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July 2004 to December 2004
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Janice, Houston, TX
I lost my 21 year old daughter in a boating accident in June, 2004. Her name was Krissy. I joined an online support group to find help in my grief. I became a good friend with a woman in Canada who had lost her son in an accident. She came to visit. I was talking to her on the phone the morning of her arrival. While I was talking to her I looked out the window and saw ONE beautiful, large, yellow butterfly in my backyard.

My friend arrived and stayed for 5 days. Everyday I saw TWO beautiful yellow butterflies in my yard. If I left in my car one would follow me out of the subdivision. When I returned they would be in the yard.

The morning my friend left TWO butterflies were in my yard. The next morning there was only ONE butterfly in my yard.

I believe that our children were with us during that visit.
Laurent Grenier, Ottawa, CANADA
Born in 1957 of Canadian parents, I have lived most of my life in Ottawa. In 1974 – I was an athletic teenager then, with dreams to match – I became paralyzed due to a diving accident. Everything that had given meaning to my life was now impossible, a thing of the past confined to memories. Depression took hold of me and did not release its grip for many years until I grew so disgusted with this constraint and put up such a struggle that I broke free from it. Before that turning point, I had written some gloomy poems that fed on this depression and relieved it somewhat, not enough. I needed a reason for living that was not limited to the satisfaction I could derive from writing well about suffering and death, the latter regarded as the ultimate escape, away from this suffering. I needed wisdom, an outlook on life that would be favorable to happiness. And this need turned my vocation as a poet into a vocation as a thinker with a positive message to convey, one that could enlighten and cheer readers, rather than oppress them with gloom.

Note: I am the author of “A Reason for Living” ( http://laurentgrenier.com/ARFL.html ).

All the best!
Bryan Boutwell, Syracuse, NY
My name is Bryan Boutwell and I wanted to share my story with you. In the last year I got a tattoo of a butterfly on my throat. I got it for many reasons, urgency for life, balance, because I am someone who never stops traveling and so on. What makes the story interesting is that ever since the tattoo was finished, a butterfly in my back yard keeps coming up to my bedroom window every morning when I get up for work. It has been 8 months now and everyday it does not fail. About 5 minutes after I awake and am walking around my bedroom, I look out the window and there it is. I dont know how to explain it and my friends didn't believe me until they saw it for themselves. I try not to talk about it too much because it's kind of like my own little magic every morning but I thought I would share the story today. Thank You and keep your wings spread for what you believe in.
Terry, Amboy, WA
Last Spring and Summer I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with our neighbour's 11 year old Granddaughter, Alexis. We went bike riding almost every day. We have a park on a lake near us which was closed for the season, and we would go play on the beach building sand castles and skipping rocks, etc.

One day when we got to the beach, there were two Tiger Swallowtails flying around the beach. We stood and watched them for a few minutes, and then went on with what we were doing. The butterflies flew all around us and we were really enjoying them. At times they would land and we would walk over near them and look at them. They were landing on the beach and drift wood with their wings open and it was really beautiful to see.

After several minutes of this, one of the butterflies landed on the sand about two feet from Alexis. She crouched down next to it but it didn't seem to be afraid of her, so she reached out and with one finger started petting it in the middle of it's back. I stood there in amazement as I watched her gently petting it. After about a half dozen strokes, she stopped and looked up at me and said "It's so soft you can hardly feel it." Just then the butterfly flew and joined it's mate. I still to this day think of that as one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. How many of us have ever petted a butterfly?
Kim, FL
In July of this past year I got pregnant with my first child. My fiance and I were thrilled. We decided to call her Alina Vanessa, our beautiful butterfly. Two months later I was in the hospital. I miscarried my butterfly. I was devastated. It was a while before I was ready to move on, but when I decided it was time the first thing I saw was a Monarch butterfly. Now the beautiful animal has become one of my favorites, a friend in my time of need. I am even basing my wedding in two months on butterflies.
Debbie Coe, Jacksonville, IL
Hi This is a true story. My little sister was killed in a terrible car accident. She was thrown from the car with her 3 year old little girl. Thank God my little neice was saved but still lives with the trauma of seeing her mother killed.

On the day of her funeral the family along with my sister's three little girls she left behind, and her husband were sitting around the yard remembering all the good times we had. There was a chair in between my brother and my sister's husband that was empty. First off a beautiful butterfly came fluttering around us. You have to picture this. The butterfly came and just sat on my brother-in-law's gold chain around his neck. It just sat there and waved her beautiful wings. He started to wave it away and I stopped him I said wait that is not normal for a butterfly to sit so still on someone. Then it flutered over to the chair and landed on the seat of it. I was going crazy it was so cool. No one wanted to move afraid of scaring it away. Then it fluttered around us for a few seconds then flew off. It was about sunset in Texas about that time. This was so exciting for the whole family especially my little sister's three daughters.

To this day I dont see a butterfly without seeing my baby sister. Oh about the gold chain - my sis could never keep a secret: her and her husbands' anniversary was a week after she was killed but she couldn't wait to give him his present. She gave it to him the night before her death. The present was that Gold Chain. How cool is that!!

Thank You for letting me share this story in Memory of My Baby sister - Rebecca Lynn Parrish Tovar
Michelle, NY
My husband lost very suddenly, his cousin. She had a history of abuse as a child. Then she found happiness with the birth of her daughter. Unfortunatly drugs found her. She became addicted to pain killers.

To make a long story short: her favorite color was purple. At her funeral we were all saying our last goodbyes, when a purple butterfly came flying by. Everyone noticed it and it wouldnt go away. I believe butterflies are free, and now she is free from her suffering. I know in my heart this butterfly symbol is her.....

Crystal I love you.
Rochelle Adamoli, Audubon, NJ
My sister Lisa passed away at the young age of 28 on April 15, 2004. We have a seasonal campsite we go to all summer long. It was quiet time for me to reflect. After her passing I just wanted a sign she was still with me. Every morning sitting outside I began to see this butterfly. Didn't think much of it till the butterfly seemed to begin to follow me wherever I went in the campground. Call it coincidence but I just knew and felt it was Lisa. Then one special morning when I was feeling especially down my butterfly came and landed on my thigh. An overwhelming feeling of calm over me and I knew my sister would always be there for me till we meet again.
Barbara Lee, Woodland Hills, CA
Many years ago I was experiencing severe anxiety attacks and depression. I even had problems leaving my home. I met a lady who had experienced these same problems, and of course out of urgency I had asked her how she was healed from this problem, now commonly known as agouraphobia. She had told me a story about butterflies, and how in the Christian belief they meant born again, for rebirth. She had told me how butterflies come to her when she called for them and how they would touch her, she called them a Kiss From God.

Of course I wanted to see these butterflies as I found that very hard to believe. We went out in her back yard and she called for the butterflies to reveal themselves to me. And there they were, there were five beautiful graceful butterflies, a white one, the orange monarch, the yellow swallowtail, and a brown butterfly trimmed in yellow with blue speckles, this one particular butterfly is my special mystical butterfly. They flew around touching Judy and I so wanted one to touch me. I just knew that if it would, I would be okay. And so I held out my arm and asked God to send one down and let it touch me. At that precise moment my mystical butterfly flew down from across the yard and landed on my pinky finger, I must admit I was a little wowwwwwwww. It spread out its wings and let me pet him.

From that point on my life changed. Butterflies come and land on me, I could carry them into my home. They were always there, even in the rain, when I really needed a Kiss from God there they were. At my dad's funeral in the rain, the hardest day of my life, butterflies surrounded the casket and me and my family.

I have spread this story to many people and for them to know when ever they see a butterfly, it's a Kiss from God knowing he is there, loving them and taking care of their needs. I have become a different person from that experience many years ago, and I am still blessed with my butterflies. I would like to pass this blessing on to you. Remember when you see a butterfly it's a Kiss From God!
Holli, Bloomfield, NJ
My wonderful Mom Helen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2001. She had overcome and survived bile duct cancer just 2 and 1/2 years earlier. On one of my visits to her in July when we knew she was terminal I was lying in bed with her, holding her like when I was a child. I needed so badly to ask her something but was so afraid to since I knew if I asked she'd know I knew she was dying. Finally I said "Mom, how will I know you're there when you're gone?" She said "I will be the butterfly that flies close by you."

My Mom passed on November 10, 2001 in Florida. I went to work on Monday November 12th at the gift shop I was working. I was sad but was unable to fly back down to Florida. We were having a memorial service for her on Nov. 17th while family in Florida were also having a service. At work we sold the very popular beanies babies which I had purchased many of for my children over the years. I was looking at them when I noticed the butterly. I said that's my Mom. I picked it up thinking the tag with the birthday would either have her date of birth or day she died. I was very surprised to see it was Nov.12 the exact day it was. The butterfly was named Flutter and its poem read "She flitters and flies and floats around, graceful and lovely, not making a sound, although she flies both near and far, she'll always return to where you are!"

That was my first encounter with the butterflies. The day of her service I spoke of my Mom and told everyone there the butterfly story. Some of Mom's friends claim they saw a butterfly in church that day. Over the years I've had several butterfly encounters, the most recent this past August (Mom's birth month). I was having a garage sale and on one table was selling some of my Mom's trivet holders she had collected over the years. One in particular has a beautiful rose on it and said "Helen's Kitchen". All day long a butterfly kept flying around the table and landing on that trivet.....it was unbelievable. My Mom Helen, she was the best...As long as there are butterflies around there will be my Mom. Thanks for reading and listening.
Emily Baker, Kenilworth, ENGLAND
Hi, I am Emily and I am doing this for practice in typing American. This is the story of my Step-Mum's death. As a young child I had thought she had killed my mum and taken her place. I used to shout insults at her. Then she died. At first I was gleeful, then as I got older I realized how nasty I had been. As soon as I had realized that, a butterfly started following me around. It was a beautiful colour of bleu. I realized that it was my Step-Mum and she had forgiven me. I still treasure that memory.
Rick Akers, Bluefield, WV
Dear Butterfly Website,

My dad got sick back in March of 2004 and died in May. He died of lung cancer. My family and I were heartbroken. He was 72. Anyway I am the oldest son of four. I was at his bedside and we had done exchanged our last words and he was unconscious for 24 hrs before he died.

During these hours I prayed. I told him not to be afraid, his mom and dad were waiting on him. I told him to please send me a sign that he was okay or I would always worry. My mom and dad were divorced for twenty five years and she remarried but they got along good and I know they still loved each other. The day of the funeral my mom was sitting in her living room that morning sobbing over dad and she happened to look out her sliding glass door and a white dove was sitting on the deck railing staring right at her. It sit there about five minutes staring at her and it started to rain kind of hard and the bird flew away. A couple minutes later it stopped raining and the dove came back. It sat there a couple more minutes and flew straight up. Mom has lived there 20 years and has never seen a regular dove so we knew it was a sign from him.
Stephanie, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
I was going through a ruff patch with my family as my nanna had passed away and I was really close with her. As she was lying in her bed quietly and still, I thought she was sleeping so I left her. Later that night my mum was in my bedroom sitting on my bed crying. I didn't know what had happened so I asked her what was wrong and she said that nanna had passed away.

On the day of her funeral there was this beautiful butterfly. It was blue green purple and yellow they were nanna's favourite colours and it landed on her coffin like she was telling me that she will always be with me no matter what and to follow my dreams and hopes!

This may sound a little corny but I think the butterfly had inspired me to be whoever and whatever I want and not let people stand in the way of my dreams as my nanna wanted me to be happy!
Jill, New Castle, DE
My father loved butterflies. Every time he saw one he would take a moment to watch it's flight. My parents had a butterfly bush in their front yard, I can remember them sitting out there looking at all of the butterflies.

One day my mom took a picture of one. That picture ended up being my dad's favorite. On July 8, 2000, my dad suddenly passed away. One thing my mom made sure of, was that we put that picture with him when we buried him. The day after he was laid to rest, my mom and I went to his grave. While my mom was waiting for me to arrive, a butterfly started to follow her. It would not leave her side. When I arrive she started to cry as she pointed to it I saw why. It looked exactly like the one in the picture that he loved so much. We were at his grave for an hour and the butterfly would not leave her side.

Two years later, my sister got married. For her portraits, she went to a park. As the photographer was taking pictures, a butterfly started to fly around her. Later on she called me and told me. I asked her what it looked like...she described it. It sounded like the one in the picture! When she got the pictures back, I looked at them and started to cry...as she was taking the pictures she put out her hand and the butterfly landed on it. It looked just like the one in his picture.

I may be looking into this too much, but I feel this is him telling us that everything is ok and he is still here watching us. When I see butterflies now, I stop and take a moment to watch them and enjoy them like he once did. I believe they do symbolize freedom and rebirth...I believe and I hope this story helps you to believe too!
Paul Chenard, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
The Assistant

In the 20 years that I have been doing graphic design, I have made countless presentations to clients for brochures, multimedia graphics, or logos.

I always look forward to that moment of unveiling where I pass on my enthusiasm for what has become, in my mind, our project. When my clients capture that enthusiasm, it brings me great satisfaction. Though these presentations are on the most part all good experiences, they are generally very similar. That all changed in a surprising way.

I had developed a new word mark for a local human resource company that was expanding. One key element of the mark was a butterfly, stylistically rendered as a side view. By Friday, my presentation was ready for unveiling to the new shareholders the next morning.

That evening, while my sons were cleaning up after their swimming lesson, I spotted something wiggling near a shower drain. It was a butterfly and it was obviously drowning. I reached down and it eagerly climbed onto my finger. As my sons dried themselves off and got dressed, the butterfly dried itself, slowly moving its wings up and down. But strangely, it never tried to take off. Once we were ready to go, I set the butterfly on top of the locker. After I had my coat and hat on, I put my finger beside the butterfly. It climbed on and I transferred it to the front of my ball cap. Still, it didn’t take off. We left the pool, surprising everyone I nodded to. We climbed into our car and drove home, my sons and I and our butterfly.

I decided to put the butterfly in a container that allows air to flow through and placed it in our refrigerator. There, it would go into a hibernative state. Though I didn’t quite know how, I did know that this butterfly was going to be part of my presentation.

The next day, I made my way to my presentation, along with my new assistant. I was greeted by the company principals who introduced me to the enthusiastic shareholders. I started the presentation by explaining my approach to corporate image and what I thought their mark should communicate. I unveiled their new mark, showing off the various versions that could be used. Then I told my audience that something had happened the previous night that seemed to confirm the direction I took for their new mark.
Aine, Dublin, IRELAND
On my grandma's funeral in the church when I was reading a prayer a butterfly hovered beside me. Later at the funeral home over a mile away I saw what looked like the same butterfly - this made me smile for the first time all day. Over a month later at my grandmother's grave a butterfly flew over my head.

Everytime I see a butterfly I think of my grandma and smile because I know shes watching over me.
Linda Karlsson, Catskill, NY
I recently began a position with Hospice but also work at a local hospital as a supervisor. It is my intention to engage nurses with their spiritual side in order to better care for patients. I encourage story telling and this is one of the more poignant ones.

An older nurse who said that she does not believe in God and neither did her mom told us this story - Her mom died in March 2004. She and her sister were recently preparing to disperse her ashes and had great difficulty prying the lid off of the urn. However, when they did and opened the urn a Butterfly flew out. She said "I can't explain it". It was gratifying to experience the wonderful spiritual impact and support the other nurses gave her.

The next day another nurse said, "Oh that is an eternal sign". I then shared that with the daughter who found great solace in that idea.

This is a story I have continued to share and today while working and doing quiet presencing with a dying woman I saw a card with a butterfly on her shelf.

Mistie Zuromski, Abilene, TX
While driving along in my home town, I remember being burdened by several things going on in my life. I had recently married the love of my life, only to find out shortly after that he was being deployed to Kuwait. The thought of being alone with my two children and without my best friend heavied my heart. I stopped at a signal light and through my windshield, I saw a beautiful butterfly that seemed to hover just above the hood of my car. It stayed there until I drove away. Although I thought the sight was sweet and beautiful, I dismissed it as just that. Not more than 10 minutes later, I had just left my clients office when again, while stopped at a light, another butterfly appeared. It was of a different color and hovered just as the other had done. Again, it flew away as I drove on.

At this point, I was sure that this was a rare coincidence. I continued the days errands and was on my way home after picking up my daughter. Again, I was stopped at the traffic signal, paying more mind to my radio control than what layed ahead. I then looked up, and there, hovering in front of my windshield, a third butterfly. I have heard of the butterfly symbolizing a message from loved ones who have passed. I don't know if that is the case with my encounter, or if it was simply a message from above letting me know that all will be okay. Though I am not a "religious" person, I am certainly a spiritual person and I cannot help but believe that this was a message meant for me and not a rare or bizarre coincidence.

I feel a peace now about all that is yet to come for me and my young family. I feel like there is someone, somewhere, watching over us all.
Miranda Conroy, Monroe Twp, NJ
About 7 yrs. ago in January of 1997 I lost my grandmother. She passed away from a sudden case of pneumonia. I went to visit her gravesite one day by myself. I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers that I was going to lay on her tombstone. As I approached, I got this rush feeling of relief and happiness. I laid down the flowers and blew her a kiss. As I got up, to go back to my car. There were 3 butterflies that flew around me 3 times. I started crying and knew it was her telling me hello and she loves me. I called my mom immediately after it happened. After I had calmed down, I walked back to my car. Only to see that there were 2 butterflies sitting on my passenger side mirrow and 1 on the driver's side mirror. I looked up, as tears fell down my face and I can't describe the feeling, but it was like something I've never experienced before. I drove home, still tears are falling from my eyes. I pulled in the driveway and ran inside to tell my mom the rest of the story, only to see my grandfather was there too. My grandmother's husband. As I told them the story, I realized why she sent 3 butterflies. I believe she sent 3 of them to let me and my 2 sisters know she will always be with us a nd she loves us.

I never really believed in signs before, but after this occurred, I don't doubt anything anymore. I know have a butterfly tattoo on my right shoulder. The tattoo is my sign that I am always with her as well as she is with me. That butterfly will never leave my shoulder, just like the love for my grandmother will never leave my heart.

***God Bless all who have been touched or inspired by a Butterfly***
Jo, Chester, Cheshire, ENGLAND
As a child my mum would tell me that when somebody dies there will always be a butterfly nearby when you need to know that they are alright and everything is ok. She told me many times that when my Grandad, her father passed away that a butTerfly appeared.

My beautiful mum, my best friend in the world was taken from us so suddenly, she was diagnosed with a rare form of Leaukemia and was only given two courses of chemotherapy before she caught an infection. The infection was too bad and she was unable to fight it any longer and she died on Friday 20 August 2004 at age 51. My world ended when my dear Mum died and all I could think about was 'where is my butterfly?'.

On the day of Mum's funeral we were all devastated and stuggled to get through the day, but as we left the church and followed the coffin into the church yard a butterfly gently flew towards us and circled around me and my family. I have never seen a butterfly circle before. We were all amazed and so very grateful to receive a wonderful message from my angel, my mum.
Aleka, Elk Point, SD
I just found four catarpillars on my mother's parsley plant and I took them and placed them in an aquarium for a school project to see their cocoon. They aren't very big yet they aren't small so I am really excited to see what they look like.
Angela Hans, Oklahoma City, OK
My brother, the oldest of three, died yesterday just after noon in a local hospital. I had spent most of the previous evening at his bedside but yesterday, I had things to do at home which I had neglected during the two weeks following surgery to remove his left kidney and the discovery of a massive malignant tumor in his pelvis. His daughter called to give us the news that his suffering was all over.

My girlfriend, Beth, had met my brother when he had house-sit for us while we were on vacation. She works as a cashier at a small liquor store a block away and had asked me to keep her advised of my brother's condition. About 3 p.m. I called to let her know of his passing. She told me she had only worked 3 hours yesterday and when she arrived at work, she saw nothing out of place. However, shortly before 1 p.m., she walked into an inner storage room and immediately noticed a single, black feather on the floor in the center of the room. She swears it was not there when she came on duty and could not explain how it got where she found it. She immediately felt it was an omen of death but didn't know who's death it represented.

At about 5:20 p.m., I took our two Lhasa Apso puppies out into the backyard. To my surprise, I found a black butterfly with yellow spots walking across our path on the patio. The tip of one wing appeared crumpled as though it had not completely unfurled and dried, allowing it to fly. I took it into my hand and it walked up my arm, appearing to be very comfortable doing so. It could fly short distances, but couldn't stay airborne for very long. To protect it for a bird of prey, I allowed it to continue walking over my fingers and up my arm. Suddenly, it flew into one of our Lhasa's whiskers as though planting a kiss on her cheek. This Lhasa was my brother's favorite of the two and Maggie loved a visit from my brother, jumping into his lap and begging for attention from him. I carefully placed it on a yellow daisy blossom and went into the house to see the evening news.

This morning, I again took the dogs outside and found the beautiful black butterfly exactly where I had left it the night before. Again, I picked it up and my husband brought his camera out to photograph it perching on the tip of my index finger.

No one will ever be able to convince me that it was not my brother's spirit, coming to visit us one last time; to say he is at peace with his transition into another dimension and we should be happy for him because he, too, after a long and agonizingly painful struggle, had exited his cocoon and was truly free to soar.
Linda Smith, Georgetown, ON CANADA
I have just encountered this wonderful butterfly website, and for years I have wanted to tell my story; my family and close friends know how I am attached to butterflies.

Here is my story. June 9, 1979 my mother-law died suddenly. She was only 61 yrs young. This is a woman who was a very loving and a giving person. Imagine if you were thinking of something or if you needed something she would just know and show up with it. My mother-inlaw and I had an extremely close relationship and I loved her very much. She died and I died too. She passed away on Saturday night. The next morning my youngest of five daughters was making her first communion, I was absolutely in a fog, my neighbour had washed my daughters veil that she was to wear that day and put it on the line to dry, I went out in the yard to get it off the clothes line and just then a beautiful butterly landed on the veil. It did not fly away it just stayed there looking straight at me. At that precise moment my second oldest daughter was looking out the window and saw this, her comment was "there's grandma", yes it was, she had come back to tell me how beautiful heaven really is and that she is okay.

She has continued in many ways over the years to return to us in this mysterious way. I am truly blessed by Butterflies
Peggy Ramsden, Orange, CA
Our friend Sr. "Vince" Otto passed to eternity on July 22, 2004. We are preparing a memorial celebration of her life and new life. She had numerous physical and biochemical problems complicated by many dreadful medical errors, but she touched so many people and had many loyal friends. She and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (mentioned in Chapter 14 - Butterflies and Rainbows from the book Hello from Heaven, used with permission of co-author Judy Guggenheim on this website) had been friends. We tried to let her know of Sr. Vince's transition. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross passed to eternity on August 25, 2004. I'm sure there is a great reunion going on.

"Vince" also adopted the butterfly symbol. Last Saturday, Aug. 21, when some of us gathered in a patio for another celebration and we also made some plans for this Saturday's celebration for "Vince," I saw a Monarch butterfly come into the patio -- I had not seen one for years. Coincidence?

I am working on the cover for the memorial service and came to this site for butterfly clip art. Thanks for the clip art and the stories of others.
Paula Timpson, East Hampton, NY
White Butterfly Angels

My friend and I were at a special shrine praying the rosary and many white angel butterflies flew around us gracing our time together-

My friend told me that after that day she received my poem and her daughter found out she was pregnant! Love,Paula+
Dorothy, Garden City, MI
It's not easy for me to write this because I really don't believe in or should I say I didn't believe in signs of loved ones who had passed. But something happened to me that is making me change my mind.

My mother died August 4th this year of pancreatic cancer. At her request I had her creamated, I had asked her what she would like me to do with her ashes. She said she would like some to be scattered by her dad (my grandfather) and some by her mother, and then by Lake Superior where she grew up. So I took some of the ashes and put them in a pretty jar along with a picture of my husband and me by our new motorhome (she loved that motor home as much as we did) we then dug a hole by my grandfather and placed the jar there. I kept saying to my husband and daughter do you think I'm doing the right thing. I must have said that over and over (especially in my mind) "God I pray that I'm doing the right thing", because I wasn't sure I wanted to separate the ashes).

While my daughter and I were standing there watching my husband put my mom's ashes in the ground, a white butterfly flew between my daugher and I and touched my arm. I wasn't paying much attention at the time because I was watching my husband. So I kinda just brushed it away. But my daughter who is a true believer in signs started to cry and say "Oh mom that was grandma telling you that she is ok and that you are doing the right thing". I feel a little more peaceful and content now, and I'm praying that when I put some more of her ashes by my grandmother (her mom) maybe that butterfly will also be there. I will pray for that sign again..

Thank you.
Karen Lowdermilk, Easley, SC
I wrote a butterfly story on this site last year after my father had passed away from lung cancer. It told of a black butterfly that was constantly presenting itself to me and others in our family.

I had a conversation with my father, when he came to realize that he was in fact dying, and I asked him if it was at all possible to please send me a sign that everything was ok. He died and soon a black butterfly was fluttering around everywhere I seemed to be. I immediatley thought this is my sign. It would appear to my mother, my daughter and myself all through this year.

Well, it has been a year July 3rd since he passed away. Yesterday my mother and I decided to work in their garage and get some much needed things sorted out. We went through all the big items and stored them in appropriate places, on shelves and hooks thoughout the garage. Next to tackle was Dad's workbench. It was covered with everything from tools, sandpaper, nuts, bolts, and sawdust. We sorted out the tools and put them all in one place, a huge toolbox that sat under the workbench. When we got to the bottom of the pile there was a "Black Butterfly" in perfect condition, in a sealed cellophane wrapper. I turned to my mother and said, "Oh, my God, Look at this"!!! We both stood there, looking at it, then each other. I said to her, "What do you think"? We both knew what the other was thinking. It was again our sign. What would a butterfly be doing at the bottom of this pile of tools and sawdust? I called my daughter, who too believes in the sign. She could not believe what I was saying. She came over to her grandmother's house and had to see it for herself. She looked at us, then at the Black Butterfly and said "I truly believe this is our sign"..

We are convinced that everything is alright with my Dad. The black butterfly is our sign and we have such a peace with his death, much more than we ever thought possible. My mother misses him terribly (married 51yrs)but she is able to move on. She is involved in painting classes, Red Hat Society, a group called Moving Forward for widows and widowers, and is surrounded by friends and family. I know that the butterfly gives her the comfort and peace of mind that he is in a much better place.

Thank you for letting me tell this story.
Tina Bowser, Kittanning, PA
It is August of 2004, my sister, Marcy, was murdered by her abusive live in boyfriend a little over a year ago. I had always told her to leave but she could not get away from his hold on her. We had argued a few months prior to her murder because I wanted her to get away but she wouldn't listen so I gave up, we didn't speak to each other again and unfortunately she was killed before we had a chance to make ammends. I hated myself, well correction I still have trouble dealing with giving up on her and not talking to each other before he took her away from us.

I'll tell you about my experience with a monarch butterfly. I was crying about losing my sister and I asked out loud, "Marcy I'm sorry and I hope you can forgive, and I hope you are okay, I wish you could just show me a sign." I sat on my porch a couple minutes and a monarch butterfly flew up to the railing of my porch, it fluttered around a little bit then flew away! I truly believe she had given me a sign! I've had and so has my family members, encounters with monarch butterflies since my sister has passed on. I would see over twenty butterflies a day last year, I feel that there is something special about that. My mom and I were together shortly after she died and I said to myself, Marcy I wish you could show mom and I a sign while we're together. We pulled up to my house got out and walked up my steps when two butterflies came flying around us. I looked at my mom and she looked at me and we were both thinking the same thing. Then four more came fluttering around us, it was so magical!

One more little story before I finish. We were on our way to the cemetary to visit Marcy and I said to my mom "I can't believe we haven't seen a monarch butterfly at the cemetary yet?" She said yeah I know. So we drive up to the cemetary, walk to her grave. I kneeled down to put flowers there and my mom yells "Tina oh my look!" So I looked up and there was a monarch flying above us! It is very hard dealing with the loss of my sister but little things like that makes it alittle easier to cope. I hope someone will connect to our stories or maybe make there own connection with a beautiful monarch butterfly!
Marilyn Green, Lexington, KY
On August 9, 2003 our only child, Paul, aged 23 was killed in a car accident. He had just graduated from college with a BS in Biology with honors.

July and July of that year he studied abroad in Costa Rica to pick up some Spanish credits. While there he would call us and talk about all the beautiful butterflies. He said he went somewhere close to the rainforest and said they were everywhere.

He had only been back a week when he passed away. My husband and I and all our friends and families and his friends were devestated. He was one of those people who light up a room when he enters and always has a big smile. He was smart - but not geeky, as his friends would say. He loved to have fun and filled his life with all kinds of adventures. It is only after a year that I have really been able to even write about him.

About 3 months after his death, my husband and I visited him at the cemetery (something we still do once a week and can't think that will ever change) and we were crying so hard and praying for a sign. I said "Paul, please give us something to let us know you are alright and happy and that we could have something to hold onto."

Later that day we were in the backyard of our home with several of our friends when out of nowhere came this bright blue butterfly flitting around us and landing at our feet. It stayed with us awhile and then flitted off. That was our sign - it has visited us one more time since then. We researched the blue butterfly and learned that it was not common in Kentucky where we live and that the bright blue butterflies are male!! We checked out the Costa Rica website and guess what was there - a bright blue butterfly.

Such a message and at a time when we desperately needed it. We are working on a big butterfly garden in his honor and hope to have it finished by next year!!
Lovelle Kris S. Neo, Davao City, PHILIPPINES
I started loving butterflies when I was still in high school. I've always been using this as my symbol. Butterflies' beauty has a deep meaning for me and my life. I consider myself as a butterfly...I have wings. For me, butterflies' wings were like my loved ones who were always t here for me and helps me to fly into a wider world...my wings were my inspiration...the reason why inspite of the difficulties I face I still continue to fly...I still continue to live. I live for those who love me! And as long as they're there for me...I will just continue to fly because I have those beautiful and colorful wings with me. Maybe for some people, butterflies were just ordinary creatures...but for me, they're one of God's symbolic creatures that reminds me of His love and His gifts for me.
Sallie, Tampa, FL
I joined the Bereavement Journey support group after losing my dear Tom. Many people would write stories about butterflies and how after seeing them they felt peace, they knew their loved one was okay. Well I finally saw a butterfly and it was on Tom's birthday. This butterfly just hung out by me and didn't fly away when I approached. It made a hard day seem a little easier.
Jenn Mendoza, Hampton, VA
I was at My son, Lucas' grave not too long ago and had been there for a while when I started praying to God for him to show me a sign that Lucas is alright. Through my tears and tear stained face, I looked up to see a large butterfly happily dancing in the air coming closer to me. My heart stopped. I knew to my very core it was Lucas. I could feel my face smiling and I asked him to come closer to me. The butterfly flew almost right in my personal space, it was so close. I cannot tell you how that made every emotion come rushing out. It wasn't that it strengthened my faith in God, my faith is already there. I was thankful he sent the butterfly I knew was Lucas or represented Lucas but I wasm more thankful that I got to see him. I know to some it may sound strange but I somehow just knew it was Lucas. It fluttered around me and I was as still as a mouse. I never moved. Only my eyes moved. It began to fly away from me and again, through my tears I aksed him outloud to come back. By then, the butterfly was about four rows away from where Lucas was buried. I'm not making this up when I tell you that it turned back toward me and flew a little back my way but then it stopped just almost dancing in midair in one place. It darted my way but then back in the way it was going before-like it was coming and going. It very much felt like the butterfly was saying I want to come back but I have to go. I imagined it be saying "goodbye mamma". And then, it just flew away. I watched it till I couldn't see it anymore. It felt like he came for a visit and his purpose had been acheived and he was gone...just like that. There was not another living animal or person around..nothing..not a bird..not a bug that I could see..nothing...just me and the butterfly that was now gone. Lucas was buried by a statue of Jesus holding a chalis. When I couldn't see the the butterfly anymore, I looked at that statue and I cried out. I think in anguish and in joy. I was all alone there with no one around me. It's the best time to let it all out.

I tell you this story, not only to share with you a very personal and uplifting experience, but to also remind you, not to miss God's signs. They are all around us. I truly believe that. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm crazy, but mostly, I know I'm not. I know at that moment when I so boldly asked God for a sign from Lucas, he sent that butterfly just for me---just for my soul to be quenched with whatever figment of Lucas I could have. I can't have him anymore so he gives me pieces of what I can....just thoughts sometimes...butterflies and squirrels other times..

Our son, Lucas, passed away at ten months old. He was born into our lives with such a spirit and loved to laugh at a really early age. That was one thing about him. He had this superb laugh for such a little boy. He mostly was enthralled with his big brother, Noah. Anything Noah did, Lucas took great joy in and often you could hear his little voice bounding out of the room or a big 'suck' of air because he was particularly thrilled. We got to have him at home for six great months for that we are thankful; more than thankful, grateful. He had to have an operation. The operation left him at risk and he fought for his life for the next four months. His Daddy and I told him to take God's hand and to let go. We wanted him to stop fighting so hard, we could see how tired he was. It was too hard for his little body to keep up the hard pace of fighting one thing after another.

We have beautiful memories of our sweet baby boy. They help keep me going. The white butterfly that I now see everywhere at least once a day keeps me going. I look for it. I can be at work, in the middle of a situation or conversation and when I see the white butterfly, I stop. I stop all that I am doing. I give it my full attention and I take that time to talk to him. I don't care who is looking or what they might think when they see me talking to the butterfly. I ache to know that Lucas hears me. I keep trying, every day. I tell him how I love him and miss him. It's often very very lonely. Somehow, my spirits are lifted when I see him. It now has huge meaning to me. More than ever I can express.

It's so good to see and read that others have had similar experiences. It helps settle my soul.

On August 21, 2004, it will be the one year anniversary of Lucas' death. I dread this day yet I know it's coming full steam ahead. Time to begin to move on...without him...yes...but move on nonetheless. I know I'll see him again one day. I look forward to it.

I miss you Lucas - two kisses.
Helen Lowe Arrington, San Jose, CA
My father went to be with the Lord on July 15, 2004.

I was out walking with a girlfriend, Denise, when a butterfly flew over our heads in Santa Clara, California. Denise asked me if I believed in signs. I responded, 'yes'. The butterfly appeared to be walking with us. When we stopped to look at the butterfly, it stopped and hoovered above us. It disappeared as quickly as it came upon us. When we turned to go in the opposite direction, the butterfly appeared once again as though it was walking with us.

When I was at my parents' house in North Carolina, a butterfly hovered above a wading pool where a niece was swimming. My father, Gil loved to swim. Later my sister, Alice observed that same butterfly sit on my parents' house for about an hour before it flew away.

Two days later at my sister, Nancy's house a butterfly continuously flew around the pool when my nieces and nephews decided to go swimming.

My sister, Mary sat up late one night researching butterflies and found your website. Thank you for such a beautiful all inspiring website.

We know our father is in Heaven with the Lord and is now at peace and free from all pain and suffering.
Barbara Taylor, Battle Creek, MI
My sister was brutally killed in 2002. Her unsolved murder has been my total focus. This past week-end was especially hard because we had a family reunion here, and she was not here. I was trying to get through this reunion and thinking about my sister. On July 18 as I was entering my car I saw a beautiful cream colored butterfly in the car. But it was not there as I left the car to go into the store. I somehow knew that this was my sister's letting me know that everything was going to be alright. I instantly felt much better, and opened the car door window so the butterfly could fly away.

This experience certainly made a wonderful believer of me. I was much calmer and the next day I heard a good piece of news. I am very glad for your website .
Barbara Edgerton, Syracuse, NY
My mother had been stricken with ovarian cancer in 1991 at the age of 78 and in her last months I took a leave of absence from my job to care for her. She knew of her fate and wasn't afraid to die. We talked openly about many things during that time and one of those subjects was what sort of sign would she send me after her passing to tell me she was alright. We wholeheartedly believed in "signs". She told me, "I'll send butterflies like Dad does." I was surprised at this and asked, "How would I know that butterfly is from you & not from Dad?" She said she'd make sure I knew which is which. (As an aside here -- my father had passed away in 1979 and our family experienced quite a few encounters with Monarch butterflies over the years of which I would need pages to write about so those will have to be stories for another time.)

Mom passed on in late March of 1995 and in May - around Memorial Day - I visited the cemetery bringing her favorite swan planter filled with impatiens and lobelia, two of her favorite flowers. I placed the swan between my parents' headstones and started my usual conversations with them as I often did when visiting their graves. I sat down and waited patiently to see if a butterfly would come calling but as time went by I was getting more and more disillusioned. I really couldn't spend a lot of time waiting as I had an appointment that I would need to leave for soon. So I looked up at the sky overhead and loudly called out, "O.K. Mom, I've got to go now and I'm disappointed that you haven't sent a sign." Downheartedly I walked to my car, and as I opened the door to get in, I glanced back at their graves and saw a breathtakingly beautiful, huge, yellow Swallowtail butterfly quickly flying over to the swan planter & land on the flowers. It sat there moving its big wings up and down. Well the color yellow was my one of my Mom's most favorite colors and I knew then that she really had heard my plea. I couldn't stop the big grin that came over me, I was so overjoyed! I called out, "Thanks Mom, you made my day!"

I drove away so happy and felt a wonderful sense of peace. This little story is just about one of the many butterfly visits that my both my parents have made to me and my sister in the years since their passings. I believe in everyone's very own butterfly story on this inspirational website. Butterflies are truly special creatures from God and I hope that someday I may find out the truth behind their mysterious visits to grieving family and friends after their loved ones pass on.
Sylvia Torres, Spotsylvania, VA
All my live I love butterfly. For me, they are like Angels. Something very special happened to me on July 10, 2004 ( Last Saturday ) For the last seven month I have a very bad experience with my builder, After too many promises, he never finish with the construction of my new Log Home, I buy 5 acress land, and is a beautiful place where we will make a spiritual retreat place to help people.

Well, the other day I was so sad for all the problems with this guy, I notice that for the last four or five time that I went to see the house, a beautiful black and blue butterfly was around me. But this time, I was so sad, and she flew, and stop in the floor in front me, I took her in my hands, and she was with me for more than 10 minutes, one of the wings was hurt, I can not believe that she stay with me for all this time, this never happen before, I talk with her, I said to her that I'm sorry that she was hurt, I said to her that I was sad for my house, and thank you for be there always, I ask her if she can take care of our new house, and if she can help me talk with God. I'm sure God hear always butterfly.

Well the story is, that I need to put my friend in one of the tree, because she never go away, I explain to her that I can not take her with me, I know she will die, but, I want she die in her house, in our land. Probably I will never see her again my friend, but I know that she alway will be there with us. As soon as I finish my house I will put a big black and blue butterfly fly in my friend honor. And I know this was something special, she give me peace, she let me feel special and love inside me when she was in my hands, I will never ever, will forget this butterfly....my Angel.

Thank you and I'm sorry for my bad english writing, but I really want to share this with you. God bless you all!
Christina Limbourg, London, ENGLAND
Though people think that teenagers don't feel real love I say we realy do... I'm only 16 but I've gone through a lot in the "love area"... This is a story that I'll never forget because I never thought it could actually happen..

I had just brokeN up with my boyfriend because I had been told that he was cheating me with his despisable french ex-girlfriend... I hated that girl, she thought she was the best and spoke to me like if I was a thing, something that she could get rid of in a blink... When I heard that my boyfriend was betraying me my world fell apart.. I didn't want August to come because I was afraid that would happen... (his ex-girlfriend only comes to Portugal in August)..I loved him so much... I lived for him but still I broke up with him because of the tiny little piece of self-respect I had left,at that time... So I went to see him and I told him: "From now on I'm your EX-girlfriend, don't ever speak or even look at me again!" And I turned my back on him because I didn't want him to see me crying. I couldn't manage to live without him but as I'm too proud I wouldn't let him come back to me either so I decided to end up with my life... I didn't want to but it was my only choice...

One day,when my parents went out for lunch I joined several pill boxes and I was decided to swallow them all.. I was in my room and I just prayed: "Dear God, I'm probably acting silly by still believing he loves me, but if he, by any chance, does and all these pills should remain in their boxes, please give me a sign!". I didn't hear or see a thing... Nothing happened... So that was my faith... I was ready to take it... The pills were already on my mouth and I had a glass of water half-way from my lips... I closed my eyes.. Suddenly I felt something in my hand... I opened my eyes and I saw a beautiful butterfly on my index finger... My mouth was still full of pills... The doorbell rang... I looked down from my bedroom's window and I saw my boyfriend(or ex boyfriend). I took all the pills out of my mouth and opened the door for him... He gave me a bunch of flowers with a tiny little butterfly, he said he loved me, that he would never betray me and told me the whole story... ApParently a neighbour of ours (a supposed friend) loved me and made this whole story up so he could stay with me... When he found out the missunderstood he ran to my house.I couldn't believe it... We started our relationship again and till now we're extremely happy! God saved my life through that butterfly!

Sorry if you find any grammar errors.. I'm not english...
Wyneva Chenault-Flores, Lawndale, CA
My mother's name is Wynema. In Choctaw this means Lonely Butterfly, and so she loved butterflys. After moving in together she filled our house with butterfly hangings, pictures, stationary, etc. I got really tired of the butterflies usurping my Unicorns!

But, after she passed away in 1999 I find that I have begun collecting them - possibly to keep her closer. I have butterfly stepping stones, butterfly staffs, a butterfly house, etc.

But, too, strange things happen. I had the car doors open one day, getting out my groceries a nd a white butterfly flew into the car. I tried everything to get it out. Finally, it landed on my finger and I backed out slowly and held my hand up high to release it. It flew a couple of times around my head, brushed my cheek, landed on my shoulder for a short time, flew back to my cheek and flew away. Times in my back yard there will be butterflies that land on me.

It makes me feel as if my Mom is still watching over me. Perhaps in my collections I have brought her home to stay by me. And still get the 'whisper kisses' from time to time from the butterflies.
Eleanor Diones, Valenzuela, Pampanga and Bicol, PHILIPPINES
Hi my name is Ehl. I'm a butterfly lover. I used to collect some of them since I was second year high school because my friend inspired me. Butterfly is my sign when I ask God about something. And because of butterflies I got a best friend that his codename is butterfly and I of course rose. His name is James my very nice friend the one who is always there by my side. And that is my story.
Mrs. Jamie D. Mason, Chicopee, MA
My grandmother was a wonderful woman who was just the person that held our entire family together. She was very vibrant and colorful and full of life. She had four daughters of her own, adopted her two nephews and raised me my entire life. She loved being a mother and more than that she loved being a grandmother.

She and my grandfather were traveling to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when my grandmother felt ill. When my grandfather insisted on taking her to the hospital she stopped breathing before he could ever get into the driver's seat. They were very far from all of us here at home and my cousin was left with the horrible time of having to come and inform us all of her impeneding fate. We all dropped what we were doing and traveled down to Delaware to be by her side while she passed away. We were all there holding hands and letting her know it was OK to go.

The next day we all headed home and started to get ready to plan for her funeral. My grandfather, three aunts, my mother and myself got into my aunt's van to go to the funeral home. Before we could even start on our way a completely black butterfly glew in the window and around each of us. It stayed only a minute or two and then headed back out into the wide open. We all took it as my grandmother' way of letting us know everything would be OK.

Since then we see reminders of that time everywhere. When I was pregnant for my son and they sent me to the emergency room to check into a problem I was having I was terrified. I looked us at the portable x-ray machine sitting next to my stretcher to see a butterfly sticker, looking down on us. We have get togethers and we can always count on there being some sort of butterfly making the "rounds". Butterflies have become such a part of all our lives that this month on the five year anniversary of my g randmother's death we are having a bench dedicated in her memory at our local butterfly farm. A fitting tribute for a woman who continues to let us know she is still here guiding us and protecting us.
Debbie, NJ
The summer of 2003 my father who was my shining light was diagnosed with terminal cancer at 61. Up until that moment my world was perfect. The news was a crushing blow to both my mom and me, struggling to make sense of it all he was such a vibrant healthy man. I think I must of hit rock bottom that May, out on my balcony was the most beautiful butterfly, it was blue and black and just fluttered around me. Well my butterfly showed up everday since, at my job if I stepped outside, at home, at my mom and dad's, it even went to Yankee Stadium, hard to imagine but there it was! It gave me a sense of peace from all the struggle.

My dad and I would sit outside and he had so many white ones fluttering around him, he would joke and say he will be the "white one"! Then the day came when my father passed in August 2003, I was devastated, my heart broke and I think I cried 24/7. The morning of the funeral I was walking up the steps to my Condo and there he was my butterfly, fluttering around me, this time he landed right on me and slowly open and closed his wings, I sat down and cried as he just sat on my arm, my friend came out of her place and said "look he landed right on you this time"! It was my small blessing in disguise since my dad and I always laughed about my friend and his grand entrances! I knew then it was my guardian angel there to comfort me. I was so sad thinking when winter comes, no more butterfly. For Christmas, my uncle gave me the most beautiful butterfly charm to wear around my neck and said. Your dad would want you to have this. I wear it faithfully.

The following February 2004 I was outside at work, tears in my eyes wishing my dad a happy birthday and there landed a white butterfly on my arm, snow on the ground...I knew it was a miricle and I knew it was my dad. He is around me in times of sadness and when I just smile at the thought of him, he is only a flutter away. Butterflies are definatly a sign of new beginnings and of peace and love. Never underestimate one when you are in a time of need.
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