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July 2002 to December 2002
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Starling Li, Naperville, IL
I have something with butterflies, they always appear just enough to instill magic into my life. I always see them when I'm on an adventure, or about to embark on one. One thing about them is their perfect timing.

My most interesting story so far is when I just learned that a small forest near my house was going to be turned into a site for a new office building and some stores. I was instantly angry. For I loved nature, and that area contained the clubhouse for the nature club I lead, called the P.E.A.C.E. club.

Right before sunset I took a walk to the site. My spirits weren't in the best shape possible. My dad was trying to convince me that it was the town's decision to build something there, because they owned the land, and had already made their decision. Though I was still determined to do something about it. I doubted anything would work.

Just then a monarch butterfly appeared. It barely flapped its wings, as it glided closer and closer it looked as if the sun's last few rays were held in its wings. It flew two whole circles around me before dissapearing.

I felt a renewed determination, because I owed it to the butterfly, and because the butterfly reminded me to keep on trying. Two weeks later my letter aimed to convince people to save our little wildlife refuge was published in the Naperville newspaper.
Swie Kartahardja, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

“Do not regret growing old, it is a privilege denied to many.” - Indian proverb

One day I woke up and looked at the calendar, it was my birthday. I knelt down and thanked God that He granted me to reach the 70th milestone. Now I am 70 plus and I have entered the golden age, but that is not old, you know.

The myth says that if you are at this age, you will become senile, that you are not willing to lead an active life anymore.

Yes it is true that your hearing and eyesight do deteriorate, you become a bit forgetful, some develop desease, like diabetes, heart trouble, high blood pressure, etc. But you are not too old to share exciting experiences that make life woth living.

If you look at the mirror, you wonder where in heaven is your smooth face and slim figure ? Now your hair is grey and thinning, lines and wrinkles appear on your forehead, you have become an old tired woman; but inside you are the same person, you cannot recapture your youth. But you can retain beautiful memories.

There is time now to stop and smell flowers and to appreciate the beauty of the setting sun. Family unity is also important than wealth and possessions, remember you are not too old to be wanted and cared for.

For most people aging is sensitive, you are afraid to be old, but you have to come face to face with reality that growing old is not a pain. You can be a golden age person, but do not become self-centered, discontented, disinterested in anything else and become lonely.

Be young at heart, seek companionship, take an interest in world affairs and enjoy various hobbies and activities. An active mind and positive attiture are wonderful antidotes for the golden aging and help to attract friends. Use your head, read, talk, write, do crossword puzzles, make handicrafts, think as much and often as you can.

Who knows, God will grant you longer life, so enjoy the rest of your life and avoid stress.

Here is part of a verse. I have freely translated :

When I was young, the shoes I wore were red,
I could exercise in bed with my feet above my head.
When I became older, I changed my color into grey,
Now I realize that my youth has passed away.
But I do not care, I am still busy with my daily life,
I wake up every morning, clean the house and read the paper,
I searched the death column, Thank God,
My name is still absent… so far.
Lou Ann Day, Stratford, NY
On Sept.3, 1999, my youngest son was in a very serious car accident. He had severe head trauma and we lost him on Sept.6, 1999. The night of Jake's viewing there was a butterfly just coming out of it's coccoon at the funeral home It was wet The kids played with it, putting it on a bush next to the door when they went inside. When we came out to leave this butterfly was still there, its wings were dry and when we left it finally flew away. The day of Jake's funeral there were butterflies all around our house all day. My oldest son and my boyfriend's son were tossing the football in the road and a butterfly landed on the ball.

My oldest daughter returned home to visit in Oct. 2000. She and I went to the cemetery. Lo and behold there was a butterfly that hovered around my car while we were there. Bbefore we left it actually let her hold it.

My youngest daughter was pregnant when we lost Jake. She had a little boy in Jan. 2000, she named him Maverick Jacob. Last summer when we were out by the pool a butterfly landed right on Mav's hand. He was so excited, he scared it. We have had many encounters with this beautiful species and we honestly feel it is our connection to Jake.

I have a memorial website I made for Jake if anyone cares to visit. Please feel free to sign the guestbook. http:www.geocities.com/mybutterflyjake/MemoriesOfJake.html
Audra Scripa, Syracuse, NY
Hmmmmm, which butterfly should I tell you about???? Alright, a couple of years ago i was visiting my father's camp. He and I went down to the river to find rocks for my step mom's garden. As I walked slowly along the shoreline, something caught my eye at just the right moment and so I focused and realized what it was. A dead monarch lying, plastered, and soaking wet to a rock.

:( Immedeately I remember feeling like a very important part of me had died. I crouched down to her as the tears welled up in my eyes. As I attempted to pluck her body from the rock, she started grabbing frantically for my finger. Hhonestly, she scared the living you know what out of me, but I couldn't have been happier. I found and old plastic butter container which really was a fluke because everyone is so aware of mother earth's status and no-one would ever dream of littering. (haha) I put her in there and ran up to the back of the camp.

I had taken a piece of paper from my pocket. It was small like a post-it note. I folded it half and slowly and gently worked it just up her back to separate her wings so they could dry. After about three hours of talking to her and praying to God that she would be ok, it was time to go up for bed. I left her in the shed and prayed and hoped some more..

The next morning, I didn't bother with coffee, cigarettes, or even a stop at the bathroom. I ran out to the shed to be with her. I let her climb up onto my finger and I sat with her. For about 20 minutes, we just sat there like old friends, not saying anything, but not having to. Shortly after she flittered her wings.....and again.....again....good they are working. She sat for 30 seconds more and then.......

Off she went! Yes I was crying and I have never smiled so hard or long in my life. She even stayed around the camp for a bit as if to show me that I had done good and and she was thankful.
Deanna Crow, Porter, TX
When I was working for an animal hospital in Corpus Christ, Tex. we worked on injured sea birds. After they were able to go back to the wild I would take them to a pier and release them.

I was going to release a wild duck during my lunch hour so I had picked up a burger and milkshake. After I was sure the duck would be alright I sat down to eat my lunch, and a butterfly landed on my burger. It checked out the lettuce, tomato and meat so I put a piece on the railing for it. After a while it flew away and I started drinking the milkshake. I called out to the butterfly in fun, to let it know that it was missing desert. I put a few drops of the shake from the straw on the rail and said "you better hurry back are you'll miss the best part." The butterfly came back and I watched it drink the milkshake. That was one of the most memoriable lunches I've ever had. Nature is so neat.

Thanks for letting me share my story.
Stacey Cohen, Stone Mountain, GA
I believe that butterflies are God's way of letting us know that He exists. Butterflies are flawless.
Sim, Bombay, India
I am a widow who lost my husband when I was 39 years old. At that time I had two children to raise, and I took life literally 5 minutes at a time, as to think of a future without my husband seemed too awful to even contemplate. After 2 years of living in a fog of utter desperation inwardly, and trying to show to my kids that I was coping outwardly - was a very trying experience, and one which almost demolished me mentally.

It was at this point when a huge butterfly almost 6 inches big literally brushed past my face as I was getting into my car. At that instant I felt very sure that it was my husband trying to tell me that he was still around. And ever since that day, till today 2 and a half years later, I have seen a butterfly every single day. The butterfly might not be real, it may be just a picture on an advertisment, a print on a garment,a costume jewellery butterfly, a toy etc. etc. - or even a real butterfly - but I see one daily, and that is why I feel stonger and more confident about facing my life ahead, as I feel that my husband is there with me every day.

Butterflies have now filled my life so much, that my children, family and friends know my passion for them. I receive gifts with butterfly shapes, or pictures of butterflies on things. (A fiend sent me the name of your site knowing how much I love them.) I even have my email address as that, and am going to keep it as I hope and pray that I will keep seeing my precious butterflies everyday.
Barbara, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
There is an old "saying" or "belief":

When you see a butterfly you are to make a wish. The butterfly will carry your wish for you and your wish will come true!

If you see 2 white butterflies flying together that is to mean "love" or ""marriage".

If you see 2 butterflies of any colour flying together that is to mean "friendship".

When ever I see a butterfly I always have applied these beliefs. When I get married someday I will release butterflies into the sky. In hopes that everyone will start to believe again in love and in friendship!!
Diane, Tucson, AZ
Story I had an inkling that butterflies represented the souls of recently departed loved ones but I wasn't quite sure. Almost 2 years ago I lost a truly-loved aunt, a surrogate mother of sorts. We connected on every level and she was my "mom" and best "girl friend." The day after she died my husband became severely ill with a ruptured appendix. Several days later, while he was in the hospital, I was sitting outside alone having lunch, thinking about them both, a beautiful butterfly approached and landed on my hand. This had never happened before but I somehow got the feeling that this was my aunt, letting me know things were OK.

Fast forward to last month, September 2002, when our beloved golden retriever, Madison, died. My husband and I don't have children so he was like our child for 9 & 1/2 years. Two or three days after he died I was sitting at my desk at my home office, looking out the window above my computer, when a big, beautiful butterfly fluttered outside my window for about 5 minutes. We don't see many butterflies here--and certainly none this size--but I remembered my aunt and I was sure this was a sign from my dog. Out dog had been the biggest of the litter and people always commented on his size as an adult, so I was sure this butterfly represented him. I didn't tell my husband about it and figured it was just a "freak" thing.

Two weeks ago we were in Brazil, home to many beautiful butterfly species. There, I told him about my thoughts on butteflies regarding our aunt and dog. He's a very scientific thinker and I thought he'd dismiss my thoughts but he seemed to appreciate them. I still thought my idea of butterflies being returning souls was just my own, not having done any searching online.

Well, 3 days ago, after returning home from our trip and feeling very lonely for our dog, I was sitting outside having lunch alone. Since I work out of our home and spent most days alone with Madison, this was a time usually he and I shared. I'd usually give him the last bite of my turkey sandwich and until then, he'd wait in anticipation. Well, I got down to the last bite and was feeling very sad that he wasn't there, when amazingly enough a butterfly appeared and landed on the table near my plate. It was beautiful brown in color, identical to our dog. I couldn't believe it! Then I saw another one, flittering about a few feet away. In the moments before Madison died we both told him to go find Lena, and at this moment I felt sure these butterflies represented their spirits, letting me know they'd found each other. Well, this butterfly who'd landed on the table hung around about 10 minutes, landing on me, the table, and finally, when I opened the last bit of my sandwich, landed on the turkey and seemed to "eat" for a short time. Then he flew away. I was astounded!

I came back to my office and immediately did some searching online and found this was a common occurrence, that my feelings of butterflies being the returned spirits of loved ones wasn't just mine alone but shared by others. I told my husband when I got home and he saw how emotional I was so couldn't wait to see for himself.

Well, the last two days my husband's been here for lunch and wouldn't you know it, that little brown butterfly has appeared both days. Yesterday he landed on my hand and allowed me to move him close to my husband, and then again onto some turkey. Today he landed right on my sandwich, even before I was done!

I have to remind you, we don't see many butterflies and certainly NONE that have landed on us. Both my husband and I truly believe that our sweet dog's spirit has appeared through this butterfly to let us know he's made it safely to the other side, and is probably in the loving care of our aunt.
Monica Ligons, Vallejo, CA
I have collected butterfly items all my adult life. The beauty and delicate form as always appealed to me. I was also a fan of skydiving since high school, but never thought that I would ever get the chance. A few years ago I met someone who had gone skydiving and she referred me to the school where she made her jump.

I called them and they said that I could come in and sit in on a class just to see what it was all about. So one Saturday, feeling quite sad and depressed because of other things going on in my life. I decided to drive up to the school. While sitting in the class I noticed a poster on the wall across the room. On this poster was three rows and each row and three squares. The first square had a picture of a skydiver standing in the "H" formation, then on each square after that the man metamorphised a little each time. Finally at the last square the last picture the man had become a butterfly. I immediately felt that was my sign to do the one thing in my life that I fell in love with as a teenager. After the class was over the instructor asked if I had decided to make the jump. With a big smile I said "Yes!!!" So the next day I made my first skydiving jump on Sunday Halloween Day 1993. Since then my love for butterflies has grown even more. I collect them, I always wear my Butterfly necklace and now my bracelet, in fact I tell everyone that its my insignia. I never go a day or anywhere without a butterfly in some form or fashion. There all over my house. I love them.
Stephen Modawell, Arlington, TX
I had written a devotional to a men's group that I belong to... it was based on butterflies... the following week we held our annual men's retreat... When new guys join this retreat one of the things we do is take them out into the woods on a Saturday morning, all they have is pen, paper, bible and a tarp to sit on... for four hours they just pray and meditate... their partner for the weekend sit away from them just praying that God will speak to the new guy during their four hours....

As I prayed for my friend I laid back on my tarp, staring at the sky... and I said "God is Mike hearing your voice today, is this working for him???... about that time a little black butterfly came soaring past me about fifty feet in the air... then about 15 seconds later another one, then another one.... this went on for 30 to 45 minutes... those Butterflies that day were messengers of God... letting me know not only was he speaking to Mike... he heard me as well!!!!!
Patricia Leahey, The Colony, TX
I have had an experience that I would have never in my life time dreamed of. Today I went to a Butterfly Conservatory in the state of Massachusetts. It was absolutely incredible. This place was so peaceful and just beyond words.

The butterflies were flying everywhere in the conservatory, with beautiful soft music in the background. So many colors and in every size. Such grace as I have ever noticed. I was so lucky to get such beautiful pictures with my digital camera. Now I am trying to find such a place in Texas where I live.

I learned so much in such a short time. Now I will continue with my adventure.
Maria Mercedes, Medellin, Columbia
Well I don't now yet what it is, but six months ago the butterfly became in my life the meaning, and the way to transform views, feelings and people. It's the image of my business and the element of nature that inspires my painting and my kid's classes. I went to the local government and proposed this image for the citizen culture campaign. Someone told me I was a butterfly, and what I think is that I was a person who had lived in another live very close to it. Yesterday I began a garden, my first step was its form. My graduate thesis is going to be called the sensitizatiom of the adult by the infant and the metamorphosis.
Robin Howard, Laramie, WY
I was going through a very rough time in my life, you know those crazy teenage years. I was trying to figure out who I was and where I was going to go. My Mom brought me home this little Native American wall decoration of a butterfly one night. There was a card with it that explained that butterflies represent new life and new growth. My Mom explained to me that the butterfly is able to transform and spread its wings to search out what it wants from life and that it reminded her of me. She thought that it might help me understand that I was not the only one out there that didn't know where to go. I really felt a sense of inspiration and ease from these little magnificent creatures. I have collected them ever since. Whenever anyone gets me a gift it is always of butterflies. They are the most beautiful things, they just gracefully float through life, not letting little things get them down. This is how we should all live our lives. Thank you for your website, I very much enjoy it.
Cassie Hall, Veedersburg, IN
We lost our 18 year old son Tyler, on August 8 in a car accident. He was a passenger. The driver walked away. On the day of Tyler's visitation, a large butterfly was on our porch and followed my husband out to his truck only to be gone when he turned around. The day after Tyler's funeral, I went to the cemetary and as I walked up to his grave noticed a butterfly hovering above. It flew up around my head and then back down to the grave. Several family members had encounters with butterflies also. We all thought that it was supposed to mean something but didn't know exactly what. My middle son's fiance said her grandmother always told her it meant an angel was nearby.

In the next few days, it was brought to my attention that Tyler's girlfriend had a big butterfly tattooed on her shoulder. The next time she visited I commented on it and she smiled and said, "yes, Tyler used to sit and trace the outline of it with his finger". I went ahead to ask her if she had seen many butterflies this summer. Her comment was "no, but I did today. I was at the park and one came up and actually flew through the side of my hair". She then proceeded to ask if I knew she had collected butterflies for a long time, and Tyler was always buying her little butterfly things. I have hoped this might be some kind of a sign which I have prayed over and over for and now I know it was.
Suzanne, Nashville, TN
It was last spring when I was a searching on the internet for a rustic and secluded type bed and breakfast in the middle Tennessee area for a needed escape and soul rejuvenation. I was new to the web at that time and my husband and I sat at the Yahoo search engine prompt and typed in one phrase with everything we wanted in our little escape from the city..... rustic, romantic, butterflies, gardens..... and by chance found a little treasure called Butterfly Hollow.

We came at just the right week too as we were greeted by literally millions of butterflies EVERYwhere! I can't come close to describing what it felt like to be among them and how the whole experience and what being there in that little piece of heaven did for me and my husband.

I decided that I needed to share this here after I received a note from David and Sharon at Butterfly Hollow saying that a PBS T.V. show called Tennessee's Wildside is airing a special on the Hackberry and Tawny Emperor butterflies that also call their hollow home.
Linda Moscowitch, Staten Island, NY
My son Frederick was eight years of when he was struck by a car in front of our home on May 13th, 1991. He medically died on May 16th, 1991. We joined a group called "Compassionate Friends" - they told us that their symbol is the butterfly because the butterfly represents "everlasting life". It is so beautiful and graceful. I would love to put a beautiful, colorful butterfly tattoo on my right arm hovering over a tulip. A tulip because that was my sister in law Betsy's most favorite flower. She did at the age of 53 on March 15th, 2002 of Pancreatic Cancer. I truly loved my son and my Ms. Betsy. I miss them very much.
Janie, LA
I play the guitar, and one day in the early 70's when I was in the woods of northern CA playing and singing, a white butterfly came and sat on my arm to listen. The butterfly stayed there through three more songs (about 20 minutes), and when I got up to go to my car, it still stayed on my arm. It only flew away when I started to get into my car. I've always loved butterflies, but I now feel that they are even more special after that day.
Penni Guerrero, Fort Worth, TX
My daughter, Lynn, recently lost her 2 1/2 month old daughter, Cheyenne. Right after we laid her to rest, surrounded by so many people who loved and cared for her, all were standing around talking to my daughter and family. Out of the blue sky a perfect beautiful little yellow butterfly came, circled around everyone and then circled 3 times around my little Angels grave, landed on it as to kiss it, flew up and went and circled around my daughter as to say I am okay and then it disappeared. My daughter feels God sent this little butterfly and that it was Cheyenne saying to go on momma, I'm ok, I am with God now. This has given us a sense of peace. I wanted to share this with you all.
Ambere Wright, Alpharetta, GA
Our whole family went to Callaway Gardens to enjoy some peace, quiet and butterflies. I saw "The Family Butterfly Book", bought and thought it could come in handy. Last weekend I planted parsley in my garden to garnish certain food dishes. I noticed that it looked somewhat poor, I went closer and notice tiny little "creepy crawlies" and one bigger one with stripes - I ran to my book and noticed that the caterpillar look like one I saw in the book. To make a long story short - I now raise caterpillars!

I've bought quite a few parsley plants and move my catepillars from one bush to the next so that they can recover. I'm having so much fun. They've become my children. I'm taking pictures of them from all stages. Egg to baby catepilar to big catepilar to pupa on so on. My very first butterfly should appear in a day or so. These will be "Eastern Black Swallowtails".

They have become my babies!
Sis Chaffin, Tahlequah, OK
My mother Susan Jane Chaffin was diagnosed with lung cancer January of 99. She was so strong and tried to fight it as long as she could until passing away from this life August 11, 99. About 3 months before she died my dan-dan brought a cocoon to our house. It was stuck on the side of a little twig looking as though it was dead. She kept it to show her kids at school, so she just sat it on the fireplace mantel. She taught 5th grade and was always taking stuff to school to show them. We lived in the country so she was always coming up with something kinda like the calf that lived in the house and wore diapers. Anyways my mother was a very artistic person. She could do anything. Her love was painting. A week before she died I was sitting in the hospital with her and she drew me a butterfly it was beautiful. I took the paper and stuck it in a drawer not saying anything to anyone about it. The night I found out that she had an hour to a week to live she said to me, "Babygirl mamma loves you and I'll leave you signs all the time to assure you that everything is ok". It was hard for me to hear my mother telling me she was leaving me. At 16 I wasn't ready for that.

The next day she passed away. That night my two brothers and I went to the house to get her a dress and I walked in the den. To my suprise a huge butterfly was sitting there. I just stood there and cried James and Clakie ran to me to see if something was wrong. They were amazed and thought the same thing I did, they both said it's mamma but it was even more special when I told them about her drawing me the picture. Everytime something is going wrong or a time we wish she was here we see a butterfly. It's so comforting to have her fluttering around. When I found this web site I was amazed to hear all of these wonderful stories where so many people were touched by butterflies.
Carlene, Johannesburg, South Africa
" Flutter-By! That's what we will call them, Mom!" My daugthers are the butterflies of my life.

When I really, really miss them, a butterfly will appear out of nowhere just to reassure me that angels are watching over my dear ones.
Kimberly Smith, Weymouth, MA
If I remember correctly, on the 1 month anniversary of my fathers death I was on my way into work (in the city). I happened to see a HUGE butterfly slowly fly by me. It stopped, fluttered for a second and then flew into the parking lot. At first I didn't think anything of it until one of my close friends had mentioned that butterflies are a sign of life after death. I told her about the butterfly and she told me that it was a sign from my dad that everything is ok. May I add I am the youngest of 5 children and was and still am VERY close to my dad. I also believe that he is all around my home. I have experienced my side door opening all by itself. I am not the only one who has experienced this in my home; my mom has also. She was here by herself and was telling me that there was something wrong with the door, and I explained to her that the only thing wrong was that my dad didn't know how to close the door behind him. I strongly believe that there is life after death and that our loved ones occationally come and let us know this.
Marlene Shusta, Kingston, PA
After my brother Raymond passed away in June of 1998, my sister and I went to visit his grave almost on a daily basis. He died tragically and at the young age of 33. We were so devastated and missed him terribly. We would take chairs and sit by his grave and just talk and share stories about him and our Mother who had also passed away that same year.

This one day a beautiful big monarch butterfly came flying down to us, first landing on Mom`s marker and then on Raymond`s. It was so electric we both felt it was Raymond`s spirit in that butterfly! It fluttered up to where we were sitting and hovered near by then flew off. We both knew it was from our baby brother! Since that time the monarch has appeared to us so much that it is always a comfort and a sign from Raymond, that he is happy and free! Even in the winter months now we continue to see them on cards, commercials, in books they just keep popping up, and always they are a comfort to us that his spirit is near us at all times, and also that my Mom is with him too, as they were very close in life, and went to heaven the same year! One year on his birthay there were so many in our yard we were thrilled and amazed at the beauty of them and the fact that Raymond can connect so often through them! The sightings are too numerous to mention, but each time we see them it is a thrill, and a love connection for our family!
Mary-Margaret Mellinger, Springfield, MA
After I gave birth to my son, I had a butterfly tattooed on my shoulder with my son's name. I am not a "tattoo" type of gal and this was not my personality but I was feeling daring at the time. When my husband and I started planning for another child I thought to myself "oh no, if I have another child, I will have to get his/her name tattooed on my shoulder as well so this child won't feel bad that his/her brother's name is tattooed on my shoulder". This really bothered me because I didn't want anymore tattoos.

I became pregnant December 2001. I found out I was pregnant on Christmas day after I had visited the Butterfly Conservatory. April 25, 2002, I gave birth to my son, Dylan Thomas. I was only 21 weeks pregnant and he died in my husband's arms. The nurses at the hospital were great. I noticed butterflies on all the paperwork they were giving me, especially a "certificate of life" which I framed. I noticed so many butterflies on the cards that people sent. For his memorial service, we bought a dozen monarch butterflies and released them. Eleven flew up to the trees above, but one buttefly flew right to my son's casket. The day before mother's day, I went and had a monarch butterfly tattooed on my lower back with Dylan's name above it. On mother's day my husband, my 2 year old and I went to the Butterfly conservatory in Sunderland, MA and when my husband walked in, about 10 butterflies started landing all over him. He wasn't wearing any bright shirts and I said to him, "It's Dylan, Hes letting you know he is with you". I dream of butterflies. They aren't doing anything and no one else is in the dream, it's just butterflies flying in a meadow. I have had the same dream many many times. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and depressed, somehow a butterfly shows up in front of me whether it is in a book, a magazine, someone's jewelry..somewhere a butterfly is always there to remind me that my son is with me.
Christine, Hickory, NC
I am a single mom of two children. I have been through a few serious relationships, the latter, my marriage, being the longest of only 5 years. My beautiful children are the only wonderful result of some very mentally exhausting and completely controlling, sometimes violent, situations. I have taken control of our lives and decided to make them as best as I possibly can.

A few months ago I "crashed" into the love of my life. The one my aunt always told me would "knock my socks off". Neither of us were looking for any kind of relationship with anyone. That's why we describe it as "a crash." I have always dreamed these people existed in life, our soulmates, our "match", but didn't expect mine to ever come into my life ... so soon especially, but the has, and things will never be the same again. He has vowed to take care of myself, but most important to love and care for my children, as if they were his own.

Last night we stood in my backyard, exchanging tender hugs and kisses, gazing into one another's souls through the eyes, as if nothing else existed around us. It was a beautiful moment, between us that I never believed could have been any better. As we broke our embrace, we looked down at our feet and there between us was a big beautiful butterfly. What makes this occurence so completely fascinating, is that this magnificent being just happened to grace us with its presence, in the surrounding darkness, while it was fast approaching 1 am. How many butterflies have you seen in the midnight hours?

As I laid my hand down, the butterfly crawled upon it as if it had been waiting. This beautiful creature sat as still as stone on the tip of my finger. Wings outspread, for what seemed an eternity, we sat in awe at this moment, tears welled in my eyes as I could not help the feeling that this was my grandmother who passed away two days after her birthday in 2000. I felst as if she was at peace and letting me know that things were going to be okay for us now. That this was meant to be .... "a sign".
Maria Bucka, Minneapolis, MN
I have always appreciated butterflies, but last summer they became more important than ever. Perhaps you could even call them a lifeline. My husband, Chuck, died unexpectantly of a sudden heart attack. He and I were together 15 years, and he was my soul mate and best friend. When I went to the cemetary for the committal service, I was able to put his box of ashes in the ground - As I walked away from the grave a beautiful monarch butterfly was circling me, as if to say: "I'm free and happier than I have ever been". For me butterflies have always been a symbol of the Resurrection. As a Christian, then, the butterfly became a message of hope, knowing that my husband was truly free and in a better place. For weeks after he died I kept seeing butterflies, but always at times when I really needed that extra boost. On special dates that were of great importance to me in my married life I often see butterflies.

This summer, I am not seeing them as much. And I really miss them. So my friends collect butterfly objects for me. I have a butterfly rug, many pictures, pins, necklace, and even a preserved butterfly from Africa. They keep me company when I don't see others.

And now I have found this website. What a treasure it is. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.
Val Collins, Johnstown, NY
It was a beautiful, early summer day, in our rural front yard. My grand-daughter, Emily, who was three years old at the time, was wearing a short sleeve tee shirt with a flock of small butterflies as the pattern. We bought it for her from the Denver, Colorado butterfly pavillion the fall of the previous year and she had worn it many times.

I turned when she screamed, to see that several, seemed to be at least a dozen, butterflies had landed on her shirt, blonde hair and arms. Once she realized that they wouldn't harm her, we enjoyed this once in a life time adventure!!! I believe that they were frillaries.

This event has renewed my interest in butterflies and moths.
Glenda Turner, Wichita, KS
A few months ago this overwhelming desire overcome me to open a women's resale shop. I had no previous plans to do this, in fact, I was studying to become a financial advisor.

Anyway, I could not shake this thing, so I began slowly, looking into this venture. I found a building, right off the bat, and began to find inventory, at unbelievable prices and sources, and as I began to see that this was really getting serious, I had to think of name, and just as overwhelming as the desire for the shop had captured me, the name "Butterflies" did the same. The first day I entered the building that was to become my shop, as I opened the door, this beautiful Butterfly preceeded me into the empty building. Words cannot describe how I felt.

As time went on and I began to collect merchandise for my shop I have so far accumulated over 20 different butterfly items. The most amazing thing is that each place I found a butterfly item, I got an extra bonus from the person or business I was purchasing merchandise from. Some of them just gave me a butterfly item, without knowing me or the background of "Butterflies". Just yesterday, August 2, 2002 I opened the doors of "Butterflies Resale Shop" At the present time it is not a Women's Shop as I planned, due to the fact that I have too much merchandise of all kinds to get rid of and make room for, but in the meantime, I'm in Butterfly Heaven.
Lori Verk, Coppell, TX
I volunteer for an elementary school garden. I also garden organically in my own yard. Last year I collected 10 black swallowtail caterpillars from my dill in my own garden. I saved them in an aquarium, with the host plant. One became a butterfly in the spring and 3 more survived the winter and hatched in the spring of 2002. I was able to make a video of the big event. I showed it to the kindergarten classes (they study butterflies as part of their science curriculum). Bboth the students and teachers were very impressed and have since continued their fascination of growing butterfly friendly gardens. I myself have expanded my home garden and as of July, 2002 I have successfully raised five black swallowtail butterflies and have 3 more caterpillars of the same species enjoying my parsley. I am definitly a butterfly fan!
Sabrina Hall, Newtown, PA
My story is more of a poem, because it explains how I feel about butterflies, I think they are good omens and this poem is how I show it.

Timing, a chemical reaction.
Something unreal.
Inevitable, never changing.
Sparks electrical, stimulating.
Amazing waking to a brand new day.
Discovering a chapter in a book.
Good omens, a lonley caterpillar.
A beautiful butterfly.
My strength
I will be appreciated.
Many words, for what I know.
None for what I feel.
I see collections of you.
Physical and mental.
Wherever you are, I am with you.
Looking at the same sunset, do you see it?
I feel the breeze brushing on your face.
Tonight, this time I fall in love with you
Marnie Kelly, Tacoma, WA
When I was a young girl, I had a fascination with butterflies. My room was separate from the house my family lived. It was attached to the garage. I had more freedom because of this. I began to collect cocoons and put them in jars. When the butterflies emerged from their cocoons, I would place them on my curtains so that they had room to exercise their wings before they were ready to fly away. My curtains would look so beautiful with the movement of the butterfly wings. My father, knowing how much I loved butterlies, actually made me a butterfly cage of wood with netting on the front. I had Monarch Butterflies in there to enjoy for a brief time and then would set free. Although my father and I have had a lot of rough times since then, on a recent visit from out of state, I made a point of thanking him for making me the butterfly cage. Even though it was not evident whether telling him mattered to him, I had to let him know, regardless. It is always easier to tell someone what they did wrong than what they did right. When we build someone up, we set them free like the butterfly is meant to be.
Ronnie Gill, Montpelier, OH
My Grandma Gill died Christmas, 1977. I was only four years old, so there isn't much I remember about this wonderful lady. I do remember her telling me she would be a butterfly when she came back. I have surrounded myself with butterflies since then; to me they are my Grandma Gill.
Kandee Riddle, Pukalani, HI
Living in Maui, Hawaii is truly unique and special. I feel very privilidged to be able to live and work in paradise. Several weeks ago my family and I went on an excursion to a popular spot known as "Twin Falls". By the name one would guess that there are two waterfalls there and they would be correct. On the trail up to the falls are many beautiful flowering plants and trees. As we were hiking along the trail, we noticed a Monarch butterfly seemingly fluttering in mid-air. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the butterfly was caught in a spider's web and was having difficulty flying away. The spider was having difficulty too, having become entangled with the butterfly it was trying to escape by travelling down its web. Not wanting to cause any harm to either creature, I carefully removed the spider's silken web and the butterfly floated upward and away from the scene We cheered and thought what a remarkable thing to save a butterfly.
Gloria Schizzano, Hopatcong, NJ
One year ago, July 13, 2001, we lost our son to a motorcycle accident. On July 17, 2001, the day of the wake, in between viewings we were sitting on the deck of our home with a group of friends and relatives. We were visited by about 3-4 butterflies (white). They flew among the people sitting around the table. One of them encircled my wrist and was nibbling up and down my right arm for about 30-40 minutes. After this amazing thing happened, I suddenly realized that my son used to run his fingers up and down my right arm whenever he sat next to me in church. I have since become more aware of butterflies and have been told many interesting stories involving butterflies.
Dee Connelly, Bristol, CT
I have been a nurse for 25 years, and every once in a while, someone comes along who touches your heart, when he reaches for your hand. I had a patient, his name was John, he had one arm, a feeding tube and a colostomy. I worked the 2nd and 3rd shifts. So many nights we would just talk. He talked of his late wife...his life stories, and I would tell of my own adventures ... meeting the man who could make my heart smile on a far-away island 15 years ago..and hooking back up with him 2 years ago. I am a strong believer in "the other side" and am a devoted John Edward fan. We use to watch his show together, and I would tell him, that when his time came, his wife would be there to help him cross over...and that he would be whole again. I told him I wanted a "sign"....that if this happened....he would send me 2 butterflies. The last week of his life.....he would drift in and out...but always would open his eyes, look at me, smile..and say... "I remember...2 butterflies". The last night, I went in to say good-nite, told him I was leaving for New Jersey that weekend, and wouldn't be back till Sunday. He said good-nite...and then said.."now kiss me good-bye"... As I walked away that nite, a tear slid down my cheek, for I knew he was ready.

That Saturday as Mike and I were fishing, I saw a white butterfly come to me...hovering at eye level as if to get my attention..and I said, "oh no you don't..you promised me two". No sooner did I say that...when I saw a yellow butterfly come join the white one..and together they entwined in somersaults in front of me like a dance...then flew off towards the sun. I knew in my heart that I had just been kissed by a butterfly..named John.

When I got back to work that Sunday...I asked if he had passed away, and they said yes,,,but how did you know? And as I walked away, with a heavy heart. and tears running down my cheeks...a slow smile came to me..... for very few men ever keep their promises.
Becky, Fresno, CA
Just a few days ago on the Foorth of July we had nearly fourteen people over at our house. I, being one of the eldest of the five children there. While the adults talked to each other on the patio my friend spotted a butterfly on the rail of our pool ladder. Getting up close to it I realized in amazement that it was the very same butterfly I had seen two days ago on the edge of the birdbath. I knew that, unlike alot of other butterflies I could get very close to it without it flying away. We all crowded around the see it, many just inches away. Then I picked up a dry leaf and very slowly offered it to the butterfly, which stepped on willingly. I was just so happy that I had to show the adults, which starred in wonder at it. But then it flew away, only to land once more on the bird bath. Now we tried something new, offering it our fingers slowly. Once again the butterfly climbed right on and we passed it from person to person until we had made a full circle between the fourteen people and flew away once more. But all that night I kept landing on the birdbath and the pool, and we kept putting it on our shirts, and our heads, etc... But still, two days after it always comes back at sunset.
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