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Michael, Tallahassee, FL mchafin@admin.fsu.edu
This is not so much a story as it is an analogy but one I thought I would share. This is a quote and I do not even know the author's name but the quote rings true,

"Happiness is like a butterfly, which when pursued, is always beyond our grasp. But, if we sit patiently, it may light upon you".
Teena L. McCoyt, Ridgeville, IN
My mom Jean passed away Dec 22nd 2005 of lung cancer. I have read your stories and I do believe. My mom flew away like a butterfly does. My mom was a most precious lady. I loved her very much. I never want her forgotten. My heart is broken. I will miss her so much. My mom loved the Spring time. Thanks for having this site.
K. Taylor, Barrie, Ontario, CANADA
After 12 years of infertility and two failed IVF attempts (the last one 4 months prior this happening) I was spending the summer just dealing with the doctor's recommendation of adoption for in their eyes, everything medically possible was attempted to assist me but with no success.

I was standing in my backyard one day, gardening I think, and three monarch butterflies appeared out of nowhere and circled around me for some length of time. The whole thing was a neat experience so I ran in to tell my husband what had just happened and the two of us returned to the back yard just so I could show him where it happened and tell him about it. Amazingly enough, once again three monarch butterflies (maybe the same, maybe different) once again circled around me for a few minutes.

Four days later I very unexpectedly found out I was pregnant. I now have three, beautiful healthy children.
Paula, Newport Beach, CA
I just started going back to church last year at Easter and I have been getting much more spirtual I usually pray in my swimming pool at home and I was praying for God to use me for his own purpose and thanking him for being in my life and my head was sticking out of the water when a beautiful monarch butterfly was right up to my face and it just kept looking at me. It stayed for about 2 minutes and left. I know that God was letting me know he was with me and I was on the right track with worshipping him. It was an awesome experience
Stelly, Bolton, Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
My partner and I have had a bad year this year. I lost my grandmother on the 29th June 2005, she had taken a bad fall in wich she had broken her hip and banged her head on the 13 June 2005. Two days later she suffered some horrific fits and her heart stopped beating for 25 minutes. The hospital staff managed to bring her round and she seemed fine. Although she did say she'd seen my grandfather (who died when my mother was 9) and went on to say "I don't know what he was doing here he's been dead for years!" We never told her that her heart had stopped. She also told me she wasn't ready to die yet, and I thought we had years to come with her! However she passed away 2 weeks later after suffering more fits!

We then got to sorting out the funeral. Knowing that my grandmother never wanted to die we had no idea what her wishes were! We decided on a cremation as I remembered her saying that she hated worms when I was a child! Then we were stuck on what clothes to cremate her in. My aunt washed all her favourite clothes and hung them to dry on the washing line. She then sat in the back garden (my grandmothers favourite place) and started to read a book. After a short while she heard a fluttering noise and looked up to see a red admiral butterfly on my grandmothers favourite skirt. It stayed there for a few minutes and my aunt said "if that's you mum let me know you're ok" the butterfly then went and kissed her on her cheek! It then returned to my grandmother's favourite skirt. We cremated her in that skirt! I feel it was with my grandmother's blessing.

On the 12th June 2005 my partners grandfather passed away after a long battle with lung cancer, leaving his grieving wife aged 83. It wasn't long after that that his wife (my partner's grandmother) was diagnosed with cancer too! She was ready to die and join her husband and on the 9th October 2005 she got her wish. The following morning at 7am the doorbell rang and my partner went to answer it, there was nobody there! Then on the Monday after her funeral we went to her house to remove some items, and as we entered the house a light bulb blew tripping the switch and leaving us in total darkness! The only person who knew where the fuse box was, was her best friend and we were concerned that we couldn't find the phone number for her as the house was in total darkness. As we approached the phone we could see a little light beside it! It was his grandmother's magnifying light, with the light switched on, placed on top of the phone book! We said "thank you Nan" and left it at that.

The following Sunday 23rd October 2005 (today) my partner went to the house again to remove more of her belongings. He was removing a large bookshelf from the living room and proceded to dust it down, as he was dusting the back of it he saw what he thought was a piece of cloth sticking out of the bottom. As he bent down to remove it, it moved! Sure enough it was a red admiral butterfly! I have heard that the dead return as butterflies to say their last goodbyes. Well it has made us feel that our grandparents are at peace anyway.
Sarah, Pittsburg, KS s_smutz@hotmail.com
My mother was killed three weeks ago in an automobile accident. I never really believed in butterflies being something that represents spiritual means. My sister-in-law had said some things about it and I blew it off and told her that was just coincidence.

Ever since the day my mother died I have been asking God to let me see her or to tell her that I love her. I went out to the cemetary just the other day and was talking to my mom. I asked God to give me some kind of a sign that my mom can hear me talking to her. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something fly down from the sky. I looked down at my mothers flowers and there was a butterfly. It had landed right in front of me. Now I truly believe and know that my mother can hear me.
B.A.Reed, Bloomington, IN darlann2004-ba2008@yahoo.com
When I was a little girl I would go outside to play and every time I went outside butterflies of many kinds would land on me and stay for a long time. Sometimes I would make a cape and pretend that I was God and they were my angels. And now I am 42 years old and they still land on me. Matter of fact one day one felt so comfortable that he landed on my head and died. I am not sure what that means, but I'm pleased that he felt comfotable enough to trust me for his last journey. God bless everyone ...
Tracie, Dallas, TX traciemorgan@hotmail.com
How wonderful that there is this website to even post butterfly encounters. Thank you!

Well I have countless butterfly stories. I will share my favorite one. My Dad passed away 5 years ago and I was in a terrible car accident 2 years ago. I have been told I am a miracle that I am still here and completely healed from my injuries. I believe my Dad was my guardian angel in my car that night. Well ever since then I seem to attract lady bugs and butterflies.

I really began to appreciate and take notice of these butterfly encounters May 2004 when after I came back from a trip to see my friend who I had also dated and had moved out of state. I was very much in love with him and almost married him at one point in our dating relationship. Around December 2004 he told me he was engaged to be married to someone else. I was heart broken! Well I think my Dad somehow was by my side and would bless me with butterflies to keep my heart warm. On the night of April 26th I had a dream about this out of state man that he surprised me at my office and was waiting outside on the sidewalk. My co-worker told me I had a visitor outside so I got up and went out the door and there he was. I had the biggest smile on my face. He was so handsome all dressed up in boots & jeans with his cowboy hat. We talked for a few minutes and then I had gone back inside to continue working. On April 27th I woke up after that and got ready for work as normal. I am at the office working and my co-worker (the same one in the dream) came to me and said she was outside and found this butterfly wing on the sidewalk. She laid it in my hand. It was beautiful light brown in color with pinkish waves and in the middle of the butterfly wing was an eye that had a clear membrane that had a cross in the middle of it. I was shocked and asked her to show me where she found it. It was in the exact spot that I had my dream about this special out of state man. I started to cry and told her my dream and we both got goose bumps.

Later that night I searched on the internet and this particular butterfly was not from TX but his habitat is in the state that this man lived in. What is even more amazing is to have the cross in the middle of the eye as most of the Brown Eye butterflies have a yellow center. The cross has special significance with me and sometimes I still wonder the full meaning of this beautiful dream and butterfly encounter.

I now have all sorts of butterflies fly up and down this sidewalk all the time or greet me when I walk out the office door along with lady bugs too. Plus many other amazing encounters. I feel so special when I see and each and every one of them. It keeps me going and smiling!
Lauren, Brentwood, TN
When I was eleven years when my thirteen year old brother, Christopher died. It was a terrible death and it is very much pain to try and cope with the loss. One day after his death my family and I were driving to Kentucky, to see our relatives, and we noticed something strange about the trip. We saw that there were over 50 butterflies passing by the car in the middle of the interstate. We saw the beautiful insect and thought maybe that's Christopher telling us that he is at peace.

A day later we were choosing a place at the cemetery where we could bury him and out flies this beautiful yellow butterfly. We kept on seeing the butterflies day after day, we knew that it was a sign. Then later at one of Christopher's friend's football game, I went to get a snack from the concession stand when a beautiful butterfly landed on my sandal. I started to cry and I went to show my parents and they just smilled. A few minutes later I went to the other side of the field to see my friend. Little did I know that the butterfly was still on my foot as I had walked to the other side.

I thought that experiencee was amazing, it touched my heart in a way that nothing else could, but that's not the last of my story. A week after that my family and I were going to my brother's eighth grade class graduation. It was a hard time for my family and my friends, since Christopher died before the summer of the eighth grade. As we were walking out of the school building a butterfly landed on my dad's heart and stayed there as we walked to the car.

Now I am 12 years old and I am in the 7th grade at St. Edward School and one day my dad was out doing what Christopher always loved to do, he was cutting the grass. While he was cutting a butterfly landed on his hand and stayed there until he finished. The butterflies still seem to be almost everywhere I go in some form. I think that the butterflies in my life are considered a miracle.
Vanessa, Los Angeles, CA
Last winter, my best friend since 4th grade, (I'm now a sophomore in high school), was killed. She was in a gang and while walking to school was shot by a member from a different gang. Her name was Jimena. A year before she died, she tattoed a small turquoise butterfly beneath my right eye.

The first incident happened one morning when I was watching our other friend, Kimmy in cheerleading practice, even though it was December and very cold outside. It was only two days after Jimena passed away. I was sitting on the bleachers watching Kimmy practice when it suddenly got colder. It was so cold that the girls stopped chearleading practice. As Kimmy was getting her stuff ready, I reluctantly looked up and, to my great shock, saw about a dozen turquoise butterflies just like my tattoo flying right over Kimmy and I. I thought it was very strange, since it was winter and you never see butterflies in winter. But I didnt think much of it, because I was still mourning over Jimena and didn't stop to think about my tattoo.

The next incident came the morning when I was at school. I felt something flutter onto my hand as I was opening my locker and saw that it was another turquoise butterfly! It flew away and I immediately made the connection this time, but my boyfriend told me not to be silly and so I pushed it out of my head.

The last event happened at Jimena's funeral. I was singing a song in Jimena's memory when it suddenly hit me that she was gone. I broke down into tears and ran out of the funeral home, only to have yet another turquoise butterfly land on my cheek, covering my tattoo. Even though it slightly stung, I just started screaming out to Jimena's grandmother. Her grandmother ran outside and started asking me what was wrong,crying herself. I stopped crying and told her all about my experiences. Her grandmother started crying and hugged me. She was crying out in Spanish, so I didnt know what she was saying. But all through this, the butterfly remained on my cheek until the stinging got worse and I swatted it away.

Soon it will be a year since Jimena's death, but I don't cry anyway when I think about her. I just smile and touch my tattoo, because a part of her soul is still there, watching over me like she did when she was alive.
Barbara Hathaway, Gloucester Point, VA bhathaway11@cox.net
On September 5, 2000, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, my 14-year-old granddaughter, Gina Franco was brutally murdered by a boy who she knew very well and who lived just across the street. My daughter came home from work and caught the boy in the house but she bolted and ran to the next door neighbor who called 911. The boy ran across the street to his house and was on his porch with a gun when the police arrived. While they were talking with him, he shot and killed himself.

As devastated as we were at that time, it was a butterfly that lifted our spirits and has helped us to cope with this loss to this day. You see, Gina was friends with this boy and had allowed him to tattoo a butterfly on her shoulder. The significance of this escaped us until the day we were called to visit with Gina at the funeral home. No one knew we were there because we left as soon as we got word she was ready. While we were leaving, the funeral director came running out and told my daughter she had a phone call. Puzzled by this, my daughter stated "no one knows we are here". As it turned out it was the principal at Gina's school who told her he was close to the funeral home and wanted to stop by and give her Gina's belongings. My daughter, still puzzled because she couldn't understand how he knew she was there, got back in her car to wait.

While she was there, a huge black butterfly with gold around its wings flew into the car, landed on her arm startling her, "the same way Gina liked to startle her", then flew out the window and sat on top of the funeral home. I remember seeing the butterfly but didn't give it much thought until my daughter ran over to the car I was in and told me what happened. I told her that "I believe your daughter just found a way to tell you goodbye". That incident has kept us going until this day. I can never see a butterfly again without stopping to watch it and remember Gina.
Debra, Kearns, UT
My Uncle just got married. At his wedding his (now) wife had ordered about a dozen of the black and orange butterflies. When they were being shipped to the wedding I guess they freeze them. So when we went to set them free, they wouldn't fly, because they were so cold. So my uncle held his finger by a butterfly and it crawled onto his finger and my aunt had 2 in her hair. It was so beautiful watching Butterflies. I now love Butterflies so much I named my puppy Butterfly, and everyone thinks it's a weird name for a puppy, but I love it!
Michelle, Brampton, Ontario, CANADA michelleolton@hotmail.com
Ever since my son was born in February of this year, I seem to come into contact with a lot of monarchs on what seems to be a daily basis. They fly over top of my car when I'm driving, always over the hood and seem to cross in front of me at a stand-still. They usually come around when I'm holding my son, or when he is with me. My husband has noticed this phenomenon also, and describes it to freinds and family everywhere we go. He seems to be fascinated by it, as much as myself! I was wondering if anyone had some info on their meanings, or spirituality. I feel almost a sense of calm when they come around, and feel as though they have some sort of connection to me and my son. They almost bring a sigh of relief to my day. Please feel free to e-mail me with some info on what this may mean!
Leo Slocombe, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Jan 30 2000 my wife of over 30 years died from breast cancer at the age of 54, three days short of 55. Six months later after sharing stories of butterflies with a cancer psychologist who helped my wife near the end spiritually, we were told by her that "Psyche" means butterfly and above many of the ancient tombs are carved figures of butterflies representing in earlier times the transformation of life and then death.

About 6 months after my wife's death and having told her immediate family and our children and her soul mate cousin, a Doctor of medicine visiting us at our cottage from Winnipeg, we experienced the following butterfly visit. A bright monarch came fluttering near all of us on the dock and landed on my son's left leg. He was ecstatic and proclaimed that it was his mother coming to visit us all and especially him, she had come to tell him to slow down as the day before he had had an auto accident in a parking lot. His left leg was his accelerator leg and so that was his sign from her to take better caution while driving. I said if it was Mom then it (she) would then land on me next. It soon took off from my son's leg and proceeded to flutter right over the same spot in our boat (tied to our dock) then it flew behind my head and landed softly on my left cheek. I lightly brushed it as the acid from the butterfly irritated my skin. It then flew off and was not seen again.

The cousin Doctor, sucked in air and started to cry. She asked me to name my first dance with my daughter at her wedding. (The wedding 2 weeks before my wife's death she attended in a special wheel chair and made my daughter's wedding a very special day) The song she and I danced to was "Butterfly Kisses".

We'll never really know, but we want to believe!. I have had several other encounters and so have my (her) friends. Each time we see a butterfly, we have special memories of my amazing wife. Thank you. L.S.
Sally, Staten Island, NY
My dad passed away 9 years ago this November. The past month I have been praying to him, asking him for his help with a personal matter. A few weeks ago, late at night, I heard a rustling noise in my backyard. When I went to look under the porch I saw nothing. Then out of nowhere a big beautiful Monarch butterfly flew past me into the dark night sky. I found it weird at first because who sees butterflies at night!

Several days later the same butterfly came out of nowhere again and brushed against me while I was going into my car. A few weeks passed and did not give much thought until the other day when, again, out of nowhere, the butterfly flew to me and stopped at my neighbors house. The eerie thing here is her address is my dad's birthday! My dad's birthday has also been popping up in places. I went online to see the symbolic nature of butterflies and viola! stumbled upon this site and found it appropriate to post my story.
Tracy, Launceston, AUSTRALIA tepaul@utas.edu.au
This story is not mine, but rather than one that is set to beautiful music and rainforest soundscape. I don't know if you already have it, but its called Lucidity - I'm not sure at this moment who it's by. But I hope you enjoy it...

I heard a great story once that gets across the point that the Earth really is alive.

If you were to interview a butterfly, standing on the branch of a Cicada tree.

Now, a butterfly lives only for a few days, and a Cicada tree can live for over a thousand years.

If you were to ask the butterfly, “Do you perceive the object on which you stand as being alive?” The butterfly would say, “Of course not. I’ve been here my whole life, which is all of five days, and the tree hasn’t done a thing.”

It’s the same problem with human beings. If you were ask a person being, perhaps one who has lived for over a hundred years, if they perceive the Earth, which is really five billion years old, as being alive. They’d say, “Of course not. I’ve been here my whole life and it hasn’t done a thing.”

The Earth really is alive.
The Earth really is alive.
Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly.
Standing on the branch of a Cicada tree.
The Earth really is alive.
Like nature.
Statesboro, GA
My twin brother passed away two weeks ago. He was also my best friend, we were so close. The first few days after his death I prayed for a sign from him to let me know he was at peace. My family was going out for lunch two days after his funeral. I was at the front door and I saw a small yellow butterfly fluttering outside. I thought to myself "that is not a sign, now if it were blue that would be a sign because they aren't that common." I went out to get in the car to leave and there on a tree was a beautiful black butterfly with the most beautiful blue color spotted throughout its wings. My husband, children and myself stood and admired it. I know it was a sign from my brother to me to let me know he was now at peace. I felt so comforted after that incident.
Wes Harmon, Olney, IL wessel_07@yahoo.com
My name is Wes, and I am 16 years old, and my best friend died in a car accident on July 9, 2005. After his funeral, we were walking back to the car, and this pure white feather came falling as graceful as could be and landed beside me. I took it as a sign of him getting his wings, the church bell was ringing at this time.

Today is September 9th, two months after the accident. I went to the cemetary, as I was about to leave, I asked my friend if he could send me another feather. I was on my way back to the car, and I looked back once more, and I saw that there was a feather laying on top of his grave. I went over to get it, and I sat down. Then this beutiful butterfly flew to me and landed on the hand that I was holding the feather. I started to cry, and then I said thank you.
Donna, Dighton, MA
My mom passed away 8/30/05 unexpectedly. On the day of her funeral a butterfly flew from one of the floral arrangements up toward the sky, a little yellow butterfly followed the bigger one, thinking to myself wow is that mom flying free?

After the service we go back to her house there is a floral arrangement delivery and placed inside was a butterfly. The following morning after I'm standing on my front porch and a butterfly is flying toward me, stops on my front lawn I walk over to it and it just flew right in front of me.

My uncle (her brother) has a heart attack that night (he is ok). We are driving from my mom's house to hospital and there is a butterfly on my headlight. We go to the hospital and hanging in the front window is a blue butterfly suncatcher (now hanging in my blue kitchen) plant purchased for uncle had yellow butterfly stuck in it. I now have a memorium butterfly tatoo on my ankle bearing the word MoM above it. And for the record the company I work for is called Monarch.
Amelia Nigro, Syracuse, NY
For years, I have identified with the butterfly because it was a wonderful analogy for humans "coming of age". We "crawl" through life like the caterpillar and when we have learned what we need to, we grow our wings and become butterflies.

I felt like I had been crawling for decades, but did realize that we "incubate" at different rates.

While walking along a wonderful lake the year I achieved a dream of having a "getaway" on the water, I found a monarch butterfly on the road that was nearing "the end". I picked it up and carefully preserved it behind a picture frame after it had expired. It was my reminder of how precious life is.

A few years later, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Subsequent to surgery, I was advised that my right optic nerve was damaged irreparably, causing total blindness in that eye.

After a summer of adjustment, I decided I needed a positive commemeration of my new sight. I brought the framed butterfly to a tatoo artist and asked her to replicate it on my shoulder. It certainly hurt, but I was excited to have something so delicate to carry with me. I now tell my friends and family I lost an eye, but gained a BUTTERFLY!
Jenn, Gibsonia, PA
I first wrote back in June 2005) about my brother in law's sudden death. Within the first 3 days of his death, everyone in the immediate family saw a butterfly. The day after Matt's funeral, my sister in law was sitting on the swing with her youngest and mine (both almost two at this time). A butterfly was flying around and Kerri pointed it out to them. At that time my youngest, Ryan, called out "Matt". Now, we did not tell our kids about what had happened, one day when they understand they will know. But why did Ryan call out his name? Did he see something we (as adults) cannot? I could not tell you the number of times I personally have seen butterflies this summer. They seem to come at the appropriate time....Kerri was washing her car (Matt enjoyed doing this too) and a butterfly stuck around for the 2 hours she was outside. The morning of Ryan's birthday party, Todd (my husband) was setting up tents, tables and chairs (something Matt would of been down helping out with) and a butterfly was inside the tent with Todd for about 20 mins. My father in law has had them landed on him (2 or 3 times)....once when all the guys were out golfing (one of Matt's favorite) and at the beach (on a family vacation). Mom had a hummingbird in her face hovering in slow motion....never in her 28 years at her house has that ever happened. At the Pirate game the other day Todd, our 2 boys and I were waiting for the game to start and a butterly flew up towards our seats on the second level. I have never seen a butterfly at a MLB game.

Matt, thanks for the signs!!!We miss you so very much and feel so empty without you here. We love you!
Chealea Hall, Houston, TX
One day me and my friend were trying to catch butterflies. And we found one that was injured. My friend decided that we should name him Sunshine because of the bright orange color he was. We both took care of the butterfly. This butterfly was not in good health. We could tell because he wouldn't fly away from us. He would just sit on our fingers. Then we dicided he might be hungery so, we searched on Google to find out what we could feed him. The computer said we could feed him fruit. It was so amazing to watch the butterfly eat the fruit. We did all we could for the butterfly. Then we decided to just let him go. That was probably the best thing to do.
Lisa, Mulberry, FL
My mother lives in Virginia with custody of my 11-year old son, Ryan. The end of May, my stepfather passed away. He and my mother were married in 1988, two years after my father passed away. So my stepfather was a second father to me. And simply adored Ryan.

One day my mother and Ryan were at my grandmother's house picking apples from one of the trees in the yard and a black and blue butterfly would "tickle" my mother on the cheek. Well, she would brush it away. But it would come back and "tickle" again, as if flirting with her. She turned to Ryan and asked him what he thought of the butterfly. He matter-of-factly replied, "That's Papa's spirit." My mother, in turn replied, "How do you know?" Ryan then said, "I just know." Ryan has always seemed to be in tune with spiritual things ... "....out of the mouths of babes...."
Sara, NY
My best friend's grandmother died a couple of years ago. She was an amazeing woman. She always bought my friend and her siblings things while she was alive, because her parents did not have a lot of money. So my friend told her mother she wanted to give her grandmother something in return after she died, for all the wonderful things that grandmother did for them. So when she died, my friend bought a gold braclet with white butterflies on it, because the grandmother loved butterflies. She placed it in her casket (she was buried with it).

Telling the truth, everytime the two sisters go to visit her grave site, there' always white butterflies around her gravestone. I know that is a true story because I heard it from both sisters at two different times. One told me that story when she first died a couple years ago, and the second was just today. My friend says she thinks her gram is trying to tell her that she knows, they bought her that braclet, like a way of saying thank you. I think it's to let them know she is there and watching over them. They don't really get into the ghosts and paranormal things, but I do. And for them not to be into ghosts and to see something so weird like that up there, it has to mean something.
Diane Rogers, Sarver, PA
Our son, Matthew Anthony Rodgers, died at age 22 this past June the 18th, 2005. It is now Sept. 3rd ... only a few months since his death. Our daughter in law, Jenn, made a picture with a saying of the butterfly surrounding his picture for display at the funeral home. It was a beautiful picture of him sitting at beach a few years ago - our last vacation togehter as a family.

Since his death we have had many encounters with butterflys. My husband was golfing with our son Todd, and son in law Shawn, and a neighbor and dear friend, Terry - for my husbands birthday as they did every year with Matthew and all the guys. As they went around the course a butterfly came to my husband, Tim, landed on his finger and flew off. We went to the beach this past week and it happened again - twice - under the tent at the beach, a butterfly came to Tim and landed on him. We feel this is our sons way of telling us he is ok and that he is changed, as Jesus promised. He is resurrected, healthy and well. We miss him so. Someday in the future, God will call us and we will be a whole family once again. Until then I pray Matthew knows how much he is loved by all of us, and missed by all of us. Until we meet again - May the butterflies continue to show themselves and remind us of our dear son. We love you Matt - always and forever. Mom, Dad, Kerri, Shawn,Brayden, Garrett, Todd, Jenn, Alex, Ryan, and the new baby to come in February. All the rest of the family too. We all love you and miss you so.
Newtown, PA
My husband died on May 31, 2005 after surviving brain surgery and 18 very terrible months in which he became totally disabled physically and mentally. About the middle of August, a friend and I were standing in my kitchen. We noticed a black swallowtail butterfly on the brick walk leading up to my back steps. It caught our attention because it was flapping its wings and we thought it was in trouble. It did this for about 3 or 4 minutes, flapping its wings and just moving a bit. My friend remarked that its wings looked o.k. Suddenly it flew off, to the right, across my yard.

About 10 days later, I was standing at my sink doing dishes. I was looking out the window over the sink and suddenly I saw a black swallowtail flying straight across my lawn. I was curious, so I walked over to my glass back door. Sure enough, it was there on the brick walk, doing the same thing it had done before, just flapping its wings. This time, I mentally said to it "oh, you're o.k., I was worried about you but now I know you can fly." Just then, it flew off, but this time to the left, back past the side of the house and out of sight.

I stood there and for some reason, thought of my husband. I said to him, "it that is a sign from you, please let the butterfly come back." I stood there for a few minutes, feeling sort of foolish, thinking the butterfly was by now very far away. Suddenly it flew back. This time, instead of landing on the brick sidewalk it flew up right in front of me, over the back step. It seemed to just dance before me, about 2 feet from the door. I was enthralled. But the best was yet to come. It stayed fluttering in a back and forth pattern, then suddenly, it darted toward me where I stood with my nose pressed against the glass. It came directly towards my face, seemed to actually touch the glass. If the glass had not been between us, it would have certainly touched my face, that is how close it came. In an instant, it was gone flying back to the left in front of my, over my neighbor's yard.

I felt very moved by it, and tears came to my eyes. I have lived in my home for 14 years, and although I have seen many butterflies, have never had this experience before. I could not believe that I had "willed" it to come back. Not only had it come back, it had danced for me and given me a "kiss" before it left. I am a pretty down to earth person, but I shall always feel that my prayer to my husband was answered. I know this memory will stay with me always
Spartanburg, SC
My grandmother passed away in January of this year, 2005. I started what I would call an amateur entry on my PC about her. One day while at work a butterfly was adamant about landing on my PC screen. At first, I was going to swat it away but I remembered a story I saw on television about a boy who had passed away and his class had studied butterflies. On the day they were remembering him, a butterfly landed on his mother's head. It has been told many times over that butterflies are a person's way of letting you know that they are alright in their after life. I feel within my heart my grandmother knows I've been writing about her lately and that was her way of showing me that she is ok!
Gloria Rowand, Amityville, NY
When my dad passed, I was the one to tell them to turn off all his life support - I was sitting outside at 11:30 pm waiting for family to arrive - it was August 15. I asked my dad to let me know he was OK and my decision was the right one. Out of nowhere, a huge, the size of my hand, monarch butterfly landed on my knee and sat there - I knew it was my Dad.

When my Mom passed a few years later, it was the dead of winter. My cousin called to console and mentioned that there would be no butterflies this time - I told her to wait and see. Two days later, in the mail I received a box of note cards --- everyone had a butterfly on the front. Thanks for sharing
Kim Masterton, Kincumber, AUSTRALIA, kmastert@bigpond.net.au
I have had many losses in my life.... however, the one I would like to share with you is the loss of my only brother. Almost seven years ago my brother couldn't go on with life and hung himself in my parents' garage. Everyday since then I always wake up and think did it really happen?!

I decided to go out and get another tattoo to my collection (my brother loved the ones I already had) a beautiful butterfly! Ever since than I have seen more real life butterflies than ever! Some follow me around in the garden where I plant my 'shrines' to lost loved ones!

At my brother's funeral they played the song 'He aint heavy', a touching song but my brother and I had a favourite Queen song 'I want to break free' and that song seems to come on the radio more often, especially when I'm feeling down. I believe music and nature to be extremely healing, I dont know where I would be without it!!! I'm glad I found this inspirational site and thank you for allowing me to share my story.
Donna Davis, Marietta, GA
My son Nathan died on July 15, 2005 which was also his birthday. He died instantly from a blocked artery to his heart. He nor we, knew he had this condition.

My son had worked in Amsterdam for approximately 4 to 5 months a couple of years ago. He had paid for mine and my husband's ticket to visit him. He took us sightseeing throughout Amsterdam. Three days before he died I bought a butterfly bush. I have never bought one before. At his funeral, everyone saw a large butterfly around the cemetery tent and land on the casket at Nathan's service. The next day I received an arrangement with two large artificial butterflies. That same afternoon the pastor brought us a book from the Compassionate Friends group. I did not know that butterflies were one of the main symbols of the group. Nathan's best friend Carol had a butterfly land on her arm the day after Nathan died. But the most remarkable ADC experience I had was the following:

After I found out that butterflies played so much of the symbolism of death and rebirth I began searching the internet sites for information on butterflies and their symbols. I found a site that had spectacular graphics with flying butterflies on the screen and the different religious meanings of butterflies. I read the information and it was interesting but not that great, for some reason however, I saved the site to one of my favorites. Two days later I pulled up the site again, read it and clicked next on the bottom of the page. It opened to the words Amsterdam, Holland and immediately started a slide show with music and different scenes of Amsterdam, the same places Nathan took us in Holland. There was no connection to butterflies and Amsterdam. In fact the butterfly site was from a quit smoking web site. How I ever found it to begin with is a wonder.
Charles Wilson Horton Jr., Bossier City, LA
At age 12 I was a participant as many were at a summer camp. Boy Scouts of America summer camp in the state of Nevada. Very few good moments or pleasant experiences in my life growing up, going to the summer camp I think is still very strong and clear. The High Sierras of Nevada are still the most awesome ranges I have ever been to in my life. Considering all where I have been that is something to say.

I was in the woods on a man cleared nature trail to collect firewood. Because of the dense forest I did not have much light in the daytime but I still was able to take in the aura of my surroundings in a land that actually looked like a place that time forgot. Walking along the path looking for firewood I saw a few feet away a huge butterfly headed straight for me. Raised up to fear anything and everything I panicked because I was the cause of the little life of the butterfly to be extinguished slowly. I so wanted to bring it back to life and I wanted to enjoy its beauty. Extremely sad that I was like a brick wall to the swallowtail, this event was clouded over by emotions and feelings of fear that I was in a lot of trouble because I killed such a beautiful thing in its own rightful environment.

I picked up the huge insect and its wings were spread open and flinched irregularly in an attempt to fly away. Its 3" wingspan was bordered by deep black ropes and in the center was a metallic deep blue that I don't think even CRAYOLA could master. I remember very well that when I picked up the swallowtail voices of warning were telling me not to do that because this would cause the butterfly to lose hundreds of scales onto my fingers and this would definitely cause it to struggle even more. This was not the first encounter with nature in my life but it is the most important in a deeper sense because the swallowtail was gracious to me in that this was a moment between just me and my creator-creator of life. Of course this event was not even believed by my father much less anyone else because it made me look like a sissy and sound like a girlscout.

Thank you for your acceptance of this story and for your time....
Patty de la Cruz, Beeville, TX
My mom was at the last chapter of her life. Her kidneys had shut down and she had congestive heart failure. I knew she would be leaving us soon. We had accepted it. She told us she was ready to see Jesus, then she passed on and I cried because I was alone.

As I looked out the window I saw a pretty butterfly and a hummingbird. I knew it was a sign she was in heaven. As we left the hospital, in front of our car there was a bush and there was the pretty buterfly again and the hummingbird, so for the funeral we had a releasing of butterflies because every time it reminds me of her. She was very special to me. Thank you for letting me share my story with you. God bless.
Tyler Brown, Van Buren, OH
A few weeks after the female monarch butterflies had returned from their "vacation" in Mexico, I went on my usual egg route to find the eggs on milkweed plants in ditches. I got on my bike and started toward my favorite road. To my sadness, the ditch was mowed that day by the township. I was so discouraged. Then something on the ground caught my eye. I looked down to see a small monarch caterpillar on a cut up milkweed plant on the ground. The small yellow, black and white "tiger" had been cut by the mower blade and was bleeding a green blood. I took it home and fed it milkweed leaves and dried the blood around his head with a napkin. Days later he looked better, and finally he changed to a chrysalis. That was a good feeling to know that he made it that far. Now that he is preparing himself (or herself) to "reappear" as a butterfly, I know that without me he wouldn't have lived. Now he (or she) can complete the monarch life cycle and fly to Mexico this fall. It is my official monarch miracle!
Tamara Ryles, Winchester, KY
Several years ago I was married to a very legalistic person who was controlling my life. I did not know why I was so miserable but only knew I had married him and could not figure how to get out of that marriage prison. I thought God would make me stay since I had made the committment. My niece came to spend some time with us when she was going through a divorce. She got a job nearby and on the way to work early one morning she had a flat tire near an isolated house. She went to the door and a man opened the door cautiously and handed her out the phone to use. She later told me I had to meet him because she could feel God there.

I went to introduce myself and to thank him for his help. His hair was long and he had a long beard and it was apparent he had isolated himself for a long time. I looked into his eyes and it was like an electric shock went through me. I felt God was saying "see, you didn't wait". I was sure this was the person I was supposed to have been with all along. I did not want to make anything happen so we all just sat and talked. Suddenly it was as if God whispered "ask him if this place has anything to do with butterflies". I asked and his face turned white. "What is it?" I asked. He said when he had been looking for a place to live after his divorce he found this place because huge butterflies were flying in a circle around an abandoned shack near the road on that property. When he got out of the car they landed on him and did not leave until he got back into the car.

We were friends for 5 years and never so much as kissed when my husband told me he wanted a divorce. As soon as the papers were signed we knew we had to spend the rest of our lives together. We are now married and are both coming out of co-dependency and are becoming the people God meant us to be. God is the matchmaker. He knows how to set us free if we will not try to fix our life but to let him.
Dana Agafitei, Los Angeles, CA
I lost my mother 10 days ago...while still on the phone with the news, a huge black and yellow butterfly was trying to get in through my picture window, while making trips to a corner of my frontyard where mom has planted some flowers (not there anymore) a year ago. It did not leave for quite a while, while I was still on the phone sharing this. People did not take my feeling seriously, about that butterfly being a sign from mom.

Two days ago, one of the condolences card I received had a picture of the same kind of butterfly on it.

Few more things happened to make me still feel connected with my mom. I wanted more and more to understand and make all my loved ones understand. So I did an online search on "after death communication", and this site, with the butterfly logo, poped up. I've just sent my question on how the logo was chosen; little later I found t his link, and now I know.

I wonder though, why mostly butterflies...so fragile...and I wonder why most of them are monarch butterflies.

I also experienced few of the other types of communication, but the butterfly was the most immediate sign I have received. I am also amazed how little I knew about this!

I had less signs after my beloved grandmother passed away, just one after I prayed hard for it. It takes experiencing something like this, to believe it...

Thank you to all who shared their story, and to you for this site where I learned so easily about something so special.
Edie Dees, Madison, MS
Last year, on August 15th, my precious brother, Jimmy, lost his courageous 5 year battle with ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease. The day after his service, my mother had woken up early and was really sad. She sat around by herself and waited for the paper to be delivered. Well, when she went outside to pick it up a beautiful butterfly was perfectly spread out on the top of the newspaper. She took this as a sign from Jimmy that he was okay.

After that first visit, I cannot tell you of the times the butterflies have literally gotten in our faces!!! Two times in particular, I will mention... First, I was sitting on my front porch having a pity party for myself shortly after Jimmy died... would you know that a butterfly sat on the ceiling of my porch and STARED at me; I kept telling it to go away, I wanted to be sad. It was persistent and sat there until I finally moved. It still makes me smile to think of that, because I know it was Jimmy saying, "stop feeling sorry for yourself you little brat."

Second story... my mother called another mother who had just lost a son to try and give her some comfort and she said the entire time she was on the phone a butterfly kept flying directly in her face; I swear it was Jimmy conveying that he was taking care of this lady's son!!

The reason I know the butterfly is significant in our situation is because for the last 3 years of Jimmy's life he was trapped in his body with a perfectly good mind; like being in a cocoon. Now, he is flying free, wherever he wants to go!!! Have a great trip dear brother, just keep coming back!!
Karen Testa, Poquott, NY
I lost my beloved loyal best friend on January 13, 2005. I have been heartbroken ever since. One day in July, I looked in 'his' corner of the kitchen and to my surprise I saw the most beautiful colorful monarch like butterfly right in 'his' favorite window in the corner of the kitchen where he spent many of his days. I have been on this earth for 43 years and never saw such a beautiful sight. I knew I found my peace. I don't think this type of butterfly even exists in North America. Nature is amazing. It was so calm and still. I opened the door and let it free!!!!!
Barbara A. Scott, Gary, IN
One morning I was on my way to church for prayer and communion. As I stepped out of the door I was met with about 25 white butterflies. They ushered me to the car. After I got in the car they lighted on the top of the car. I backed out of the driveway and they went up to the sky and disappeared.

I told a member of the church about the experience. She said they were angels. After I came home, four butterflies were on the screen door. I looked at them. They had intricate designs on their wings. It was so beautiful. The butterflies were white with brownish tan designs on their wings. I plucked one off and it flew away. Later my husband came home and I said do you see those butterflies on the screen. It was 8:00 am when this happened. The three butterflies stayed on the screen until 10:30 a.m. without moving.

I had a near death experience that next year. I had learned that those butterflies were ushering me to a new life and and new life of faith. I believed God to save me and the doctors said that I would die. I said I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. That was June 2, 1997 and I am still here to declare the works of the Lord.
Bonner Springs, KS, USA
Butterflies seem to have become a recurring theme for me when one of my dogs passes away during the warm months. I have had several foster dogs, mostly Siberian Huskies, that have come through my door. Although some I've found responsible, loving homes for, several have stayed for the rest of their lives with me. When one goes to the "Rainbow Bridge" during the warm months, it seems that a butterfly will take up residence near the kennel for a day or so. Usually, its not just any butterfly, but a large, dark swallowtail. It's as if the dog's soul comes by to say goodbye, or to convey to me that it is at peace.

Just this past Wednesday, it was time to say goodbye to 15 1/2 year old Yukon, an Alaskan Husky of sprint racing lines, who had been a lead dog in his youth. I told the other dogs that Yukon would be leaving us that day. I gave all the dogs a special treat in his honor, with him receiving a treat before the others. At the end of a beautiful afternoon, I took Yukon to the vet where he peacefully departed this world. Afterwards, I drove home completely at peace, knowing Yukon's spirit was free of cancer pain and the aches of old age.

When I stepped through my home's door, the dogs all raised their voices in the sing-song of Huskies, perhaps singing a goodbye chorus for Yukon. It was eerie. My husband, my young sons and I then went outside to take in the evening sunset. A small Painted Lady butterfly alighted on my 3 yr. old son's hand, where it stayed a few minutes. When it flew away, I said that it might have been Yukon's butterfly. "Maybe," my husband said. "But about the time you were probably putting Yukon to sleep, a large black butterfly circled flew around me for long time before it left". He had been burning a small brush pile that afternoon, and the smoke generally keeps insects at a distance. Again, a dark colored Swallowtail had come to the house after a dog's departure of this world. The butterflies have become a something of a spiritual comfort for me.
About two months ago I was pregnant. As a young pregnant girl, I was lost. I went to an abortion clinic and had an ultrasound done - they told me they couldn't find a heart beat. I went through with the abortion, which was the biggest mistake of my life. A few weeks after I left I heard that there are lots of things that may have happened that could have made the heartbeat hard to see .... so maybe my baby really was alive. It breaks my heart. I will never know what really happend. I wish I still had her. I've been hurting badly and looking for peace.

Every day this week, I've seen the most beautiful butterflies. The first time I saw one, I immediately thought of my baby. Last night I was at a friends house, and around midnight I walked outside. Out of nowhere, a beautiful HUGE butterfly landed on my stomach ... right where the baby had been. The butterfly didn't leave for two hours. It even came home with me. I tried to get it to fly away before I drove home... but instead she crawled up to my face and fluttered her wings... *butterfly kisses*. It was truely amazing.. I felt so connected to my little angel.
Jenny's Mom, Salt Lake City, UT
My precious Jennifer Marie was taken from us January 15th, 1998 in a tragic automobile accident. She was only 17 years & 5 months old.

In the months prior to her death, The song "Butterfly" by Mariah Carey was being played on the radio. When I would hear it, I would sob at the thought of Jenny leaving me. There was no logical reason to fear this. Jenny was a Junior in High School, so I thought I was dreading the day she moved away for college.

The night she died, I felt perhaps "destiny" was at work. Maybe God was preparing me, I don't understand completely how, but this song became a part of my healing.

We played the song for her funeral, and her banner on her casket flowers said "OUR LITTLE BUTTERFLY". Her head stone bears the words "OUR LITTLE BUTTERFLY". It has become her symbol.

Early in the first spring after her death, and I was in the back yard and a swallow tail butterfly was floating around... I stood there weeping and I held my hand up in it's direction. This beautiful butterfly landed so softly on my fingers. I stood there crying, not moving as it sat on my hand for a short while. Jenny's precious sister sat watching from the kitchen window. I feel it was a moment in time that Jenny wanted us to know she was safe, and wanted us to be happy.

My daughter has spread her wings, now I know to hold her I must open up my hands and watch her fly...

I am touched by so many other people with similar stories. And I thank God I found this remarkable creature to help me find peace.
Nicole, Gaithersburg, MD
On my way to my mother's house, I noticed a beautiful black and blue butterfly. As I pulled into a parking space, I was greeted by this brilliantly colored insect.

It fluttered its wings, and flew in front of my car. As I put the car in park, it landed on the hood of my car. When I got out of my car, I thought it would fly away, but it didn't. I walked towards the door, it began to fly around my head. I know that butterflies are beautiful creatures, but I still have a slight fear of them (beacuase it's still an insect). I looked back as I walked into my mothers front door, and it still fluttered near my car.

Later, as I came out of my mother's house, I noticed the same butterfly was still outside near my car (same color, black & blue). Seeing the butterfly still outside made my heart flutter. When I got into the car, it continued to fly around, and I drove off with many thoughts in my head.

The next morning, I was in my house getting ready for work, doing what everyone does in the morning. I was in my bathroom, and for some reason, I decided to peek into my shower. To my amazement, I noticed a red & black butterfly in my shower. It calmly sat on the shower wall, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. At that point, I really had a lot of thoughts going through my head. The butterfly began to fly around in the shower, as if it noticed me studying it. As I said before, I have a fear of any kind of insect, so my reaction was to leave the bathroom when it began to fly around. I closed the door behind myself, I called my cousin to share both of my experiences. A while later, I opened the door to see where it was. I looked in every corner, underneath rugs, in the shower, no butterfly. I'm not sure where it went to, beacuse I closed the bathroom door. I don't know how or when it got into my house or even how long its been there. One thing I know is after these encounters with two brightly colored, beautiful butterflies, I believe these events are nothing but signs of goodness. Someone from above, family member, guardian angel, or God himself, is letting me know that I am being watched over .... and that gives me a very complete and happy feeling.
Mary Moscardino, Littleton, CO
I lost my son to suicide July 5, 2005. The first day a butterfly visited me and I thought nothing of it. The second day the butterfly made sure it flew right near me so I could not mistake seeing him. The subsequent 10 days a butterfly visited me. Two nights in the dark I laid outside thinking of my son and a butterfly flew above me. Yellow and black butterflies also visited many of his friends and family I found out after I shared my story.

I believe this is his way of letting me know he has gone on to heaven and does not want me to worry about him. I will see him again in the next life. It is a comfort to know others have reported similar stories. I truly believe this is not coincidence, so many of us have been visited by the butterflies. I am so thankful for this site.
W.A.N., Hazleton, PA
My mom died in October, 2004. Whe was 84 years old and the last 2 years lived in an assisted living facility. She suffered from dementia and while she knew us, she did not know what day or month it was but was very happy.

My wife and I built a vacation home in Hazleton and finished in early 2005. We never told my mom because she would have worried and probably forgot. She never got to see it.

I recently painted the front door, it took me 2 days and my mom knew I hated painting. A beautiful butterfly was around me all day, it was on the ladder, near the paint can, it was like it was watching me work.

I put my finger out and the butterfly hopped on for about 30 seconds. I could not believe it and of course my wife was upstairs. I told her what happened and the butterfly came right on my finger again. What an experience.

I have an older client, he is 94, and after telling him the story he told me that humans come back as beautiful creatures. I know my mother was watching me paint our door
Judith Studebaker, St. Louis, MO
My Dad died a couple of years ago in the early spring. He was such a lovely man who was blessed with a sweet spirit and gentle heart. As spring became summer that year, I would spend hours in my garden. My Dad loved gardening, so naturally I felt closer to him while tending to my small but wonderful garden. That first summer a lone white butterfly appeared and stayed all summer with me in my garden. I immediately realized in my spirit that Dad had sent the white butterfly to let me know he was with me, and to please not be sad. That was five summers ago, and each spring that same one white butterfly appears in my garden to renew my faith that he is with me and to remind me of how much he loves me.
Lori, NJ
My Mom passed away suddenly in May 2004 . During her funeral, as we all gathered around the coffin, a big beautiful yellow and black butterfly landed on the flowers on top of the coffin. It stayed for almost the entire service and only on the flower arrangement on top of the coffin. All last summer, I had butterflies come around me often.

My sister came up to visit from Florida for the one year anniversary and to visit Mom's and Dad's grave here in NJ. The day she was going home, we went to the cemetery and hung a butterfly windchime in a pine tree near my parents' grave. As we were driving out of the cemetery, a yellow and black butterfly fluttered around my windshield then landed on the hood of my car. My sister and I were filled with so much peace and we were so happy to receive another sign from her that she is still lives on if only in another form. Everytime I see butterflies now, especially yellow and black butterflies, I feel it is her coming to say Hello.
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