross. Everytime I see a butterfly I think of my lovely daddy. He will always be with me and I am soon to get a butterfly tattoo to keep his memory alive.
Vanessa, Fitchburg, MA, USA
I am 17 years old and my first love, who I've been having a relationship with since I was 13, died on March 14, 2009. His name was Daniel Meier. It was so hard for me to deal with and cope with, and it's still so hard. But one day God sent me something, and it helped. I was reading this book that had to do with resurrection and it said that when someone dies you can think of it as a butterfly because at first its a caterpillar then it turns into a chrysalis, and then turns into a beautiful butterfly that flies around freely in the world.

So a few days later after that I went with a very good friend of mine to the place where Danny had died and I was asking God to give me signs, to help me, and then I started talking to Danny and I said "Danny give me a sign, let me know you're okay, and that you're here with me". And about 5 seconds later my friend says 'Look, a butterfly", and I look at it, and I was surprised. I just smiled because I knew that it was Danny. It was a sign telling me that he was there with me and always will be. It was a black and yellow butterfly. I've been looking it up to see what a black and yellow butterfly means, but I guess I already know. I still miss him so much. I know I'm only 17, but I loved him, and I knew he loved me. And now he's in heaven with God, he's okay now. I just miss him so much. It's only been about 2 months since he's been gone. But I know when I'm feeling down God will send me more signs, another butterfly.
Danny, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
I like butterlies, however after reading the submissions of those before me I must say I have no inspirational story. Although I have never suffered the death of a close friend or family memeber (thank God), the butterfly has a lot of meaning for me as I am in my final year of school and I do art. It has become an obsession of mine to draw them and therefore on my artworks I will always include one. This is because to me they signify peace and serenity. If you watch them you can do nothing but smile. I hope one will land on me one day.
Lori Riley, Ontario, California
My dad had passed April 22,2003 very suddenly due to ruptured appendix. We were all in shock of his passing. Later that morning as I sat in my living room staring out our front window and crying and wondering why did this have to happen, a small white butterfly started flying in front of the window. It would not leave it just kept flying in front of the and it did this for a couple of hours. I felt such a calm feeling like it was my dad telling that everything was going to be ok. For the next four days that little white butterfly came back around the same time every day. Still six years later every time I see a little white butterfly I think of my daddy. Soon I plan on getting a tattoo of a white butterfly in his honor. I love you and miss you daddy.
Teresa Green, Watford, ENGLAND
Well, today ( 26th April 2009) a friend and I were chasing butterflies in her garden. We were very fascinated by the creatures so we decided to find an old fishing net a try to examine them more closely. This took many attempts but finally success! We punctured a few holes in the top of a jam jar lid, we then noticed its distinctive patterns and colours. It was white, orange and green ( a sort of mossy shade). After this another little butterfly was caught and was creamy white and had brown vine like shapes crawling up its wings. After this fun few hours we let them fly free, what a day to remember!
Laurie Gach, Miami, FL
Several years ago, one of the families of our school community experienced a tragic accident on New Year's Eve. While on vacation in a Northeastern state, the family's car was involved in a fatal accident with a truck while driving on a mountain. The father and all three of the children lost their lives that night. Both parents practiced medicine in the community. The children were all successful, bright, and talented students. The youngest child was halfway through her last year of elementary school and enrolled in my class.

Upon our return to school from our winter break, several teachers and I planned a memorial service to commemorate our former students who had lost their lives. It was held in the school's Butterfly Garden. All of the fifth grade, the music teacher, and I spoke and sang during the moving ceremony. Throughout the memorial, a lone butterfly flew over the heads of the students. I watched in wonderment as my students said their heartfelt words and sang songs of life. The butterfly continued to fly and hover above. One of my students, who was in deep mourning since the deceased peer was her closet friend, called me over and said quietly, "Dr. Gach, that's Stephanie watching over us, isn't it??" I looked her in the eye and answered, "My thoughts exactly!"

Students began to realize that the butterfly had been in our midst throughout the memorial and began to remark to each other, their teachers, and our administrators. During my closing words, the butterfly flew up and hovered over my head. As I thanked everyone for their thoughts and support, I looked up and quietly said into the microphone, "Good bye, Stephanie. Although like the butterfly your life was short here with us, your beauty will never leave our hearts and memories." At that moment, 160 children began to spontaneously wave quietly and smile with teary eyes. Suddenly,the butterfly flew away! Since that day, whenever I see a butterfly hovering near me I wave and smile. I know that Stephanie will always be in my heart and those of so many others!
A Friend, Tompkinsville, KY
A few years ago I had a friend to die in an ATV accident. She was riding a four wheeler along with her little sister and her sister's friend, Skylar. She went to cross the road and she couldn't see an ambulance coming because of the tall grass. The ambulance wasn't on a run, it was coming back from delivering a patient to a hospital. The ambulance struck the four wheeler which threw the girls ever which way. Unfortunately their dads were working in tobacco and witnessed it. It killed Jerrica and Skylar. Jerrica's little sister survived but probably wishes she didn't. That day she lost her two best friends.

A few days before the accident Jerrica and some buddies had their picture professionally made outside. A butterfly had landed on her back and one of her friends said "look ya'll jerrica has wings". Everyone laughed. Jerrica loved butterflies and as her mom was leaving the burial site she looked on her mirror of the vehicle and there sat a butterfly. It stayed their for awhile. I beleive it was a sign that everything is going to be ok. Til this day her grave is covered in butterflies figurines and windchimes. She is sadly missed. R.I.P Jerrica we miss your smile so much!
Ellen McVicker, Aurora, CO
In 2002, my cousin Nanci Hersh, an award winning artist was diagnosed with cancer. She did not know how to explain the unexplainable to her two young boys. Upon hearing this, with my background in child development and education, I wrote the words for her to tell them. One of the greatest gifts she ever received, according to Nanci. Two years later, having successfully won her journey through the battle of cancer, Nanci agreed to illustrate my words.

During the one and a half years of revising our book, my friend Jen, passed away from cancer. Prior to passing she told me, "Whenever you see a butterfly, Ellen, that will be me." I called Nanci and told her that we must include butterflies on every page of our book. I revised the words some more and Nanci revised the illustrations. From this, the cover and title of our book was created, "Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings - When someone you love has cancer ... a hopeful, helpful book for kids.

Together, Nanci and I work at a grass roots level to publish and distribute our book. We are in Borders stores and on Amazon.com. But we prefer people to visit our website at www.butterflykissesbook.com and purchase the books from us, so that we can personalize them for the recipient.

To this day, whenever I see a butterfly, I know it is my friend Jen - helping us help children understand the journey that their loved one is going through, and helping these chidlren become a part of the journey as well.
Red Maroon, Singapore
I was surfing the internet about butterfly until I reached this page when almost of the stories are factual and believable since I encounter butterflies as sign of my wish will be granted... They say that asking sign from God is a sin or rather not advisable to do that because we should not test our faith if God is with us or not. But I agree to one of the stories I read here that butterfly is a sign from God to give us comfort and hope not to be fear, achieve your goal and passion.

My story happened several years ago untill now I experiencing these amazing signs form God..the Butterfly. I dont kow why butterfly (aof all the signs) pointed me the sign of Hope and encouragement, maybe after my brother died last 1999 and my father year 2006, I always believe that they are guiding me to hold my responsibility to mother and the rest of the member of the family.

Year 2005: the sign started when I was hoping to travel to Singapore for a short vacation, after 5 years I left this country and find for a new job in Manila. I was praying inside the elevatorcof our building that hopefully my vacation leave would be approved by my boss and take the short vacation in Singapore, In addition to that, I did not have enough budget to travel but that time ... i challenged myself that I can go to Singapore then suddenly inside the elevator there was a small brown butterfly that I noticed, I caught the insect inside my hand and praying to myself that this is the sign from Jesus Christ that i can go to singapore whatever happens, I let the butterfly go when I was in the 34th floor of the building, (summing up 3+4=7 . w/c SEVEN is my significant number). October 1, 2005, I was able to take my vacation that time to Singapore.

Year 2006: Our land property (copra) in Bicol is planning to be sold by my mother but since we don't have enough money for our day to day expenses. In Manila, I was praying that a butterfly should come up in order for us to encourage and do not give up about the selling of the copra, then again, a small brown butterfly came up inside the stair of the building (4th floor)and I was able to hold it again inside my palms and pray that the property will be sold as soon as possible...then I let the butterfly flew inside my Unit room (Room 7) untill the insect left from the window. after 3 weeks, the property sold...I went to church and pray for what happened. ...These two stories were very important as I asked always a sign of I can make a certain things that I want to achieve...The buuterfly comforted me always if it always appeared if I asked for a sign.

Year 2008, June, I was praying inside the church and asking that my medical certficates will approved and smooth transfer of my duty as I resign to my present company to have the opportunity to work in Singapore,,, there was a lot difficulties that I almost give up because my med certificates is not advisable for me to work because of hypertension... But almost cried that time because I wanted to work in Singapore as I promise to myself to help my mother and nieces to continue their education. Inside the church, i did not able to see the sign,,no butterfliesm even a single one, I thought maybe it is not meant for me to go to Singapore (everything is ok, my work permit,plane ticket were ready) my leaving the church hopeless untill I decide that, its OK, I accepted that singapore is not for me anymore...When I was inside the jeepney goin back home..there is a boy wearing a RED shirt printed on the front of his T-shirt "Singapore Hang Ten" and a lady infront of me wearing a pink T-shirt with design of a butterfly...I was shocked and almost cry inside the jeepney as the signs encourage me NOT to give up and continue what I started. That day June 10, I flew to Singapore and confident to have another medical examination provided by the company, I passed the test and able to get my Working permit ...the permit was released on the day of mt father's birthday, June 13...

Decemeber 18, 2008 our Company's Dinner and Dance, I was inside the elevator when i saw again a butterfly (13th floor) of our building, I touched it and untill it flew away after the door opened. That night, I won a CANON Video camera (raffke draw) as I wished that night if I can have it as my Christmas gift for myself...It was truly amazing when I got it from the stage,,then it flashback again what happened inside the elevator.

March 28, 2009, I was able to take my short vacation to attend my niece graduation...Primary Education she graduated and able to use the camera... As a treat for her, My mother and her sister, we went to Baguio City to visit PMA (where my late brother graduated)and 3 day vacation.... during the trip (we took aircon bus)...there was stop over for 30 minutes, we took our lunch and I went to toilet...I saw a brown butterfly again inside the cubicle and able to hold it again and wish to the sign that "pls make this vaaction a meaningful one and safe"... then I let the butterfly flew again. We come back to Manila after 3 days. Now, Im here in Singapore for work again as I know that Jesus Christ is protecting me as a sign by butterfly...infact i saw one inside my room (april 13),,, I wish again that my permanent residence application is to be approved soon.... Im waiting the result in June...and I will share my story again to all of you.... -Anthony
Carlin, Denver, CO
On July 27, 2008, my grandfather (on my mom's side) passed away. Six days later on August 2nd, his mother (my great-grandmother) passed away as well. The deaths were entirely unrelated to one another, but ironic nontheless. After my grandpa died, no one wanted to tell my great-grandma in fear that she was too old (96) and just couldn't handle it. They happened to be admitted to the hospital at the same time, but she didn't know he was as sick as he was. While she was in the hospital, my grandma kept asking why her son hadn't come to see her; he hadn't because he was too sick. After he died, ironically, my grandma said she had seen her son and her husband (who has been dead for over 20 years) and they were telling her to come with them. Now, she was old, but I have to believe that my grandfather was coming to get her after he passed.

So anyway, she passed away soon after and it was a hard time for our family, especially my mother. One day she was at my grandfather's house in New Jersey after the funerals and two butterflies kept flying around her. They kept following her wherever she went. She was much more at peace because she felt like it was symbolic of her father and grandmother. It's like they were there telling her that they're together now. It was beautiful and so extremely touching. Our whole family now has a strong place in our hearts for these wonderful creatures.
Christina, Myrtle Beach, SC
I truly believe butterflies are a sign from God. My mom loved watching the butterflies or collecting anything with butterflies. On September 28, 2008 my mom went home to be with the Lord. As my family and I watched mom being taken away, hundreds of yellow butterflies were everywhere. They also followed the car they put her body in, on the day of her funeral everbody that attended released butterflies in her memory. Every time I see a butterfly it reminds me of mom, that she's just letting me no she is ok and she's flying free now, not a worry in the world.
Maribeth Snyder, Zanesville, OH
My father passed away on March 1st 2009. He went for a short walk on that Sunday morning. He got the newspaper walked into the house and had a heart attack. He died instantly. My parents divorced when I was 14. I've spent a lot more time with my mom in the years since their divorce. I always spent Christmas with him. I don't think I ever spent Easter with him, maybe one Thanksgiving? I almost always had to go see him. He rarely went to visit anyone. He would go visit with anyone who was celebrating a birthday or a special event. That was just my dad.

The last time I saw him I told him goodbye and then I said I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT I WANT TO TELL YOU GOODBYE AGAIN AND THAT I LOVE YOU AND GIVE YOU ANOTHER KISS AND HUG. I never knew when I'd see him again? He died 4 days later of the heart attack that took him home to heaven. This is the first parent that I or my spouse have lost. That Monday my loving husband brought me home silk flowers. There were butterflies in the arrangement. On the way home from the breavement dinner the flowers that my family gave to me were a silk arrangement. They ALSO had a butterfly in them. I told my husband Do you think 'SOMEONE' is trying to give me a sign? My husband is an intelligent man. He said Butterflies are a sign/symbol of transformation of going from one life to another. GOD BLESS
Jody Morgan, Landenberg, PA
My brother Pete, from "The Lake House", was just sharing with us that he saw your exhibit with his wife and daughter in Scotch Plains, NJ. I am writing to you to tell you the story about our cousin, that he could not tell you, through his tears and emotions. Our, then 41 year old, cousin was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in June of 2005. Shortly after this, she, her husband and several of their closest friends were enjoying a summer's day in their back yard. When ~of all creatures~ a butterfly, came and landed on ~of all people~ our cousin. It sat there for what seemed like 5 minutes, I'm told! She drew strength from this tiny creature, and saw it as a sign.

Time went by and so did many treatments which took their toll on her body. In July 2008 we were on vacation at the lake house. Out of the blue, she told me she wanted to see the Butterfly Garden at the Bronx Zoo, but didn't think she'd be able to go. Here's what a dear friend wrote, when I told her how badly I wished to arrange for our cousin to get there: "Butterflies are such a beautiful symbol of the resurrection. Know that when you make it possible for her to see butterflies, you are giving her a foretaste of what lies ahead for her. One day, her ole chrysalis of a body will be a beautiful butterfly with bright, strong color-filled wings that take her on a journey to the arms of Jesus to rest in His never ending love!"

She did not get there. And (the day before her passing -Sept 2008), I told my cousin to dream about the free butterflies. In the letter, I wrote to her and read at her funeral, I said how I hoped she did get to see them in her dreams. And I closed with, "Now you like the butterfly are free! Spread your wings and fly!" Now every time we see a butterfly we are reminded of our beautiful cousin!

Rick, thank you for all that you do! You have touched more lives than you can possibly imagine! I hope to be able to see one of your exhibits, someday! I can tell you, that my brother and his family were truly amazed to see it!
Debra, Sulphur Springs, TX
Hello,my beautiful daughter Stacie passed away at age 35. She had been a diabetic from age 12 yrs her heart just gave out. It will be 3 years now April 7. She left two little angels here with me Lena 12 yrs & Chancie 4yrs, I have Chancie & am raising her Lena lives with her father.

The day of her funeral after the service, my niece & Chancie the 4 yr old were outside at my mother's house walking around in the yard. When she came in she told us there had been a bunch of little yellow butterflies flying around & Chancie was chasing them. Then a large monarch appeared & just stayed with them for a long time fluttering all around Chancie. My cousin hearing this told me the butterfly is the symbol of eternal life. My niece started to cry, she said she had felt like Stacie was there with them. After that day I saw butterflies ever where & it gave me such peace & comfort. I know my daughter is safe & well, she watches over her girls from the wings of butterflies. I give them butterfly kisses & tell them they are from their mom.
Tina Shute, Sicklerville, NJ
Since 2000 I have been butterfly gardening through the help and education of Rick's lectures and education through Pat Sutton (CMBO). I raise black swallowtail, pipevine and monarchs. I have been very lucky to be able to help others with special events in their lives. A friend of mine at work each season will take butterfly eggs, caterpillars, or crysalis home to her nephews to finish raising. They get very excited each time, and seem to enjoy every stage. Jean's daughter was getting married last summer, and I knew she secretly wished for a butterfly release for the ceremony. I can't control when I have butterflies to release so most of my friends know it's a "by chance" situation. The day before the wedding it did not look like any of the crysalis's would be ready. When I got up for work the next morning, none emerged and I sadly thought there would be none for the wedding. I took a last peek a half hour later, before leaving and there they were! 2 beautiful monarchs! I was able to drop them off in a pretty white netted bag on my way. Jean was ecstatic! Her nephews were in the wedding and released the butterflies in front of the bride and groom on the steps of the church.

More recently I was taking care of a patient in Labor and Delivery who was telling me that her father had recently passed away and how much he had enjoyed watching the butterflies in their yard before his death. I asked when he died and made a mental note of it. The following August on the anniversary, 4 female monarchs emerged, I called Nicole to let her know I would like to give her them to release for her father. She said, she and her family were having a memorial service for him that afternoon and how much she, her 2 sisters and her mother would appreciate it. 4 females!! Sometimes it's uncanny! Of course when I dropped them off there were tearful hugs!
Audrea, Milwaukee, WI
The butterfly is a amazing creation of God to me, not just because of its beauty, but because of its process of becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar stage which starts off slow with a lot of changes, shedding skin, all to heading toward the cocoon, the place where he becomes the butterfly. The process reminds me of us. Going through our transitions, trying do better or be better. Finding out at some point there are some things we just can't do without help. The caterpiller reminds me of us (people). The cocoon makes me think of God's hands. No matter what do in life, if we place ourselves in God's hands He will make everything right. We will become " A Butterfly ".
Jo, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
My husband died of a heart attack while we were on vacation in St. Maarten in March of 2003. It was quite devastating and I was not with him when it happened which made it even worse for me. I had to pack up our things and go back home without him. They shipped his body back to Toronto a week later. That week it had been unseasonably warm in Toronto, but the week after his funeral, it was again cold, snowy with ice on the ground. I had been home for several days, when I decided to go to the corner store for some groceries. I was just approaching the store when a small tigertail butterly, flew right in front of me, landed for a minute or two then flew past me, when I turned around to see where it had gone it was nowhere to be seen. I was convinced given the circumstances and the time of year, (I had never seen a butterfly at that time of year before), that it was a sign from my husband, who knew that I loved butterflies, and have a nice collection from different parts of the world. He had purchased an addition for me at a butterfly farm we visited the second day of our vacation which I treasure above all the others.
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