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July 2008 to December 2008
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Amanda Gunter, Fritch, TX
My best friend died at the age of 20 on July 1, 2008. I wrote this poem for her mother who has found comfort in purple butterflies.

Purple Butterflies

Sadness hung in the air the day the police came
They said they'd found a body, then they said her daughter's name
"How could it be? It can't be true"
It seemed they had just met
"What kind of God could take her now? I wasn't ready yet!"
But then again, she'd never be, not forever, not in awhile
And the quote ran on repeat "No mom should have to bury their own child."
The world stopped turning for what seemed like months, as the final plans were made
What clothes she'd wear, the casket, and where she would be laid
They flew her home to Texas, she lived there as a child
Before she became a teenager, strongly willed and wild
Her mother prayed before they left, "I won't ask you why, but let me know that she's okay, send me a purple butterfly."
God answered her prayers right away
Purple butterflies all around to help her through her days
And to give her comfort as she placed flowers at the grave
Then she heard it, clear as day, a voice whisper in her ear, the only words of comfort, words she had hoped to hear
"Don't be sad now, don't be blue, now dry your teary eyes. May you forever find your shining star in purple butterflies."
Katherine, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
I have stumbled upon this butterfly website as I tried to find out about something odd I saw today.

As I was walking on a mountain track I saw a butterfly flying while carrying a dead butterly in its feet. It looked as though it was flying the dead butterfly somewhere (it looked like a butterfly rescue!) and I was amazed that it could do so as it flew to great heights.

Has anyone else ever seen this happen? I will keep searching this site to see if the phenomena can be explained scientifically.

However, after reading these stories perhaps a more poetic interpretation might be that these insects are like little angels that help the transition from life in form to life beyond form - they are after all the masters of metamorphosis!
Parvin, London, Ontario, CANADA
I started dialysis on August and because of it I was not feeling well. One day when I was sitting in my bed looking outside, I saw a white butterfly around the garden. She was enjoying herself with different flowers. She caught my attention and from then on, every morning I was just looking out to make sure she is back and there she was every day. Jumping from one basket of flowers to another one, I felt a real connection to this white butterfly. Once in a while she was accompanied by colorful butterflies. The white butterfly became my companion for days and I became very interested in knowing about butterflies. I knew a few myths and I related the white butterfly's presence to those myths. I felt that my father's soul is present in her and she was there to take care of me. The irony was that the white butterfly disappeared after my mother's arrival. May be she felt that I was safe with my mom being around and taking care of me. I have read about butterflies a lot and now I love them all more than ever.
Janice Ward, Leicester, UK
My husband that I love so much, went to work on September 4th 2007. A big strong man. He died of sudden Cardiac death that afternoon. No illness, no clues. That day broke my heart.

As we walked into the Crematorium I saw a large beautiful Butterfly sat in the window. As the service got under way the Butterfly flew over to me and hovered 6 inches away from my face. Eye to eye contact, for the longest period in time. It then darted sideways to my son and did the same to him and then again darted sideward to my daughter and looked her in the eyes also. I was later told by the undertaker and several mourners that the butterfly then flow around the room visiting every row. I then saw the Butterfly fly to the vicar and then land upon his arm and stayed there for the rest of the service. I am told as I walked with the children from the Crematorium the Butterfly flow out above my head. It circled twice and then flow off into the sun shine.

In November of this year 2008 I was at a Spa Health Club with a friend. The friend and I had lost contact many years before but she looked me up when I lost John and we re-kindled our friendship. As we sat in the sauna my friend saw a beautiful Red Admiral sitting on the rocks by the outside pool. I went out to the Butterfly and swam over to it. I put my finger out and it climbed onto it. I lifted my finger up to my face and spoke with it. Then re-turned it back to the rock. I had to ask it three times to get off my finger and back onto the rock. My hands were wet and I was afraid I would damage it's wings. Finally it returned to the rocks and it turned all the way around to face us and then opened up his beautiful wings once again. We stayed there with the Butterfly for an age and then as before in the Crematorium it flew up in the sky and circled twice and then flew off into the sky.

I know that Butterfly is my husband. He came the first time to let us all know he was ok. The second time he came to say he was glad I had found my friend again.

My heart aches so for the man I love but he returns so often in so many ways to comfort me but when he returns to me as the Butterfly I can see him and last time I held him once more in my hands.
I was heavily pregnant, awaiting the arrival of our 2nd baby. I was overdue by 6 days, when I noticed I had not felt any movements. My husband and I then went to the hospital to get checked over, and they told us there that our baby had gone. We were devastated. We went home and waited for the tablets to induce labour to start working.

The following two days were the most glorious (rare in the UK), I sat in the garden mouring the loss of our dear child, scared and shocked that we were going to meet our sleeping child, knowing that we would never look into her eyes or that she would ever take a breath. As the contractions increased we then left for the hospital, and it was then as the pain become so intense, as I was struggling to breathe that I saw the white butterfly, that fluttered in my head, and urged me to breathe... it was afterwards, as I told my sister of the vision, that she told me that the butterfly was my baby girl helping me through the labour.. it makes me cry even now that my little girl stayed with me to get me through a terrible, terrible time. Later that day, after she was born, I returned home,and sat in the garden, thinking of my little girl,. when directly above me, I saw the arch of a rainbow.. but directly above my head.. I have never seen it that way before..and there wasnt a raindrop in the sky.. I called my husband from the house to make sure that I wasn't dreaming it.. I like to think it was a sign from her. I miss her everyday and will for the rest of my life.
Darelyn Grider, Warren, AR
My story begins on Oct 5, 2007. My beautiful grandaughter Amber was dignosed as having Pneumonia. She was med flighted on October 6, 2007 to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was put on a Bipap ventelator to help her breath. She stayed on this for 3 days. And the doctors were doing everything they could. She was given very strong antibotics, nothing was working and she was becoming weaker. The decision was made to put her on ecmo life support. and she was asked by the doctors if she wanted to rest. Her body was giving out. It was explained to her mother this would give her lungs a chance to rest and heal where the antibotics could work. Amber said she was so tired and wanted to rest.

Amber was 17 years old. And in that 17 years, she had accomplished so much in her young life. Amber was an honar student at her High School. She would have graduated with honors in 2008. She was a cheerleader in junior and senior high school. She was chosen All American Cheerleader for the NCA. She was chosen in the Whos Who Of American High School Students for 2 years. She was a certified Red Cross Life Guard. And worked for the YMCA. She had won several beauty pagents. She had been taking dance sence she was 5 years old. She loved point ballett. She was as graceful as a butterfly when she danced. She won the honor of dancing at Arkansas State Fair 4 years in a row. Amber also had a job during the summer and after school working for a local shop that repaired airconditioners. She was a secetary in the parts department. Amber was so excited that this would be her last year of High School. She had also met the love of her life. His name was Brian. He was 4 years older than her but she had known him since 6th. grade. When she was 16 and he was 20, this friendship turned into love. They were planning to get married September 2, 2008. And she was going to start collage and get a degree in business. She loved just living and thought she had a lifetime.

Amber was a Christian and she was saved and Baptized when she was 14 years old. She loved GOD and her family. Amber loved to hunt,fish,swim,ride 4 wheelers. She even had a red bone puppy that she named Angel. Brian gave her this pupy for Christmas. You could say that she was an all around girl.

Amber was full of life and healthy until October 2007 when she developed pneumonia. It was the only time she had ever been really sick.

Well, let me go back when she was at Childrens Hospital. Amber passed away on October 22, 2007. The day before she died her mother and I were setting by her window. A Monarch Butterfly began to play at the window. She was on the 3rd. floor of Childrens Hospital. It kept comming back time and time again. I made the commment to my daughter (her mother)look at that butterfly playing at the window. Her grandpaw came into the room and he saw it also. At the time it seemed odd, it just kept being there for us to see. We didn't think anymore about it until after Amber died. Now we know and believe it was a sign from GOD that Amber was going to leave and go to her Hevenly Home. Amber died the very next day.

I will always believe GOD sent an Angel in the form of a butterfly to tell us that she was going Home to be with JESUS. I found this website by mistake, or was it meant for me to find? To read all the stories of others that have experienced thing with butterflies. I do believe these beautiful creatures are signs from GOD. I had no idea that other people have experienced this until I found this website. Until this day you can go to the cementary and there are butterflies. And I feel her presence. I think this is GOD'S way of conforting us. This child was loved by all of her family and words can't began to describe how we miss her and how many lives she changed. She accomplished more in 17 years of life than most people do in a long life time.

We Love you Amber and you will always live in our hearts till we see you again.
Linda, Wappinger Falls, NY
My best friend passed away in September of inflammatory breast cancer. She was always infatuated with butterflies because someone had told her that they were a sign of peace for cancer patients. A few weeks after she passed, it was her birthday. She had been cremated so I had no where to go to put flowers or anything. My husband and I decided to buy two pink balloons, one signifying my friend and one signifying our friendship. We let the balloons go in our back yard. As soon as we let them go, a beautiful monarch butterfly flew over our house and stayed there for about 5 minutes. We knew it was her thanking us for thinking of her on her birthday. God does certainly work in mysterious ways.
Triplet Mom, Weston, FL
This is not a story with an explanation. It is not a fearful story. It is a puzzle.

It was June, butterfly month in Florida. I was pregnant. I was on bed rest. Through IVF, four perfect eggs had been implanted. l did not know how pregnant l was. Nature knew and to what extent. One day l had a little hemorrhage. More days on bed rest. Finally l felt it was safe to go outside for fresh air. As l was sitting outside, about five or six butterflies moved towards the tree closest to me. It is unusual to see more than one at a time. I was even more surprised when just four of them flew closer to me leaving the others behind. l thought they were saying hello, but dismissed the idea. It was just a coincidence. Then one butterfly flew up and away. I felt it was saying good-bye as if saying "l am leaving room for the other three". At that moment l knew l was not going to be able to carry four babies without major complications. I was blessed with healthy triplets. They had hit all their milestones and they seemed fine to us. By age two they had not learned to talk. They were diagnosed with autism. Their autism goes from mild to severe. Although they seem to be more of this world now that they are seven, rather leaving their terrible two's behind,
l wonder in what realm of existence they really are or are going to be.
l wonder if they are still up there listening to angels.
Glory, Salem, OH
My Father had been ill with Alzheimers for a few years. He fell in May 2008 and had to be admitted to the hospital and eventually had to go to a nursing home. I got a phone call saying that Dad wasn't doing good and to get to the hospital as soon as possible. When I got there, he was pretty bad. However, he pulled through. The next day, he was sitting up in bed, he knew us and he was having a very good day. He took a turn for the worse and on July 26th the nurse told me that he wouldn't make it through the night. My husband, daughters and I went to the chapel to pray. I wrote in the prayer book and one thing I asked for was a beautiful rainbow to make sure he got there okay. About 15 minutes later I was in his room and my phone rang, I walked out of his room and there was a beautiful double rainbow behind the hospital. It was so reassuring.

He continued to get worse so we took him to the Hospice House. Upon arriving, there were butterflies all around the building. Dad was put into a room and right outside there was a beautiful black and yellow butterfly that stayed all day. The next day, they asked if they could put a butterfly on his door to indicate to others that he would soon be making his journey home. The next day a Monarch came and stayed all day.

My Dad passed away the next day. As I got into my car that evening, a large yellow butterfly with black edged wings flew through my window and hit me in the temple and flew out. I started to laugh because my Dad was always a joker and when that butterfly hit me, I knew it was a sign that he was okay. I told my friends about it and they thanked me for telling them the story about the rainbow and the butterflies because it made them stop and look around at all the things that God has given us, we just need to look for them and take time to enjoy the little things. Those same friends bought me a butterfly bush and butterfly stepping stones to make my own butterfly garden in memory of my Dad.
Beth, Boston, MA
Today as I sat at my dining table releasing some old patterns in my mind when two monarch butterfies found their way into my apartment. The first I saw on my window and wonderd how it got in. Several minutes later my little kitty brought me another "present". She can't help it; she adores playing with them. It flew up to another window and I quickly put the cat behind a closed door. Tears were streaming down my face. The first one looked like it could not fly and so I was leaving it to pass on my window sash. The other one looked like it still had its desire and ability to fly intact so I gingerly opened the window and helped it to freedom. Then I noticed the other one was flapping its wings. So I gently escorted him/her out the window as well. I watched this one fly off into the beauty of fall maple leaves. I don't know what it all means, just that it was a sign from God. I think God was saying "Hi Beth". The spectacularness and preciousness made me cry yet more. God is so big, we are so loved, and butterflies are such amazing messengers.
Martha Keiser, Laredo, TX
Moments before my father passed away (11yrs ago) while conversing he told me "I want to you to go my office on the desk top drawer there is a blue folder with two butterflies...they are for you, I caught them". Needless to say my father passed away a couple of hours later. Since then I've had a big connection with butterflies, but it's not until lately that I began to question my luck (of having them so close) with butterflies that I began to say in my head " is it you Dad, show me..give me a sign". Well on Sunday Sept. 14, again I saw a beautiful butterfly land on one of my backyard's palm trees. It was so beautiful that I decided to approach it and I said out loud "Is it you? can you please give me a sign...something small to show me that it could be you (my Dad of course!)". After going inside to grab my camera I began to talk to the butterfly again and I extended my hand as if calling her to land on it. Well to my most amazing surprise it did, it landed on my wedding ring finger and it stayed there for a while, and every time it would fly away it would come right back. This has been going on every day for the past 18 days, with the exception of two rainy days. I feel such peace and happiness every afternoon that I see it (it comes at around the same time and leaves at around the same time everyday). I've taken numerous pictures that I would love to share if possible. I have named my little angel Misty.
Jeanie Jones, Morrisville, NC
I had a spiritual experience with a yellow and black swallowtail butterfly landing over my heart and I wrote a story entitled, Gift from God and this story and others are in my new book, The Desires of My Heart which was published on August 21, 2008. You can view and order my book from this link, http://www.lulu.com/content/3151647
My little dog died 7 weeks ago - I had him for 15 years . He slept on my bed every night - I always thought he would come back to let me know he is ok. Last Monday a butterfly flew into my bedroom and landed on my pillow - it is now Saturday and the butterfly is still there -I know now it is my wee dog lettng me know he is still around.
Dawn Mansberry, Smithfield, PA
MY name is Dawn Mansberry. I am 31 years old and I lost my mother who was my life at 13 years old. My grandfather (my mom's father) fell very ill. When I turned 15 he broke his hip and the doctors would not let my grandmother bring him home because they said she could not take care of him alone. I told my grandma I would move in and help her with my pap and I did so. They have always been a hugh part of my life. Unfortunately my pap passed away a year later. I promised my gram I would always be there to take care of her if she ever needed it, she never had to worry about a nursing home. She was my buddy my gram my mom my best friend we did everything together. My gram fell ill 7 years ago she broke her hip and never was the same. She walked but seemed to go down hill . For the last couple years she was my baby I fed her dressed her and cared for her 24-7. My wedding date was set for July 7 2007 my gram was so proud she loved my finance Mike. My gram died June 18 2007, 19 days before my wedding. It was horrible; I do not know how I made it through it all.

However I started to work at a nursing home that August of 2007. This is all I knew, I have done it for 15 yrs. I worked night shift and walked outside for a break, it was around 2:00 am and I saw a beautiful Butterfly flying around me. I felt my gram and I see a butterfly all the time especially if I have a bad day she is always around. I have seen more butterflies since my gram passed than ever in my life. I know it is her - a yellow and black beautiful butterfly. And to top it all off I decorated my mom, gram and pa's grave. For summer T put little miniature flags on the graves. Gram's had a gardening picture on it because my grandparents both loved gardening and my mom's happened to be a picture of a Butterfly orange and black and since I put those flags on I not only get visted by my gram but also an orange and black butterfly - "MY MOM". I think people thought I was crazy but after research and letters I've read here ....these are our loved ones coming to comfort us, and give us joy, and courage to move on as hard as it my be to move on. I look at it this way … GOD GIVE THEM WINGS TO MOVE ON AND THEY ARE GIVING US WINGED FRIENDS TO MOVE ON ....."GOD BLESS"!!!!!
Claudia, San Diego, CA
My mother passed away from cancer on sep 7 2003. As the paramedics left the house they took me outside the house because I was crying hysterically. As soon as I was outside a beautifull yellow butterfly flew in front of my face. It was so beautifull that I took a huge breath of hair and finally calm down. At that moment I knew everything was all right. A week later we went to my mother's hometown to finally put her ashes to rest. In my grandmothers house I founded an old story book. I opened the first page and there was a picture of a yellow butterfly and under it with my 5 year old writting said Alicia- Mom. At that moment I understood that the butterfly was my mother and everytime that im felling sad or worried a yellow butterfly apears to let me know that everything is all right.
Cindy Willyard, New Castle, IN
My husband insisted that we go on vacation. My mom had been ill for a while and in a nursing home. I had a bad feeling and wanted to stay home. He insisted. I went. Mom started slipping and I rushed home in the car, but Tennessee was just too far. She passed away when I was 25 miles from home. Twenty-five stinking miles! I cried and cried because I knew I shouldn't have gone, but I kept peace with my husband and went anyway. I cried myself to sleep. I woke up to her voice calling me. I sat up in bed and saw a beautiful field with flowers and a dancing monarch butterfly. I told my husband to wake up and see the field with the butterfly, but he just slept. My mom said very clearly (I wasn't dreaming), "You've got to stop crying. Stop crying because I'm alright." The beautiful scene was turned off and it was gone. I know God allowed her to tell me she was ok. I collect anything with butterflies on them now. My kitchen has butterfly wall paper. I miss her, but know I wasn't dreaming. I think of her when I am lonely. I see butterflies everywhere now. I love you Mom.
Steph, Auburndale, USA
My sister just left us 6 weeks ago. We have a HUGE family; appx. 55 1st cousins, 2nd cousins are in the 100s'; My point is me and my sister were the only siblings in our immediate. family. We're so close, and even with our big family which we are so connected and loving; I'm lost without my big sister!!!

My dream came the other night with Brig calling me from heaven! It was so real; I saw her as if she was standing right in front of me. Usually it's a haze and in gray in a dream. My sister was in full vision and she told me how happy she is and what fun she's having . I asked her if she could see me one more time? In my dream, she came back and cried , when I asked her what was wrong she said she wanted to go back home to heaven. The dream continued with her calling me again to tell me how happy she is! I haven't left my sister's house since this happened to her. I never use her in a past tense; I know what has happened but I still am unable to go where she rests! I know she's in Heaven, I've never done this before; I've never had a dream where I could see a person so clear ; I'm just wanting someone to tell me or explain this so clear dream with her face and voice?????
Thank You, Steph
Kaitlyn Miner, Pataskala, OH
So today the best thing I think could ever happen happened. Lateley I have been struggling with myself in certain ways, and I always try to remember that if I focus my positive energy on good things, my life will start changing and good things will happen. I usually have the tendency to focus on the negative, and well negative things tend to happen.

So I was having a rough start to the day and was struggling with some things and I stepped outside for the first time today and sat down to smoke a cigarette, when all of a sudden a beautiful white butterfly came by and hung out right in front of me the whole time. I knew what this meant. My mother had past away almost 8 years ago, and I still struggle with the why this? why that? questions. But today it was almost like her telling me that everything will be okay and that she is still with me. And you know what the crazy thing is? I feel closer to her today than any other day I ever have in my life. It is like she's telling me to quit being so negative about this, and that I can have her alive still if I keep her in my heart, my positive heart.
I love you Laura Jean Dupay.
You are my Heart of Hearts
Linda, Carlsbad, CA
My daughter and I gave a bridal shower for a friend of mine's daughter. We had an encounter with a Swallow Tail butterfly that was so special. The bride, my daughter and I were standing by a hanging basket, when this butterfly landed on the plant. My daughter proceeded to tell me they were good luck and really good luck if they let you touch them. Well, the bride touched it and it still didn't fly away. We were in awe. It stayed just long enough for me to get pictures of both girls with the butterfly still on the plant. The experience was truly spiritual. I had also searched two weeks before the shower something for party favors to give away when people left. I had picked out butterfly bookmarks!!! I didn't realize the significance of it all until I woke up this morning! Very cool. I have heard of brides letting butterflys go at the end of their reception for good luck, so this was very special, this little guy.
Victoria, Capistrano Beach, CA
Have you ever seen a butterfly at night?
Have you ever seen a butterfly in your house?
Has a butterfly ever landed on you, climbed up your arm and sat on your shoulder?
These three thing happened to me last night, and I wonder what conclusions your mind would make if this happened to you?

I am inspired by this butterfly. We spotted her on my kitchen curtain at about 9:30pm. Strange. We finally coaxed her outside. About 11:00pm I was sitting at my computer, and I was startled when something flew by my head. It was the butterfly again, and it landed right in front of me on my desk. Instead of being concerned with putting her back outside I decided to talk to her. I felt as if it was a sign of some sort. Perhaps an old departed friend stopping by to say hi. God does work in mysterious ways. As I was talking to it, it hopped onto my hand, crawled up my arm and sat on my shoulder for about 15 minutes. I had my son take a picture of it. I was so touched by this beautiful and delicate creature. I felt blessed, and just relished in "the present" just enjoyed what was happening in my "now". It was so much fun, and so spiritually inspiring that I felt the need to share it with whoever would listen.....that being YOU. So, I left my door wide open in hopes that it would fly back out, but it did not. It flew around my office, and often landing again back on my desk right in front of me. Almost as if to be trying to tell me something. She slept in my office, but I left the door cracked in case she wanted out. I awoke in the morning to find her still here. She was barely moving, and when I got home from work she had passed on to butterfly heaven. I have preserved her in a glass case. It was a wonderful and profound experience. Blessings and happiness come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes on the wings of butterflies. Thanks for listening.

Peace, Victoria
Tiffany, Dover, NH
I'm not sure what the reasons/signs are behind this story.. I'm a horse enthusiast, and my trainer has started leasing a beautiful barn not far from here. While I was helping her get the place in shape for boarders I noticed a Monarch butterfly. I love taking pictures of wildlife so I mentally went through the car etc. and realized I didn't bring the camera. At this point I was pretty close to the butterfly and decided on a whim to see if I could touch it. I put my finger right under its little legs and it climbed up onto it!!!

I named her Penelope and she spent most of the day hanging out either on my hand or my shoulder. I put her back on different flowers several times, but when I came back to see if she had gone, she was still there, and still readily climbed onto my finger. I went back the next day hoping against hope that she would be around, but she was gone. I've never been interested in butterflies but now I'm seeing them everywhere! I told my dad the story and he mentioned that maybe it was my mother, who passed away in 2002.

I'm not sure what it is, but I miss both
Rebecca Overton, Rantoul, KS
I am researching the butterfly today because of my experience this week. I thought I was the only one to have found these butterflies as a sign from a lost loved one.

My story, last Sunday I received a phone call that would change my life. My best friend (boyfriend)at 37 years old was killed in a one vehicle accident. The sudden loss has devastating to me. When I heard the news, I cried and immediately went out of the house into the yard to get away. Through my tear struck eyes I looked on my left shoulder to find many butterflies, monarches and a blue swallowtail landed on my shoulder, the left one. I felt his presence, I felt a peace and sense that he was telling me he is o.k.

The following day I went for a hike along a trail for about 5 miles. Along the trail about half way a monarch flew within inches of my face, I turned backwards to catch a glimpse of it and it vanished. I returned forward to continue to walk and within my next step was a blue swallowtail. This blue butterfly lead me the next 30 minutes, every step I took it danced and landed at my feet within 1-2 feet. This continued. I had a revelation that he is o.k. and he is near. I also feel that as much as I miss him and as much as I want to touch the butterfly. It must remain untouchable but free, just like his spirit I prayed for. I came home to watch the sunset. I sat in a metal lounge chair. I lifted my right arm to put my hands over my face and below on the metal chair were the words written " I Love You" I did not know when this was written but I believe it was two weeks ago while we were ending our day. I went into the house at dark and stood at the window looking out into the darkness trying to make since of it all. A shadow of a butterfly came up to the window and looked in but as I got excited to get a closer look. It was gone ....just like my best friend. It is gone.

I am amazed at the stories I am hearing. Thank you and God bless you all in your losses.
Gina Groves, Manchester, UK
My father passed away on 11 August whilst my mum, who was his carer, was taking a respite break with her two sisters and their families in Tuscany. We decided not to tell our mum of dad's passing until she got home - allowing her to at least enjoy the week off she'd had and so looked forward to. Two days before she was to return she had a stroke late one night following a fantastic meal with her family. She didn't recover in time for us to get to her but during the time we spent their we were shown all thb places she had visited and the house she had been staying in. Whilst in hospital she sang One Fine Day by Madam Butterfly to my brother Peter and told him all the things she had done - her twin sister has also told me how many beautiful butterflies they had seen on holiday.

When finally leaving Italy, sat on a grass verge at Milan Airport, a beautiful butterfly landed on my hand and then moved to my mum's engagement ring (which we had repaired for her in advance of breaking the bad news about dad. It then went to my sister who was wearing the rosary beads that mum had with her in Italy and then finally to my brother - we were absolutely lifted as the beautiful creature stayed with us for 30 mins before it flew away. For us it felt like mum was saying I'm OK and its time for you to go home.

We're now about to finalise arrangements for our parents funeral and I've just seen another butterfly - whilst I was outside gathering my laundry and I was singing Madam Butterfly.

It's keeping me going right now.......
I was reading all the stories and I wanted to share mine.

When I was 17 I went and got my first tattoo. It was a butterfly. I don't know why I picked it, I thought it looked cute or something. It wasn't until I was reading the other stories that I realised why I picked it.

My father was an abusive man (sexually), when I was 16 my parents divorced. When I was 17 I went to the police and told them about the abuse I suffered.

At the time I was only being rebellious (my father hated tattoos, he said they would make you look cheap) when I got the tattoo but looking back now I realise that I was coming out of my cocoon. I was free from his control and the abuse.

Everytime I look at my tattoo I remember that the struggle I had to endure and I feel I am a better person because of it.

I told my mum about the tattoo and she cried. She also has butterfly tattoos on her. She says she feels the same.

Butterflies for me represent freedom!
Barbara, Winter Springs, FL
Today is a very sad day for me.I had to put my special friend and pet to sleep this morning. Her name was Bonnie and she has been struggling for over a year, suffering with Addison's disease and a seizure disorder. Throughout this whole ordeal I came to love her more and more. It took every ounce of my courage to make this decision to liberate her from a situation that we could possibly stabilize but never really cure. She would have been nine years old in October.

Shortly after returning from the vet's office I stepped outside with her brother "Clyde" and a little yellow butterfly went zipping by at a very quick pace, back and forth a couple of times, then very quickly flew away. My very first thought was "that's my girl, forgiving me and letting me know that she was free from all the discomfort she had endured during her lasr year of life." I was not really aware of this phenonemon of after death communication until I went on line today, and it just seems to be too much of a coincidence that I had such a strong, strong feeling that she was saying "goodbye". My heart is broken.
Marc, Minneapolis,MN
I had been having a pretty hard time following the death of my mother on June 30th. We didn't know she even had cancer till a week before she died, so the shock of it hit me like a horrible nightmare I couldn't wake up from. Between bouts of vomitting and colitus, I lost over 20 puonds in 6 weeks and was enough of an emotional wreck at the time that I mistook a shoulder injury for what I thought was either just an anxiety attack or an impending heart attack starting.

And as painful as it was when mom died, that wasn't the only problem I had to deal with. I'm also losing my home now, I'll owe my sister and brother-in-law thousands of dollars they have borrowed me to save the house from going into foreclosure till we can get through Probate Court and to eventually be able to start paying them back, I'll need to file for bankruptcy. And considering the current mortgage crisis, we might be lucky if we can even get what's owed on the mortgage. Not to mention the fun I've had with these bill collectors, worrying myself sick if I can even find a subsidized apartment when I'm ten years too young than to qualify as a senior citizen and my being on Social Security Disability doesn't require that I need a wheelchair accessible apartment either. Needless to say, I've really been at my wits end lately and scared out of my mind about the future.

But in spite of all the emotional and financial difficulties I've had to deal with since mom died, I've had 2 ""monarch butterfly experiences"" in the past week or so that have seemed like a lifesaver (or at least a sanity saver through these troubled times). For some background here, I do believe in God and I know there is a life hereafter, not because I'm a religious person (I'm more what you would call a New Age type of person) but because my mom told me all about the near death experience she had while giving birth to my sister back in 1960. (I heard about her out of body, tunnel, white light & telepathically communicating with a spirit experience many years before I read Raymond Moody's ""Life After Life"" and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's books on the subject).

Anyway, as far as the butterflies go, the first experience happened about a week ago. I was just laying on the couch watching TV around midnight when a monarch butterfly flew right past me a few inches from my face. I have no idea how it had gotten in the house, I hadn't been out of the house in days and considering I have two cats who love to chase after every bug, fly or butterfly they find in the backyard, it's a miracle the butterfly had even managed to live had it flown in unnoticed the last time the door had been opened. Well, that was very unnerving, but a friend told me that butterfly experiences weren't uncommon after a loved one had died - and skeptic that I was at the time, I just thought ""yeah, right"" and didn't think that it was a sign from my mom or God or whatever letting me know that I should stop worrying about her and all of these problems I've dealt with since her death. Anyway, I didn't really pay much attention to it, it just struck me as odd to find a butterfly in the house and if anything, it just rattled my nerves a bit.

Well, a few days ago, I had another monarch butterfly experience. I was sitting out in the backyard with the cats when a butterfly started in going after me worse than any pesky fly ever did. It first landed on my arm, then flew around in front of my face, landed on my leg, then it got right up almost touching my face and then it just flew around me for a few more minutes before flying away out of sight. But the funny thing about that experience was that this time I paid serious attention to what I believe was the second sign I was given there, like ""okay, stupid - you wouldn't pay attention to the first sign you were given, so let's try this again here and see if you don't catch on this time."" Anyway, you can think what you want to about this - but I believe I've been given a sign from my mom that she's alright now and that I should stop crying and worrying about things. And what's really weirdest of all about this, ever since the second butterfly got in my face, I've felt so much at peace that I have stopped worrying about everything and I think the worst part of grieving is over with.

Anyway, I just think that was the kick in the behind I needed to bring me back to the land of the living again because I don't care anymore what happens, I know I'll be alright - and life is finally starting to seem good again, food tastes good again, I can finally laugh at something funny on TV, and I'm even starting to look forward to getting an apartment (hopefully in the near future) but in the meantime, I don't care about losing my home or being horribly in debt to my sister and brother-in-law and so what if I have to file bankruptcy; and most importantly, I know now that I didn't really say goodbye to mom - only just that ""I'll see you later"".
I had a wonderful vision from God.....Ii was having my quiet time with God, praying and worshipping Him.... I could feel His Love and I blew kisses at him, laughing, thinking, how can you blow kisses at Jesus... As soon as I thought that, inside me I could hear the Holy Spirit say to me, let me show you what happens when you blow the kisses....and I saw a vision of Jesus receiving the kises, as it came up to him it changed into butterflies....he laughed, caught them, kiss them and blew it back to me..it was amazing..... then He said to me, you are my butterfly, you will minister to people in a way that the butterflies do with the flowers, you will spread my love to them everytime you speak to them. It was one of the most wonderful time i had with God, He is truly amazing....!!!! And everytime I speak with someone and tell them of God's love or just encourage them, I can hear God's voice, saying...you are my butterfly child!!!!
Karen, Toledo, OH
My nephew passed away at the age of 25 years young Sept. 8, 2006. This was very emotional for the entire family, because we are all so very close! At the funeral service there was a special reading about butterflies for the younger children that were there (his own 2 young children as well); to help them understand the meaning of his death. Each child received a butterfly (we bought from the craft store) as special reminder of my nephew.

This in itself was touching, and uplifting in a time of so much sorrow. When we all went outside to our cars to prepare for the procession to the cemetery, I was approaching my car when I saw, just a few feet from me, this big beautiful black w/blue-tipped wings butterfly! It fluttered about for several minutes. I knew at that very moment it was my nephew letting me know he was ok, and in a better place. I think he was telling me to celebrate his life, and to not shed tears of sorrow, but tears of joy!

I miss him so, that some days my heart just aches, but then a butterfly (I have yet to see the black w/blue tipped wings one, but usually a large yellow one) will appear, and I smile and say " Hi Phil. Thank you!".

I am not sure what significance color has to do with it, but I believe in my heart that these are always signs from my nephew. Whenever I see a butterfly it makes me feel happy, and good inside.
Jeanette, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
I have always loved butterflies - especially the monarch. Over the last 12 months it suddenly occurred to me that wherever I was there was always a monarch butterfly fluttering by - even just over the last few days, totally out of season as we have had rain for almost every day of winter this year; once as I was getting into the car one swooped down over me!

For the last 5 years my husband and I have been raising our grandson who is now 5. He is delightful, very bright and very demanding! During this time I have learned heaps. There have been many sacrifices we have had to make - like not being able to work etc. As I realized just how often I was seeing these butterflies (bear in mind it was reported in the newspaper that they were getting scarce and to report sightings) that I began to ask God what He was saying to me. I felt that He was saying I had been through a metamorphosis and He would be taking my life in a new direction - full of self-confidence - ready to fly in freedom of who I am in Him.

We had gone through some very traumatic times with our son (father of the child we raise) when he was deep into the drug scene. We were totally exhausted. He came right but now we find ourselves raising his son. Christ helped us through one situation and continues to do so in this present one.

Because there have been days I have felt trapped because of what has happened I just feel a new release as I bask in the Lord's presence and goodness over the past years and anticipate with excitement a new direction for the future!!!
Linda, Waukesha, WI
I stumbled onto this site while looking for some birthday wishes for my son and was so amazed at the stories and it just confirmed mine!

My son, Ryan died in a car accident on the 6th July 2007, at the age of 19. He was to turn 20 on the 7th September. The pain is indescribable. I would like to share my butterfly story.

My daughter, Tandy has been butterfly crazy for as long as I can remember, and after my son's funeral, I drove back home with her, my son-in-law Lee, and my grandson, Seth. One day Tandy and I took Seth to the beach and as we were playing around, Seth called me to where the waves washed up the beach to show me something. I went and could not find what he wanted to show me, instead I found this beautiful Monarch butterfly. I was amazed, as it was winter and although it is a coastal area, it was weird to see a butterfly at that time of year. I picked it up, thinking it was dead, but as I put it in my hand it started walking. I held it gently, protecting it from the wind and took it to show Tandy. When I got to her, we made a wind shelter so that the butterfly could dry it's wings. The little legs had little salt crystals on them, and I ever so gently removed most of it. It was walking all over our hands, and Seth, who is was 6 at the time, held him too. This beautiful butterfly must have been with us for at least 15 minutes. We decided that it was time to leave and I held the butterfly cradled in my hands, wanting to take him to safety of bushes. Just before we reached the end of the beach, the butterfly started to flap it's wings and I called to Tandy to stop and look. The butterfly flapped it's wings and took off, a little wobbly and unsteady, then flew straight up into the sky, and disappeared.

Both Tandy and I looked at each other for the longest time and we both knew that it was Ryan showing us that although he was hurt, he is healed and in heaven. We both took great comfort from that experience. This is the first summer since his death and I have seen butterflys almost every day in my garden. A gentle reminder that our Ryan is with us always. I know Tandy is just as shattered by the loss of her brother and this has helped us tremendously. Now when-ever we are grieving and in pain, we have this cherished sweet and loving memory of how Ryan sent us a message to let us know he is soaring with the angels in heaven.
Richard, San Diego, CA
I am the eldest of Minnie's four sons. She was a wonderful mother who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in late January, 2008. She was as poised, dignified and strong thru this illness as she had been all our lives.

She passed on July 15, 2008. Like anyone I have gone thru a variety of grieving stages but mostly its been a time of enjoying and celebrating the many blessings she had bestowed on us all these years. She was a mother who was friends with all our friends and in play, school and work joined us as well her entire life. A day or so after we buried her on July 22,2008, I began to see, for the first time, a lovely and large yellow butterfly with black trim. It visited me about every other day but other than a little smile that it emotted from me I did not give it too much significance.

Then one morning I realized that the grassy area behind our property was "the place" she had dreamed about and shared with me four years earlier when she had nearly died from another aiilment. At that time she said, " I dreampt you standing in a field of grass as I was above you going around you and getting farther and farther. You looked sad for some reason." At the time I reminded and kidded her she was not going anywhere any time soon. One morning while walking my dog there I suddenly realized it was "the place" she had described in her dream and I have gone there most mornings to connect with her spiritually. Meanwhile the yellow and black butterfly continues to visit here almost daily.

One week ago from today, this is Saturday, August 16. the butterfly paid its usual visit but this time flew to "the place" which is a circle about 20 feet wide in an area that is about a third of an acre or more, circled there and flew away. This morning was a bit different. It flew by around 10:30 am and then an hour later I was out there with my dog and stood in my spot. The butterfly flew by me and I reached to get a picture of it with my phone camera. The screen of the picture only shone white. As I tried to get it ready for another shot the butterfly flew closer towards me. It circled around me and stopped about 4 to 5 feet in front of me, fluttered a bit and flew away again. I have all along shared the story with my brothers, wife and children admitting that I must be nuts but loving it.

The yellow and black butterfly has been of immeasurable comfort to me and my loved ones as I have shared the story with them. After this last and most special visit I researched the meaning of the butterfly and the yellow and black ones. I was pleased to read they are a lovely symbol of transition, love and spirituality. I have shared this with my brothers and they know and realize that whether its from Native American culture or literary spirituality it is a welcome sign from nature and a hopeful one from our dearly departed mother. I think this is the beginning of an eternal relationship.

Thanks for reading. Peace
Kristen, Calgary, AB, CANADA
I've read the stories, now I'm sure. On a few occasions I've met a yellow butterfly, since my brother died last year. I'm sitting here bawling right now because I read those stories, and now I'm sure he has something to do with it.

Last Friday, my last day of vacation, I woke to a yellow butterfly going about my room. No idea how it got in there, as the windows throughout the house were closed, but I went to catch it, and it landed right in the palm of my hand. It sat there for a good ten seconds as I brought it outside, and fluttered off. I'd been thinking of moving to my vacation place, toying with the idea, and after that I felt such a sense of right that I made up my mind. I know the color yellow is the color of the third chakra, and it's a sign of personal strength, combined with the significance of the butterfly, being transformation. I feel so much better now than I did, having all the drastic changes going on around me, ending a five year relationship, family members dying, school choices and so much more..

I feel stronger having read your stories, thank you everyone!
Tom Perry, Phoenix, AZ
My 78 yr. old Dad died in August of 1996. I was very close to him and this was difficult for me. Three months later I was driving through Mexico with my wife and friends near Guanaguato and drove into a huge flock of Monarch butterflies. Many of them were killed on the grill or on the windshield. I told my friends that this was a game they played where some would say let's fly to the fields and others would say let's fly to the light and those were the ones who died. A couple of days later I was visiting a friend in Victoria, Mexico. He took us in his office and showed us pictures of trophies, guns and other man type awards with accompanying stories. I told him that I wish my father was there as he would have really enjoyed his stories. At that moment a large beautiful black and puple butterfly flew in and fluttererd about the room. No one really seemed to notice and when I referred to it, my friends did not see it as being relevent. When we went outside it followed us and seemed to fly near me. My friends then commented that the butterfly seems to "like me." I felt a contentment come over me and felt very calm. At that moment I knew that my father was with me in the presence of the butterfly. Eventually, it flew away and I was happy to have the spiritual enlightenment to recognize that that butterfly was a connection between two worlds and was showing me a glimpse of the peace that goes with the light.
Laura Spivey, Louisville, KY
My daughter left for her eternal home on March 15,2002. She left much to soon at the young age of 16 years. On her birthday on June first we celebrated her life by releasing 17 butterflies. The butterflies landed on the shoulders of my niece and sister-in-law. They had lost their siblings at a young age in life . My way to cope with my loss of my daughter was to spend endless hours in my gardens. Not long after Brittany passed I had asked for a sign to let me know if she was ok. On that day shorly after, butterflies had circled around me flying. I knew where that came from. It was her way of saying "Mom I am OK".

I have had many butterfly experiences. That one stays so close to heart. Brittany was in many ways just like a butterfly. Such a free sprit. Fluttering around sharing the beauty of her soul. The laughter that she shared and the smile she gave to all.
In memory of Brittany Rae Helm
Love, Mom
Tammy, Lake in the Hills, IL
On July 6, 2006, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that we named Natalee. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, we had to say hello and goodbye to her at the same time. She died just 44 minutes after birth.

I have another child, Madeline, who was almost three years old at the time. In the days following Natalee's birth and death, my senses were very aware. Madeline and I were spending a lot of time outside. I started noticing that while Maddie and I were playing, a white butterfly would often flutter by. It kept happening and I started telling people about it. Madeline and I talked about it, and we started calling them "Natalee white butterflies." I am so full of peace and contentment when a white butterfly crosses my path.

This year, on July 6th, we took Madeline and our new baby Emmalee to the zoo to celebrate Natalee's second angelversary. There were so many white butterflies- I felt as if I was surrounded by Natalee and all of the other angel babies. I thank God for the butterflies. One of the songs on Natalee's virtual memorial is Butterfly by Martina McBride. I believe that the beautiful white butterflies are little messengers of hope from our angel babies- letting us know that they are ok, that they are with us still.
Gina, Knoxville, TN
When you see a butterfly this means someone you lost is nearby. This is a precious gift from God.
E M Hector, Tampa, FL
On Wings – A Garden Visitor

Did you ever wonder where the swallowtail sleeps?
I saw her napping under the magic clover leaf!

Shhh, do you see her?

There she is.

A blanket of dew to keep her cool,
Next to the shadows of the reflecting pool.

Nestled all safe in her snug-a-bug bed.
She has a firefly light right by her head.

She rests until the sun shines warm in the sky,
Stretches her silken wings then off she flies.

Dancing with the wind from flower to twig.
Spreading her delicate wings, they look so big!

The colors of the rainbow fill the sky.

There she goes!


Way up high!

On a whim she floats back down,
wearing a powdered golden crown.

She stops to taste the nectar of the flowers that grow,
along the path of my garden hedge row.

She whispers farewell as off she glides,
away on a gentle breeze to greet another sunrise.
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