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January 2006 to June 2006
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Pam Clark, Oak Ridge, TN
It was a nice hot July day and I was stressing out over my grandfather dying . I'm a Christian and I was told he also was but I wasn't sure. I never heard him say anything about the Lord so I went outside cryng, worried where he was spending eternity. I asked God to please answer me where he was and out of the blue here comes this butterfly, it landed on my shoe. I have to add there wasn't a bug in sight not even a bird, it was really hot. I looked down at the butterfly and said you're so unusually beautiful. I had the perfect peace come over me. I knew without a shadow of a doubt he was up in heaven with the Lord. I went straight to the internet to see what the butterfly was called, it was a mourners cloak. God is so good and kind.
Robin Andrews, Indianapolis, IN
Four years ago my husband, Karl, died at the age of 42 to cancer. We have 4 children and our middle son, Philip who was 15 at the time wasn't home when my husband's breathing became very labored. The hospice nurse had told us earlier in the week that we wouldn't have him much longer. I was frantic that Philip wasn't there and his Dad was getting worse. They say that a person's hearing is still intact even though it seems that they aren't with us. I know that Karl must have heard that Philip wasn't home because he waited for him. When Philip came into the room and hugged his Dad he took his final breaths and then he went home to be with our Lord.

About 5 weeks later in early August Philip came home from his first football practice of the season and told me this story. It was a 90 degree day and the air was full of humidity. He said that there was this "yellow butterfly" that just kept flying around him all during practice which is about 3 hours. They ended practice with sprints and Philip said that as he was running he started feeling sick and didn't think that he could finish but that this "yellow butterfly" stayed in front of him as he was running. He said that he could hear his Dad's voice saying, "Hang in there Phil, you can do it".

After practice Phil and some other friends were riding home with his friend Pat. When Pat started the jeep, they all heard from the radio, "I love you, I miss you, I'll send you a butterfly". They didn't know if it was a song or if they really heard what they heard. It is truly a wonderful miracle for all of us. His Dad was letting him know that he would always be there for him.

Phil was a sophomore that year and played football for Roncalli High School. They went on to win the state championship that year in 2002 and then again in 2003 and 2004. He continued to see yellow butterflies at every practice and at many games. My other children and I all have had our own butterfly stories but Philip's is the most special because his Dad found a way to reach out to him. Who would have thought that a yellow butterfly would make such an impact on a 15 year old young man? Thank you Karl!
Rhonda, Knoxville, IA
This story goes out to a women I once met on line, and what she said, or didn't, stays very close in my heart.

Her story touched me so close to my heart I really can not convey. How she can remain so strong, she amazes me. I will have to say that I admire her so much. I have tried to look for her online and have not been able to find her. I really want her to know that she has given me so much strength to carry on, that I would like to give even just a little back to her.

ButterflyMom, you have given me so much, that you do not even realize. I had basically given up. How you dealt with what you had to do is just so far beyond what I would ever thought I could ever do.

If I remember right your son was 5, and that you raise horses,and that you are a nurse. I really do admire you and I really feel for you. I think that you are a really great person, and your son would be really proud of you. I have to thank you for when you email me. I wish the best for you, and comfort when you can find it.

I wish you peace. Love, Rhonda
Marie Langhorne, Hammond, LA modile45@yahoo.com
On October 1st 2005, I was faced with the decision to put my beloved horse, Trojan, to eternal rest. Even though I knew this was the correct decision, this is never something easy. I asked to be given a sign that trojan's spirit was at peace and everything was ok. As He peacefully layed down, I noticed 3 bright orange butterflies, fluttering around his body, circling from his head to his tail. they remained around him until the burial ground was ready. there were no other butterfly around.

The next day as I came to bring flowers to my horse, I was overwhelmed with a sense of missing him immensely. After meditating I opened my eyes .Right there fluttering between me and the flowers I had placed on Trojan's resting place was the gorgeous orange butterfly.

Every time I have needed a sign of comfort,or been in doubt, I see orange butterflies. They appear out of nowhere. At the age of 26, Trojan was suffering from heaves, it became very hard for him to breathe normally. In the science of colors, orange is the color of "Breathing easy". I know thatthrough the butterfly, my beloved horse is telling me that his spiritis fre ready to go on to his next incarnation.

Last week, I went to Costa Rica on a yoga retreat. As we walked through the rain forest, my friends asked me to take a picture of them at the natural waterfall.

A small bright orange butterfly flew on my hand and stayed there for a long time, before it flew away. Spirit knows no limit, no space or time. This has been of great comfort to me. I know that the incredible bond we shared, my horse and I, goes on forever.
Carla Evans, Raleigh, NC
God always uses an animal to bring me out of the drab mood I'm in where I've lost hope and things are dreary. One day, I was taking out the trash and crying about the way my life has turned. I was out the back dock where you have to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the dumpster. Crying out to God, I was asking Him why and what did I do to deserve the mess I was in. The trashbag had busted open and spilled all over me. Upon returning to the bottom of the steps I noticed something flying nearby. When I looked through the film of tears, there was a blue and black butterfly landing on the ground beside me. As I looked at it, it seemed to look back at me, listening to me with concern and understanding. My heart was instantly soothed and I stopped crying.

Since then not a day goes by that I don't see a butterfly. I have acquired the nickname "Butterfly" and many people leave them for me in the form of pictures to barrettes on my bed. I truly thank God for that experience, because when I get down there's always the memory of that day when God used a butterfly to listen to my heart.
Jeanette Treichel, Norfolk, VA
My son passed away June 24, 2001 at 19 years old. He lived for 10 days then died from the brain injury he had suffered. I was blessed to be there when he left this world. My heart could not handle coming home and looking upon the family portrait I had hanging up right when I would walk in the house. I didn't want to see my son in a picture, I wanted to have him physically with me when I came in. I went up to it and looked at my son and screamed out his name Jeffrey I love you!!! I then ran outside and started running. Something compelled me to turn around and I then went to my backyard and sat on my swing and I was calling out for my son. I looked up and all around me were these little white butterflies flying everywhere, they were engulfing me with this warmth, a peaceful feeling. It was a feeling of God embracing me. I immediately felt better.

At his funeral my son's friends also had a visit with the white butterflies. They started flying around each one of them and it landed on my sons best friend's finger. He was able to walk around with it till it decided to fly away.

At his one year anniversary we released 3 dozen butterflies at his grave. To me I was releasing his spirt to God. I played the song by Mercy Me. I can only imagine It helped me to let him go to trust him in God's arms.

It's been 5 years and I still long to see my son's smile but when I'm really down God will send me the butterfly the earth angel to comfort me!
Samantha, El Cajon, CA
Our whole family loves butterflies. This April my kids, husband and I were going to the Wild Animal Park to see the butterfly exhibit. We were just two blocks from home when my husband slammed on the brakes, I asked him why he did it, he said "look". There, in the middle of the street was a sweet little caterpillar. I quickly prayed that no cars hit it and miraculously none did. When the cars cleared I got out and moved the little one safely to the bushes on the side of the road. What a nice thing to happen on the way to see the butterflies. Jesus is so wonderful.
Judith Cleaver, Wilmington, DE
My Mother passed away 7 years ago. My Husband and I went up state Pennsylvania to a 1st Birthday part for my niece Amy's daugher Camila. Twenty years ago was the last time our family had all bern together in this park for a family picnic.

I was thinking of my Mom all day, as she loved her family so she held on from dying for the longest time with Cancer. I called my Dad today and he said that when he and my older sister Kitty were talking a large black and orange butterfly landed right on his shoulder and stayed a while and just looked at him and Kitty. And flew all around the pavilion thru the whole family. Then I told this story to my younger sister Ann she said yes she had seen the butterfly and it was near the bridge where her and daughter Mandie were talking.

We all think it was Mom taking spirit form in a butterfly to have on more glimpse of us all. She loved butterflies and hummingbirds which she always planted the kind of flowers near her window where they would come by. And the odd thing was a month before while vacationing in Key West a place I know she loved a butterfly perched on my shoulder long enought for my husband to take a picture of and said "Why Judy that's your Mom"
Amber, Norfolk, VA
My nanny passed away on May 27,2006. I am having a hard time living without her in my life. I would spend the night with her and go shopping we always would joke around and laugh so much.

Well on June 8th my friend and I were picking flowers in the rain, my nanny's favorite weather. I picked my flower and said "I love you nanny" my flower was closed a little so I pulled a petal back and two white butterflies flew out one circled me and the other one landed on my shoulder. I knew my nanny was with me.

Also, my mom and I went strawberry picking. my mom was talking about my nanny, and telling me how much she misses her and what happened when they would go strawberry picking and down came a butterfly and sat in the plant my mom was at. Now, when I see butterflies I know my nanny is with us.

I love you nanny.....Amber(13)
Aboh Chisom V., Lagos, NIGERIA chisomav@yahoo.com
When I was a lot younger in my college days, we were asked to write poems on any thing that tripped our fancy. My poem went thus, "...Oh! I wish I was a butterfly that flies where it willed, with no care in the world not even for what to eat." This wish God has granted in many ways.
Meleisha, Rockhampton, QLD, AUSTRALIA artemia_3@hotmail.com
I had never taken the time to think of the significance of the Butterfly until today when I was searching for Butterly tattoo's on google and I came across this website.

My aunt died aged 20 when I was just 3 years old. The amazing thing is I remember her better then some things only 4 months ago. I will always have the memories of her with me and we were very close.

When I turned 18 I inherited all of Susan's old jewelry, when I looked at it it was filled with Butterflies. Butterfly necklaces, rings, clips and even a beautiful bamboo jewellery box.

I never really realised just how much butterflies were a part of my life until a friend of mine helped me move one day. I had everything, jewelry, jeans that had butterflies on them, shirts, everything. My mother got a butterfly tattoo when I was 11. Last night when I was at our local fair I came across a airbrush tattoo stall. Immediantly I got two, a butterfly on my back and a ring of butterflies on my belly. Last night I thought about why I had chosen those so quickly and I came up with the theory it was just right for me. Thinking back to my childhood whenever I was in the garden with butterflies flying around, I knew that Susan was with me. It's something that you feel. My aunt had loved Butterflies and they shared many things in common. Both lived Beautiful but short lives.
Stacy, Spokane, WA
Last week I received a phone call from my estranged husband of over ten years telling me that he wanted a divorce and would be leaving me and his two children for another woman. His girlfriend of the past three years.

As a Christian woman, I did what I believed God would have wanted. Was a faithful wife, made a comfortable home, tithed what he gave us, loved our children, stood up for and protected ourselves against his abuse and absence.

This weekend I was very depressed and ill due to the knots in my stomach. Not because of the divorce but for the doom he said he had planned for us. I forced myself outside and planted the vegetable garden. Just as I started to dig a small ditch for the discarded antique rails I planned as a border, a gorgeous Swallow Tail butterfly landed just a few inches from where I was. It never moved an inch until I moved to the other side of the garden. Then again, it landed just a few inches away from where I was digging. As I worked, I spoke with this beautiful gift from God, thanking Him and telling "The Gift", he or she, was very beautiful. After the garden was planted, the visitor took flight and left me. So did my depression.
Victoria, Hart, MI
I was pregnant with my first daughter. It was a shock to find out that I was pregnant. With a lot of ups and downs in the pregnancy. I had kept thinking to myself that I was going to have her a week early. My due date was Jan. 31st. On my due date I was cring because I was supposed to have her on that day. As I plopped down on the bed to mope a yellow butterfly flew from the curtain where my bed was at to her bassinette, and just stayed there until I removed it. I was very surprised considering it was the end of January and I live in Michigan. I thought that the butterflies all migrated down south. I took it as a sign that everything was going to be alright. I ended up having my daughter a week late by c-section. I named her Lillian May.
Stephanie Eaton, Gloucester, MA
Today we buried my grandfather. He was 87 years old. The night of his death, I prayed to him to give me a sign that he was okay. After the funeral, I was walking back to my truck when I noticed a bright yellow butterfly fluttering around it. I stopped where I was and just watched. It fluttered around the truck for a several seconds, then made its way and past several headstones until it came to my grandfathers grave, where workers were preparing to lower him and replace the earth. The butterfly hovered around his headstone and coffin for several seconds as I watched in sheer amazement. It then flew off into the sky and disappeared. I looked around me and noticed that there were no other butterflies around. The yellow butterfly was the only one in the cemetary. My grandfather came to me in that moment and gave me my sign. He never let me down in life, and did not let me down in death. I miss him, but am comforted to know he is at peace and he is free.
Diane Martin, San Jose, CA
On Febuary 9, 2006 my beloved mother died. She loved butterflies. She had jewelry and her room was decorated with butterflies. They were her favorite and when she was so sick they gave her strength. Well I don't have to tell you how very much I loved her with all my heart.

I went to work after caring for her for 6 years and believe me my house was dark without her there. I was sitting at work one day very very sad and I was looking out the window and I said please God give me a sign she is alright and happy and I swear to you about one half hour later here flies by a beautiful yellow and gold butterfly and everyday around 11:00AM she flies by. I named her Miss Mom. This is a true story of a great love. Thank You Diane
Jennifer, Schenectady, NY morourke3@nycap.rr.com
Around January 2005, this active 31 yr old began feeling different, actually lousy. I was very fatigued, losing weight, losing hair, experiencing muscle/joint pain, and basically couldn't understand why I couldn't keep up with my daughter and daily events. I went from doctor to doctor and went through many physical and emotional ups and downs. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with me, but I knew that something was really wrong. I prayed for an answer which the doctors were not coming up with.

One day while getting vegetables from my mom's garden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the most beautiful butterfly, a big Monarch slowing spreading her wings and then it flew right over my head. At first, I didn't understand the significance of this butterfly, but now I do. I am now diagnosed with Lupus, and for those who do not know, Lupus is an auto-immune disorder which affects your joints, skin, and can affect your major organs.

One of the main characteristics is a butterfly-shaped rash which appears on your face across your nose and cheeks. Well, I had the clinical signs and abnormal blood work, but didn't have the "butterfly" rash at the present time. However, after looking at pictures of having my daughter, there it was. Stress, sunlight, and sometimes surgery can exacerbate Lupus. After many trips to the doctors with no answers, I felt very hopeless and scared, but the butterflies still appeared everywhere. I do not think that this was coincidence. I feel that it prepared me in a way to cope with a chronic illness, have hope, and "take time to smell the roses" in your journey through life which I never really did before this illness came upon me. I also look towards the symbol of the"butterfly" as a sign of a new me,a new way of living. So hopefully, the next time you see a "butterfly" take a moment to "look at life" because my life has certainly changed with this illness, but when I have a "bad day" physically, I look out my window for "hope" and God's wonder and love. This summer I know the butterflies will return.
Kristin, Hendersonville, NC kris87628@aol.com
On March 28th, my stepdad John, passed away after a 6 month battle with Stage 4 Abdominal Cancer. He came into my life 25 years ago and was everything to me - a father, friend, mentor and an "old soul" who anyone could count on and trust without question.

Years ago, we made a pact that whoever would pass away first would give the other a sign if they could. We talked about it a few more times and agreed every time.

About a week after his passing, I began to see yellow butterflies everywhere. They would fly in front of my car on the road, fly past my windows, fly right at me when I stood at my back door, and also fly around my Mom's house and yard when I was there. Sometimes they would appear out of nowhere, and disappear the same way.

On the road, they would appear out of nowhere and fly right across my windshield without ever being hit. I was driving at highway speeds of 50 and 55. I once encountered approximately 10 butterflies in a single car trip back and forth of about 20 miles. Since John passed a little over month ago, I have seen over 100 butterflies - and always the same yellow ones with black veins.

I have never seen so many yellow butterflies in my life! I assumed (reading a lot of books but never visiting this website or knowing the true connection) that John's soul was healing and cocooned, and now his spirit is well, free and making contact with me to let me know he is OK. I told my Mother at the start that I knew it was him, and she was skeptical.

I called my brother recently, and told him about the butterfly experiences. He almost couldn't believe what I had told him, because he's been seeing them too. Neither of us knew about the other. Also, my Mom said that when I am not at her house, she doesn't see any butterflies. Now, she believes they really are a sign from John.

I am so glad I visited this website and am overjoyed to learn of how many others have had the "butterfly" signs and messages. I knew in my heart all along that it was John - and I smile everytime I see the yellow butterflies knowing that his soul is soaring and visiting me in such a beautiful way.
Cheryl, Chicago, IL
My niece at the age of 23 was a fatality of domestic violence in her relationship with the father of her two yr old son. Her son's father chose to take his own life after he took my niece's, leaving my great-nephew an orphan. My brother and sister-in-law now raise their grandson as their own son. He is as sweet as his mother was years before to be smart and funny and the fact that he'll never know her is tragic, she brought a lot of love and life to our family, and thankfully her son gives the same.

My thought is this... my niece loved strawberries, I have a strawberry patch for the fact that my youngest son loved them also, I started with one plant for him 6 yrs ago, they take over a garden if you let them and they get sweeter year after year, to multiply in a good place to grow.

My great-nephew is a fan of strawberries like his deceased mother was and last year we had the best crop of berries.

I tended that patch because it just grew wild and lucious for fruit, but I saw this white butterfly from early spring all thru-out the summer hanging around my back-yard. I know it was my niece, butterflies are rare anymore for where I live... they don't hang around long at all. This wasn't the case for this persistant white-winged butterfly that seemed to enjoy my strawbery patch and backyard while I worked, this one hung in there! If I mowed the grass, there she was, if I hung clothes on the line, there she was. I know in my heart it was her. I just saw her again today for a new spring, mowing the grass for early growth, there she was, a tiny rebirth of herself to be a white butterfly again. Life goes on and as much as I know we returned her to the earth from which she came, she returns again and again to unearth the beauty of life for rebirth once again that is designed to comfort us. Her life was a gift. I miss her terribly, but I see her...She's free and powerful in her flight to enjoy life.
Kimberly, Manchester, TN osbornekimberly@bellsouth.net
My dad passed away almost 4 years ago. Last summer, I started noticing butterflies everywhere I went. They were mostly the black ones with blue around the edges of their wings. Everytime I would see these butterflies, I couldn't help but to think of my dad. I finally asked my mom if there was some connection to him and the butterflies. She couldn't think of anything. However, I remembered that I had seen his picture displayed somewhere with a butterfly figurine of some sort. Sure enough, she had his picture on the wall in her room, with a black and blue butterfly attached to the corner of it. Now that I have it figured out, and the more I call attention to it, the more I see them. Everytime I go outside or just look out the window, I see them. It's not just here at home either. It's anywhere I go. I feel like they follow me in a way, but it's nice. In fact, I think it's awesome! I've seen 5 today. That's 5 times I've been reminded that my dad is still around me, and what a beautiful reminder it is!
Ginger, Yukon, OK
Once when my husband was in Switzerland he had picked a small bouquet from the side of a mountain ... and spoke into the camera of a person who was photographing him, to take a pix of the tiny bouquet, and he was saying my name, and speaking to me as if I was there (guess he was missing me, and wanted to send me a bouquet). BUT, at that precise time, a beautiful butterfly landed on that tiny bouquet and stayed there. I have the photo with the butterfly perched on the flowers..cupped in the palm of his hand (we always believed the event was given to us by GOD, to remember the moment by)
La Donna Kovalak, Du Quoin, IL dsk6f4@yahoo.com
After my son Marshall passed away my aunt prayed for a sign from above that he was in Heaven. Her prayer was answered immediately. The next day her yard was filled with butterflies, what seemed to be hundreds of them. For 2 or 3 days her yard was full of butterflies. She said they even seemed to follow her in her car. When she would go somewhere she would see them all around her car. When she would get out of her car there they were.

She wasn't the only one to experience the butterflies. Two of Marshall's dear friends said when they were outside walking in their yard thinking about the tragic loss of their friend a butterfly got up in their face and would not leave them alone.

I too had my own butterfly experience. The day after they buried my son I was sitting out in my tent looking at some of his pictures my mom had given me when a small yellow butterfly came in my tent and sat their on the side of the tent for a minute or so and then it flew away.

For almost 3 yrs. now I have been seeing butterflies. Butterflies of all kinds. Real butterflies and fake ones. I see at least one everyday. I see this as a sign that my son is in a better place and everything is ok. I collect butterflies now. I have all kinds of them pictures, knick knacks, clothes, jewelry, yard decorations, etc. The list goes on and on. It makes me feel good to have them all around me.
Megan, NC
I was just 5 years old when my grandma died. I didn't know much about my grandma, but my dad used to tell me about how much she loved butterflies. He used to tell me that she would sit beside her window for hours and watch all the butterflies that passed by her window.

He also used to tell me that she knew everything there was to know about butterflies. She could tell you a lot of stories about butterflies and how special they were, because they were all a special creation by God. Now, every time I see a butterfly pass by my window, I know its a sign from my grandma telling me that she is doing okay, and that she loves me.
Emma Hasell, Bristol, ENGLAND
My now husband's dad died at the age of 51 out of the blue on 5th November 2003 of a heart attack. I was 17 weeks pregnant with our first child and their first grand child which he never got to see. It was very sudden and a great shock for everyone especially his wife Sandra and sons Luke and Marcus. I can't remember exactly how long after but i'm sure it was only a matter of days I recall going up stairs to find a butterfly where Martin last lay on the top of the stairs.

I picked it up which I thought quite strange as was November firstly and have never been able to get so close let alone pick one up before but straight away we knew it was special. We took it down stairs to put out the back door but it wouldn't go out instead it came back in and perched on my growing tummy for a good 5 minutes we called his sons in and from outside to see and from then on it stayed in the house for weeks and weeks.......it would appear when different people came around and if important things were to happen on the farm, it would always almost appear as if to say that he was there with us all.

Everytime I see a butterfly I think of my now father in law who has actually been gone longer than I knew him but was the most loveliest kindest man I have ever met......apart from my husband of course and our now two year old daughter loves butterflies and its so strange but where ever you look there seems to be butterflies everywhere. I know alot of people have been given great comfort from butterflies since he passed away.
Claire, Belfast. NORTHERN IRELAND clairemulgrew@hotmail.co.uk
I'm 25 years old now but I've been brought up with the connection between butterflies and an afterlife since I was a child.

My uncle died tragedly in a car accident aged only 33 and when my grieving mother asked for a sign that he was ok at his graveside a butterfly appeared and perched on his tombstone. Later when we travelled the 150 miles to our home the 'same' brown and orange butterly had settled into our house and stayed there, despite our family's efforts to set it free.

Several years later after taking my three final exams in high school I found three dead butterflies on the footpath. Needless to say I failed all three exans, and although I was disappointed I had an overwhelming sense that I'd be ok.

Again after my Granny died, the same brown and orange butterfly perched on our windowsill whilst I watched old home videos with my granny in them. I was once again overwhelmed but again it was reassurance that our family would get over our loss.

I've been to too many funerals when butterflies have perched on the coffin regardless of the season to dismiss these facts as coincidence. In fact, at my sister's wedding recently the 'same' butterfly was present at every step of the way, refusing to fly out the window.

There's a story about how a butterfly has to grow from a caterpillar. It leaves and no matter how it tries it can never go back to that life as it has grown into something better and has the freedom of a better place. I like to believe it's like that when someone dies. However much they can be with with us they too have gone to a better place and can't and would'nt go back. Needless to say that butterflies are my lucky charm.
Kathy Brunelle, FL bettybsjd@bellsouth.net
On April 11th 2005 I lost my father from CJD. Its a human form of Mad Cow. My father was my world. I saw him everyday and we were so close. I was very blessed to have held him in my arms while he took his last three breaths. I said everything I could possibly say to him, to make his journey peaceful, I held him close and told him, "poppa" it's ok to go now. At that point I knew he heard me and was ready to go to heaven. That day, part of my heart went with him.

About 1 month later, there was this butterfly a "Monarch" that was on my property every day. I had taken pictures of it and even looked close to the markings and they were the same. I found myself everyday when I pulled onto my property looking for him. This day was so weird, but awesome! When I pulled up, I looked to the right where I always would see him, but he wasn't there. Guess where he was? As I was driving up I looked out my window of my truck and it was flying very close to my window slowly as I parked. It was amazing. It was like he was following me until I stopped my truck.

I never realized much about the meaning of butterflies but I do now. This went on for months. Everyday I came home, he was always there. I have photos of him actually in my hand. I have taken many photos. Recently I asked, "poppa" to give me a sign, and 2 times last week a butterfly flew quickly past my face, (and the weather here is still kind of cold to see them). When I turned it was gone. I do know that these are definitely signs from our loved ones. Beautiful signs. I look foward to the warmer weather so I can see him again.
Teresa Cottrell, Crystal Lake, IL
My daughter Veronica was 17 yrs old when she was killed in an automobile accident in 1997. She loved butterflies. The night she died she was wearing a butterfly ring and a tie die butterfly necklace. I found after her death a paper she had to write for one of her classes at school. She titled it "Freedom of the Butterfly". The paper was to be a Epitaph, AND it was. She starts by saying her life was cut short in a violent storm (her death was very violent) … she goes on to say … leaving behind her family, friends, walking with God in her New place of Life, dancing in her beloved garden of butterflies and sunflowers … someday she will be reunited with the people she left behind … tears of joy, we will all be free … it is so comforting for me to have this paper to remind me of eternal life and someday I will see her again among her beloved butterflies!

There is so much more to Veronica's story and life but I will end here. P.S. a butterfly was seen fluttering above her casket on her burial day, it was white and small. My son pointed it out to me as the priest was doing the commital service...
Julianne, Long Beach, CA
I have been asked to write a poem about butterflies to read at my mother-in-law's funeral tomorrow. She was 86 and she died from alzheimer's. She loved butterflies.

My own father died two years ago, age 67, from multiple myoloma. I spent as much time with him as I could, bringing my young son with me on every trip, so that he would know his papa.

Two weeks before he died, I had a long conversation with my younger brother over the phone, and I admitted to him that although I knew my father loved me, loved us, wholly, I could not remember a time when I felt truly the center of his attention. He was very busy always, a hard-worker, an artist, a man of God.

In the week after he died, anticipating the arrival of my family for the funeral (for I am the only one still living near our home town, where he wished to be buried), I was in my backyard, painting my kitchen chairs (a hobby, that of restoring/repainting, that I attribute to my father). Suddenly a black and yellow swallowtail butterfly landed not more that two feet from me and sat completely still while I was painting. At first I was only remotely amused, but when it refused to leave, even when I leaned in practically nose to nose, I began to realize that I had become the center of its attention. No matter what I did, it would not take its focus from me.

The day after my father's funeral, we returned home. Coming through the garage, through the backyard, the first thing I spotted on the grass was a dead black and yellow swallowtail, on its back, wings outstretched. I picked it up, dusted off the few ants who had begun to claim it, and tuck it safely away on a towel, behind my jewelry box, where it is still.

I am convinced that my father found me through the aid of a butterfly, and let me know that I was wrong in my assessment of what I meant to him. Butterflies have since taken on an entirely different role in my life, for not one passes without my thinking of my father.

Thank you for establishing a place for stories like mine to be shared.
Priscila, Lemon Grove, CA
If anyone desires a wish to come true they must first capture a butterfly and whisper their wish to it. Since a butterfly can make no sound, the butterfly can not reveal the wish to anyone but the Great Spirit who hears and sees all.

In gratitude for giving the beautiful butterfly its freedom, the Great Spirit always grants the wish. So, according to legend, by making a wish and giving the butterfly its freedom, the wish will be taken to the heavens and be granted.
Mark Simkiss, Downingtown, PA
I've created a video story. It can be viewed here: www.dearallofyou.com/sacredheart/
Betty Sue Martin, Charlotte, NC
My 89 year old mother was admitted into the hospital several weeks ago and was diagnosed with renal failure. The doctor told us she had less that one week to live. I drove to Douglas, Georgia from Charlotte, North Carolina to be with my mother and three sisters and the rest of our family and friends. When I arrived at the hospital and walked into her room I noticed there was no color except for a green plant in a red, yellow and blue flower pot on the bed side table. I decided to browse around in the hospital gift shop to find some color to add to my mother's room. I saw the most beautiful embroderied, fabric butterflies covered with small pieces of stained glass.I decided to purchase four in different colors to represent each daughter (Magenta, Purple, green and gold) to represent each daughter. I attached the butterflies to a balloon bouquet and took them to my mother's room. They were beautiful and added color to the room and became a conversation piece for visitors and family especially when we told them they represented the four daughters.

When my mother sadly passed away on February 5, 2006 my sisters and I decided to place the butterflies on a spray of white carnations and roses to place on her casket. It was beautiful and the butterflies appeared to be resting on the flowers. One of my sisters visited our mother's gravesite several weeks later and was amazed when a gold butterfly fluttering its wings appeared in front of her. She said she knew it was a sign that everything was going to be alright. Although we are saddened by the loss of our mother we know she is in heaven and finally at peace.
Aida, Blaine, WA
My son had a fatal ATV accident one month before our planned trip to Hong Kong where he was born. For my daughter's sake and the fact that my brother and family had also planned to join us there from Australia, we went on our trip hesitantly as scheduled. The second day after we arrived, just outside of my mom's apartment building (a busy street with many cars and tall buildings) a black butterfly with bright blue spots came from nowhere and circled around me, my daughter and my nephew from Aussie (whom my son had been looking forward to meet) then it landed on his arm for 2 seconds and left. We all looked at each other and agreed that it had to be my son giving his cousin a hug. You just don't see butterfly like that in a busy street crowded with tall buildings and that blue was his favorite color.
Leah, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
I found this blog today simply because I was looking for information on the possibility of a butterfly landing on you.

I have had a thought for quite some time that butterflies are almost like little spirits, bringing messages of love. I have had two experiences where a close relative has died, and within a few days of this happening, while out running and thinking of these people, I have been touched both times, by a passing butterfly, one even during wild winds!!

Today I stood with my 10 year old Son and looked at a butterfly above us. I told him to hold his hand out and gently call for it to come to us. Not only did it fly around until it felt comfortable to land on his outstretched hand, it stayed around for about 20 minutes, flying around our heads, back and forth from a branch on a tree, then back to his hand a second time!! It was the most unbelievable experience, and all our motivational talk to our children about "positive thinking" and "creating reality through postive thought" paid off BIG TIME!! Just to see his face, light up when it landed after calling to him was worth more than words can say!
Donna Purcell, Springfield, MO
My husband Tom & I were childhood sweethearts & married very young. We were married almost 44 yrs when he passed away 3/31/05. We have a daughter,a son, 3 grandsons, & now a great grandson he never got to see. Tom had heart problems & had Triple ByPass surgery 14 yrs ago & did quite well for some time but then he started having heart attacks. He had 6 heart attacks in 17 months the last one taking him.

I always thought Butterflies were pretty but had no attachment to them. After Tom's passing I was obsessed with them. Everywhere I went I would find something with a butterfly, beautiful broaches,scarfs,clothing, which was so NOT like me. We had taken him back to the place we grew up to bury him & on the plane ride home as I dreaded going there alone, I was thinking about all the butterflies that come into my life. I thought about the caterpillar & how it struggles to get out of it's cacoon to be free & how painful that must be & it was so clear to me Tom had been in his cacoon of a painful body & on 3/31/05 he had gotten free to be a beautiful new creation with no more pain.I even have a picture of me standing looking down in the casket at him & it looks like I have a butterfly resting on the top of my head, it was in a flower arrangement on the shelf behind but you can not see the flowers at all just the butterfly. I shared this with my daughter when I got home & she being a teacher did some research. The information she found was a butterfly is ---- A Symbol of soul passing on.

Guardian angel. Transformation - offers protection during times of transition & a strong symbol of love. I thought this remarkable & gave me peace in my storm I was going through. I have seen butterflies many times & had them fluttering around me. One sat on the back step when I walked out & didn't try to fly away, the next day one was out front when I walked out there & didn't fly away. I feel his Love & Presence when I see them or even think & talk about them. Tom collected Eagle Statutes & about 3 days after his funeral his sister & I were going somewhere & in a place where they have no eagles we had one above us as we were driving, it circled 3 times & flew away. What an experience.
Marion Wisner, Sun City, FL mwwisn2@peoplepc.com

I killed you!
You were one of God's loveliest creatures --
Soft yellow, edged with black,
Exuding fragility and grace.
You had your life to live,
Brief though it was.
You might have been the ancestor of a hundred butterflies,
To bring hundreds of brief moments of beauty
To hundreds of care-laden,
Single-minded people like me.
Absorbed in self,
Intent on doing my own thing,
I ran over you,
Snuffing out your life and light,
Leaving one less symbol of good
To balance the ugliness of this world.
Vickie DeBasio, Cooper City, FL
My mother passed away from lung cancer on January 26, 2006. We knew that it was imminent but it still caught us off guard. During the planning process of her funeral, I decided that I wanted to release doves. Well, after doing some research I stumbled on the Indian Legend about the butterfly. I fell in love with it and decided that I must do that for my mother. After making arrangements with a company in town for 50 butterflies, I was excited. Yesterday, Jan 27, I received a phone call that she could only provide me with 18 for the burial on the 30th. I was upset. Today my husband came to get me from our bedroom saying, how many butterflies do you want? I looked at him quite puzzled as he led me to our back porch. He pointed up and showed me almost 15 cocoons that caterpillars had formed all around our porch. In 3 years that we have lived here we have never even seen a butterfly around here! I couldn't believe it. Then and there I knew that it didn't matter if I had 15 or 50 and I knew that everything would be ok.
Debra Stamper, Dillsboro IN
My son was in a car accident and was killed. As my friends and family who were at my house started seeing this monarch butterfly. It stayed around the house. Then I took his dog to the Vet and as soon as we opened the door of my van there that butterfly was. The day my son was put in the grave alongside his father, there were two monarch butterlies flying around as if my son and his father were together. My girlfiend went back to work and she received a magazine in the mail and there was a page turned up and sure enough it was about the monarch butterfly. The guy who owned the graveyard heard us talking about the butterflies and he came up to me at one of my visits and told me that he watched those butterflies and they hung around for a few days. I was having such a hard time I think my son was trying to tell me he was OK.
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