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Marcia, Barstow, CA
My father passed away June 3, 2006 after a long fight with pancreatic cancer. I live 2400 miles away and did not see him very often in the last 10 years of his life.

One morning in August I was feeling very low so I called my mom. (Mom always said, "God gave you parents so someone would always care about you.") Talking to mom made me feel better but I really missed my dad. Later that morning I was sitting in a restaurant with a friend and telling her how sad I felt and what my mom always says about God giving you parents. I told her I had talked to my mom that morning and wished I could talk to my dad. No sooner was that said when a huge, yellow butterfly flew up to the window where we were sitting and flapped it's wings, staying outside that window for about 15 seconds before flying away. I instantly told my friend, "That's my Dad!" and started to cry. Huge butterflies like that are not seen where we live.

Ever since that day when I am feeling lonely or missing my Dad I will cross paths with a yellow butterfly. My children also believe their Grandpa comes around in the form of a yellow butterfly. On my daughter's first day of Junior High in September "Grandpa" flew in front of us as we walked up to the school. My son was saddened because Grandpa didn't walk him up to the school that morning, but was happy a few days later when he and I were sitting in the pool and "Grandpa" flew around the backyard. When I pointed to "Grandpa" and told my son to look, "Grandpa" landed on my hand where he remained for about 15 seconds before flying away.

On a recent trip to Death Valley National Park I was extremely lonely for my parents. When my companion asked me why I was so quiet I told him I really missed my Mom and Dad today and a little, yellow butterfly flew in front of us! How comforting. I feel blessed to see these wonderful creatures of God and the signs they carry with them.
Sam, Ontario, CANADA
My sister died of cancer. On the day of her funeral the flowers I gave were on the ground beside her. I looked down and there was a yellow butterfly right on the sign that said best friend and sister. I was so touched it lifted me. I am looking for the butterfly on A web site and saw this one and your stories are so real. Thanks
Jen, Oshawa, ON, CANADA
I like butterflies because they are pretty and I like them because of their colours my favorite colour is blue. When I see a butterfly it reminds me of when me and my dad was in my backyard we were watching them fly around one of the butterflies land on my hand and it sat there and then it flew away.

By Jen
Faye May, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
On the 16th December my mother in law Hazel passed away. Hazel had a love for butterfies. On Saturday morning before she passed we were all gathered in the hospital. Hazel's daughter Jean was looking out the window when she noticed a lone butterfly fluttering about o utside. We pondered on why was this butterfly out there as we were 5 stories up and no garden anywhere to be seen.

At 3.45 pm Hazel died peacefully surrounded by all her children and grandchildren. The next morning her son Stan was leaving for lunch with the family. Everyone was in the car when he shouted out for everyone to wait as a butterfly was following him. After a lot of effort Stan caught the butterfly and took it with him to lunch. The family as one released the butterfly.

On 21st December 2006 Hazel Jean Lostitch will be laid to rest. The family have decided that thay will release 100 butterflies and one butterfly per family member in memory of Hazel. May she rest in peace always and may the butterflies help her on her journey.

We love you ma......Stan , Faye, Kayce, Stanley, Thomas, Raedyn, Kirsty, Anthony
Natalie Fowler, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK
I was sitting on the balcony of our cabin on the P&O ship Arcadia. My husband was inside our room watching TV. We were on our honeymoon. It had been 4 weeks since my mum had passed away from cancer. She died 3 weeks before our wedding. The ship was docked in a place called Geringer, which is a fjord in Norway. It was quite easily the most spectacular place I had ever seen. Tall mountains erupted out of the calm sea. The water was so clear you could see shadows of fish swimming even from our 6th floor balcony. I could simply describe it as heaven on earth. I sat back and stared up at the mountains and thought of my mum. I wished so much that I could call her to tell her how amazing it was. A butterfly suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It seemed so appropriate to appear in such a beautiful still moment and didn’t seem out of place. It hovered about 10 feet away from me. I then watched in amazement as it flew towards me. It sat on our balcony railing. I called to Graeme to get the camera. As I did, the butterfly left the perch of the balcony and then sat on my leg where it rested for about ten minutes. I had never known a butterfly to be so tame. I realised then that it was a sign from my mum. She was telling me that she was with me and she could see everything that I could see.

I rung my god mother and sister straight away to tell them what had happened and they both told me the exact same story. During the church service, whilst Graeme and I were saying our vows, a butterfly flew in to the church and hovered above my dad.

I feel very blessed that she chose to visit me. My mum was my best friend and I knew she worried about leaving me behind. I miss her very much but I am not sad for her as I am convinced that she is ok and that I will one day be with her again. I have lost a mother and friend but have gained a guardian angel.
Becky, Terryville, CT
I lost my nephew on September 3, 2005. He would be three this year. He died of a tragic choking accident. We have a rather large family and a loving one at that.

Scottie was the youngest and he was beautifull and special. He loved butterflies. When he saw a moth he would call it a butterfly that is how much he loved them. The day we buried him I told him he would always be Auntie's sunshine. That day I came home there was a sunflower that had bloomed, since his death in the warm weather. Every day at work when I went on break I would be greeted by an orange butterfly. This was the most awesome feeling I had ever felt, I knew he was letting me know he was ok!

It got better. I was talking about butterflies and dragonflies one day and that same day I saw both. I do believe if you are close with someone when they do pass to the other side they do let you know they are ok. There are many signs my family has seen you just have to believe.
Geni, Las Vegas, NV itterlysdog@msn.com
My father, only 43 years old, died in 1986 from kidney cancer. He died 3 months into finding out he had cancer leaving my Mother and me in a state of shock and needless to say depressed and withdrawled from society more less.

I asked for Dad to just send me a sign and let me know he's ok and feels no more pain, please show me a sign show me something....

Well for weeks on end with out me even noticing this at the time I kept seeing a yellow butterly around me and I swear I have NEVER noticed ANY butterflies before this time, I just figured well there's something pretty, but then I started to realize that whenever I would get out of my car from sitting in a parking lot crying my eyes out of the loss of my father a single yellow butterfly would appear right in front of me when I would get out the car, like in a mall parking lot, my drive way, out at the beach, wherever or whenever I felt so much saddness there would appear a single yellow butterfly out of no where. I to this day know that this was my father telling me look I'm here.... I'm watching over you from above. It gave me such a warm feeling and the feeling to keep going on in life and take care of myself and my mother. That's what dad wanted me to do.

I will this Christmas get a tattoo of a yellow butterfly in honor of my father, not that he really liked butterflies but that was the symbol he used to get my attention and let me know he was still with me even after his death. I will always smile and get that warm magical feeling every time I see a yellow butterfly till the very end of my days....

I believe!
Augusta Villa, Camarillo, CA
I grew up in a small house in Camarillo so my parents didn't let me have any animals unless it was a fish. I have always enjoyed watching butterflies flittering in the air. In the 7th grade I went on a field trip to a museum. It had a butterfly garden and I went in it. Everything in it was beautiful. There were so many butterflies fluttering all over the garden. I just stood there so amazed watching the butterflies fly. One landed on my hand and since then I have helped them from being killed for a pin decoration. My mom is so proud of me for trying to help. That is how I've been into Butterflies.
Vanessa, Lumberton, NC butterflies@yahoo.com
Well when I began to love butterflies, when my friend told me about them. In her home it is nothing but butterflies. I AM A RECOVERING Addict. When it comes out of the cocoon, it's a beatiful butterfly. And that was me, for half of my life I was this ugly person wrapped up in my own miserable world, not knowing if I could ever be free. But now I am. I had to accept who and what I was and that I could change. Now I'm free, I can spread my wings and fly. I can become whatever I want to be in life. I thank GOD for change. So every time I see a butterfly I know that I am free. I'm not in bondage anymore.
Kathy, Los Angeles, CA
I was touched by a butterfly today. It brough me inner peace...it touched my heart. I consider it a gift: from God, from nature....
Lisa, Glendora, CA calmal2@yahoo.com
My mother passed away on May 24, 2006 she was a dialysis patient, she had been really sick and needed to have her catheter relocated. The day we were at her grave site and the father was saying her a prayer I saw a white butterly land on her coffin and was there for a while. After that day, every day I see butterflies and dragonflies and they usually get my attention, even in the odd places. I know it is her comming to tell me she is ok and she is flying free, from all the pain and suffering. I miss her dearly. One day I went to the cemetary it was a cold day and as I pulled up to the grave site, I turned to the back seat to get the flowers and as i turned to open the car door, right on her grave about 10 butterflies and dragonflies all mixed flying around her grave. I was in tears crying and crying it was a beautiful site, every time I am sad and think about my mom I always ask her to send me a butterfly so I know it is her, and I am content. I do believe she is with me.
Anastasia, Queens, NY
This happen almost 2 months ago today.

My husband went to work one day as usual. I talked to him when he was coming home and everything was fine.Well I thought he must have been stuck in traffic so I went to bed without him. The next morning I got a phone call from his father's friend telling me he got into an accident and that he "didn't make it". So a few hours later everyone had already come to my house and I was outside sitting in my brother's car smoking a cigarette and I saw a monarch butterfly. It was weird because I haven't seen one in years .. and it was almost October and it was pretty cold outside, but that wasn't it. Everyday after that for about a week that butterfly would be wherever I went. Everytime I went outside, and at the funeral the butterfly was all around me. It also followed me the whole way home next to the car and was home when I got there. I know that was my husband and it makes me feel a little better knowing that he's alright now...[[I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU]]..
Myra Hummel, Mott, ND
My only nephew, Chris, died on December 1st of this past year. Our family has had a very hard time the last months. He was such a kind hearted young man and we miss him so much. We know he is in heaven with our Heavenly Father but just the idea of never seeing him in this life time makes us so sad.

In October I took my parents for a week-end visit to see my sister and brother-in-law and my niece. The morning after we got there my brother-in-law and I went to have my vehicle washed. While we were going through the carwash I asked my brother-in-law how my sister was doing. He said they were doing alright but he only wished they could have some kind of a sign that their son was happy. That night when I said my prayers I asked God if he could just send them some sign that would give them peace in their hearts.

It was a very cold, rainy and windy week-end but we did decide were to go to the cemetary on Sunday afternoon. My sister has a stand beside the family monument; they put seasonal flowers and wreaths on it. They had a autumn wreath on it for the season. As we standing (in the cold and wind) my sister gave a small gasp. There on the wreath was the largest butterfly, brown and orange, we could have almost missed because it was the same color as the wreath and it was not the time of year for butterflies. My sister put her hand down and it walked right up on her hand, spread its wings and just stayed there until she put it back on the wreath. My brother-in-law said " there is your sign!!". I put my hand up to it and it flew away. It was just for their benefit. My sister said it was like a weight had been taken off her chest. We are always seeing miracles; we just have to look for them.
Eloise, Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Emma's Story

Soon it will be the two-year anniversary of the passing of my younger and only sister, Emma, a beautiful young woman with a captivating personality, a great passion for all creatures great and small and an inner strength that would surpass most.

At 15 years of age, when life was just beginning, she was diagnosed with bone cancer. For the next two years she bravely fought it with several rounds of chemotherapy, numerous doctor's visits and the ever lasting love and support of her family and friends. Her amazingly positive attitude and strong will to survive was not enough however and in November 2004 at the young age of 17, she passed away at home with her family and friends at her bedside. This day changed our lives forever. We had lost not only a wonderful daughter, sister and friend but a person who would have done so much for this world with her passion for animals and the natural environment.

I am writing this today as a tribute to Emma and as a way of sharing her memory with others. It all started when inside the casket where Emma would finally rest, we laid her head on a colourful butterfly pillow and unbeknown to others at the time, I placed a small silver butterfly pendant near her neck as my private goodbye. In the days following her passing, we experienced something that we will treasure forever; something that helped us in our time of need.

It began just after her private, intimate service. It was late one night and my mother and I were trying to get some sleep. We had just settled into the bed where Emma had passed away, when we noticed a small black butterfly with purple spots and slightly tattered wings fly through the bedroom window and land on the ceiling just above Emma's side of the bed. We thought this was strange as you don't usually see butterflies at night. It stayed with us the entire night and left quietly in the morning.

For the next few days, this same butterfly spent much time with us. It started flying all around us and landed on us countless times. I could put my hand out and it would come and land. It even let me walk around with it on my hand to show others. One time I tried to take it inside but it flew away as if to say "I can't come in there anymore." I decided to take some photos. It seemed to realise this and kept landing on the camera! I got some beautiful photos of it in different areas of our garden and on various objects, people and even our dog Porker whom Emma loved. It also landed on Emma's deckchair where she used to enjoy sitting in our backyard. I even have one photo of it allowing me to kiss it gently on the wing - an experience I will never forget.

This continued for over a week. It grew more and more tattered as the days passed but still it continued to visit. We all truly believe and always will, that this small butterfly had brought us a message from Emma to say that she was alright and that she would always be with us throughout our lives. We felt so comforted by this. It had helped us move through our grief a little easier. Since this time, butterflies have become an important symbol for our family - Emma's symbol. We continue to have small experiences with butterflies and sometimes other creatures with which Emma had such an affinity. We always know that when this happens, she is there with us. This story is written in Emma's memory and we hope that it will allow others to understand the magic of our little messenger - the black and purple butterfly. We love you Emma.
Marsha Walton, Hartford, AL
Hello. I have three special Butterfly stories concerning my son Christopher(age 26)who died August of this year. Right after his Catholic funeral service and burial, a large blue butterfly appeared and fluttered all around the flowers, casket, in and out of the canopy and then fluttered around my head and then went straight up into the sky. Christopher's sister, her husband, his step mother and two other people witnessed this blue butterfly. We all felt it was Christopher letting us know he was free, happy and ok.

A week later I was visiting his gravesite with the only girl Christopher had ever loved, Melanie. Out of nowhere a meduim sized orange butterfly appeared and Melanie said, "oh look, orange was Christophers favorite color and there is an orange butterfly." That orange butterfly stayed all around us for over 30 minutes, slowly gliding and then darting around, as if to be playing and showing off for us. We both felt it was Christopher giving us much needed comfort and letting us know he was watching over us. I started telling Melanie about the butterfly that had appeared after the funeral. She looked at me with a startled look and asked, "Was it blue ?". I answered with the same startled look at her, "Why yes it was. How did you know ?" She slowly turned around and lifted her blouse revealing a small blue butterfly tatooed on her back. We just hugged and cried for a long time. She then told me Christopher knew she loved butterflies.

Several weeks after his death I was visiting my Mother and Father in Montgomery,AL. I was standing outside in her front yard and was on the front step getting ready to go back into the house. I felt someone touch my left shoulder and turned my head thinking it was my Father. A medium size orange and brown butterfly was sitting on my shoulder moving its wings very slowly up and down. I asked "Chris, is that you?". The butterfly turned toward my face and just stayed very still. It stayed there for five minutes or more and my mother saw it through the glass front door. Suddenly I heard a loud flutter of wings like a small motor and the butterfly took off like a rocket and went into a pear tree and disappeared. Mom and I sat on the front steps crying, laughing and hugging each other. Mom said it is strange, one feels happy, sad, comforted just so many emotions. We knew it was Christopher my son and her grandson helping us to know he was flying with the angels , happy and free touching the face of God. I still have all kinds and colors of butterflies fly all around me whenever I am outside in my yard working or even riding in the car and always when I stop at his gravesite. How wonderful is that !!?? Thank you for letting me tell my story. In Christ, Marsha
Shayna Harris, Seattle, WA
In February 2002 I had my first daughter. I had her by c-section because she was to big to have naturally. Two days after she was born I almost died from having a pulminary embilism from complications from the surgery and had to stay in the hospital while my newborn had to be put in a foster home while I recovered.

I hated the fact that I could not be with my daughter and I really hated the fact that she was in a foster home because I myself was in foster care and had a horrible experiance within the system.

I became very depressed and wondered why I had to go through so much .My docter worried about me and brought in a chaplain. I asked her why Life was so harsh why I had to struggle all the time. She could only read me a story. At first I did not want to listen but as she read on it inspired me. This story was about a man and a butterfly.

The man was sitting at his window and he saw a butterfly coming from it's cacoon for days he watched asd the butterfly struggled to break free from the cacoon and as days went by he started to feel sorry for the butterfly.He went to help the butterfly and broke open the cacoon and let the butterfly out. He left the butterfly there. After a few days he realized the butterfly was still there and it was walking, not flying. The butterfly could not fly and never would. The man failed to realize that when a butterfly is coming out of a cacoon it is meant to struggle so the fluids in it's wings could drain and the wings would become strong. Since the man helped the butterfly it did not struggle and instead of being strong it was now cripple and could not fly. The moral of the story is this: WITHOUT STRUGGLE HOW CAN ANYONE BE ABLE TO SPREAD THEIR WINGS AND FLY.LIFE IS DESIGNED TO BUILD STRENGTH AND PART OF LIFE IS STRUGGLE.
My husband died suddenly last year, on March 23, 2005. On my first visit to his grave site alone, a beautiful butterfly landed on my shoulder, I did not think much of it at the time, but every time I go this butterfly was there. I know they have a short life span, but cold,rain heat it was still there. About 2 weeks before my husband died , a beautiful moth like the one in the Lunesta ads , appeared on our carport, it was there unil the day he died! I have always been told if a butterfly lands on your shoulder, tell it your secret wish and it will take it on to heavan to tell God!
Carol, Warrington, PA
Hi My name is Carol, Back in 2004 my husband and I went on vaction and took our boat out. While we were docked, there were two butterflies around me and as we sailed off they continued to hang over my head and follow us out to sea. They stayed with me the whole trip and when we came back to dock they flew away. Ever since then every Spring there are always two butterlies around me; even where I live they always seem to fly over me when I take my dog out for her walk. I would like to know what this means? Both my Mom and dad passed away a year apart from on another, my Father 2000 and my Mother 2001. Could it be them watching over Me?
Cheryl, PA
On July 14, 2006 I lost my wonderful, loving husband in a car crash by a drunk driver. Ever since the funeral, he has been sending me butterflies. It started when we came out of the luncheon, there were 2 little brown butterflies that landed on our picture boards. Since then, there have been butterflies everywhere, just when I need them the most. One day, after having a really bad time of it, crying a lot, I asked Geoff to send me a sign. I felt that I did not receive anything. I later that day I went to the cemetary, and while there, 2 little butterfiles flew over my head and stayed with me......I knew, it was Geoff......sending me those butterflies, my sign that I asked for that he was with me!

Today, Oct. 14, 2006 just 3 months after the crash... today was the first MADD (Mother's against Drunk Drivers) "walk". My whole family went with me on the "Walk for Geoff". When we finished, there was a a song playing that we liked and there, in the trees was a butterfly. Geoff has sent us a sign that he was with us today at the walk. I miss Geoff every minute of every day, but I know he is with me, he sends me butterflies!!
Emily, San Antonio, TX
Just the other day my friend Vanessa showed me a bunch of butterflys, it was like butterfly heaven.We tride catching butterflys, we cought theme and then let the go.Ever since then I've been trying to cach butterflys here at home. MY mother made me a net to cath butterflys my younger sister uses the net to.I have fun cathing butterfly and letting them go. I've seen alot of different butterflys. Butterfly catching is now my outdoor activity. That is how butterflys touched my life.
Brittney Long, El Paso, TX
I read all of the stories before submitting mine, and I was surprised how many people thought like I did. I've always believed butterflies are a special gift from God. I really believe that now that my mother is home from having her liver transplant. Butterflies are a symbol of new life and without the transplant my mother would not have her new life. Never ever before have I seen more than maybe 2 butterflies together. But when my mother returned home, our trees in the front yard of the house were filled with about a dozen or so butterflies. Then my mother was looking out her bedroom windows and she noticed cocoons along the brick wall, shed, and house. It seems to me that God has blessed us with his presence, letting us know now that everything is going to be okay now.
Tagbilaran, Bohol, PHILLIPINES
I never know about the butterfly even though i was still in school. My mom brought all of my family to Cebu for burial of my grandfather. It was so hot.Everybody need fans.I was with them in church.i felt so cold and i told my grandmother that i want to go home but she said no..we have to finish mass for my grandfather.My Aunt looked at my back and whispered to my grandmother that there was big colorful butterfy at my back.My grandmother cried and told me that my grandfather hugged me. I didnt understand what it means.When my teacher in science discussed about the butterfly that is when i asked alot of question about it.I learned that i was the favorite granddaughter of my grandfather from my grandmother and all of my relatives, side of my mom. Sure, i remember when my grandfather and i spend together when i was small child that he tag me along to church everyday which he was a lecturer. Butterfly is really amazing...
Kari, Panama City, FL
My cousin recently had a close friend of his killed in a car accident, someone whom I did not know.. And for the past year and a half almost my life has been a complete mess up until recently things all started to work out, but for a while I had lost everything custody of my children and on top of it all relationships I have had had turned into total and complete disasters..

That is up until about 4-5 months ago I have slowly regained everything that I had lost including my children.. Last Firday night I was sitting outside of my house with my cousin who had just lost his best friend about a month ago when he looked over at me and asked me if I saw the butterfly that was sitting on the car parked infront of my house Before I could answer him he had gone and picked it up brought it to me and told me to hold my hand out, I truly did not believe that it would actually come to me but it did crawled right on to my hand and as I was sitting there holding this butterfly I felt a feeling I cant even put into words other then complete calm.. The butterfly sat there for about 5 minutes maybe 10.. My cousin was even able to go in my house and get my roomate so that she could see it as well I couldnt believe it.. If it had'nt happened to me I wouldnt believe it. and then finnally after fluttering its wings a couple of times it just flew away and every now and then I think I see that same butterfly around my house.. as strange as it may seem its true but I am very curious as to wether or not this is common from what I have been reading its really not what it means though I would like to know...
Ashley, Florence, SC
Hi everyone! I have a story for everyone! It's not about me, it's about my boyfriends brother, Kelly Kieth, who past away serving our country in the MARINES. I did not get to meet him but, I do know that he was a well loved young man. He made great accomplishments and had an amazing family! He was loved by everyone. His brother Dustin called him Bubbie, so now when anyone in the family see's a butterfly we always say there's a Bubbie Fly! The whole family calls them Bubbie Flys! I thought that was a wonderful name they call butterflies! So whenever we see a butterfly, it reminds us that Bubbie is here with us. He is watching over Dustin and his family. There are butterflies everywhere in this country. So I guess that means that Bubbie is still serving this country, no matter where we go or where we are! This is a cute little story of how butterflies are not just insects they are memories also! Memories that will be in their heart's forever! I thought that Dustin and his family would appriciate this! I love all of you!

Kelly, you will always be remembered, wether it be by the MARINES or even the things you have accomplished in life, or even by the wonderful mom and amazing family you have! I will always be able to remember you when I see a butterfly! Thank's to your amazing mom and family! They have made it a memory for me as well! WE ALL LOVE YOU KELLY KIETH!

I also want to take just a second to thank everyone in Dustin's family for being the AMAZING POEPLE they are! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

I love you all, Ashley!!!!! (Hope you like it Mrs. D.!)

"RED, WHITE, AND BLUE-Kelly Kieth will always be with you!" this is just a little something I thought of! I hope you like it Mrs. D and the rest of the family!
Jimmy Scott, Nashville, TN jimmyscott20@yahoo.com
Hi, my name is Jimmy Scott and I am a songwriter. I would like to share a story about something that happened to me in the days after my mother passed away this year. As I am a songwriter I hope you will grant me poetic license to quote the lyrics of the song I was inspired to write about the events ...


As I was walking deep in sorrow thinking about the times we shared
A butterfly danced round me – a white cloud in the evening air
And I knew that your soul was finally home and free
And it felt like a blessing . . . a message from you to me

Now you can fly, now you can soar
So high above this world where troubles are no more
The time has come to say goodbye
And let your soul go to heaven on the wings of a butterfly

Just a few days after, they called us to a church to pray
Loved ones gathered round you to bless and send you on your way
And as I got up to speak it suddenly caught my eye
White wings against the window . . . a beautiful butterfly

Now you can fly, now you can soar
So high above this world where troubles are no more
This love of ours will never die
So let your soul go to heaven on the wings of a butterfly
One day we’ll meet again in heaven . . . and we’ll fly like that butterfly

Copyright Jimmy Scott 2006
If you would like to hear an excerpt of this song please visit my website www.jimmyscottsongwriter.com. Many thanks.
Donna Carey, Crowley, LA plutodagirl@aol.com
On January 25, 2005, I lost my mother, stepfather, and stepgrandmother in a terrible automobile accident. My stepfather and stepgrandmother died on impact. My mom survived for five hours. The day after the accident, me, my sister, and my step siblings were at my mom's house. I remember being so overwhelmed with sadness, feeling like my heart would burst any minute. It was a cold, sunny day. I went outside, and sat on the front porch swing like me and Mom used to do all the time. I sat there and cried. I let it all out. I just couldn't believe that my mom, my best friend, was gone. As I was sitting there, I remember telling her... "Mama... I need you... I need you right now." I remember sobbing uncontrollably. The whole time I was sitting there crying, a yellow butterfly came and flew around me. It stayed there by me, until I stopped crying. This beautiful bright yellow butterfly, in the middle of winter, consoled me for a whole hour. It stayed with me the whole time I was crying. I felt like it was my mom. I actually felt like it was her spirit. After I stopped crying, it flew by my face.... then flew up into the sky. I was comforted. I knew it was my mom. Now, all I see are yellow butterflies. When I'm feeling down and depressed, I see yellow butterflies. It makes me feel like she's telling me... "I'm still here".

I remember reading somewhere that the Aztec Indians believed that butterflies carried a dying person's soul to the afterlife. I do believe that. Because that was my mom... that beautiful yellow butterfly... that comforted me that sad day.
Mei, London, ENGLAND lohme_65@yahoo.co.uk
I always think butterflies are so pretty and where we grew up, we used to see them here and there as I grew up in Malaysia, a hot tropical country.

Last year, our family had lost our brother, he was my second brother that I lost. When I was five I lost my 10 year old brother to leukemia, now this brother to lung cancer. He was very close to me as we were in UK, London for almost 14 years we were seeing each other when we have a day off together.

I am a nurse and 2 years ago, I accepted God in my life although when I was a teenager I believe in God but as our family background was Buddist, I never sort of embrace the faith of Christian. Each year we return home, my other two sisters and I, we are all nurses in London.

One particular year, 2005 as soon as we landed in the airport, while I was waiting near a carpark I saw from a distance my mum tellng my sisters and crying, went over and to my shock, was told that my second brother had been diagnosed having lung cancer and it had spread to his bones. We prayed and we broke the news to him as my family hadn't the faith to tell him in case he will be depressed. After much thought we broke the news and he took it calmly.

We started chemotherapy and months of worry and prayers, we went back to our lives in London and carried on with our job, and last July we returned home after 6 months back to London, we nursed him as he was deteriorating and after 9 days he died, I was with him on his last 2 hours of his life, he and I had always been close especially the last 14 years we often did things together, to cinema, to have lunch and dinners...needless to say, we all have our past and different family dynamics, our brother since young was a bit rebellious, hence he was never loved by our eldest brother, and father.

The months he was dying he was often lonely and in pain the last few months as his medication was not enough to control his pain, morphine was much against with our mother...she never meant any harm, just think it will make him more confused and addicted, but we have nursing background, we didn't know he was in such bad stage, he was having pressure sore, and bedbound and not eating at all but having Complan drinks, nourishing drink. Our kind 2 sisters took care of him to their best ability. Our father ignored him and when we had the precious 9 days with him, we seen him sometimes delirious and screaming in pain, but with morphine increased his pain was in control. He loved to pray to God, and when he died and he rubbed my hand before he drew his last breath, he shed tears, he couldn't talk for his last 15 hours of life, told him to let go and go to God, he is waiting. He told us one night he was in such pain and after going to toilet coludn't find his way back to his room, after he prayed and prayed, there was a man in golden robe pointed and showed him his way back ... many times he told us this same story, we always believe God has been there for him now and then.

He died on 23rd of August 2005 and he has a Christian funeral, and when his coffin was laid into the earth, there were 2 little yellow butterflies on a spot nearby, not moving but very still as we said our prayers and we said our goodbyes in our ways.

When I returned to London, one day on Mooncake Festival, a Sunday, I cried and still miss him, I went to my kitchen, and there was a small butterfly on the wall, never in my 8 years in this flat, there come a butterfly, it stayed there for hours and we used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen as he comes for lunch or dinner on his day off. And many times after that, now and then there are butterflies outside my flat, once I was holidaying in Colorado, many butterflies fluttered by and one landed on my shoulder. My eldest sister and mother sometimes see butterflies here and there, sometimes one or two inside our house in Malaysia. I know he tried to tell us it is ok and he is happy, He was never loved by his own father, he didn't even go for his burial, but he is loved but our Heavenly father. He led a sad and hard life, but he was such humble and kind man, and through his death, he left us a legacy.

My mother found God and praise God, my mother is saved! She is 78 years old and goes to church every Sunday. Once I lost a premature baby and I was sad as I nursed him for many months. On my way home as was about to take a seat after saying my goodbye to the baby, there was a dead butterfly on the bus seat. Somehow, butterflies bring me comfort and peace, and I believe that sometimes we need to let go our loved ones and let God take care of them They will come back in their own ways and times to remind us it is ok to be missing them but they are happier in God's hands.

Butterflies lifespan is short, but they go through much struggles from caterpillar and coming out from their coccon, they lived their lives to the fullest, fluttering here and there, enjoying God's beauty, flowers to flowers...they brings their own beauty and kindred spirits to us, touch us in their on ways, I for one like many others have our own story and encounter of butterflies in our lives. To you all, may butterflies touch your lives like they do for me....... God Bless. MEI LOH. SEPT 17TH 2006. TRIBUTE TO MY BELOVED BROTHER SIMON LOH, AGED 49 YEARS OLD.
In the year 2005 I was walking along the highlands of Ireland with my family as I was walking I noticed two white angelic butterflies flying towards me. So we stopped to look at them. When we stopped the butterflies flew around me they didn't stop until my family told me to keep walking. But after that white butterflies now land on me or follow me.
Magan, Swanton, OH
Last Saturday, the 26th of August, my brother was getting married in a park near a river, and as they were reciting their vows, a butterfly just flew right in. It happened so quickly and I didn't think to get it on camera. Later on, I was told that more butterflies were seen just before my sister-in-law walked out to get married. I even saw one right before the wedding. The wedding coordinator said she'd look it up, because she thought it meant something, but we haven't heard anything. I looked it up and it mainly said that it's rebirth, death, and joy. Kinda interesting. I'm hoping that it means that they'll have a baby before long.
Alexia Jones, Atlanta, GA alexia@dancinginpurpose.com
I am a modern dancer and I work with people who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Recently,I asked my class three questions. Where have you been? Where are you now? and Where are you going? After they answered the question I then asked them to think about recovery as a process and I referred to the transformation of a butterfly.

The next week I went to beautiful place called Jacob's Pillow to dance with 10 other wonderful dancers to discuss how we can affect our communities through dance. On one of the days we attended an outdoor performance. The next day one of the dancers came to the studio with 5 cocoons. They were amazing! She allowed me to take care of them over night. At 5:44am the next morning I was awakened by a beatiful Monarch Butterfly breaking out of it's cocoon.

It reminded me of what I told my class the Friday before. As I watched this beautiful example of change I was moved to tears. I know God himself was telling me to keep doing the work that I am doing. By the end of breakfast another butterfly was birthed. We then took them outside to let them fly away. Before one of them flew away it landed on my chest and fluttered its wings a few times as if to say keep dancing the message of change. Yes indeed God certainly blessed with his creation.
Emilie, Sterling, VA
Last July when I was at soccer camp, I was waiting for my father to pick me up. I was hot and really wanted to go home. I really wasn't too happy either. When we got back to camp from the pool, there was a butterfly flying all around. I could have played a soccer game, but I was too tired. So I just sat there by the soccer goal watching the game. Suddenly the butterfly landed on the back of my shirt. I didn't know it, but people were coming up to me from the water cooler and telling me the butterfly was on my back. I moved my back a little and the butterfly landed on my shin guard.

The soccer game we were playing was called world cup, and it was more like a series of games than just one. If you lost a game, you would be taken out of the whole series. The last remaining players won the world cup. The butterfly started to move to my hand. It might have been drinking some of the remaining water on me that spilled from my water bottle, but it was still a remarkable thing to have a butterfly be so unafraid of me.

When people came out of the games, the butterfly started landing on them also, probably because of water as well. Everybody was trying to get the butterfly to land on them. What was remarkable as well was that sometimes people would move and the butterfly would just stay on them. Some people even made the butterfly walk on them.

It was a monarch, the most well known of all butterflies. We kept playing with it. Sometimes it would fly off of our hands and go to the water cooler. My father was one of the last people to pick up their child, so I got to play with the butterfly the longest. I was glad to play with it for so long. It was a really fun experience.
TonieLee, Nashville, TN
I lost my mama in 1996 from cancer. I moved back home to care for daddy. I lived upstairs and he lived downstairs. We would sit every nite with my new husband - a horsecop! In his last dying days we hung butterflies that we cut out of sheets of decals and we hung them all over his curtain as he slept for a surprise when he woke. Mama traveled the world doing ceramic shows; her handle was butterfly and daddy's was Big Daddy. Daddy loved cutting up on the cb as mama would get on for those ole smokey reports!

She collected butterflies and butterfly ladies till the day she died. And in my worst of days I can always look outside and see the big yellow butterfly with black trim (Mama knows it was my favorite) on the sheet of ceramic butterflies they sold. So only that butterfly has significance to me and never fears to always appear when it seems to be the darkest. And I sit in the swing that once sat on their porch and I close my eyes listening to mama sing!

I know that even though I cannot see her she sends me signs in her own ways! For why else would that exact butterfly appear on my worst of days?

Ten years have passed and life goes on But everyday that has passed I have talked to her as if she was here! Because I Believe!! And I Believe the butterflies are her signs for my own eyes to see.
Sherri, Raleigh, NC
In 2003 my best friend Kathy Bednarz passed away. She ran a Drive-In Movie theater in Durham NC for many years, so naturally her wake was held there. When my boyfriend and I walked across the parking lot we saw about 12 butterflies of different varieties sitting on the ground drinking something, possibly a coke that someone had spilled.

I just stood there and watched them circle, land and drink together as the sun was going down across the lot. With all of the sadness in my heart, I still felt joy knowing that my best friend was now free from all of the doctors, medicine and treatments for her health conditions, and that she too now had her wings. When a friend touches your heart so much that you never want to ever let them go, a butterfly appearing in your life can lighten your sorrow.

Kathy promised me before she died that she would be my guardian angel when she got to the other side.

Two years later I got out of a horrible job and was sent to GA for training for 5 weeks. I was really scared being on a new job in a strange place. I saw so many butterflies in GA. Every time I went outside they were literally teaming all over the place, in all colors and varieties. When I came home after training, I was tending my garden outside, and a huge black and metallic blue butterfly sat on my hand and allowed me to raise him up to my face to get a better look. I got to see him up close and examine every vein, and every marking of his little wings and his colors. He was not injured, but he sat on my hand for a long time, just fanning his wings. He was so beautiful I couldn't breathe for fear of scaring him away, but that moment will stay burned in my memory forever.

Butterflies will always symbolize evolving, and changing, and new life for me, as well as unbridled joy, hope, and exuberance for life. I now place banana peels in the garden and plant flowers that are trumpet shaped to attract the butterflies.
Lue, SD roadstarMNR@hotmail.com
When we lost my brother on Dec. 26, 1985 the next day there was a rainbow, it wasn't bright but for sure there was color in the sky [not normal for winter here]. Then on Dec.17, 1999 we lost our son to suicide and the next day there was a colored sun dog [a circled rainbow]. It was hard for all of us [we had two other girls] and eventually I found the strength to be strong for the rest of my family. But though we gave each other unconditional love, my husband slowly died inside, and on July 17,2006 he chose to join our son.

With one of my girls married and the other planning to marry next year I felt so alone [and sometimes still do] I was very upset and couldn't believe he didn't leave me a note. I felt as if I was going crazy, my daughters got medicine from the doctor to calm me. The night that I found my husband my daughter gave me a candle to burn at night for him, I believe on the 4th or 5th night the candle reflected a perfect heart. I still have the candle but only burn it for a little bit once in a while.

I stayed with my daughters till my huband's birthday [Aug.11]. Then I told the girls I need to go home. Two days after his B-Day there was a complete extremely bright rainbow crossing the entire sky with another half one beside it [I believe it was from my husband and son]. I know this is all hard to believe but it's true and on the third day after his B-Day I opened the door to the house and a butterfly flew in. I tried to catch him to put it back outside but it won't let me [I see him from time to time]. I love and miss them very much!
Rebecca, Sarasota, FL
Every day when ever I am feeling sad or down or feel like life is at its worst I look outside of my classroom window and see it, a small yellow butterfly, and I stop and think to myself "God hears me and loves and shows that he cares." And the strange part is when I mention it to my friends they can not see this beautiful creature fly past the window. This my sign from God. And that is all I need to get through the day
Gloria King Hastings, Chattanooga, TN
Shortly after my brother's unexpected death in August 2005, a beautiful yellow swallowtail butterfly began showing up in my garden. I marveled at its delicate beauty, observing as it danced across the flowers. Other butterflies began visiting daily; I frequently saw tiny white and yellow ones, who showed up in tandem with hummingbirds. Most remarkable about these butterfly encounters was the timing. They always seemed to show up just when I needed them; often they appeared when I thought of my brother. Watching these tiny creatures flit around always distracted me from my grief, reminding me that transformation is a part of life, but that the help we need arrives at the right time and in the right form.

A few months after Allen's death, my sister Pam and I experienced a "blow out" on the freeway during a road trip. Stranded on the side of the road and waiting for assistance, we questioned our safety. At that instant the yellow swallowtail appeared, flitting all around us, staying close. We were immediately comforted. Under improbable circumstances, we had another "blow out" about an hour later, after changing vehicles. Our roadside position was precarious and again we wondered about our safety; however, the yellow swallowtail returned, flying all around us until the tow truck arrived. Then the butterfly dipped its wings as though saluting us, and disappeared.

We know the feeling of peace and comfort in such a potentially dangerous situation could only have come from our brother.
Deltona, FL
February, 1996, I received the call that I knew was coming, but dreaded to get. My mother had been fighting cancer for several years and it finally got the best of her. I got there in time to spend several days with her before she died. As I sat beside her bed I remembered the days when we would go on a road trip, she loved to travel. We always had a CB radio in the car back then, and her CB handle, ""name"" was butterfly. We would talk back and forth to different people along the way, laughing at there jokes, giving comfort to those who needed it. When we would get back from the trip, daddy would always have a dozen yellow roses on the table to welcome us back home.

Well, after several days of her drifting back and forth into a coma, God came to take her home. I thought my world would end, I came back home to Florida after the funeral and grieved for my mother. I thought nothing else could possibly go wrong that year, I thought I had seen the worst, but I was wrong, exactly eight months to the day my mother died, I was sitting at home when the phone rang. It was the highway patrol of Chattanooga Tenn. That's where my oldest daughter lived. I remember him saying this is the higway patrol and thats it, some how I knew what he was going to say all I could do was fall in the floor,saying, Don't you dare say that to me, before he ever said another word. My husband came and took the phone from me, and took the information. She was killed in a car accident driving home from work.

Again I traveled to Tenn. this time to bury my child. I was in a state of shock the whole time, I really don't remember anything It was a closed casket, no one wanted me to see her, but I got to hold her hand for a few minutes, to say goodbye.We came back home to florida again, this time I couldn't even get out of the bed some days. I spent what days I did make it out of the bed on my back porch, sitting in the sun.

One day I started seeing this yellow butterfly it would fly around in circles, and landing on a hollyhock bush full bloom with flowers I had in my yard. After a day or two I saw that now there were two yellow butterflies coming everyday at the same time, when I was sitting out there. They would fly up and down as if they wanted me to see them.They would play and it looked like they really enjoyed being together. I would always watch and I made sure I was out there everday at the same time. This went on for about two weeks. This was the only pleasure I had in life at this time, watching the butterflies.

Then one day I was waiting for them to come by, and no butterflies, I went back in very sad that I didn't see my butterflies. The next day I'm there waiting, no butterflies. I was going to give up but the thrid day I went out and waited. In the distance I could see what looked like my butterflies, but something looked wrong, I got up from my chir to see better, and I seen one butterfly was carrying the other one it was dead. It brought it to the holly hock bush they loved so much to sit on. The other butterfly sat there for several hours while I watched over them, it looked like it was trying to put it inside of a flower. After a while, the butterfly spread it's wings in the sun and flew away, the next day I was waiting and sure enough my one butterfly was back, flying in circles up and down and landing on the bush.

I truly believe this was a message from by mother and my daughter, that no matter what happens you have to go on with your life. They were showing me it was time for me to stop grieving their death and to live,and be happy again. Every summer when I go out, I watch for my butterflies to return, I have built a special garden for them to encourage them to come and play, and to remind me that life goes on. This is dedicated to my Mother Mary louise, and my daughter Mary Elizabeth, may you spread your wings in the sun and fly.
Scarlett, Toronto, ON CANADA
My first-born child, my daughter Sonja. Was born on January 6, 2006 at 36 weeks 4 days. My pregnancy was great and we were very excited about the arrival of our long waited for baby. There were complications during her birth due to the fact that Sonja's hips were locked up and her knees could not bend. Our darling baby had a horrible undiagnosed genetic disease called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) My perfect baby's body had started to atrophy and weaken in the womb including her lungs. Sonja could not survive once her umbilical cord was cut. She could not breath and died 35 minutes after her birth. It was the best and worst day of my life. Sonja had an incredible spirit and it was felt by anyone who had come in contact with her through me, midwives, my friends, doctors, family. Her spirit was released and felt by everyone in the operating suite the day she was born and died.

At the hospital they use a picture of a butterfly, a monarch, on your door if your baby dies. I had a c-section so had to stay in the hospital for 4 days, it was not till the second day I noticed the picture. I asked my midwife about it and she said that they use the butterfly to represent an infant death so that others coming to the door will be sensitive.

Before that on the day after I lost Sonja my sister had brought me pictures that my nieces had drawn for us. My sister had to go home on the day Sonja was born to my 5 and 9 year old nieces who were waiting to hear and see their first cousin that she had died. At that point my sister said the girls began to draw pictures. My five-year-old niece started drawing butterflies; we have never seen her draw butterflies before. After my midwife told me about what the butterfly meant I told my sister and we were amazed when we thought of Grayson's picture.

There have been many more butterfly encounters, I see them all the time especially when I am with my nieces. I have become obsessed with butterflies too and plan to get my baby girls name in the shape of a butterfly tattooed on me after the summer. I know that my Sonja visits me and sends me butterfly kisses and her Daddy too. When I read some of the stories I cried, they are so similar to the experiences I have had and there are just too many of them for it to all be coincidence. I too feel that Sonja represented a butterfly, she was my little wriggling caterpillar inside of her cocoon and when she was born she lived a short time and was so beautiful (lots of black hair and a perfectly bowed pink mouth). She is my butterfly baby.
Rebecca, Riverside, CA
My father had passed away early morning on July 20,2006. My husband and I had went to my father's church to find the priest and noticed a big, beautiful yellow and black butterfly flying above our heads. It flew right around the both of us in front of the church. Few days later,I noticed the same kind of butterfly at my fathers funeral. Three days after the funeral the same kind of butterfly flew around me and my family in my father's yard. I finally understood why the butterfly was around; it was to let me know that my father was at peace with the Lord and that he had went to heaven. I recently found out that a butterfly is the resurrection into a new life, and that helps comfort me.
Lora, PA
My step dad, Geoff was killed in a car accident July 14 2006 he meant everthing to my mom and to me, my husband and my two boys! The day of his memorial service two little butterflies landed on the picture boards we had with all pictures of Geoff and us and no doubt in our minds it was him putting them there.

We started having butterflies coming around .... beautiful yellow and black ones and orange and black ones. I walked out of my house and one came up over my house and went down my brick walk way in front of me and when I got to the end of the walk it flew away back up over into the back yard again. My boys and I went to play miniature golf the other day and this white butterfly flew up to my son and went right in his face and around his head and my older son said that it was poppop. My younger son will chase after the butterflies when they fly away and he will say "come back poppop" so sweet but boy does that make me cry. I had a yellow and black butterfly fly up to my front windshield at a fast food drive through right up to the glass then fly away.

We have had so many butterfly stories since his death I know it is him, We miss him so much life will never be the same. "Geoff keep sending the butterflies (the boys really like it, we all do.....) so we know you are near, we love you and will never stop loving you."
Rockford, IL poet1animal@yahoo.com
While visiting friends one early summer afternoon in Grand Marsh, a little village just north of the Wisconsin Dells, I happened to find myself looking around our friend's backyard. I felt alone, confused, deserted, an empty shell, if you will. My life has always seemed to be a struggle against overwhelming odds and today was no exception. I wandered into their greenhouse for no apparent reason and gazed half-heartedly around at the little seedlings clutching soil, that was to them, life. Some of the older plants had odd shaped flowers to vainly display their colors; yellows, blues, reds, blacks, in curious shapes or rather, invitations.

Out of the corner of my eye, I happened to catch sight of a small, dark, iridescent blue object, bobbing up out of the foliage, trying to crawl on the glass, to get past it, to escape. I watched intently as the fragile creature vainly swept back and forth, unable to understand what it was that was blocking its way, collapsing back down again and again. I knew it would soon tire from the hopeless effort and succomb to the fates.

Without thinking and as gently as I could, I slipped over to the creature and as it came up out of the foliage cupped it into my hands; there was no movement. I quickly made my way back outside and once there raised my hands and opened them. The butterfly just sat on the palm of my hand, like a statue, for what seemed like forever. I thought that maybe I had held it too tightly or injured it in some way and tears began to swell in my eyes at the thought of being so careless. Just then its large blue wings began to sweep slowly up and down.

Quick as a flash, it took off; up and outward it went, fluttering this way and that, as if in joyous union with the sky. A smile glazed my teary eyes as it rose higher and higher, up and over the lofty pine trees and out of sight.

It occured to me that all of my life I had been fluttering, in vain, against a glass wall like this butterfly; unable to escape. All I had to do was trust in the God of my understanding, to take me up into his gentle grasp and release me to the waiting wind. I flutter about meadows of flowers of love and friends and dreams that bloom, and to this day, sustain me. Nature is God's school and we are the students. Lessons can be learned if we are willing. Thank you God and Thank-you Red-Spotted Purple - Flutter free, farmer of flowers!
Sharon, NJ sharomano@aol.com
I lost my son to Neuroblastoma, a Pediatric Cancer in October 2005 after a 7 year battle. My dad was very good in helping me with things that needed to be done at the cemetary. He even bought me a pink rake. My dad passed away July 2006 eight months after my son. While visiting the grave a few days after his burial I moved some of the flowers around and a small yellow butterfly flew out. Next an orange and black a little bigger in size flew around. As I smiled and though of those as signs from my dad a black and blue butterfly landed on top of the flowers in front of me. I smiled and said "Daddy I know they are from you." I miss them both so much.
Brian Jerstice, Moshi, Kilimanjaro TANZANIA
Kids often chase butterflies, but have you seen butterflies chasing kids? If you'd like to, welcome to Tanzania! Here is the story of my first experience, a couple of years back...

I was walking up from the River Karanga, beside the village of Shirimatunda, Moshi,overlooked by Mount Kilimanjaro. I first heard a great hullabaloo and then saw a group of about a dozen excited children, squealing with delight. Most of them had a small "tiara" (literally a kite) consisting of a small stick and a bit of string trailing a piece of paper, about two inches square. Following rain, there were very many butterflies around. As the children galloped around, trailing their mini-kites,they attracted butterflies to follow, yelling with laughter when they succeeded. Hardly believing my eyes, I asked one of the kids "Do your toys really attract the the butterflies?" I got the unforgettable reply: "Ndiyo! Vipepeo wanacheza nasi!" (Yes indeed! The butterflies play with us!). I felt twenty years younger! Since then I have verified the fact that African c hildren do play with butterflies. I later saw a girl standing still, legs wide apart, as she whirled her "tiara" around in a big circle - with two buterflies following. It was a memorable vision!
Tammy, MI
My father passed away on December 26th, 2005. It really upset me because I hadn't seen him in 30 years, recently I had been sending pictures of my family to him, and had planned to visit him this summer, he was from Kentucky. His death, hit me hard. When spring begun, I had started to see alot of yellow and black butterflies, I even made a coment to my husband, about how many I had seen, this year. We had a family picnic, while we were driving to the park (50 mph), I saw a yellow and black butterfly out of my window. It was as if it were traveling along side of us. The moment we reached the park, I got out of the vehicle a yellow and black butterfly, circled around me 3 or 4 times. Finally, When we arrived at home I decided to go online and look up yellow and black butterflies. I found that the butterfly was a Kentucy Swallowtail. I felt as if that was my fathers way of telling me he is around me. I am now a huge butterfly fan!!
Terra, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
Three years ago my grandma passed away. We had always had a special bond and exchanged butterfly themed objects as gifts. As she was passing away I told her that I loved her, to come to my wedding and to come visit me wherever she is. She had always come to visit me through dreams and that is what I expected to happen the night before my wedding. But it didn't happen. I got married outside on a beach on Vancouver Island. As I started to walk down the isle a pure white butterfly landed on my bouquet and followed me down the isle. When I reached my groom it danced halos over our heads as we exchanged vows. It was stunning and beautiful. The second that it landed on my bouquet I knew it was her and felt relieved that she made it.

All the guests were in awe at the special visitor (only few knowing what was really happening) The strange part is, is that most of the guests sent me copies of the ceremony photos and not one single photo has the butterfly!

What a special and beautiful gift that only my grandmother could have given me.
Foggy, Savannah, GA
"What seems to be the end to the caterpillar is the butterfly to the master." - Richard Bach, Illusions

Yesterday evening, not long after I'd returned from making all the necessary arrangements for my husband's funeral, I went out to the garden we'd been preparing, to work and meditate for awhile. An old friend from high school came by and so we went and sat down to talk for a bit.

While sitting there remembering times we'd all shared together, along comes the most beautiful blue butterfly. Now, first off thing is....I've never seen a blue butterfly here in my own backyard. The butterfly began to flitter all around my feet and my chair....dancing all around on the ground in front of me. I couldn't help but get a little tickled and looked at my friend and said, "you know this is very odd". She was equally as astonished at the behavior of this little creature and the expression on her face was one of pure amazement.

Being a little silly, but almost believing that I was experiencing some type of miracle, I looked down at this butterfly and called it by my husband's name, and asked if it wanted a kiss. Almost immediately the little butterfly flew up to my hand that was placed across my lap and rested there. I just sat looking at it....then it picked up and danced in my face then landed on my eyelid for a moment. I began to weep, as did my friend. I froze. As my friend was crying she was telling me in a soft voice, that never would she have believed what she was seeing, had she not been here to see this for herself. The butterfly descended from my eyelid and rested once again on my hand for a few moments....then just as quickly as it had appeared, it took off to the tops of the trees and disappeared.

She and I sat there and just looked at each other....hardly able to believe what had just happened. As we sat stunned, she told me that she had no doubt that we had both just witnessed something incredible and that I had been truly blessed.
Natalie, St. Petersburg, FL
My wonderful father passed away suddenly on February 1st, 2006. I was devastated because we were so close. I talk out loud to him all the time, telling him I love him and miss him.

One night recently, I was crying and I asked him to show mw a sign that he was ok, and that he was still with me. Nothing happened. The following night at around 9:30pm, I opened the front door to walk outside, and immediately something landed on me. I brushed it away, thinking it was a beetle or a Palmetto bug. It flew into the house and landed on the wall. My husband said "look it's a butterfly!" I couldn't believe it. A butterfly at night? That lands on me as soon as I open the door? I just knew it was my daddy giving me the sign I needed so desperately. Now I know he is safe with God and he is still with me. Thank you Daddy!
Kelly, Kingwood, TX bobutterfly@hotmail.com
"God put butterflies on earth to remind us that he forgives and he is willing to give us second chances."

I am a 23 year old recovering addict. I have been clean and naturally healthy for 4 years now, yeah!. I was in rehab trying to figure out if I was going to be strong enough to forgive my self and leave that destructive life style behind. After a meeting everyone went outside to light their cigarrets and that afternoon changed my life in the most profoundly simple way. Walking past everyone I found myself kneeling by a flower that a butterfly had landed on, and in that butterfly I saw the will power that it must have taken to turn itself from a caterpillar into that free flying butterfly, and if a catapillar is strong enough to tranform into something beautiful, then so am I!

Any time I start to underestimate myself or feel bad without fail I encounter a butterfly and instantly I am reminded to fly free and believe in myself. and that's just the power of one butterfly, there's a billion more!
Frank, Rowayton, CT frank1330@optonline.net
I've noticed butterflies in my yard over the years - they seem to have a habit of fluttering around then landing at the very same spot over and over again. In the past, I've felt almost as if they were a pet. This afternoon I noticed one fluttering around the back of my house. I got an overwhelmihng feeling that the butterfly wanted to land on me. I tapped the top of my head a few times - and lo and behold he did land on me - not on my head but on my shoulder. He stayed there for at least 10 minutes, then flew away when my dog started to get interested. But a few minutes later I put my hand in the air and he landed on it.

I brought my hand to my face so I could get a good look at him - he was beautiful. Black, red, white, and blue (how appropriate it was 4th of July weekend! ) on the outside - Black and orange when he spread the wings. My wife said I have a vibe with animals - maybe she's right. It was a happy experience, and I wonder how common it is (my guess is it's pretty common - as much as I'd like to think of myself as special.
Mildred Aviles, Davao City, PHILIPPINES mgaviles@yahoo.com
For the past year I know that I have to take this examinaton to further upgrade my qualification. I have been busy taking care of my son and husband, finishing my degree, maintaining a home and at the same time having a career. The year went by so fast that I was not ready to take the exam. For the last 2 weeks, I was panicky on how to find time to study. On the last week, I went to visit the blessed sacrament and spent the time with the Lord just listening and pouring what is in my heart. I felt peace and know that everything will turn out well. After that day, whenever I think of the forthcoming examination, I didn't feel panicky and stressed anymore. I have left to Him everything and He will see me through.

On the day of the examination, I woke up early to get ready. Again I lifted up to Him all my weaknesses and anxieties and asked him to guide me. I went out to open our gate and by the lock I saw a beautiful butterfly that just came out of the cocoon. It was orange and black with dots all over its wings. It didn't fly away when I push the gate open. I thank the Lord for this sign. He wouldn't and didn't leave me. He was with all the time.

As of this writing, I have not received word if I passed. However, this feeling of peace has continued giving me hope, that truly the Lord has answered my prayers claiming it till this day.
Jadelin Craig, Fairbanks, AL
Well I don't have a story like everyone elses here. Most of them seem to be closures on a death of a loved one. Yesterday I was doing my tarot cards and then next day I was sitting outside on my lunch break and a swallowtail butterfly landed on my hand. It was so breath-taking that I didn't know what to think. The lady next to me said it means I will have a new boyfriend. I still don't know what to make of it, but I am still searching. Maybe it will make sense someother time. Until then I will keep searching, maybe someone might have something to say about what happend.
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