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January 2003 to June 2003
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Tiffany Cowan, Denair, CA
I walked out my front door one early spring morning. My head was swarmed by butterflies. I just remained still and enjoyed the fluttering about my head. It was as if they were sprinkling blessings from God upon me. I received so much peace and serenity from that mircle of God, I could only be filled with joy. The beautiful butterflies reminded me how beautiful life really is. I was in awe and felt so blessed by their visit. This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time was at a soccer game. I was covered from head to toe with the tiny yellow butterflies. When I got up to walk, they followed me. It was truly amazing. I now have it in my heart to raise butterflies.
Haley Garner, Agryle, LA
I was eight years old and had been a gymnast for many years. I stayed with my Grandparents in the summer so I could go to practices, and my Aunt would often take my two cousins and me down to the riverside in Warsaw to have picnics and look for seashells. My aunt worked for the local home health care offices going around to help those in need. She was the nicest, most caring person I had ever known. She did not smoke and died at 35, of lung cancer. When we were at the riverside, she always said that butterflies were the most glorious gift the world had to offer because they bring beauty to our world without harming the land they inhabit. I have loved butterflies ever since the first summer we started our outings, and I think of my Aunt as I stare at the butterflies in the summer.
Lori Beth, Minden, TX
I am 5 years old. The other day I went close to the bricks on my house. I looked down and I saw a monarch butterfly and I caught it. I named it Sassy. My mother took pictures of Sassy on my finger. And then I went outside and I put her on the patio. Sassy moved around on the patio for a while and then she flew off the patio into the yard. I saw Sassy again the next day. I went out to the yard and I picked her up. She flew off the patio into the grass by the steps and got fire ants all over her and then she died. I miss Sassy
Sandy and Tammy, Charlotte, NC
Our mother passed away on Jan 4th 2003, it was a horrible time in our lives. We have not been able to deal with it very well. Her last wishes were to be cremated and her ashes to be taken to the Tennessee mountains with her mother's ashes. Well Tammy and I had a hard time getting up there, but we finally did on May 10th 2003 (the day before mothers day) and it could not have been more perfect.

The whole time we were so much dreading this day because it meant it was final. She is gone!!! But we did as she wished. Tammy and I, along with our daughters and our cousin that my mother raised went up there, spread her ashes, cried and we just could not accept it.

Our mom loved monarch butterflies and yellow roses. She felt that the Monarch butterfly was a symbol of peace after someone passes and it is their spirit.

Well, we all were on our way home and stopped at a rest stop. My niece and I were getting out of the truck, and she said Aunt Sandy look, and she was whispering. I looked and right beside her was a monarch butterfly sitting between her and her pocket book. It was just sitting there. We told Tammy and she immediately started crying. She said that after we left to spread mama's ashes I prayed that she would send a monarch butterfly and let us know that she is ok and we can be ok. Needless to say we all were just shocked and happy and crying. The butterfly let all of us hold it. We got it on film and got a picture of it. Finally we put the butterfly on a tree and it did not fly off till we left that rest stop.

Now for a butterfly to let people pass it around to hold and not fly away, that was our mom telling us to be ok and that she is happy.
Halls, TN
My story is about my father. In 2002 my dad was diagnosed as being HIV+, and not long after he was diagnosed with having active AIDs. As a child I had always heard about what a serious thing AIDs was, but I never thought that I would ever have to deal with it first hand.

My dad contracted the virus through drug use. All of this came as a shock to me, because my parents had taught against it for so long. But needless to say it happened and it's here. And now my dad has to go through and deal with this every single day of his life.

I know that Aids is more treatable now than it used to be, but it's very hard. It took my dad several tries before he got the right combination of meds, and still the side effects can be pretty rough.

People just live from day to day and take things so lightly, like nothing like this could ever happen to them or someone in their family, but it happens to families every single day. And it really hit home with me when it happened to my family. My love for my dad has never changed through all of this. But it's not easy sitting and watching a grown man, your father, sit and cry and go through every day of his life having to be extra cautious of who he's around so that he doesn't get sick, and live with a fear of death.

I've read many people's stories on here and they are all very touching some very sad, but it's the reality of things. In reading my story I want you to realize how quickly life can change by making one wrong choice. Something that can seem so simple and harmful can turn into something life changing and sometimes even tragic. So my advice to you is think wisely about every decision you make, because it could change your life for ever and the life of your family.
Maya, Congers, NY
My father announced to the family one day that he would soon die! He had no medical evidence to back his claim but he, always being a bit psychic, led me to belive him! He went on to tell us that after he had passed, each time we saw a butterfly, we would know it was him!

Now Dad was this big tough guy, not one who was likely to have an affinity to a butterfly. Well 6 weeks later, Dad was dead! It seemed that whenever I needed comforting a butterfly would appear. Many years later my mother was very ill with cancer and we knew the end was near. The morning of her death I looked out into my fairy garden and the whole area was covered in huge yellow butterflies and I sensed what I was witnessing was something not of this world. I was filled with a deep feeling of calm and peace and I knew those butterflies were the souls of my Dad and of all those who had passed coming to guide my mother to the Otherside.

To this day at times I 'need' my parents and a butterfly always appears to me. I now sport a tiny butterfly tattoo above my wrist as a way to honor my parents!
Courtney Elmlinger, Milan, OH
Butterflies have fascinated me for the longest time. Their beauty is so great that words can't even begin to describe it! As I've gotten older, I've learned that not only are these amazing creatures extremely beautiful, but they have so many sentimental meanings to me as well. If I ever had to come back to this place I would want to come back as a butterfly and be free.

I've had many different experiences with butterflies, but I want to share one that just happened to me more recently. As a matter of fact it was just yesterday, I went to pick up my boyfriend from work and I brought our dog along with us. As we were sitting there waiting for him to come out, a pretty yellow butterfly (with brown lines showing much detail) flew right into my car, right past the dog and stopped right in front of me on my steering wheel. And I found it kind of ironic that it sat right on my butterfly steering wheel cover! Anyway, It sat there for well over 5 minutes looking right at me. It was so close to me that I could see it's eyes and curling tongue! Every now and again its body would move as if it were trying to talk to me, never taking it's eyes off of me. I was in tears and didn't know what to think. This was the most amazing and breathtaking experience for me. I know that it was no coincidence that the butterfly flew into my car getting that close to me. God sent this creature to me to brighten my day, knowing how much love I have for this special creature! And I have him to thank for such an incredible experience!

I hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed actually experiencing it. Any true butterfly lover knows how special any encounter is with this elegant creature.
Debra Bremer, Warsaw, IN
Last night when we pulled in the driveway, I saw a very beautiful blue/black butterfly on the sidewalk. She looked like she was injured and couldn't fly away. I told the kids that we would take a picture and Alex could take it for show and tell. We took some pictures of it on Alex's hand and just on the ground. Alex said that if she couldn't fly, she wouldn't be able to find any nectar and would starve. I told him we would put it on the flowers on the Peonies on the side of the house. We very carefully carried her to the bush and let her sit on the flower. As we backed away, she flew about 8 inches about the grass.

I thought she was going to be o.k. so I went into the house to fix dinner. Alex stayed outside. About 5 minutes later he came running into the house and screaming. He had tears streaming down his face. I asked him what had happened and he said in horror, "That Blue Jay carried her off!" I gave him a big hug and just held him. He cried for about 10 minutes. I tried to get him calmed down and it took another 10 minutes before he was calm. He then went around the house closing the windows and shutting the blinds because he said he couldn't stand to see or hear the birds.

Later Ashlee asked Alex why he was so upset. He reminded us that in school they had each gotten a "Painted Lady" caterpillar, which had spun a cocoon and had hatched into a butterfly. I told Ashlee that Alex, like she and I, is sensitive. Alex got even more upset and said, "I don't like this being sensitive, it hurts and makes me cry." I told Alex that being sensitive is what lets us understand each other better. When he falls and bloodies his knee, I can understand how it burns and stings and hurts when he tries to bend it.

He told me that he didn't need to watch the Blue Jay fly away with the butterfly for him to understand how it feels to love something and to lose it.

I know that one of the most important jobs as a mom is to teach my children. However, I really believe that we were given Alex because of all the things he will teach us.
Stephanie Duarte, Perris, CA
Hello my name is Stephanie. I am 15 years old and a good friend had passed away recently. She was just 16 years old and I took it really hard but she loved butterflies. She loved butterflies so much it drove people nuts! She passed Saturday afternoon about 4:15 in a car crash. May 10, 2003. We lost a good friend but that Monday at school everyone went to the flag pole to pay their respects. I was sitting next to her best friend Lora and a butterfly came and sat on her shoulder. It was crazy, the butterfly would not leave for anything. It sat there for a couple of hours! I really truly felt like it was my friend and we talked to her the whole time. Everyone took a turn. It was beautiful!

R.I.P Mellisa Sanchez!!!! I LOVE YOU
Joan Backlund, Toledo, OH
I decided one weekend we needed to go up to Point PeeLee for a photo sufari, a lovely penisula in Michigan coming down into Lake Erie. I kept calling the Monarch hotline in hopes of catching thousands of butterflies with my camera. Finally, they said that there were about 4000 monarchs in the area migrating at Point PeeLee. So we quickly got ready and left Toledo, Ohio to drive all the way up there.

By the time we finally got to the park area it was almost dark. There was a paved road leading out to the beach at Lake Erie. And along the sides of the road were forest on both sides. It already was a little on the dark side. I only had seen one or two butterflies here and there. When we got down to the beach there was nothing. So highly dissappointed we started our walk back. I looked up into the trees and saw three or four butterflies clinging to the leaves. So I took my camera and pointed it up, took the shot, and the flash went off. To my amazement, when the photos came back, this limb, was covered in Monarchs so h eavily, that you could not even see the branch. What a wonderful surprise. To this day that photo floors me.

Our connection with a greater spirit is sometimes hard to find, or difficult to connect with. At that time I felt closer to God and all his beautiful splender. As I left a Monarch was gliding just a couple of feet in front of me. He was eye level and flying the same speed I was walking. He would flip his wings, and glide on the right, flip a little, and glide on the left. This went on for what felt like a long time. I am sure it was probably only seconds. Yet, I felt I was walking with a butterfly for a frozen, tranquil, moment in time.

The experience of a lifetime in my book.
Debbie Guillot, LA
The morning that I was getting ready to go to my mom's funeral, my cat would not leave me alone. He followed me to each room that I went into, meowing like crazy until I picked him up. I instantly thought, that's my mom trying to comfort me. He did not stop this until we left for the funeral. I picked him up several times and cried into his fur and said "I love you MaMa." I used to take my mom for a lot of rides. I have a truck, which was too high for her to climb into without trouble, so I had a little stool that I used to put down onto the ground for her to step onto to get into the truck. On the way to the church, I put the stool onto the ground and stepped on it to get into the truck just like she used to do. When we got home my boyfriend brought the stool into the house. That same cat instantly jumped onto the stool and started rubbing all over it. I knew that it was my mom again, letting me know that she saw me do that gesture. I have had a peace lily that I got from my grandmothers funeral 8 years ago. It has NEVER bloomed once in those 8 years.The night of my mom's funeral I walked by the lily and to my complete and total amazement, it had a BLOOM on it. My mother gave me these 3 signs all on the day of her funeral to help comfort me. I got validation that these signs were not just in my head when a friend gave me the link to this site. I had never heard of this before. The day of my mom's funeral will forever burn in my mind for more than one reason, make that 3 reasons, that's my favorite number by the way. I got absolute proof that she is in heaven, alright and in peace, and wants me to have peace too. I thank God for allowing her to do that for me.
Bruce W. King, Easthampton, MA
When I was 7 years old, my dad took me out in a field and got me interested in butterflies. It became a lifelong hobby for me. It also was the gateway to my interest in many other aspect of nature. I often tell people that it was my father's greatest gift to me.

My father died when I was 33. I took it very hard. For months, I would have good days followed by days filled with sadness. He died in August. The following March I was walking though the woods, having a particu- larly difficult day, missing him terribly. I felt worse and worse the more I walked. Just as I reached my lowest point, I saw my first butterfly of spring. It was almost as if my dad had sent me this reminder of him - a gift - to ease my pain. It brought me such relief.

The butterfly was a Mourning Cloak.
Kerri, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Actually I have a few butterfly experiences in my life. The first one that sticks out is when I was just 16 years old . My best friend died in a car accident and I was very hurt and angry and couldn't believe that there could ever be a God because how could he take her away from this earth? My mother sat and listened to me and then said "I feel really sorry for you that you are going to go through life feeling that way about God." Just at that moment as we were standing by the grave site a huge beautiful butterfly landed on her grave and I cannot explain but it truly felt like a message from her telling me to believe and that she was alright. By the way the butterfly was as yellow as the butterfly that was on her card that I had sent to her parents earilier that day.

Another story is when I was about 25 my husband and I were trying to have a baby. We tried for 3 years with all the tests and drugs with no luck. One day I was sitting outside when the same bright yellow colored butterfly landed on my leg and sat there for the longest time before flying away. One of my friends said to me that means you're going to have good luck come your way (guess what - I now have two kids one year apart). Not that I think that is what made me pregnant, ha ha, but it sure gives me a wonderful feeling about something so beautiful in nature. They are like little angels, real gifts from God!
Peg Stanton, Doylestown, PA
I am a breast cancer patient who, while doing a guided healing imagery was looking for my animal totem. This animal is there to protect and guide you. When a butterfly appeared, I tried to shoo it away as not being powerful enough. Where was the bear or lion??? The butterfly did not go away in my mind and I came to realize the power, strength and beauty of it. It has become my symbol for healing, and I see the transformations that it goes through in all of its stages as significant to me and the healing process I am going through. Recently when I was at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ a butterfly landed at my feet. I was so thrilled that my totem appeared in real life. I noticed it had one wing, the left wing, folded up and thought it was injured. Being afraid to touch it and harm it further, I put out my finger hoping it would come to me. It did not, but after a while of sitting at my feet with its "injured" wing, it rose up, spread both wings and flew away. My left side is my injured side and when I saw the butterfly take wing, I realized it was telling me that I, too, would be able to be healed and spread my wings in this world.
Jeannette, Pasadena, MD
Recently my mother passed away. I don't know why, but while sitting at my mother's bedside, during the last hours of her life, I remembered a moment in time when my Grandmother (my mother's mom) had a flock of butterflies surround her then fly away. So I thought to myself, "Mom, when the Lord decides to take you to be at his side, show me that you are alright by letting me see a butterfly somehow." As quick as the thought entered my mind, I forgot about it. Several hours later my mom took her last breath and went to heaven. I was glad her suffering was over and I hoped she was at Peace. I said my last goodbye to my mother and left the hospital to go home and try to get a couple of hours of much needed rest.

After getting a short nap, I decided I had to go and start the process of getting things together for her funeral. As soon as I walked out the front door of my house, a single white butterfly flew across my path. I was so overwhelmed at seeing the butterfly that all I could do was stand there and cry!

A little while later I called my sister to tell her the story about the butterfly, but I first asked her if she had seen any butterflies today? She said, "Yes, but wait until you hear my story". I was sitting outside in my backyard, thinking how much I missed mom already, when I saw a single white butterfly go across my lawn. It was then that I heard someone whisper in my ear, "Goodbye". I got goosebumps and then proceeded to tell her my story. It was at that moment we both knew we had both been given a wonderful gift from Heaven, and that it proved without a shadow of a doubt that mom truly was O.K. and at Peace.
Vivian, Ahston, IL
After 5 years in an abusive relationship, I started counseling. I attended my sessions religiously. After a few months my counselor saw an improvement in me. He once described me as a Butterfly. Here's what he said: "When you first came to me you were a caterpillar, now you've spun your cocoon and are emerging as a butterfly." A few weeks later he said, "Now you are drying your wings". A few more weeks went by and he said "Now your wings are fluttering a bit". Since then I've left the bad relationship. He now says that I have taken flight. That description of me from my counselor really made me feel good and was a huge part in my leaving the relationship.
Thanks Tony!!!
Ellie, Goodyear, AZ
On The 7th of August 2002 my sweet, wonderful father passed away. I felt so hurt and empty. I had just lost my best friend and confidant. My three sisters, mother and I went about the difficult task of planning my dad's funeral. As I came out of the funeral home into the beautiful sunlit day I felt so empty inside and alone. When I arrived home and pulled up to my driveway a beautiful butterfly was sitting in my spot. He began to flutter about my car and then myself when I exited the vehicle. I was so happy to see that beautiful butterfly it brought tears to my eyes. It was such a rare experience because I had only seen one once in my life. I felt a since of warmth and peace. Later that week I found out that each one of my sisters and mother experienced the same thing that day. We now believe it is my dad saying "I am still with you and love you" to each one of us.

Everytime after that when we have spoken of my dad or miss him we see a butterfly. They have become a great source of comfort for me and the rest of my family. Everytime I see one there beauty touches me in a special way. I say to myself "I love you too Daddy."
Priscilla Ann, Troy, NY
This is my wonderful story of a Butterfly. I have always had this connection with them. Don't know why but they're the most beautiful insect. As far back as I can remember, which is quite a bit, I always planted flowers in my gardens anywhere I lived just to draw them to me and my Hubby was amazed how many would come. Well about 8 years ago I went and got a Butterfly Tattoo, and started to wear butterfly jewelry. Then two years ago I lost my Hubby But this is amazing when he passed away, that Spring I was out fixing my garden and this most beautiful butterfly came along and just stayed there it seemed like forever and I got this warm feeling inside of me. It seemed like everytime I went to sit out there this same one would come along. What a good feeling it was to keep seeing the same Butterfly and that's my true story.
Karen A Swetland, Greentown, PA
My story starts when my daddy passed away. The day was Feb 17, 1993. At my father's grave was this beautiful butterfly flying around. I got a sense of peacefulness that my daddy would be ok. Then one year after my father passed on I went to work in a metal shop and I was working on my project and a beautiful butterfly came and sat right on my shoulder. I didn't see it but my co-worker said to me "Karen there is a butterfly on your shoulder." I looked and it was a beautiful monarch butterfly. It hung around me all day so I'm thinking "this is my daddy watching over me." So now everytime I see a butterfly I say "hello daddy". I feel great knowing that my daddy is watching over me and being my gaurdian angel. What's more beautiful to be than a butterfly.
Betsy Jarvis, Logansport, IN
My Dad, Jim Beatty, so enjoyed the outdoors, camping, feeding the birds and photographing all of God's creatures. As he grew older, he spent much of his time sitting at the kitchen window watching for any activity from outside. Whether it was a hummingbird or a chipmunk he loved to watch the wildlife. In the Summer months he would sit in front of the house in his lawn chair and watch.

Dad died on September 8, 2002. The day after his funeral, my husband and I stopped at my Mom's house. There was a gorgeous Monarch Butterfly hanging on the screen to her kitchen window. I walked up to to take a closer look and held my hand up to it. The butterfly crawled on my hand with no hesitation. I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself "Oh! I wish I had my camera!" So, with the butterfly on my hand I rang Mom's doorbell and asked of she had her camera handy. She handed it out to me and I took a few pictures. She asked me if that was the butterfly that had been on the screen. When I told her yes, she told me that it had been there all morning. She had been working in the kitchen most of the morning and knew that it was there. I finished taking pictures and put the butterfly on a large rock in her rock garden. We returned about four hours later this time with our son. The butterfly was still there! I could not believe it! I picked it up again and this time took it over to the car to show our son. The butterfly went into the car on my hand and got on our son's hand. Never making any attempt to fly. We carefully looked at it and enjoyed it's beauty. I once again returned it to the rock garden. I couldn't help but be overcome with the notion that there was a connection to that butterfly and my Father. The pictures I took turned out beautiful. From now on, I'll always see butterflies in a very special way.
Joyce Walker Quigley, Monroeville, PA
My mother adored butterflies. We went on a trip years before her death and she bought me a lamp with a shade of beautiful butterflies. She was in the hospital, and I was told that she had only a few weeks to live. The days were long. One day on my visit to her hospital room, there was this huge black butterfly on her window. She was on a top floor. The staff at the hospital said that they had never seen anything on this window. I knew then that my mother was going to pass on to the other world. We talked some and she asked me if I still had the lamp she had bought for me years ago. We had not mentioned that lamp in years. That day she passed away.
Sincerely, Joyce
Crystal M., RI
My mom passed away a few months ago at the young age of 47 due to Cancer. My mom's favorite things were butterflies. A month after my mom passed away, my dad and I took a trip to Florida to get away. One day while we were down there, we were sitting outside of our hotel room and a butterfly landed on the arm of my chair. We both knew that this was a sign from my mom letting us know that she is ok.
Kathy Wachter, Milford, CT
Recently the granddaughter of my best friend was suddenly taken ill and passed away. She was only 7 years old. They have yet to find out what happened to her. She was a beautiful little girl with a free spirit and lively nature. Truly a joy to behold. Her favorite thing in the world were butterflies. So much so they were even stenciled onto her tiny casket. At the cemetery her mother had the stamina to do the most beautiful tribute to Brittany imaginable. The thought of it still brings tears and a smile to my face. She purchased a large quantity of butterflies and had them packaged in loose envelopes. At the end of the service she spoke of Brittany's love for the butterfly and how free her spirit was, like the butterfly. She then passed out the envelopes, asking everyone to gently touch them to their hearts thinking of Brittany. Then they all were released to fly in her memory. Some chose to land on the flowers surrounding her casket and others choose to fly in the warming sunshine. It was a breathtaking and heart warming scene. I shall always remember Brittany when I see the beautiful butterfly.
Vallam Pratyusha, Hyderabad, India
I used to see butterflies, but never I had such lot inetrest in them. When I was studying class in my school there were a lot of butterflies and when I see them I really enjoy a lot and I feel so happy, as if I used to be born as a butterfly with such beautiful colours. In my school there were many butterflies and they were also dead ones but no one cared about them they just step and go. Then I started collecting dead butterflies and I used to see and enjoy a lot. They have really touched my heart.

Therefore I tell everybody to love nature and enjoy it.
Barbara Jenkins, Jacksonville, FL
My husband had been diagnosed with Cancer and not expected to live. We left home on this morning to go for his first Radiation Treatment at an Oncology Center in Ohio. We were both apprehensive about these treatments that we had heard so much about and of the bad side effects that came with them. When I got out of the car, and closed the door, a beautiful yellow bufferfly flew around my head three times and then lit on my shoulder. It was like time stood still for that moment. A wonderful peace came over me and I believe that at that moment God was telling me that everything would be all right. I have always loved butterflies and, as a kid, tried to catch them but never could. This was a wonderful experience and it still gives me goose bumps when I remember it. My husband is still living today six years after this experience.
Crystal 'Buttaflyest' Watts, New York, NY
Butterflies have helped me to believe in something greater than myself, a force of love, that will help to get you through anything. When I was 15 years old, I was going through a very rough time and had nothing but negativity to believe in. A friend of mine told me to just pick something and pray for it every day. I happened to see a buterfly on someone's shirt at that moment and decided that butteflies would be it. I prayed that night and the next day my mom gave me a butterfly pencil...and then the next I saw a buttefly..or someone was talking about them.

From that point on butterflies have been in my life. They helped me to become aware of a world much greater and powerful than myself, and that faith to this day has helped me to get through so much.
Vicki Firth, Magna, UT
On October 9th, 2002, our daughter Hanna passed away. She had a very tough almost 19 years, having been born prematurely. I think my husband and I were somewhat prepared for her passing, because of the many times we almost lost her from pneumonia and other scares. She had many health problems, including autism, so she was never able to do many things. When we had to choose a program cover for the funeral, we chose a butterfly, because we knew she was finally free and butterflies represent that so well. We had never heard of the butterfly phenomenon for people who have lost a loved one. Well, one of the floral arrangements had a blue feather butterfly placed in it. So, there's the another one. Then, our daughter, Stephanie, gave us a book after the funeral, titled "Consider The Butterfly" written by Carol Lynn Pearson, a very gifted author. The book has a butterfly on the cover. I didn't really notice the significance of all these butterflies, until I read the book, which is all about noticing the synchronicites in our lives, when it suddenly hit me!!!

Now, I see these kind of things all the time. There is a commercial on TV with a mother and a lttle girl for a product called "Freestyle". In the commercial the mother talks about how easy it is for her daughter to use "Freestyle" to test her blood sugar level because she is diabetic. She says, "Now Hanna can finally be a normal child!", then the box is shown, and a beautiful blue butterfly lands on the box, then becomes part of the decoration on the box. I saw this commercial and just went "Wow!", and started to cry, because I know she's happy and doing all the things she could never do in this life. It was a message from her, and it brought to mind all the other "Butterfly Moments" we had been having!

After that, I went looking online and found this website and realized that we were not alone! Thanks for all the inspirational stories, they have helped us so much.
Holly Mable-Gosh, Bristol, England
One day when I was walking in my local park, a beautiful butterfly landed on my shoulder. I was having a rough patch at the time and needed guidence to which way I should turn. Magically the butterfly touched me in some way. The butterfly spoke to me somehow. I took the advice, as strange as it may sound. However, funilly enough, within two days of my experience things were back on track!

Even now after many months I still do not know how this happened and why. It truly was a magical experience. As time has passed I wait patiently for my friend to return.
Opelika, AL
My best friend of 13 years was killed in a car accident when she was 20 years old. She was on her way to pick me up when she got in the accident. Needless to say, I had a lot of guilt and pain. I started to notice that everytime I would think of her and miss her, I would see butterflies. They would fly up to the windows on my house, my car, fly all around me if I was outside. At first I didn't think anything about it, but the butterflies would come at the strangest times and places.

About a year and a half after she died I got a phone call from her mother asking me if I could go and pick up some of her things from the police station that had gotten misplaced after the accident. I agreed, but this was not something that was easy to do. As I looked through her wallet, the first thing that I saw was a beautiful butterfly pendant. My jaw dropped. As I looked through the rest of her things I found a butterfly ring, a butterfly writing pen and a butterfly necklace. I never remembered her having a liking of butterflies - anymore than anyone else. I began to smile through my tears because I knew then that she was telling me that she loved me and that she was O.K. all along!!!
Kimberly, Hollywood, FL
Today, my "shorty" passed. My sweet, almost 90 year-old grandmother.

Recently, I went to Butterfly World in Margate, Florida (Greater Fort Lauderdale). They taught us that the butterfly is not in a cocoon but rather a chrysalis. They form these bodies and a variety of silk and metallic colors to ward off predators. I think that my grandma is now in her chrysalis and will be my butterfly again.
Brian Volk, Las Vegas, NV
I have always loved butterflies especially the Swallowtail butterfly. When ever I saw one fly by it would make me feel good just looking at how beautiful they are. For many years I've wanted to photograph one, but I never got the chance until summer of 2001 when I was walking in a park in West Lake Village, CA and suddenly a Swallowtail landed on a leaf of a tree and I had my Digital Camera with me. So I walked over and shot it. That was the first photograph I ever took of a Swallowtail butterfly. It was a very joyful moment. Today it's being displayed at The International Library of Photographers. You can see it here at: http://www.picture.com/display.asp?ID=883698. After seeing the photo I took I decided I wanted to photograph more Swallowtail Butterflies because it made me so happy. So I made it a goal to buy a high quality camera and photograph butterflies. And that's what I do a lot of today is photograph beautiful Swallowtail Butterflies.

You can see another butterfly photo I took last summer at: http://www.picture.com/display.asp?ID=1263263
Marce Kluesner, Anchorage, AK
After traveling for two years in the lower 48 states for the company my husband worked for we were going home to Alaska. Our son was born here but our daughter Christian Anne was born in Clayton New Mexico. Sissy La La was my only daughter and she made my heart sing. On our way home we stopped at my home town to say hello and good-bye and to pick up our belongings in storage.

The morning we should've been leaving a family member backed over our daughter and her injuries killed her. In a few days it will be 2 years and my greif is as raw as that day. Last year on her birthday a yellow butterfly flew into the shop and landed on her teacart I have by my desk. I was so shocked, it stayed until it died, but the beauty of this little butterfly has helped my heart. I know that time will heal. This is our second child that God has called home. I live to see the special signs from heaven and pray they never stop. Until we get to hold and kiss our babies again. Thank-you for lifting my heart tonight. I have read the other stories from the families and know we are not as alone as we feel.
Rosalee McMahon, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I do not have a story but I have a song that I made up and it goes like this,

'when I was a child about 2 or 3 I had a big back yard
full of lovely roses that I was named after. Every day
butterfies would come and check it out and I would run out side to chase them away.'

I am 10 yrs old and I love this song.
New Zealand
As a teacher in a small New Zealand school we have as a class been studying insects. The Monarch butterfly has become close to our hearts. We had 3 caterpillars munching away and found a great plant for them. Our Swan plant has become the pride of the class as we have stood in amazement watching the caterpillars turn to chrysalises. This was the first time any of us in the room had seen it and we were all 20 of us stood in silence watching. The cleaner comes in every day and checks out what is happening and leaves a commentary of events. We are all hooked on Monarch Butterflys, we can hardly wait for them to hatch out now.
Natalie, El Paso, TX
Ever since I was a small girl, butterflies have always been something so sweet to me- their bright colors, soft wings, delicate structures, and the way they just fly around made me smile. I started to really love these creatures at about age 3 or 4, when I caught my first one. I wanted to keep it forever but my mom told me that I have to let it go or else it would die. I didn't want it to die, it was a nice tiger swallowtail and it was twice the size of my tiny hands. I got kind of sad. I asked her why I couldn't keep it still and she said, "No Nattie, it's a piece of God's work. He doesn't want us to kill these butterflies, or moths. You should set that one free so it can marry and have other little butterflies too, that way, they'll come around here more often and you can have more around you." So I opened my hands and let it go. It didn't fly away at first, it just stayed on my fingers, staring at me. I studied the colors and size before it flew away back into freedom, the place where all butterflies deserve to be.=)
Rosa, West Sacramento, CA
A butterfly is defined as any of numerous slender-bodied diurnal insects with broad often brightly colored wings. The dictionary definition has nothing to do with the reason why I love them so much; it's because they remind me of the awesome God we have and the marvelous things he has done for us and and yet to do. To me, they also symbolize the great change that a person can go through. For instance, a person addicted to some kind of drug or alcohol knows how hard it is to quit that addiction. Over time, this person can definitely modify his/her ways and be a better person as like a caterpillar transforms into something more beautiful, pure and flawless -- a butterfly. The thought of how exquisite changes can be impacted me deeply of the sight of my favorite creatures, butterflies.
Kelli, Glen Rose, TX
My life as a butterfly began when I was 18 years old and a senior in high school. Unexpectedly I had a seizure in school one day. After many tests it was determined that I had a brain tumor. I underwent my first surgery in Feb. '01 and then a month of radiation and a full year of chemotherapy. In July '02 I had my second surgery and all of my tumor was removed!! I never let my cancer slow me down in life, I continued school and college and my everyday life like nothing was different, even though my tumor had a 0% survival rate, unless completely removed.

I learned a lot during that period of my life, making me a new and better person. I learned that life is shorter and more valuable than anyone can imagine, appreciate those around you and what you have now and my personal favorite, to those who just think life is a toy, you think you know, but you have no idea. I consider my life before cancer my caterpillar stage, and now, in remission, I am a beautiful butterfly.
Melanie, Albany, NY
I feel connected to a butterfy in so many ways. A few years ago I lived in the worst part of a town just west of here. The apartment was horrible, but it was what I had at the time. My mom worked in a supermarket in town and knew of a local school teacher who had some crterpillars and asked if I could have a few. Well I brought them home, put them in a fish tank with some light. And they grew, it was amazing. Then I got to know each one before I let it go. Unfortunely I had to release them in the city but I feel certain that they made it. Two of them didn't make it out side. Since then I have had 2 beautiful tattoos of monarchs on my body. They are the most beautful insect in the world.
Cristine Joy Jagodilla, Da Vao, Phillipines
Life maybe sometimes is hard to understand. There are things that happen which are not supposed to happen. And sometime we think that it is better to give up than to fight back. Well friends I myself tell that never to give up. When it seems that no one did understand you, just dont forget that God is always there, ready to lend a helping hand. Just take life as it comes.
Christal Seibert, Masury, OH
My dad died 3 years ago of cancer. And he would tell people that when he would sleep he would see angels with butterfly wings. And his favorite butterfly was a monarch. So now every summer morning I have a monarch butterly sitting on my antenna on my car and it is there every morning until the first frost. I just know that a butterly is to be known as a free spirt. And that is how I remember my dad. I miss him alot and I wish I could bring him back but I know I can't. But I can live with him through butterflies. I want to be able to stand in the middle of a room and have them cover me because then I would have my dad around me again. That is my wish, just to have him around me one more time. I got a tattoo with a cross with a ribbon on it with my dad's name and my kids' initials and a butterfly above it. So that is why I collect butterflies, in honor of my dad. I wrote a poem for him to raise money for his funeral and in the poem I wrote "So grab a butterfly and hold on tight, I Love You Daddy, just don't lose sight." And I guess he hears that.

Thank You!
Denise Mullarkey, Cincinnati, OH
Our daughter, Claire, was afraid of most flying insects. Then one day, a butterfly landed on her brightly colored shirt. She started to flinch, but then saw the butterfly "use it's straw" to try to drink nectar from a flower picture on her shirt. She looked at me asked if the butterfly would be angry since it seemed like we had tricked it. I assured her that butterflies didn't get angry.

From that time forward, Claire wanted everything to be butterfly - her Halloween costume, her clothes, etc. I remember singing a butterfly song we had heard on John Acorn, the Nature Nut's show about how others saw the flowers and the deep blue sky, but I saw the butterflies.

As a birthday present Claire was given a butterfly kit. The larvae arrived one hot August day. Two days later Claire died suddenly and quite unexpectedly of an aggressive pneumonia that had to be diagnosed by autopsy.

Her father and I watched the caterpillars eat and get fat, and transform into butterflies. Those caterpillars that symbolized our transformation in Heaven, were so comforting and inspiring for us. Now when we see a painted lady butterfly in our yard -- and of course we plant flowers for butterflies -- we smile and remember our Butterfly Bear -- Claire.
Shelby, Sunderland, Tyneside, England
When I was little (about 6 years old) I remember grazing my knee. I was really upset, and I ran inside, crying. I remember staring out my bed- room window and seeing a beautiful butterfly outside. It seemed to make me feel better instantly and I stopped crying. And ever since then I have been inspired by butterflies.
Whitelake, MI
In 1998 my beloved mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was terminal and only had a short time to live. We hired hospice so she was able to stay home for her last few weeks of life. We put a hospital bed in the living room so that it was eaiser to take care of her fragile body. She always would stare at the wall and I would ask her what she was staring at and she would say the butterflies on the wall. They were the old butterflies she got from home interior years ago. They were made of metal and brown and gold. For as long as she was ill I would notice her staring at the butterflies on the wall. She passed after 8 weeks of being so ill. Her body had withered to nothing. On October 4, 1998 my and I family laid my mother's body to rest. As the casket was being lowered I was walking up to the church for the luncheon and I noticed a butterfly land on my step-father's head and it stayed for a few seconds and it would land on someone else and then after its visit it flew away. I knew it was my mother free and in no more pain, saying she was o.k. Now butterflies visit me all the time and I like to think it's my mom dropping by to say "HI"
Aryn Kratzmeier, Baltimore, MD
When I was about 10 years old my mom got me a butterfly raising kit for my birthday. I had always loved butterflies ever since she got me the yellow towel with my name and a butterfly on it in kindergarden. When I got the caterpillars for the kit and fed them and they metamorphized into butterflies, one of the butterflies had a bent wing. It was real sad seeing it all hurt and it couldn't fly and all. It made me upset and I tried to help it fly and I did all this crazy stuff, like butterfly physical therapy. So eventually all the butterflies died and the one with the broken wing lived the longest out of all of them and I thought that it was because of the extra care I gave to it. And I have always thought about that butterfly when I think I can't do something or can't finish something and I remind myself that I can do it if the butterfly can. I know that sounds corny but I still love butterflies to this day and they always have a special place in my heart.
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