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January 2004 to June 2004
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Alyssa Oese, Sinking Spring, PA
Hi my name is, Alyssa. Once I found a clouded yellow Sulphur butterfly and named it Rose. It only had one wing so right now it's in my room nursing back to health. I plan to release it when it is strong enough to live on its own. It will be so inspiring when I release it because you know you did something good!
Joan Satinsky, Lauderhill, FL
My name is Joan, and I was planning on a reading from Ocallah. Prior to the reading, for two weeks, I saw two orange butterflies daily. I was hoping to hear from my two infant sons, that Crossed Over many years ago. As she did the reading, she in Michigan, told me that I was seeing the orange butterflies, and they were messages from my sons. After the wonderful reading I no longer see them. I now see just one Monarch. I believe that they have brought someone else to me. I need now to find out who. Thanks for listening. Yours truly, Joan
Shirlee Connors-Carlson, Fort Kent Mills, ME
Tonight as I type this letter, I am totally saddened and exasperated by an unfortunate incident with a butterfly.

My cat was jumping around in the driveway and I thought she was chasing a junebug. Much to my dismay she was chasing a very large butterfly. The size is 6 inches to the wing span and 3 full inches long. She is so totally magnificent, but my cat injured her before I could stop her. She has a large amount of eggs attached to her body and I tried all evening to get information on the pc to find out how to preserve the eggs. Much to my sorrow, this beautiful creature of God came to me and I have no resources to save her and her eggs. I can only hope that God will forgive my ignorance as this creature is going to die and her eggs will too.

Butterflies have been a fascination to me since I was a little girl. I used to catch them in jar and then let them go. If I only knew how to save her eggs, she would not completely die. She is dark brown with dark yellow and is flapping her wing on the side where the rest of her eggs are located. Probably trying to flap them off so they will survive.

I know this is not a story but from this day forward I will apprise myself of the life and care of an injured butterfly. This most beautiful of God's creatures should be protected and cared for in all circumstances. My friend the butterfly is about to leave this earthly place. She is not fluttering anymore. I hope there is a place in heaven for butterflies. Thank you for the chance to express my disappointment.
Katrina Madsen, Magna, UT
My brother-in-law passed away a few month's ago. He was only 35 with three children and his whole life ahead of him. He had the most beautiful blue eyes that would stop you dead in your tracks. We were all devastated when he died. It was just to soon to let go. I think the worst of it was we didn't actually get to say good bye. Because of the circumstances of his death we weren't able to view him, therefore we didn't feel like we had closure.

A few days after his death my husband and father-in-law went up the mountain to find the place where he had passed away. On the way up the trail my father-in-law told me there out of nowhere a butterfly showed up and kept fluttering around in front of them, at one time it almost let my husband touch it. For some odd reason they followed this butterfly. I believe they thought they wouldn't ever find the spot where he had died. I also believe in my heart that my father-in-law knew that butterfly would show them the way.

Finally the butterfly rested on a rock until they got to it, then the butterfly flew away. As they looked up the hill they found his shoe and some other belongings, and knew that's where he had spent his last moments. That butterfly has given my father-in-law, husband and me closure. I never realized how beautiful a butterfly really was, until my brother-n-law turned into one.
Julie, Scranton, PA
Both my husband and my mother passed away in 2001. Since then I occasionally receive what I call little signs from them. I've determined that the butterfly is usually a sign from my mother. Last week my sister and I were shopping. We don't get together too often because she lives a distance from me. So, even though I was really tired that evening, when she called to ask if I'd meet her at the store I said I would. While we were in the store looking at some things this little butterfly came from somewhere and flittered about. Then, it came downward and landed on the side of our shopping cart. It stayed for a few moments, just long enough for us to get a good look at it, then it flittered away. It was black with perfectly round, yellow dots on it's wings. Both my sister and I were thinking the same thing, "Mom is with us." I really believe that it was a sign from our Mom just saying hello. It gave us both such a nice feeling.
Kasey, Catawba, NC
I love butterflies because I was into some trouble and then I met Jesus. I dedicated my life to him. The bible says when we know him we are new creatures. That made me think of the butterfly. They are caterpillars then they change to butterflies and are new creatures. A butterfly represents change. Thank God for his beautiful creation.
Margie, Tyler, TX
My son passed away Jan.10 2002, he was 21 years old and I miss him terribly. My son, Jeremy, always knew I loved butterflies. I was sitting at a red light one day and crying because I missed my son so much. I looked right beside the driver's window and a butterfly was dancing right beside the window and and he stayed there and danced by the window until the light changed green. I felt like this was a little sign from my son just letting me know he was still nearby and he sent the butterfly to make me smile.

Another time I was working in a garden I have made in memory of my son. I was digging and pulling up weeds and the prettiest yellow butterfly landed on my shoulder and stayed there for a long tme. I felt this also was a little sign from my son letting me know he was still near by.

To me butterflies are sweet little God given treasures that flutter by and make us smile.
Milena, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
I always loved all the animals, and once I was asked wich was my favourite, and I couldn´t answer. I gave it a little thought, about which animal made most difference in my life and why. I found a test in the net about animal totems (the animal that guides you through your life, helping you in your decisions and stuff) and I did it and the animal I saw in my dream was a butterfly, a very beautiful butterfly.

At first, I have to say I was confused. Butterflies make a difference in my life? But I started wondering and I realized, yes, they do. Every time I´m happy or something good happened, I see a butterfly. And I´m usually surrounded by them, even though I live in the middle of the city. They lways find their way towards me and as soon as I started to listen to my totem (I´m sorry, I know it sounds dumb, but it really isn´t. you´d have to live it to understand it) things started do get better. In order to honor my totem, I started making poems about butterflies and look them um in the net, and found this site. In my opinion, butterflies are fragile and delicate, yet, so strong. Two opposites in the same creation by God, meant to be perfect. I´m glad I´m now able to share my Passion with those who feel the same
Sandra French, Benton, AR
My husband and I have 80 acres in the wilds of the Arkansas Ozark mountains. Several years ago I wrote a poem about it which included the line "A place where old and weary souls are reborn as butterflies." We have an old house on the land that sits right at the edge of a major creek with a deck facing large rock bluffs directly across the creek. My mother visited there once several years ago and said that it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. She told me that when after she dies she would revist me there as a butterly.

Several years passed. In February of this year my mother passed away from lymphoma. A few weeks before her death she said she wished she had the strength to visit there one more time and sit on that deck, but she never got to do that. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a type of butterfly that I had never seen there in the 11 years that we have owned the property. It was always alone and seemed to fly around me as if trying to tell me something. The next day I was sitting alone on that deck when that butterfly landed on the railing. For some reason I could not get my mother out of my mind. I started talking to the butterfly calling it Mom and saying how much I loved and missed her. I asked it to please come and land on me if it was my mother or somehow sent by her. The butterfly immediately flew over and landed on my leg. I held up my hand in front of my face and said "Momma, if that's you, land on my hand, and it did! It was facing sideways from my face, so I said "Momma, please turn and look at me" and it did! Tears came to my eyes as I told her how much I loved and missed her. She lowered and raised her wings as if in acknowledgment, then flew away.

I was left with a feeling of awe and peace. I felt reassured that her spirit was alive and well and watching over me. The next week we had a family reunion up there. I had just finished telling everyone about this experience when the same (or one just like it) butterfly flew towards us. I said "Look! There she is now!" The butterfly then flew over and circled me three times before flying away. There was not a dry eye in the place after that.
Wendy McCoy, Alamo, TN
Hi my name is Wendy. I just had a very dramatic night, as a lot of tornadoes and thunderstorms came rolling over us. It felt like deja vu, as last year when I was two months pregnant I was in a home that was ripped apart by a tornado. Luckily tonight we were at a friend's house with an underground storm shelter. Anyways, the storms finally passed and we went home. And on my porch while outside my husband and brother in law noticed a large beautiful moth. I have never seen such a beautiful shade of green in all my life! I was amazed by its beauty and how flawless it was, as I have never seen anything like this! So I quickly ran and got my digital camera and took pics and went to look up what kind of moth it was and come to find out it is a rare moth that is hardly ever seen - they say you are lucky if you see one. So yes I am lucky - once again the Lord has watched over us and kept us from the storm, but I think to myself now, if he can protect such a fragile creature and let it out weather a storm I am really in good hands. This was a Luna Moth, and if you were lucky to have ever seen one in person, you know what a treat and scare I had tonight.
AnnaMae, Williamsport, PA
Butterflies touch me in a very special way. Many think of butterflies as symbolizing freedom or something spiritual, but to me butterflies symbolize love. Whenever I'm around the one I'm inlove with I have butterflies. They mean so much to me! Butterflies remind me of how good I feel whenever I'm around my boyfriend. It's the best feeling in the whole entire world! It feels so good I can't even explain it. I've written so many songs and poems about it but still it doesn't measure up to the actual feeling. I'm still trying to get my feelings out fully in poems and songs but it seems impossible. I even got a butterfly tattooed on my arm to symbolize my boyfriend without putting his name on my arm. The feeling of butterflies is overwhelming and feels like magic! I think of it as a touch of heaven that God has sends to me whenever I'm around that special person. It's like millions of the most beautiful creatures floating around in my stomach with smiles on their faces. To me butterflies represent everything about love inluding heartache and overwhelming happiness! I hope at least one other person has felt this way at least once in their lifetime because everyone deserves to have a piece of heaven in them. Thanks for letting me share my story!!!
Maddie, St. Charles, IL
In preschool, I saw my dad's dog pointing at something. Then, when I got closer, I saw that it was a huge vivid green caterpillar with purple and orange spots. When I took it home, I gave it a cage with branches and leaves and everything else possible to give to a caterpillar. After it had settled in, when I went to school, I brought the caterpillar with me. A few weeks and many leaves later, the caterpillar created its cocoon. It stayed in the cocoon for what seemed like forever. My dad said it was dead. After a while, I started to believe him. We were about to throw it out, when we hurried off to my school, leaving it on the kitchen counter. My older sister did not have school for the day, but she came along to take me to school. When she and my mom came home, my sister looked in the cage and saw a humugous mahogany spotted moth grasping the side of the cage. My sister and my mom immediatly brought the moth to school, marveled by the size of the thing. It was much bigger than the palm of my hand.

Once they got to school, my whole class came outside to see. Because of his size, I knew I had to let him go. I opened the top of the cage, and he stayed inside. I went back to class and my sister and mom went home. When I came outside, the cage was empty. I picked it up and knew the moth was fine, wherever he was.
Nancy Ross, San Mateo, CA
My Mom died eight years ago, and my Dad has never been able to come to terms with her loss. Yet he has received several incredible after-death communications from her -- many of them around ladybugs! Not exactly butterflies, but such the same spirit. On days after her death when my Dad was in despair, at his worst moments, a ladybug would show up in unlikely places, where he never had seen one before, or stay for a long time, without flying away... My Mom and Dad had had a couple of ladybug experiences together in their day, so the ladybug appearances were quite profound.

One day while my Dad and I were having dinner, a lady flew straight down from above, inside the restaurant (a little odd in itself), landed on the table right between us, and stayed for the entire dinner, right on the table (over two hours) without flying away! We were amazed, and knew my Mom was with us -- and when we were getting up to leave, it finally flew off.

My Dad wrote a book about his experiences, called I Believe There Is No Death, and he has so many of his stories in there, plus those of other people he spoke to about his ladybug experiences because so many people have incredible stories like this. Sharing our stories really shows how after death communication is a NORMAL part of our human experience -- and ladybugs who come at just the right time, like butterflies do, say something special about love that goes on and on.
Kayla, Hepworth, ON, CANADA
The first experience that made me want to collect butterflies was when I was in grade 6, and I found a caterpillar in my backyard, so I took him and the leaf he was on and made him a home in a large well fitted container, which I cleaned everyday, gave him food, and did all the works.

I had watched him slowly step-by-stpe make his cocoon, and waited for the days to pass. He had formed his cocoon on the lid of the container, so when finished, I nailed the lid to the porch outside.

I saw the coccoon getting more and more transparent each day,and then it was time. It took forever for him to come all the way out of the cocoon, and he looked so weird, the huge, gigantic body, with the tiny wings.

I held him in my hand and he crawled all over me. He flew away, and came back.

It's weird how they go through the transformations.

-It was the best experience ever!!
Diana Hendry, Tacoma, WA
On February 25, 2003 I accepted Jesus Christ and by May 16. 2004 I was baptised. God has given me the most wonderful discipler a person could ever want. This woman is truly a gift from God. My discipler and I spend a great deal of time together talking at home or on the phone, worshiping in church together. I'm so thankful to God for this friend and sister in Christ.

One day while I was talking with my discipler on the telephone she laughed in delight and told me about a beautiful white butterfly that was flitting about her yard.

I told her about a beautiful monarch butterfly that comes to my yard and how much I loved it's beauty. I had no more than spoken the words, a prayer to God went up and there was my monarch butterfly! How amazing that God hears even my simple words like a prayer!

My discipler calls moments like that one, a God Stop. Wow. I like that!

When we share in Him, He shares with us! All the glory belongs to God.
Gemma, Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
To me the whole process of the butterfly emerging from its cocoon is symbolic of my life. I went through some incredibly hard times when I was in high school and I felt like the ugly catepillar stuck in its cocoon. When i was sorting through my stuff it was like the butterfly struggling to get through the cocoon and when I had sorted through and got through all my problems and broke my addictions it was like the butterfly being released from its cocoon. To me butterflies are a symbol of freedom.
Hanny, Glenside, PA
On Monday, May17 while I was with my boyfriend Westley we were taking a walk hand in hand. Just then a butterfly came and landed on our hands just when he was going to kiss me. He said it was love magic. He kissed me and he dropped me off at my house. It indeed was magic because we never saw each other again but I see that butterfly every day.
Gary, Yonkers, NY
Please, to whoever reads this and runs this website, if you can get me in touch with Christine from Mt. Vernon, I would greatly appreciate it. The story below will explain why.

It is May of 2004 and I took a chance today and ran my friend Michael Werner's name on a search through the Internet. After going through a handful of entries that had nothing to do with my friend, I found a website featuring butterflies and wonderful stories to go along with them.

It has been almost 5 years since Michael's untimely death to cancer. We'd lost touch in the months before his diagnosis and death. In fact, it was over a month later when I found out, quite by chance, about this tragedy.

In the years that have followed, I visit his grave at least once a year. Someone left a beautiful framed butterfly there. When Michael was alive, I'd given him a deck of the 'Medicine Cards' as a gift. The cards feature Native American totem animals and their meanings. I always knew he had a kinship to the butterfly. I struggled for a long time with the acceptance that his death was part of his transformation, akin to a butterfly leaving the cocoon.

Now, I have found the woman that left the butterfly. My friendship with Michael affected me on so many profound and personal levels, and he truly helped with my own transformation (although he probably didn't realize it at the time.) I believe that the Universe (God) has a plan...and reading Christine's story today hopefully has a higher purpose. I have no one in my life who actually knew Michael. My prayers are that we can connect and speak of the friend we both knew.
Kim, Orlando, FL
I recently learned that the love of my life had passed away 6 months ago. The day after learning the news, I went to a local botanical garden to write a memorial for him - he had always been my inspiration for writing - I wrote my first poem for him, and many more over the years.

Being in the garden was like being in the Garden of Eden, and I felt like Michael was in a place just like it - I felt very connected with him in that place. Shortly after I entered the garden, I went to a area of tranquil ponds ... Michael loved being near the water. Suddenly, a beautiful Monarch butterfly flew by me. It landed on a flower and I was able to take a photo. It then flew in circles all around me, almost landing on me numerous times. I continued my walk through all the different areas of the large gardens -- and that butterfly never left me for the entire 2 hours I was there. I knew it was the same one because of the way it was acting - it was almost as if it was "teasing" me, flying all around me and nearly landing on me. I knew in my heart it was Michael letting me know that he is at peace and watching over me. Butterflies have very special meaning to me, now.
Megan Gold, Rochester, MN
One time, a butterfly flew on my knee. It was graceful and pretty. Another time, I saw someone painting a picture of butterflies. I also read people's stories about butterflies. Now, I really can say I love pretty butterflies and am inspired to read and paint about them.
Heather, Shawnee, OK
We found this beautiful butterfly. It was huge! The biggest we've ever seen! As we sat there and admired its beauty we thought about all the beautiful creations God makes! It even lets you pet it. It's amazing but it looks like an oversized bumblebee with beautiful and ADMIRABLE wings! I wish every one could see it but I dont know how to put a picture on the computer so I thought I would at least tell you about how beautiful it still is!

Please take time out of your busy day just to admire God's wonderful and beautiful miracles and creations.
Lisa, South Plainfield, NJ
Hi,my name is Lisa and I love butterflys. My favorite is the blue morpho butterfly. I think they are beautiful. they live in the forest and are 8in. long. thats all most as big as a ruler. Thats the amazing thing about them.
Robyn Sanders, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
While on holidays in Port Douglas with my boyfriend (Terry), he decided to pop the question and ask me to marry him. It was around 7pm and we drove along the back side road to a cliff. He poured us a glass of champagne each and we went and sat on the grass cliff overlooking the beach, it was a beautiful night warm with clear skies. After telling me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, he asked me to marry him. We raised our glasses to toast the celebration; after taking a sip we were both just sitting there savoring the moment when out of nowhere a butterfly flew down and landed on Terry's glass, it fluttered there a moment then flew off. We both could not believe what had just happened. We are very keen to know the meaning of this as it was a truly amazing experience.
Marisa, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
I have always been inspired and fascinated by butterflies. In September 2002 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a form of Lymphatic Cancer at 17 yrs old. Throughout treatment last year, I always saw them as a symbol of hope and inspiration to look to in times of difficulty and pain. I am currently in remission. A beautiful school friend of mine, named Rosie was also diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2002. Unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer on April 22nd, 2003 aged 17 yrs. She too, always loved butterflies, and they represented her so well as she was such a beautiful and inspiring person.

Yesterday, I went to visit her for the first time at her grave since her passing nearly a year ago. After sitting and reflecting on her wonderful life with her at her place of rest, I got up to leave. Throughout my own treatment, I had always prayed to God and to Rosie to show me everything would be ok, and that she was happy with God in heaven. I always prayed for a sign from her to tell me this. As I walked away from her grave, I saw on the grave next to hers, a butterfly. At first I thought it was not real, as it was so perfect, large and colourful. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and will see. I never see butteflies in Australia, and of all places it was at her grave.

The butterfly I saw was also on her funeral booklet, and one of my favourite butterflies. I knew this was defintely the sign I had been waiting for, that she was watching over me and that she was at peace.
Dodie Risse, Atlanta, GA
I have Multiple Sclerosis and am homebound. Partly because of this I became interested in Butterflies. I planted a garden in order to draw butterflies to my yard in 1996. Since this time I have raised and released many, many butterflies. Each time I watch them change from an egg to a caterpillar, a chrysalis and then emerge to a beautiful butterfly. I have had Black Easterns, Gulf Firtilitary and Monarchs. During this time I have taken many pictures at each stage and kept a daily diary. In reading back it is amazing what I have learned and what I see now that I did not see at first.

My story took place in 2002 and 2003. In the spring and summer of 2002 I had so many butterflies I did not know what to do. I had them in all different stages all over my kitchen. Will cooler weather came along I still had 16 Swallowtails that were going to winter over. I did as I had learned and I placed them inside very large screen boxes and placed them in my garage. Every week or so I would spray a small amount of water on them as I had been instructed. The months of October, November and December were very cold for my area. My Mother was very ill and I had no time and very little interest in my chrysalis.

A wonderful thing happened for me one night and I wrote it all in my Diary. I want to share this. "Tonight it is very cold outside and a very sad time for me however my butterflies just reinforced Gods wonderful and beautiful works. On January 1,2003 at about 9:30 tonight my precious Mother passed away. I know she is is a much better place but the wonder of it all is that when I arrived home I found one of my butterflies had emerged. I brought it inside and when the sun came out and it got above freezing the next day I released this beautiful spirit to fly away. Have a safe journey Mother dear you are in Gods hands now. I do not believe there has ever been a time in my life that I felt so close to God or that I felt that love." I knew my Mother was now out of pain and in a better place but it took a butterfly emerging in order for me to release her. She will always remain in my heart but as the butterfly she is free.

In all of my years of raising and releasing butterflies I have never had one emerge in January. I had no more butterflies to emerge until the very end of March and the weather was much warmer.
Suganya Kanna, Coimbatore, INDIA
It was very enjoyable when I was with the moth (Diamondback moth). I did my research work on this during my M.Sc programme. I reared it for my labaratory work. While I was rearing I considered it to be my friend. I used to feed my friends even during my holidays. If I was careless then they would be susceptible to many of the their diseases. So we should be very caring. It was memorable and I use to share this to my friends often.
Louise, Westfield, IN
I was almost 2 weeks past due with my first baby on my birthday July 8th. For my birthday, my husband gave me a windchime with a beautiful yellow and black monarch butterfly on it. Later that night, I went into labor - excited we rushed to the Hospital, only to find out that my beautiful little girl Haley no longer had a heartbeat. After her funeral, we brought one of the flowers home from her gravesite. A pretty hanging plant.

A few days later, as I still struggled to cope with even small functions, my husband called to me excitedly, "Weeze, come here quick!" I went outside and there on Haley's plant was a very large yellow and black monarch butterfly - just like the one he had given me on my birthday - the day Haley died.

I looked at Matt and said "It's Haley" A friend of ours was sitting there and he looked a little uncomfortable at my words, as if I had "lost it" The look faded though as the butterfly flew from the plant directly to me. She landed on my chest and stayed there for just a minute or two -and then she flew away, never once stopping at another flower or plant. From Haleys plant to me, and away. I have never been an overly spiritual person, but I am convinced in my heart, that this butterfly was my sweet baby saying Goodbye...
Dara, Austin, TX
My daughter, Dakota Benay, passed away on august 29th, 2001. When U was younger my family and I vacationed in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee a few times. I am very facinated by the Cherokee culture as I have Cherokee ancestery on both my father and mother's side. One summer we camped for two weeks on Mt. Chilhowee near Benton Tennessee. This is the first time I saw Benton Falls, a beautiful waterfall down in the mountains. I was about eleven or twelve the first time I saw it and remember the feeling of absolute peace and serenity quickly rush over me as I hiked down to the falls. I immediately told my father that this is where my spirit belongs and that if I were to die before them my wishes were to be cremated and have my ashes scattered over the falls. So it was not even a question in my mind when my daughter passed away as to where I wanted to take her remains.

My father, mother, sister, and I all made our way to the Cherokee National Forest in early September. We hiked down to the falls mid-morning, early afternoon with Dakota's ashes. It was absolutely beautiful, just how I had remembered. I sat in complete silence at the foot of the falls and low and behold, here comes this brilliant, shimmery blue butterly. It fluttered about the falls and rocks in a flash of brilliant blue. After quite some time of this my father and I decided to hike up to the very top of the falls to spread her ashes. As we got the very top here comes the butterfly floating above the top of the falls where I intended to spread her ashes. This beautiful creature remained fluttering about me the entire time we were there that morning.

Was this my daughter letting me know that she was there with me?? That her spirit was free?? I have since had many strange encounters involving butterflies. The first was a card I recieved from my grandfather. I hadn't told anyone about my butterfly experience yet and coincidentally the front of my grandfather's card was a big blue butterfly. Then again three months later, in December, a memorial service was being held at the Ronald McDonald house in Austin for all the families who had lost children while staying there that Fall. (The staff at the Ronald McDonald house are angels that have helped me and many others in soooo many ways while our children were sick in the hospital. I could never say thank you enough to them.) For part of the ceremony they had cut up long strips of many different patterns of fabric and bundled them up in a big basket. There were about seven or so families at the service and we all lined up to grab a piece of fabric from the basket to write a message to our loved one, which was later woven into a blanket. My father was in front of me and we both reached in to grab a piece of fabric and out of all the different patterns they had, we both picked out the two with blue butterflies. I knew then that this was Dakota's way of letting me know she was still with me in spirit.

Over the past three years I have had many more strange encouters with butterflies; one being what led me to this website. It makes perfect sense that my daughter's spirit would come to me in the form of such an enchanting creature. She was such a beautiful, special little creature herself. I have heard many different interpretations on the meaning of butterflies ... that they are a sign of rebirth, a soul, or spirit. There is definitly something magical in encountering a butterfly. Everytime I see one my heart fills up and I say a fleeting hello to my daughter, Dakota Benay.
Serhat Kaya, Istanbul, TURKEY
My story does not begin with a bitter accident or a death. Actually, my story has not even begin yet.

I am a university student, and this spring semester, I met a girl whom I can call "here, she is the one!!!" She is so so cute, sweet, and ladylike. Although I couldnt tell this her yet, probably I'm falling in love with her!!

This the love that is being longed for...This the love that finds you wherever you are...This is the love that makes you live...I believe...

What I plan for declaration of my love to her is to do this by using butterflies. I bought a necklace with a yellow butterfly pendant, and I will give it to her just before I say "I LOVE YOU"... After giving this gift to her, what I am going to say to her is that I will always love my yellow butterfly ( I call her "yellow butterfly" because of her golden hair) assuming that every new day I come again and again into the world like a butterfly... I will always be aware of every priceless minute that I spend with her like those of a butterfly's limited lifetime... I will always fly with her... I will always love her...

Thank you GOD for giving butterflies to us as a gift of you! Thank you..
Maribeth Cinco, Cavite, PHILIPPINES
Let me tell you about my butterfly stories... This had happened last February 20, 2004...

My birthday is January 15 when my uncle died on that day... It was the most saddest part of my life... I never celebrated my birthday since the burial happened into my uncle house... At that very moment... I gaved him a silent prayer... somehow... to uplift my spirits ... On that next day, I had a nightmare... a bad one... and this is not a normal for me because I never dream that bad and I yelled out because of my fear ... And then I woke up very very tired...

I decided to leave the house to know everything about myself and look for the beautiful things God has shared with me ... Walking at the mall, my long time friends saw me and it was unexepected.... He pick up my numbers then decided to call afterwards.. Then this girl gave my number to our barkadas in highschool and so on... Someone called me that she really wants to see me after so many month's absence... We finally met with this guy named Bernard... My friends in high school introduce me to him ... I was left him in high schoool and he is my admirer... Five days before he left Philippines we had some talks and many unforgettable things happened among us... until I decided to bring him up to the airport then seeing him away... When he reached s.a he called me again he told me that I left my things with him... with the SIGN of "BUTTERFLY"... I never knew that he was asking sign from GOD if ever he was to find his future wife ... He will never come back again... I beleive that it was the sign from heaven that GOD has some thing store for me and I THANK GOD FOR BRINGING HIM INTO MY LIFE...
I am really a butterfly addict...but I really don't know why...I can't explain my feelings whenever I see a butterfly. Many of my classmates tell me that maybe, I was a reincarnated butterfly..=). But seriously, whenever I can see a particular butterfly in our house, it reminds me of my grandma...we were not that close, but she always appear to me as a butterfly..that's what I believe. Until now, I really don't know her purpose. Maybe she just want me to remember her..and maybe, because she knows I love butterflies.

I feel relaxed and happy everytime I see a butterfly. Since I have no sibling, they are like my companions everyday, because there is no day that I wasn't able to see even one. And lastly, I can say that a butterfly really frees, not only me, but everybody, because as we can see, they are all FREE...
Sarah, Cincinatti, OH
I was just recently escaped from an abusive relationship. A dry alcoholic that took my every last bit of who I thought I was. Feeling lost and more than just confused I had no idea where to turn. Then just a week or so ago I received a call from my high school sweet heart. I tried for two years to make this man give up everything he held dear in his life. Almost exactly what has happened to me. What goes around comes around I guess. When he called me he reminded me of the song 'butterfly' by Mariah Carey. He remembered my love for butterflies but his attention was more towards the meaning of this song. I suggest to all of you that you listen to it if you have not heard it. She sings of trying to hold something all to herself but then realizes that to love something beautiful you must let it be free, if it returns to you, it was meant to be.

My high school sweet heart, Nathan, and I are becoming reaquainted and it has made me realize who I truly am again. He saved my life just by showing me the true beauty of a butterfly.
David Caplan, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
My experience was very spiritual.
I awoke this morning and when I opened my eyes a yellow butterfly was in front of me.
Then it flew away.
I truly believe it was a sign and I intend to pursue its meaning.
All living creatures are connected and it gave me a warm and sunny feeling.
Sue, CA
On December 17, 1991, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given 3 weeks to live. My parents and siblings all live in Indiana. I am from California. When I received the call informing me of this terrible news, my oldest son and I immediately flew back to Indiana to be with the family for the last Christmas we'd ever spend with my pop.

Due to school and work, we had to return on January 3, 1992, and my father passed away January 8, 1992. I didn't return for the funeral. I did however, go back to Indiana in the summer. My mother took me to visit my father's gravesite. I had been dreading it because I wasn't sure how I would react the first time I saw it. As I stood there looking down at the earth that held the remains of my pop, I felt such a peace come over me. I looked at my mom and said "My pop isn't here. The body he used while on this earth may be here, but my pop's soul and spirit can never be kept down." These words no more than came out of my mouth until a Monarch butterfly fluttered around my head. I gently shoved it aside with the back of my hand. It refused to leave. It flew to the other side of my face and brushed it's wings on my cheek. Once more I tried to brush it away. It landed on the top of my head, fluttered once more to my cheek, then flew away. My mom was standing right beside me, and not once did it bother her. I remember telling my mom I was wrong. Pop most definitely WAS there, but I was right in saying his spirit was free.

Did I mention that Pop's favorite butterfly was the Monarch? We would always sit on the front porch and watch them fluttering around the bushes in our yard. Pop has been gone a long time, but to this day I truly believe he was telling me that he was ok, and not to mourn for him. To this day my favorite song is "Butterfly Kisses". I can't hear it without thinking of my pop and that day he gave me "butterfly kisses".
Roxanne, Litchville, ND
When my 9 year old son was in kindergarten, a classmate of his lost his father. After the funeral when we were coming home there was a faint rainbow and my son said "Mom, I think that is the angels coming for Alex's daddy". Later that day we saw the most brilliant rainbow in the sky. Since that time we have seen rainbows at my son's great-grandfathers funeral and recently after a friend's funeral - the rainbow was right over all of us.
Sarah, Newport News, VA
My name is Sarah and I am sixteen years old. I want to share a story about how God used butterflies to let me know that he cares for me.

Butterflies were the theme we had for my little sister Moriah. Ever since Moriah's birth I have liked butterflies. Moriah was born December of 1999. Moriah lived to be two and a half years old until an accident happened that took her life. Moriah's burial was June 14, 2002. It was a hard day but the peace of Jesus surrounded my family and me. That day we were able to say, 'God we will trust you, Moriah is with you and we will see her again!' :)

We released a big, colorful butterfly balloon into the beautiful sky, knowing that God had our life in His hands even though we fully didn't understand things.

On the one year anniversary of Moriah's burial, God brought a yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly in my path. God knows how to make you smile! :) He is so cool! The butterfly was special to me because it showed me that God cares about me.
Suzanne, Ottawa, CANADA
My Dad died of cancer the Saturday after Thanksgiving. On the Monday morning my best friend came over to visit me. My and I were sitting in the livingroom talking. We heard a loud, very loud banging noise outside finally I said ok what is that noise. My husband and I got up and walked over to the front door. He said there was a big blue jay inside our front door area. It is like an alcove. Then he watched it fly across the road to my mother's place and in under her awning. I did not make it to my father's side when he died and it was like he was right there saying I'm ok now. I came back into the livingroom not saying anything but looking over at my friend. He had a satisfied look on his face. He then told me a similar story about his own mother and how birds can be a sign. It was like my Dad arranged it so that my husband and best friend were there to console me and explain it all.

But it does not end there ... After my friend left, I came into my den and something told me to look at the following October in my agenda. I picked it up and the picture for that month had avery tiny blue jay sitting on a fence post. My Dad loved PEI and something was telling me to go on the PEI website. My family had been there in the summer and I called my father every day to see how he was. I went onto the website and it said that their trademark bird so to speak was of course the Blue Jay.

A couple of days later I drove to pick up my sister. I was not sure of the exit on the highway so I said "ok Dad if you are here let me know if I'm taking the right exit". Seconds later a bluejay was perched on the shoulder of the road, the exit immediately followed. After I had picked her up and we were almost home, again a bluejay appeared on the shoulder of the road. Like he was our angel just making sure we got home safely. That will forever comfort me.
A couple of years ago I was told that when someone close to you dies their spirits are transformed into butterflies and you know that they are watching over you when in times of trouble you spot a butterfly....

Anyway, about a year and a half ago, I had to have my horse put to sleep due to certain problems he had aquired over the years... it was a dreadful experience, like sentencing your best friend to death or killing your brother/ sister. The day of his death I saw a butterfly....

About a month or so later my friend bought me a beautiful necklace with a two butterflies on it. Unfortunately I lost the one but the other stays firmly around my neck to remind me of him.

Then a night or so ago, I went to a party on top of a hill at some stables, wearing my butterfly necklace. One of the girls at the party commented on it , but I didn't really take much notice of it. Later that night though I decided to walk home.. alone.... It was a beautiful night but it was very dark and the roads were extremely muddy, so I began running home in the dark, only aided by the light of my cellphone and the moon.

The farther I went the more lost I became until I ran into a little ditch between some trees. By this stage I was terrified and could not decide what to do. Instinctively I grabbed hold of my necklace and almost heard some one telling me to go back to the club I'd just been at.

Thank God I did. When I got back to the club everyone was extremely worried about me. They later told me that the area surrounding the club was extremely unsafe. Perhaps it is just luck or common sense that told me to turn back, but I don't think that is the case. I think I have two sources no actually three to thank.... one of them being my butterfly necklace.
Russell Hewitt, Mequon, WI
At the request of my mother, I began to research our German ancestry in the fall of 2000. During that year I found many things that she had never known, but a trip to her home town of Sibley, Iowa in the fall of 2000 started the interesting events in motion.

We were on a visit to Sibley, and we went to the family grave site in Holman Township cemetery. It was a warm beautiful day and we got out of my van and walked to the family plot. On the way, we passed many old pine trees that have been there for well over 100 years. After we finished our reverent visit, we turned to go back top the van. Out of one of the ancient pine trees came 100's of Monarch butterflies. They were everywhere! It was quite a sight to behold.

I found the whole thing to be bewildering. I had never known butterflies to hang out in trees, especially in early fall in NW Iowa. I thought they would be long gone by then.

I didn't think too much about it after that, until a visit back to Sibley in January of 2001. During this visit, I had a chance to meet with one of my mother's cousins, Irene, who was one of the few remaining elders who would have any knowledge of my great grandmother, Trientje Venenga Meyer. (It was her grave I placed flowers on back in September)

She indeed knew much about Trientje, and told me that, besides there being two more Meyers none of the family knew about (they died very young) Trientje also had a windowbox in her farmhouse and raised canaries. Irene remembered visiting there as a young girl and seeing canaries and butterflies all over the place. Butterflies! I had chills go down my entire body. Were these a message from her at the gravesite? I wondered.

In August of 2002, mother and I went to Germany for a visit. Our living room in the flat we rented had a skylight in it, and the very day we were there, I chanced to look up, and there, on the inside corner, was a solitary monarch butterfly! A greeting from our ancesters, perhaps? Mother had me get up on a chair and cup it ever so gently in my right hand. I caught it, and let it out through the open window.

During our stay, we of course went to many cemeteries and the like, and there were, quite naturally, butterflies everywhere of every kind. However, on our very last day in Germany, again, in our skylight, was a sole monarch butterfly! So again I played rescuer and set it free. Now it was beginning to get a very supernatural feel to it. Only the first and last day was a butterfly in our flat, and both times, a monarch!
Some time later, I had brought my videos I had taken of our trip to my restaurant because some of my regulars wished to see it. I myself had not looked at them at that time. I set up a little tv/vcr combo unit in a booth so they could see it. A little while later, they called me over to the table and asked if I had seen the video yet. I replied that I hadn't and they suggested very strongly that I rewind a certain portion of it and watch.

The section they wanted me to see was a part where I had walked the entire length of Beschotenweg, annotating as I went along. (Beschotenweg is just one street that happens to connect the towns of Weener and Bunde) It was on this street that all my ancester Venengas were born and lived. What I hadn't realized as I was walking ang taping the scenic street that day, was that there was a single butterfly in front of me the whole time (approximately 10 minutes, as though it were leading me down the street. What's really interesting is that the street crosses over the Autobahn, then continues on to Bunde. This butterfly lead me all the way, even across the Autobahn, then flew off as soon as I reached the town limit of Bunde!

During a June trip to Grundy Center, Iowa, I was doing further research, as this was where Harm and Trientje Venenga first settled in 1871. I was able to locate exactly where his farm once was, and found a place where they had old Platt maps (maps showing farms and who owned them)I was also able to find the tax books from that time. After taking down all the information I wanted, I exited out the front door. Just after opening that front door, a solitary Monarch butterfly flew across my face!

Later during this trip, I drove from Grundy Center, to Spencer, Iowa, where Harm's grave was. (I had finally found it in January of 2003). All during the drive to Spencer, there were Monarch butterflies all along the highway, but, amazingly, onc I hit the city limits of Spencer, they disappeared! In fact, I didn't see a solitary Monarch butterfly the whol time I was in Spencer, not even at the cemetery! Yet, as soon as I reached the outskirts of Spencer on the way back, again they were there the whole route! By now, I figurd they were just making sure I made way to and from Spencer, and left because I already knew where Harm's gravesite was.)
In November of 2003, I had flowers sent to my mother for her birthday, (I live in Wisconsin, she lives in New Mexico). I had just designated a nice fall arrangement. When I talked to her on her birthday, she thanked me for the flower arrangement and said the butterflies were a nice touch! I said what butterflies? I never asked for that!

The final straw, I suppose came when I had sold some boopks over Ebay. The person who bought them wrotye me a personal check, and of course, by now you know what was on the background, don't you? A solitary Monarch butterfly!

Had I not had witnesses for much of this, one might suspect I have made this all up. I'm sorry, I'm not that creative. All I can say is everytime I see a Monarch butterfly, I think of my ancestors, and continue on my search for information. That can't be a bad thing, now, can it?
Celine, Mishawaka, IN
I am a singer. I have been singing since I was six. Three years later, a close friend convinced me to try out for the school's talent show. I have Cerebral Palsy. It is a central nervous system disorder that greatly affects the muscles. I was the only physically challenged student at my elementary school. So naturally, I was very nervous! Despite my fears, I auditioned...I MADE IT!

The night of the first show, I was paralyzed with fear. I was to sing one of my favorite songs, "Always Be My Baby", by Mariah Carey. I confided my nerves in Ali, my friend who'd convinced me to try out.

"You'll do fine." she told me confidently. I didn't believe her.

"Your voice is gorgeous! Why are you scared? Here." She handed me a light pink and gold butterfly charm, and told me that my voice reminded her of a butterfly. According to Ali, my voice "fluttered".

"Spread your wings and fly, Butterfly."

With those words, a hug, and a gentle push of my wheelchair, I was onstage.

Needless to say, my performance was flawless. I won the talent show. On March 16, 1997, my ninth birthday, I was presented with a personalized award bearing the title, "Best Singer". I've responded to the name "Butterfly" since then.
Aeisha, Sydney, Australia
they called her blackbutterflymoon,
rainforest rythyms
dreams of angels
smooth sailing into the void
daisy chains of souls
followed in harmonious glory
elegantly dances
into the spiritual moonlight
Diane Séguin (nee Wilkes), Ottawa, CANADA
2003 was a bad year for my family. On May 29th, my brother (49) passed away, two weeks after we found out he had terminal cancer. We home cared him at my parents house right up to the end. During this time my father wasn't feeling well and was having trouble eating without pain. July 17th during a checkup from his doctor cancer, which he was clear, his doctor had him admitted as he was unable to even hold water down. For seven weeks they did cat scans, MRI's, ultra sounds, etc, nothing was found. Finally they went through his belly button and took samples. He had terminal cancer. He decided with our concurrence for DNR. My sisters and I spent the last week at the hospital with him. My mother coming in every day. My mother is a cancer survivor twice over. She is a neck breather and has no voice box but is able to talk by cover in hole in her neck and forcing the air from her stomack. She also had cancer removed from her nose.

My father passed Sept. 27th (2 days less 4 months from my brother) My sister asked him just prior to his passing that he come back as a butterfly and land on her hand to let us know that they were all OK.

Well I returned to work in Oct. and was sitting outside on a beautiful sunny day at lunch with friends when two butterflys started playing above our table. I gasped and had to tell my friends what had happened. My father and I were really close. I had been an identical twin at birth. My sister only lived a few hours.

My mother promised my father that she would live in the city with my sister during the winter. So later in October I took her home so we could winterize and make sure that everything would be fine at her house. We go every couple of weeks.

I was sitting out on the back deck and looking at a swing bench that my brother & father loved to sit on, low and behold there again was two butterflys playing above and around it. I call my mother out to see. We both feel at peace at her home since then!

On November 29th, (6 months to the day my brother passed) my mother & I again are up at the mobile, the power went out so I was going into the living room to make sure my mother was OK and low and behold I notice on the sheer curtains something move and I cry Mom there is a "butterfly". I go over move the curtain and it lands on my arm. We kept the butterfly alive all weekend and took it home to my sisters, as she was the original requestor.

We have since been told that it is a Comptons Tortishell, but we have been unable to find any information on it. We have been wondering if there is a specific reason he chose this type of butterfly to come back as.
Lindsay Millner, Boca Raton, FL
My grandfather was really big on gardening. He LOVED butterflies. Especially Monarchs because he thought they were so beautiful. Well, when I was 10 years old (I'm 18 now), he passed away. It was really hard for my family and I. Well, my mom prayed and asked for a sign to let us know that my grandfather was okay where he was. At the burial as the preacher is saying the last few words before we leave, a butterfly flies down and lands on my grandmother's head. At that moment we ALL started to cry even more, but this time with a feeling of closure.

Well, for my 11th birthday my Aunt bought me a monarch cocoon on a milkweed plant. When it hatched, I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I had read that when the butterfly flies away, it always comes back to where it was born to lay it's eggs. Knowing that, I planted the milkweek in my garden. It ended up dying over the years, and the monarch never came back. (Or so we thought) My mom weeds the garden every few weeks and had seen this odd plant growing and growing. She kept cutting it back, until finally I saw it and realized what it was. The milkweed had not died. It had grown back. This was close to 5 years later. A few weeks went by, and I saw my first 2 caterpillars on the plant. A monarch had come back and layed her eggs. I had never been so excited. I took both of the caterpillars inside and put them in a big jar with some leaves, and eventually they made a cacoon, but only one survived. I let that one go, and sure enough a few months later, there were 7 caterpillars on the plant. And I ended up letting 3 butterflies go.

A few months later MORE caterpillars came and ended up letting 10 butterflies go. It is now February 2004, and this is probably the 5th time we are harboring these caterpillars. This time, we counted 37 caterpillars!!! My dad had to go get a big aquarium to fit them all, and he had to go to Home Depot and buy more milk weed, because the one plant we had could not support all those caterpillars.

My whole family is involved with this butterfly event that seems to happen all the time. It always brings a tear to my mom's eye knowing that her father, my grandfather, still lives on, and he comes back to see us everytime we have more caterpillars.
Shannon Goldsmith, Scottsdale, AZ
On August 1, 2002 a very good friend was killed in a car accident. This friend, Stephanie, knew that I loved butterflies. The Christmas prior to her death she had given me all sorts of gifts with butterflies on them. They were perfect. I had a hard time with Stephanie's passing. She was only 20 years old. I would visit the crash site daily. Sometimes twice a day. Eventually her family and friends placed a cross at the site. On that cross I attached a beautiful large blue butterfly, which is still there to this day.

Exactly one month to day of her crash, I got a call from Stephanie's roommate, who I had begun a relationship with after her death. He told me to come to his house, that he had something to show me. I did. And I couldn't believe it.

Two, large orange butterflies had flown into his house and were resting on his couch. They were so relaxed and peaceful, slowly opening and closing their wings.

As he stretched his hand out to the butterflies, they fluttered onto the tips of his fingers and continued up his sleeve to his shoulder. They stayed there for hours. He proceeded to do laundry and wash dishes. The butterflies never moved. They remained on his sleeve until he let me hold them. After a long time had passed, I tried letting them go outside. But they would only flutter back into the house.

They were there for three days, until one of them passed away. I still have the butterfly. Its wings are perfectly flat, showing their brilliant colors.

I wish I could express the significance of this experience. It is one of the best things that I have ever had the chance to be a part of.
C. Hegedus, Boonsboro, MD
A very dear friend who was like a daughter to me, and was very close to both of my sons, was killed in a car wreck on May 13th 2000. She went to the prom with my oldest son during their junior year, when she had passed away, he was in Japan, deployed with the Marines, and could not attend her funeral. She and my youngest son were the very best of friends also. He was going to graduate that following June, and she was going to help me plan his graduation party. She had helped me plan a surprise birthday party for him just 2 months before she was killed.

When I learned of her death that morning, I did not know how to tell my youngest son, but as it turned out , he had heard my husband telling me, and heard my scream of shock, and crying, and when i went into his room to break the news, he just broke down crying in my arms. The next day was Mother's Day, and bright and early my son called me from Japan to wish me a happy day, it was then that i broke the news of her death to him. He culd not speak, he was numb, and it would be a few weeks before I would hear from him again. Her funeral was very hard on everone, as we all worked for the same company, co workers as well were devastated.

My son from Japan, finally came home about 3 weeks after her funeral. As he and I were sitting on the front porch talking about Jody, this beautiful monarch butterfly , just came and landed on my knee, and stayed there. It didn't hit me there at that moment, but as the butterfly hovered from my knee to my son's , and then back to me, it made me think of Jody. I told my son that, and he sort of blew me off. The next day, my son told me he was driving down the road, and this butterfly clung to his side mirror. He then began to think I wasn't losing it.

After my son's leave was over and was heading back to Camp LeJeune, as I layed in his bed and cried, a butterfly clung to his screen, and it was like it made me feel better. Since Jodys' death, several things have happened with me, and my sons with butterflies, and we all know, in our heart, that they were sent by Jody, to let us know she is okay, and she is with us,, and some day we will be with her again.

Two summers ago, on an annual trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn., my husband wanted to get a tattoo, while we were in the shop, I noticed a picture of a butterfly, and just this sudden urge came over me to get a tattoo. If you knew me, you would know how this is so not like me to do this, I am a wuss. But I did it. It's just a little butterfly, right by my heart, and from that day on, I am at peace. I feel Jody will always be with me.
Nina Bromley, England
My boyfriend -* Ben *- who was 18, died on 28th November 2003 in a car crash. I had been with him for a year and a half. I know most people wont believe me but I promise you we were and still are completely in love.
      *   LOVE NEVER DIES   *
I have found great comfort with butterflies as they are a symbol of life after death. We are born (catterpillars) we die (cocoon) and we then are happy, free, beautiful spirits (butterflies).

The night the accident happened, me, my parents, Ben's parents and his aunt and uncle went up to the hospital. In the room with Ben's body, there was a butterfly. I didn't think anything of it. A week later, at the funeral, my friend Adam and his family got to the church early because they knew Ben was a popular boy and there wouldn't be enough seats! They all noticed a butterfly crawling along the aisle of the church. Somebody else saw one in the grave yard. I soon found out that lots of people had had these experiences and it was the spirit reminding you that they are still there.

About a month ago, I was walking out of school for the first time since the accident (I'm 15) and I saw the place where Ben would always meet me. I broke down crying and had one of those horrible moments where I didn't know what to do or where to go. After about 10 minutes, I looked up and saw a bright butterfly above me. This was at about 4:30pm in December and you don't often see butterflies in December! I was so happy! I had a sign from Ben! He was just reminding me he was there with me.
Mary, St. Paul, MN
I didnt really get into butterflys til recently. I am 37 years old and lived a very chaotic life. I heard butterflies symbolized the meaning of hope and freedom.

I am a recovering drug addict. Since I've been in recovery my life has been so much more peaceful. Even as I sit here writing this story I'm in the hospital with my 14 year old son who just got stabbed 4 times in the stomach. If it wasn't for the peace of mind and clear mind I have today, I probably would be out there using.

I have almost a year of being clean and sober. It was in my first 3 months of being clean I decided to get a tattoo of a butterfly on the back of my neck. I've never had a tattoo in my life. So now my whole room is filled with butterflies. They give me a sense of peace within myself. And also that is my new hobby is to collect butterflys. I was thinking maybe some time soon I will put another butterfly on my back. Today I am free of drugs and alcohol and have hopes and dreams for the future for me and my children. Thanks for taking the time out to listen to my short stories on how butterflies affect my life today.
Karen Lowdermilk, Easley, SC
My father had lung cancer and towards the end the doctor recommeded Hospice to us. When he realized that things were not going to improve and there was nothing more that could be done, he cried. He said he was not afraid to die, he was just not ready. He wanted to do so much more. I told him I understood how he could feel the way he was feeling and hugged him and loved him as much as anyone could. Then, since we were on the subject of dying we discussed arrangements and requests that he would want at his funeral. With that taken care of, I then asked him that if there were any way possible would he please send me some kind of sign that all was well and he was alright. He assured me that if he could he would.

Well, he passed away on July 5th 2003. As we passed along the news of his death family members gathered at my parents' house. With all of his children and grandchildren on the porch outside, a black butterfly flew up and down the porch and made itself known. It was flying into people and they were waving it away. I laughed and said, "Oh,that must be my sign". Not really thinking much more about it, after the funeral we were gathered at my house, which is up the street from my mother's, and again we were outside at the pool and just hanging around the deck when there was the black butterfly. Flying around all of us and it even went to the back door and fluttered about trying it seemed, to get in. I again said, "This really must be some kind of sign".

The butterfly has shown up everywhere. My mother had it flying with her a few days later going to her mailbox, as she laid on her bed crying and missing my father she looked out the window and saw it clinging to the window screen. When the marker was placed on the grave and she went to see how it looked. Again, the butterfly was clinging on the car window. We have seen the butterfly too many times for this not to be "my sign" I was at first, not mentioning anything about it because I thought people would just think I was making this up. But, it has become a wonderful sight, we have all seen it. And all believe it !!!
Cheryl, Columbus, OH
Gold & White Moth- Poem

Powdered wings that sparkle
no plot to your flight
creature of humbled splendor
you are fueled by the light.
On your path with doors open wide
sat a large empty cage
an invitation to a journey that ironically caused your rage
In you flew with delight and wonder
all over,
to and fro
but restlessness set in and your fear began to grow
alone and injured, you continued to fly side to side
fear now blinds you to see
that the doors remain open wide.
I viewed your needless struggle in your quest to be free
and I observed your senseless death
in your refusal to just be.
As you lay dying
you send a message to heed
I send you my love
because you
remind me
Angie W., Canton, OH
I have always had a love for butterflies. They are so beautiful. In July of 1999 my daughter was conceived. Soon after, one of my mom's friends told me that in the bible butterflies symbolize a new life. I had a smile on my face. Well, time went on and my baby's father and I got married (I was 19 at the time). Soon after we got married it seem to take a turn for the worse. My husband was abusive to me and I knew that if I didn't do something about it that I wouldn't be around to see my daughter. I filed for divorce and won. I had to move out of the place that I was living at because I couldn't afford to live there anymore. It was early spring and on the day that my daughter and I were moving out of our apartment I kept seeing butterflies everywhere, my old apartment, my new apartment, the grocery store to get more boxes, driving in the car, everywhere. I smiled and thought that God is going to help her and I get through this and that we are going to have a new life.

Since then, I have custody of my daughter and am doing very well raising her. My daughter and I have a very close bond that I thank God for everyday. She too loves butterflies and gets all happy and excited every time she one. Every time I see a butterfly I just smile and think of everything that she and I went through, the obstacles we have overcome, the strength hat we have, and our new life that we have started. Also, I think of how beautiful butterflies are and how beautiful my daughter is. I thank God for her and don't regret the stuff that she and I have gone through because I think that it has made me a stronger person.
Janay Eleazer, Philadelphia, PA
I lost my best friend and her mother when I was twelve years old. They died in a house fire on Monday, November 11, 2002. I had grown up with my friend Ashley all of my life and had considered her mother as my Aunt. Our mothers were both friends and had known each other for a very long time. I am thirteen years old now and ever since the two had parted from my life I thought that it was the end. The day of the funeral I was getting dressed and a butterfly was embroided on a tissue that I had used to wipe away the tears. And just the thought of Ashley's laughter makes me think about how Ashley's spirit was as free as a newly born butterfly.

Forever In my heart the two God-sent Angels from above.
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