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January 2002 to June 2002
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Denise, Pepperell, MA
My show horse died last week....he was 21 years old, I had him for 18 years. He was the smartest, kindest horse I have ever known. He wasn't only kind to people but to other horses. They all looked to him for companionship. I never saw a horse not like him. When he died a butterfly landed on him and stayed there for about 30 minutes. I knew nothing about the significance of this until a friend looked up your site. Finding out the spiritual meaning put my mind at rest about his passing.

I'm sure he's in a good place now and I can't wait to see him again.
Ruben Q., Los Angeles, CA
Late last year in 2001 my Naval reserve unit was getting prepared to deploy to the Middle East to join the war against terrorism. For two months we were scrambling to get all the necessary equipment and supplies needed for an unknown amount of time and condition. Well just as we were about to deploy our unit was put on a stand-by mode as the top military leaders worked out the details of the war plan. We were all told to go back to our employers and wait for the “call”. As I returned to my civilian employer I started talking to and getting very close to an associate at work. After a few months it was obvious that we were falling into the hands of love. Despite all our efforts to make this romance work, there were too many obstacles in our life that prevented us from ever realizing our dream. The following is a poem that I wrote for her, my Lady Butterfly (Mariposa). It is a story of us, about the love we shared. It is a story when love had its way and the joy what one person can do in our lives.

The Traveling Butterflies

I was out one day for a walk along my life
Thinking about so many past memories
When a gust of wind came blowing by…
…so suddenly

It blew right through me like fog on the run
And a gentle breeze remained with me
When from the corner of my eye
I saw a wondrous sight
A sight I had never seen before
A million monarch butterflies traveling, perhaps even more

They were on their way to a place of long ago
Their birthplace beside the sun in Mexico
Guided by the pure instinct of love
They flew around me, beside me and above

Soft pattering wings dashed around my head
Whispering in my ear, “follow us” I thought one of them had said
I lifted my hands to grab one
But they just flew on by
One by one

Soon after awhile the sky around me was clear
And the traveling butterflies no longer tickled my ears
I could see the colorful cloud of orange and black
Traveling South…wondering if they’ll ever come back

As I started to take my first step forward
I felt a gentle stroke against my cheek
Puzzled, I peered down my right shoulder with my right eye
To my amazement it was a butterfly

At first I didn’t know what to do
Do I reach for it?
Do I gently blow it off me?
I stood there
Looking at all it’s beauty

I decided to walk on
And the butterfly to my surprise came along
Riding on my right shoulder
Not moving an inch nor any closer

I walked along the winding road to my house
The one that stood alone by the seashore
Anxiety was building inside of me
At each step that brought me closer to the door

The butterfly stood proud where it had landed
But something just wasn’t right
I fumbled for the keys and to turn the lock
And made my way in as the bells rang 12 o’clock

Upon inspection of the butterfly
I noticed a small tear in its left wing
The butterfly then tried to fly
But after a few strong attempts it realized it couldn’t
And it appeared to have lowered its tiny head
And begin to cry

My heart filled with sorrow
For this beautiful creature to have a tomorrow
And I wondered and wondered what to do
As the night approached quickly
And with it came a full moon

The next couple of days it seemed the butterfly was getting stronger
It would flap its wings first softly..then with a ferocious thunder
And on the third day
It rose up into the air
And it flew all around
Never touching the ground

It flew around me with such great joy
Taking me back in time when I would run after butterflies as a boy
And the butterfly danced for me in mid-air
And showered me with its gold dust onto my hair

A week passed on by and the butterfly and I became friends
It wasn’t afraid to be touched by me anymore
And time seem to pass on by
And the butterfly just wanted to fly and fly

Then early one morning when I awoke
I saw the butterfly standing by a closed window
It seemed to be looking outside
At the great weeping willow along the hill side

It was then I knew
What I had to do
The butterfly was fine
It did not belong to me
It was not mine

It had healed its wounds and was ready to be free
Ready to join its friends and family
But my heart sank and drowned in tears
Knowing that the butterfly wanted to fly away
As much as I denied it
I wanted it to stay

On the 9th day of its arrival into my life
I made the decision to let the butterfly go
I reached out my hand
For the butterfly to land
And opened the South facing window

With the butterfly on my open palm
I began to sing to it my favorite song
And it stood there for a moment as if it knew
That friends are in-between far and few

Then it crawled up to the tip of my index finger
And stood proudly with its wings spread open
The sun began to rise over the open sea
And I felt such a pain inside of me

The butterfly stood there not making a move
And I was overcome with emotions of what to do
But righteousness over came selfishness
And my heart whispered to the butterfly,
“Go, you’re free, you no longer belong to me,
you belong to the wind… my friend”.

With that the butterfly flapped its wings one last time
And took to flight in the morning air
I tried in vein to hold onto its view
Black and Gold wings carrying it as it flew

The butterfly climbed higher and higher
As though reaching for the early morning stars
And with it, it took from me a burning desire
To go along
And find love’s eternal fire

“Sweet butterfly friend of mine
Oh how I wonder if you’re doing fine
I hope you find what you’re looking for
Because beauty in this world
Only knocks once on your door”.
Linda Johnson, Dallas, TX
I was getting out of the car. There appeared this beautiful blue and gold butterfly. Flying so much with charm around me. I walked slowly and watched as it danced and moved so graceful before me. I said, hi butterfly. It was the largest butterfly, I have ever seen in my entire life. Beautiful, it was. My eyes filled with tears and I so wanted to capture it. I was just told that I was to remain in a cocoon for protection. My spiritual nature and knowledge. I looked and looked a the butterfly as it continued to dance before my eyes. I watched it fly away behind the wooden fence of my residence. It there had been no fence, I would have ran for it and captured it under my top. It appeared as if there was a message of some sort. I went into the house and got on the internet to search for all I could on butterflies. Even that room. It was a swallowtail butterfly.

One lady in the Christian chat room said...it means New Beginnings...away with the past. A few months ago, while sitting on a bench at the lake, talking to a stranger, a caterpillar was on both of our sleeves. I feel so blessed and happy that I saw such a beautiful butterfly that danced for me so gracefully. I will take the meaning as REBIRTH!
Anna, Portsmouth, VA
I had the happiest moment when I visited Milwaukke two years ago to attend an English conference for the Natiuonal Council of Teachers of Emglish. We had a few spare moments and my friend Renee and I decided to take the trolley to the Milwaukee Museum. Little did I know that they had a fabulous butterfly garden housed there. My friend and I entered the beautiful setting where they were kept and it was like entering fantasy land--butterflies of every size, shape, and gorgeous colors were everywhere. We were like two children at DisneyLand!

They were fluttering around and others were landing on orange slices kept out for their nourishment. some would land on your hair and clothing and the lighting was exquisite to observe them.

I felt as though I had been granted a moment in the Garden of Eden. It was definitely a magical oment I will always cherish and shared by a very dear friend.
Sherry Russ, Xenia, OH
When I was around 10 yrs old (many years ago) we lived in the country of Greene county. In the Fall Monarch butterflies by the thousands would come and rest in our oak trees. This happened a couple of years in a row. This was a sight to be seen, people would come from miles around to look at our live trees with leaves made of THE MOST BRIILANT GOLD you've ever seen. I am now in my 40's but still carry this beautiful memory with me not to mention share it with anyone with the love of Butterflies. I'm sure I will love Butterflies forever!!!
Kitty Burchfield, McKinleyville, CA
My story is not a very long one, but kind of special.
I have loved Butterflies ever since I was a kid. We used to live in Holland and we moved here six months ago. In my old house in Holland the butterflies would come in to stay over for the winter. I would find them everywhere...in my clothes, the kids clothes, the curtains... Some of them actually made it, but most of the time they didn't... When I got my computer I started chatting on icq...and my nickname is...Butterfly. And one morning in July, almost one year ago, an American man asked me: Hi Butterfly, what's the weather like in Holland? We 'talked' and 'talked'. We soon found that we didn't want to be apart...so my kids and I moved to America in December ...and that's my Butterfly story.
Kathryn Workman, Ozark, MO
In October of 2000 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I had a 6 year old grandaughter, and a 7 month old grandaughter. Not being sure if I would live, I wanted to instill something in my grandaughter that would cause her to think about me and how much I love her. Whether I lived or not was not the point but eternal love was. My grandaughter has always loved insects, butterflies especially. As it is also a symbol of eternal life I wanted to use it for my "memory cue".

We did several crafts projects featuring butterflies. As we talked about butterflies I told her that every time she sees a butterfly to remember that her "Gabbaw" loves her. She thought that was a really neat idea. "I like that Gabbaw", she told me.

I am now in remission and healthy, active and busy with my grandchildren (which now number 4). I am starting butterfly gardens in area Headstart facilities and schools. The circle of life that butterfly metamorphosis teaches is being shared throughout our area.
Amina Hoque, Eagle Rock, CA
I love butterflies!
I have always been in awe of butterflies. They are so beautiful and graceful. As a child my favorite times were running around looking for butterflies, I would find them and catch them to gaze at their beauty, I would not harm them, I'd let them go and watch them spread their wings and fly.
I was so mezmerized by their beauty. I remember sitting on my front steps just looking for them, watching them as if it was the most beautiful sight through the eyes of being a child.
My most favorite memories.
Jasmine, White Plains, NY
In school we are doing a project with butterflies. Until now I didn't know that much about butterflies. I really enjoyed seeing them set free after metamorphosis. They are such magnificent creatures each one has a story..with the colors and ways they create an illusion to the naked eye. Maybe this story will inspire other children of my age-student, 2nd grade
Penelope, Brisbane, Australia
My grandfather, who was very close to me passed away when I was 17. After that event, my girls and I used to say and think that he would appear to us from time to time, as a butterfly. Many years later, in a time of great stress and upheaval, I bought a black and white butterfly sticker. Originally I purchased this to place on my car.

On the day of this event I attempted to do so, but couldn't quite find the right place. Coming back into the house I felt the strong need to place it on the glass of a photo of my grandfather. Having done that I then heard a faint tapping noise. Looking around I saw a black and white butterfly hitting on the window pane. It did this for quite a time.

Later that evening, my house caught fire and I lost the top storey and everything in it. I was alone at the time and yes, it was very frightening. The next morning my girls and I returned to the site to see if we could recover anything. My daughters found a watch that my grandfather's wife had left my youngest daughter. It was intact and untouched - everything else was totally destroyed by fire. At this moment, as the girls showed me their find, a black and white butterfly flew in the door. It circled us and then flew right back out.

After that for many months butterflies would appear at the strangest of times, in the shopping centre, on the highway etc. We felt we were being protected.
Andrea Bowkett, Queensland, Australia
Butterflies are a very big part of my family's lives. In August last year we were given the gift of a beautiful baby girl, who was only with us for 5 days. When the doctors informed me that Molly would only live for a few days, I realised that this special person reminded me of my favourite insect. She was small, frail, with us for such a small time, and making such a large impact on everyone who would meet her. We used butterflies as a theme for her funeral, with flowers in the shape of butterflies, and special broaches my sister made for all Moll's family. We even had butterfly tissue boxes! Now whenever I have a bad day, a butterfly is always nearby to comfort me. Before Molly passed away, I asked her to send me signs that she was o.k. and happy, and with people that loved her. I truly believe that the butterflies I see everyday are a part of these messages that my little girl sends me. Whenever we visit the cemetery where Molly is resting, a butterfly always meets us at the gate. These little signs I consider a gift from my angel, and they give me comfort everyday.
Tiffany, PA
In 1999 I went through a terrible case of depression because of a break up with my "X" of 7 years. The depression forced me to withdraw from Penn State University my senior year. I was unable to leave my bedroom and all I did was look out my window at the butterflies in my yard. Praying everyday for God to give me a sign that life will go on and that there is hope for a better tomarrow. One of the things I asked God to do was show me somehow that my guardian angle, my aunt who had died of breast cancer, was watching over me and would guide me into the future.

A couple of days later I sat at my bedroom window praying asking God to give me such a sign and at that moment a large monarch butterfly, which is very rare to see where I live, flew to my window and fluttered there for about five minutes. I knew at that point that God and my aunt were with me to help guide my way. The next day I went out with some friends who forced me to leave the house for the first time in three months. Before we left a monarch butterfly came to my side. I believe it was the same one that came to me the day before. That night while we were out I had a great time with my friends and in that same evening I met my Fiance. The following school year I returned to Penn State and finished my degree and now I attend Widener University and am working on getting my Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. Ever since that night I finally left my room the Monarch Butterfly has become my symbol of hope, love, and eternal life and it will be my honor to have such beautiful creatures released on my wedding day in memory of my Aunt and the blessings that God has given me!
Ed, Mason City, IL
Late fall of 2001 our fennel plants had many worms eating away. We took one to school and learned it was a swallowtail butterfly. As freezing temps blew in we were sure the last little fellow would die so we brought him inside to live with us. We gave him his own home and plants of fennel and dill in a bird cage. He thrived, grew larger, seemed to like us and then one day disappeared! We were shattered and the grandchildren couldn't forget our little friend. Along about February we found a web type critter in the folds of our living room curtains and I just knew it was our friend who disappeared. I detached him from the curtain and placed the webby critter in the Christmas Cactus plant thinking there was nothing alive inside, but why throw it away, maybe something would hatch. Mother's Day May 12, 2002 we received and wonderful gift. A beautiful swallowtail butterfly was looking out our living room window where the Christmas Cactus sits. The grandchildren were delighted. The butterfly was a perfect friend and climbed up and down the arms of each child. The weather being so cool and rainy we are the adoptive parents of "Beautiful" our grandchildren's new friend. "Beautiful" is in a jar with fennel, dill weed, tree leaves, drinking water and a net lid just until tomorrow. "Beautiful" is going to visit the science teacher at school so we can figure how to turn our new friend back to nature.
Vanessa Helm, Louisville, KY
Whenever I see a butterfly I wonder if it might be a gift my sister has sent from heaven. She liked butterflies and ladybugs. I think they remind me so much of her beauty and free spirit. If one happens to visit my yard it seems to stay for a very long time. I think it is there for a reason. I recently lost my sister, she was only sixteen to an ATV (4-wheeler) accident. It has been very hard for my family and I, but I will always know a butterfly is my sister's gift to me.
Peggy Lawrey, Raytown, MO
A couple of years ago I was visiting the Butterfly Place in Branson, MO. I was enjoying taking pictures of the beautiful butterflies and at that very same time back in Kansas City at the battered women's shelter where I work the staff was being informed of the murder of a former resident. Upon returning to my job without knowledge of what had happened, I put one of the beautiful butterfly pictures on my computer as wallpaper. I was very sad to hear of the loss of our former resident. Some of the staff gathered at a very special place called the House of Menuha for a moving and inspirational memorial. The next day when I returned to work and looked at the picture on my computer it immediately struck me that that butterfly was Brenda, the girl that had been murdered. The black and white lines of the butterfly were like the large dark rimmed glasses that she wore. The butterfly was hanging onto a beautiful lavender flower, Brenda’s favorite color. I later framed this picture and donated it to the House of Menuha in Brenda’s memory. I never see this picture that I don’t think of Brenda. I hope that we can all come back as butterflies.
Lenora Raines, Fort Myers, FL
I am still new at this experience since my lovely twenty-year-old daughter's passing June 1, 2001. Eight weeks ago, we had our final "cold spell" in sunny SW Florida. My house was open to let the cool breezes through so I had a sweatshirt on. It was my day off from work and I was feeling so sad, wondering how I will fare in putting my life back on track for the future. It has not been a year yet and I am still afraid to move on in my life. I try to, but then I feel guilty. This type of mental/emotional tug of war was hitting me hard that day. My heart ached because I was missing Katie so much. As I was sitting there with my head in hand, I felt a firm but gentle squeeze on top of my left shoulder. At that same moment Katie told me, "Keep moving forward, Mom". It was a telepathic type message but I knew it was her. But the squeeze was strong enough that it got my attention! I spent the rest of the afternoon outdoors in her memory garden watering and fertilizing the hybrid hibiscus. As I worked, I watched a small white butterfly dancing from one flower to the next. I smiled and knew that she had spent that afternoon, close to me.
Honey Johnston, Starkville, MS
My neighbor died about a year ago. We were very good friends but he had several bad episodes in his last year that were very telling about his time left with us. He was a hard working man, selfmade, raised a beautiful family and was a true Christian living by his own set of principles. He was a wonderful example for his grandsons. He often told the eldest one who was about 4 about the butterflies. He thought they were spirits to come and comfort us.

We don't have LOTs of butterflies here....we have our share but they are not in profusion. We search for them in springtime. When my neighbor died he was buried in the family plot in a country community up in the state just for his family. The young boy insisted on going to the gravesite. An older grandaughter sang "Amazing Grace" at the gravesite and as she was singing.....a lone yellow butterfly lit on the arm of the young grandson. He stood very still and looked. When asked about it....he said it was Grampa Van letting him know he was in a good place.
Amy, Plant City, FL
My grandpa went to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well, and he had a reason to not be feeling well. He had the horrible silent killer: cancer. His kidneys also shut down, so he had dialasis 3 days a week. This life he was living was mostly lived in the hospital. Even though he was dying, he still would want to hear all about my butterflies. Now, its been almost a year since he passed, I think to myself as I release a butterfly "this is for you papa doc".
Nathan Christman, Alexandria, MN
We went to the funeral of my girlfriend's grandmother. At the gravesite, the minister read the bible readings and prayers. Afterwards we were standing around in the cemetery and there must have been two or three dozen butterflies all fluttering about on a bush. I said, "isn't that remarkable that the Lord put these lovely creatures here as a reminder that your grandmother is buried in the hope of the resurrection unto eternal life." It was a comfort to my girlfriend and her family. I think it meant as much to them as the bible passages from Psalm 136 about the "Steadfast love of the Lord never ends."
David & Sharon Rasmussen, Carthage, TN
Last night I sat out on the porch and was taking in a couple deep breaths of the cool night air. I listened to the tree frogs and young bull frogs and every now and then heard the faint sound of a cricket. They soon will be the loudest in our nature summer symphony. A splash of night breeze dingled the wind chimes, rustled my hair and filed my senses. I inhaled a bouquet of wild rose, poplar tree flowers and honey suckle.

In this relaxing meditation state of mind I traveled with my senses and concentrated on sounds, smells, and touch. I eventually started hearing a sound that I couldn't place. It almost sounded like a faint rain dripping through the leaves. There being almost a full moon and a complete blanket of stars I knew it couldn't be rain drops. I l istened deeper. Then looking out through the forest in-between the moonlight shadows I figured it out. I yelled into Sharon ""They're coming...."" She came out to the porch asking who's coming. I told her to close her eyes, listen and to hold out her hand. It only took a few minutes until a familiar little green caterpillar with a black face dropped into her lap. She jumped and then smiled.

The sound we were hearing was the millions of young caterpillars chewing and pooing. Over the next week or so they will start building their cocoons and by the last week in May they will stretch their young wings and fill the hollow. Words and pictures can't come close to describing and showing what it's like to be among a million butterflies. You have to be here to believe it. In the mean time if you would like to see some of the butterfly pictures and more of the stories about how our farm - Butterfly Hollow was named visit our website http://butterflyhollowfarm.com
Rita Harris, Rodhiss, NC
I am writing this story on behalf of my brother Anthony. Anthony had been sick for a few years even though he was only 36 yrs old the Lord decided to take him home. I had cared for Anthony to the best of my ablity till his needs were greater than my knowledge of the medical field, I decided to place Anthony in a local rest home and within a month he died, Anthony was trapped in a body of sickness and pain, he was deaf and mute also, his life wasn't as ours, but filled with pain and sorrow. But what a blessing he was. Through his pain he loved unconditionally, even after his death. On the day I was told Anthony had passed, I went home from the rest home and told my husband. As we stood in the yard, my tears hit the ground, then suddenly a butterfly landed at my feet and it was as if I were in a trance. The tears stopped, and I engulfed the beauty of this butterfly and a sense of peace came to my heart. The following day, at the family home, people passing by with their gifts of food, I had to be alone. I went outside and sat on the steps of my father's house and peace came once again to land at my feet in the shape of a butterfly. This seemed so unreal to me but was starting to confirm my beliefs that Anthony was at peace and this was his way of letting me know. The following day, time to bury my brother. The dress that I wore that sad morning was in dire need of a pin for the scarf. My step-mother went to her car and brought back a pin, and as she spoke while I let her put the pin on my scarf, the peace came again. She said "this was Anthony's favorite pin", and to my surprise it was a butterfly. I knew this was my sign. At the grave as they lowered my brother. My cousin walked up to me and said "now he is with my mama, cry no-more" and as she pulled away after a long hug, there on her hand was a tatoo, the sweetest lil butterfly. My brother has let me know that he is at peace and now his painful and sick body has been transformed, just like the butterflies he keeps sending me.
Jude Braun, Midland, MI
Unfortunately when people think of teenagers good thoughts are not always the first to come to mind. I know I avoid going into my teenage daughter’s high school at the end of their day because I don’t want to shoved and pushed in the hallways. I feel like I am running the gauntlet sometimes! I know they are just kids in a hurry to get out and blow off steam.

Fortunately I also get an opportunity to see teenagers at their best. Watching my daughter and her high school band’s camaraderie is always a joy. For instance when a fellow band members music folder fell on the pavement everyone ran to help gather the music before it was scattered by the wind. They are a great group of kids.

But I witnessed an event yesterday that really warmed my heart. My daughter had a band competition at a nearby high school. Her band was the last one to play and before they could play their last selection the lights in the auditiorium flickered and then went out. The atmosphere in the large, dark space was pensive. The band, sensing this, starting singing some of the familiar songs that they sing in the stands during football season. The audience started clapping and singing along. It was quite the experience, sitting in total darkness singing and clapping with dozens of people like it was an everyday occurrence.

I was so lucky to be able to experience this firsthand. My daughter is a senior and so this was one of her last concerts in high school. It was a moving inspirational experience I will never forget.
Juanita Bugbee, Suffern, NY
It was the weekend after the horrible tragedy of 9/11/2001. I am of the baby boomer age 54 to be exact. It seemed like I was crying all of the time. I personally didn't loose any one in the tragedy, but I just couldn't believe it had happened, and I felt so bad for all of the families that had lost someone. I was at my house in Lavallette New Jersey, and decided to go for a walk to this little park where they had park benches that were dedicated to family members that had passed away. I had never really been there before, but i felt the need to go there for some reason. As I am walking around reading all of the benches, and still crying this beautiful butterfly kept following me, and I just kept seeing butterflies everywhere!!! I had never seen so many butterflies in all my life. I really felt like it was a sign of some higher being, and I have to say that I am not all that religious, but I sure knew that there was something special about all of these butterflies.

In weeks to come I was still seeing butterflies all over the place. They were comforting!!
The Woods Family, Wurtland, KY
Our mother passed away in 1992 and my brother's son was around 4 years old. He was playing outside and his mother noticed yellow butterflies on him and commented to him about them. He replied that it was Grandma telling him everything was O.K. My brother and his wife told me this story on their visit with me in July 2001. I thought the story was beautiful but never gave it much more thought until one day I was having a bad day and decided to go for a walk. When I reached the park, out flew many yellow butterflies. I thought it was awesome and was hoping that maybe the yellow butterfly was a sign from our mother. The story does not end here! A family member passed away in November 2001 and my sisters and I had to travel in. My youngest sister told me that on her way in, they stopped and walked to stretch their legs and as they were walking a yellow butterfly flew by. I really was with all my heart hoping that this could be a beautiful miracle for us. It was so comforting. On the day of the funeral my sister and I were walking (remember this is November) to the final resting place and by us flew a yellow butterfly. You can only imagine our feelings. My sisters had to return home and decided to get a room on their way back to rest. On the ceiling of the hotel was a mural painted with children and a butterfly. My sister went and asked the owners what the butterfly represented and they told them life after death. There was our answer. Our loved one who had passed on, was missed terribly by her daughters. My heart ached for them and they wanted so badly to see a yellow butterfly for comfort. In 1983, I was given a homemade quilt, it was yellow and not having anything that color, I decided to store it away. I came across this quilt and on the quilt was butterflies! I thought the quilt was beautiful but still had no place for it. I decided to send it to one of the daughters and told her it was her yellow butterfly sign. It is now our tradition to pass the quilt on to any of us that is hurtingin a loss of a loved one. In December 2001, I received a letter from the daughter that said she had a butterfly land on her car and when she went to tell her sister that she had seen a yellow butterfly, her niece came running out of the house telling her that they had seen a yellow butterfly today. Coincidences? You decide. We did. Our beautiful sign, The Yellow Butterfly.
Mark Barclay, London, UK
As a keen butterfly collector as a child, I have maintained my interest into adulthood - despite the UK's climate not being the most hospitable place for our favourite winged wonders. One habit I have maintained is to record every year in my business diary when I see my first and last butterflies of the year - for me the true measurement of the span of the English Summer. Typically, I see my first around mid April and my last around mid-October. My "record" earliest and latest sightings are 21st March and 2nd November, respectively.

Yesterday, I set off early for a business meeting in a Midlands English town called Worksop. There was frost on the ground as I left, but not a cloud in the sky and by midday the sun was beating down, but probably still only 10 degrees celsius.

I had some time to kill,so found an outdoor carpark in the centre of the town and set out to tour the shops. As I left my car, I was amazed to see not one, but two Peacock butterflies - one fluttering around car rooftops, and the other sunning itself on the ground. The date was 15th February - the middle of the English Winter!

Now I know they may have been disturbed from hibernation or attracted out by the sun. But the fact that there were two of them, and they seemed in no hurry to flee a temperature probably c. 10 degrees celsius lower than they normally tolerate, in my experience, leads me to think this was not a "mistake".

Obviously, this is now my new earliest "record" and I cannot tell you how much it gladdened my heart. As far as I am concerned, Spring has now arrived and my whole Summer will seem longer this year thanks to two such welcome friends.
Sally, Longwood, FL
I had been in a great deal of pain for quite sometime. No doctor had been able to pinpoint the cause or the reason. Numerous tests had been tried to no avail. Finally, I went to a physian that I trusted and believed in BUT he was not on my insurance list. So be it. He found the problem in less than two days - a large mass in my abdomen. I was terrified. I was sent to a cancer institute to discuss the problem and schedule any necessary surgery. The doctor was very encouraging and said it was not something that I needed to worry about but surgery would tell the tale.

Waiting for the operation numerous things came to mind; would I see my family grow up; what would become of all the plans I had in mind to finish; what would become of my husband, my home? If it was cancer, how long would I have and what terrible treatments would I have to endure? Not being young anymore, you know there will come a time when it IS your time. Was this it?

I had turned my back yard into a butterfly garden which was a constant joy and inspiration to me. We would have so many caterpillars in our yard they would eat the plants to the ground. My grandchildren learned about all of them; held them; watched them mature and even had the chance to see them fly away after maturing. I would bring in as many as 40 caterpillars into the house in special containers that was made just for that purpose. I would feed them and wait for them to come alive through their stages. It is a wonderful experience - one I never get tired of watching.

As I was in my garden tending the flowers, I began to pray. I asked God to give me strength, help me not to be afraid and guide me in making the necessary decisions that might need to be made. The sky was a beautiful clear blue, a breeze blowing; it was a perfect day. At this moment, a beautiful butterfly floated out of nowhere and landed on my hand. It stayed there for a long period of time. It would fly around me and light back on my hand. At that moment, I knew that it was God's way of telling me that things would be just fine. I never doubted it for a minute and I can't explain the pease that came over me and the sense of well being. I was not worried for a second after that. I didn't need to be. God gave me a sign that he was there for and with me. No matter what.

I am fine. The tumor was not cancer and I feel truly blessed. Butterflies are messengers from Angels and God. I truly believe they are there for us as messengers.
Lakshay, New Delhi, India
At my home I have a small Garden kind of thing. It is regularly visited by the guest like crows, sparrows, bees, ants et al. Among them is my beautiful and special guest - butterflies. They always come in pair, play with the plants. They even enter my home,have a visit at it and then leave. I feel very great and obliged when they come in. I really love them. I feel very encouraged and inspired when I see them
Sam Blake, USA
I love the peace given by butterflies.
Roxane Lyons, PA
I just found this page at your site. And there at the top of the page is Butterflies and Rainbows from the book Hello From Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim.

I read Hello from Heaven over 4 years ago, shortly after my daughter and her boyfriend crossed over from a car accident. This book literally helped save my sanity along with their web site and chat rooms. My daughter loved butterflies. She had butterfly earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pins. She and her boyfriend drew and colored pictures of butterflies. When it came time to order her stone we had no choice but to have a butterfly headstone. It is a huge butterfly cut out of a large black stone.

After her passing my mother went to France to visit her family. While she was there she went to a butterfly garden with one of her cousins. Her cousin had a butterfly pin on and my mom asked where she had gotten it, she wanted to buy one for me. Her cousin said "No, here you take mine and give to her". When mom brought it to my house but mouth dropped. It was exactly like the 2 butterfly pins my daughter had, just a differant color.

Then there was the time my brother-in-law who was my daughter's favorite uncle had a butterfly land on his shoulder. He walked around doing things at his shop and it just sat there. He then got in his truck and went to a store. The man there said "Do you know you have a butterfly on you"? He said, "yes". Then he got back in his truck and drove to another shop about 10 miles away. When he got out of the truck that time, it flew away. He said it had been with him for about an hour.

There are other stories I could tell but I'm afraid I would take up a whole page at this site. This is all why I have decided to start raising butterflies. And since I live in PA I have to do it indoors and what better room could I be using that my daughter's bedroom. Peace and Blessings to all,
Janet Irvin, Mission Viejo, CA
My mom passed away in June 2001. The day of her memorial in my Dad's home I bought a flower wind catcher, and it also had a cut-out of a butterfly on it. Several weeks passed and a nurse came to my home to take my husband's blood pressure for mortgage insurance and she starting telling my that she has been a nurse for 20 years but her real ministry was in giving information to people when God put it on her heart. Well I was very depressed that day, and she went on to say that my mom had died a divine death. It was her time, she did not want to suffer like her good friend that just recently passed away. Well that good friend had a stroke and was bed ridden for one year, and could not talk, and had to be helped to eat. The nurse went on to say that my mom's spirit was around me, and that I would start seeing butterflies, and that was a sign that my mom's spirit was still with me. Well my mom has been gone now for 7 months, and everytime we have a family function or some event, a butterfly comes by and flitters and flies off. I just smile and know that God is showing me that my mom's spirit is still with me. I started keeping a journal because so many times this has happened., and it happens to my sister, and to my one daughter, and also my Dad. Butterflies have become a very special blessing to me, and I just praise God. Thank you for butterflys.

P.S. My nickname in highschool from my neighbor was butterfly.
Nicole, Twinsburg, OH
Well it all started when I was on my summer vacation this year. I got a phone call from my mom saying her best friend had become very sick and it didn't look good. My mom's friend had been diagnosed with Leukemia many years ago. She was cured but her body was tired. After my mom called I could feel the tears in my cheeks. So I went outside to think and say a prayer. As I was sitting there a big butterfly landed on my hand. It sat there for a moment. At that moment I knew butterflies would remind me of Cindy. And at that time I didn't know why. I mean why a butterfly of all things! A few days after our arrival home, Cindy passed. It was a sad time for everyone to go through. But shortly after her death people that were close to her were seeing butterflies and it became quite clear. That day I had the butterfly land on me, I now know why. So from then on whenever I saw a butterfly, whether it was real, or a picture, I always thought of Cindy.

So then September came around and my best friend and I were headed to A rizona to visit her sister for a few days. We flew there on Sept. 6. From Cleveland to Phoenix. We had a blast! Just the two of us, no parents! Until Sept. 9, I spent the evening in an emergency room. I am an Epileptic. Which means I have siezures. I was controlled for over 4 years. But the night before I only had 2 hours of sleep. Which is not good. And it was a pretty traumatic experience for me. I didn't have any family with me to wipe away my tears. I didn't have my mom there, who is the number one person in my life! They were thousands of miles away. I was always in touch with them on the phone, but I wanted their physical presence more than anything. Well my best friend and I were on our way to the Phoenix airport on 9/11. Half way there we heard of the WTC. It was terrible. We were stuck in Arizona for 4 days because flying was so dangerous. Those days were so tough for me. I had just had my first seizure in over 4 years, then the tragedies in NY. My emotions ran me wild. But one day sitting inthe back yard I saw butterflies~ I knew things would be ok! Plus my mom told me on the phone she asked Cindy to be with me because she could not. And I know she was with me, because I could feel her presence. I thank her every day for being there with me, when my mom could not! Well my best friend and I made it home safely. I was feeling a little down from everything that happened. Well my best friend bought me a few things to cheer me up. She bought me a beautiful frame with a pic of us in it. And on the frame were 2 butterflies with 2 roses also. The roses are pressed into the glass frame. I cherish that frame. It reminds me that when I was upset and prayed for strength, I had special people listening!!!! And I have a wonderful online friend who is an Epileptic like me, (which is how we met) through an Epilepsy site. And her mother's favorite animal is also the butterfly! She likes them also! So whenvever I see a butterfly it makes me smile! And I never knew, but the butterfly is the creature of ascension! Thoughts and Prayers~ Nicole
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