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May 2000 to December 2000
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Rebecca Factory, Rialto, USA
I have always been facinated by butterflies. It wasn't until I became a Christian that I fully understood why. The butterfly represents the metamorphic change that the human spirit goes through when you accept Christ as your Lord and savior, and when you become sealed by the Holy Spirit. The more that is learned of our Lord, the more you literally become transformed by the renewing of your mind. There is really nothing complex about it. The more you learn and begin to surrender and submit to His will, then the true change begins. I love them needless to say. In my home they exist literally everywhere. I've never counted how many butterflies I own, perhaps one day I just might do that. I am referred to as Lady Butterfly. If you were to ask anyone who knows me "what is one of her first loves?" Not my only love, because Christ is my First love, but the answer would most certainly be butterflies. To me they are truly one of God's miracles. When you think of a crawly little caterpillar can be metamorphasized in a cocoon and this devine, graceful,b eautiful creature emerges, the only word I can think of is AWESOME! May God richly bless you.
Lucy, the Butterfly Lady, Damascus, AR
For several years I have used the butterfly as a tool to witness for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I wear butterfly pens and earrings and find people are curious of this and God opens the door for me to tell them about what He has done for me and can do for them.
Lana Edwards, Delary Beach, FL
I read recently that people who suffer from depression can be helped by getting involved, in some way, with nature. I can attest to the accuracy of this theory.

Several years ago I became involved with butterflies through butterfly gardening. That is, planting the flowers which are known to attract butterflies. In the beginning my interest was totally centered around the butterflies...and they are the most important part of my story...BUT they are not the whole story.

In order to attract these beautiful creatures to our yard, my family and I needed to learn about the host plants of each of the butterflies. We planted our gardens and watched the butterflies arrive. Eventually, we became members of a butterfly club, North American Butterfly Association. This organization brings you into contact w ith other people who love butterflies through meetings and field trips. As it has turned out, many of the members are also "birders". On our field trips we not only pay special attention to the butterflies we encounter but to all of nature. Birds, gopher tortoises, plants, dragon flies, etc. We learn from members and, hopefully, some of them learn from us.

We have developed a closeness to nature that, for me,is very spiritual. A walk in the woods or a meadow is like a shot in the arm. It makes you feel alive and refreshed, mentally and spiritually. An added bonus is that you have a bond with other people who enjoy nature. They start to feel like brothers and sisters. This has enriched our lives beyond my ability to describe it.

In the past, I have (on occasion) been subject to depressions. I've discovered that the more I am outside and immersed in nature the less likely I am to become depressed. There is something about seeing butterflies and bees flitting amongst the flowers that just tells me that all is right with the world. I believe that the doctors who treat despression should prescribe a dose of butterflies and nature to all of their patients. It works wonders! If only one person reads this, and is helped by it, it will be worth the time I spent writing it.
Jocelyne, Montréal, Québec, Canada
When the love of my life, husband for 25 years, died from cancer in our apartment in l998, his brother came over from Great Britain for his funeral. During the following week, we were sitting on my second floor balcony and a huge black butterfly with striking red markings landed on the arm of the chair I was sitting in. The butterfly stayed with us for a good 5 minutes. I spoke to him. When he flew away, my brother-in-law told me it was a red admiral. I had never seen such a butterfly. We were both positive it was my husband who had come to visit and comfort us. My husband always looked strikingly good in black and his favorite colour was red. Although I have flower boxes, there is a canopy over the balcony, and it never happened before nor has it happened since, that a butterfly came on the balcony because of the canopy. I am sure it was a sign from my husband that all was well.
Valerie, Knoxville, TN
The butterflies that touched my life are two-legged AND winged. While it is the two-legged butterflies we focus on, it was the winged butterflies that inspired and continue to inspire that focus.

My sister and I co-lead a girls' dance team called the Tanasi Butterfly Dancers. The girls (ages 5-18) learn about and how to perform American Indian powwow-style dances. The group was named by its founder, Katherine Pickens.

Katherine believed that there was a butterfly inside every girl waiting to come out. She believed that we could take young ladies who were shy and retiring, gangly, plump, awkward, bristly, plain, or outrageously forward - just like many caterpillars - look through all of that, and pull the butterfly out of them.

Her faith that every butterfly is beautiful, that it represents renewal, founded a program that has helped to produce confident, respectful, respectable young ladies ready for just about any challenge that awaits them. Two of our girls have received the President's Student Service Award and local and state honors. They consider each other "sisters" regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds and life situations. All of our girls leave a trail of smiles and good thoughts, just liked the winged butterflies they are named for.

To think that such a delicate, dainty little creature could inspire so much strength!

We have a saying in our group -- Have you ever met anyone who didn't like butterflies? Neither have we! You can take a peek at our two-legged butterflies at http://www.wisdomkeepers.org/kate/tbdhome.htm. We have a few winged ones there, too.
Karen Hourigan, Millis, MA
My mother recently passed away and for many years she told me she would return as a butterfly. The enclosed story will show how she kept her promise.

On Sunday, the day after my mother's memorial service, I was sitting on my back porch thinking of her. I wondered if she was there, at the service, and did she enjoy it, when all of a sudden a beautiful butterfly flew into the yard. First it went to a butterfly bush that my oldest daughter had just given to me to help me remember mom. Then it sat on one of the flowers long enough for me to get my camera and take some pictures as it fluttered from flower to flower. Then it flew behind me, touching me as it passed, and flew to the porch where it fluttered around some plants that we had had at the church for her service. Finally it chose the one I loved the best and there it settled fo a few short minutes so I could snap a picture of "her" on my favorite plant.

When I had the pictures developed the one of "her" on the plant was so beautiful that I used it as a thank you card for everyone who helped me get through this very difficult time. Inside the card I wrote:
"I know she came to tell me thank you and to let you know she sends her prayers and thanks you too for all the comfort you gave to her family. Remember that according to the legend the butterfly is the soul of a loved one. And according to the legend, to make a wish come true, whisper it to a butterfly and upon its wings it will take it to heaven and grant your wish, for butterflies are the messengers of the spirit. May all your wishes come true."
Michele Meloni, McKees Rocks, PA
My name is Michele, I am 17 years old and I have a very special story. About a year and a half ago my father was diagnosed with an uncurable form of pancreatic Cancer. When I had heard the bad news I knew deep in my heart that my father would not make it to see my graduation or wedding or any of the important occasions in my life. As my father's illness got worse I decided to write him a letter to place in his casket when he passed away. To explain how much I loved him and I would miss him, I also mentioned in the letter that I wanted him to return to earth as a Butterfly to watch over me. Soon after my father passed away. My heart was completely broken. I placed my letter in his casket before they had closed it. He passed away 6 months ago, and about one month ago I was at my friend's house and I had gone out on her porch where I found a beautiful butterfly delicately sitting on her step. I bent over and picked it up and placed it on my shoulder. The beautiful creature stayed with me all day it just walked up and down my arm and even went to a store with me. Everyone who saw it was amazed that it would not fly away. That day I truly knew that my father is watching over me and protecting me. Since his death everywhere I go butterflies are near. I am very grateful that God allowed my dad to grant my wish to come back as a butterfly. Eeryday when I see one, it reminds me of how much my father means to me. Even though he will not be physically at my graduation in June or my wedding I know that if I see a butterfly he's there spiritually.
Judy Rudin, San Diego, CA
In reading the stories of others I'm struck by the similarities of our experiences, especially surrounding the death of a loved one. Here's mine.

My grandmother was an artist, and she had a tremendous sense of color, style, and beauty. When she passed away at the age of 94, it was a huge loss for all of us. The graveside service was very emotional, especially for me and my mom (who is an only child). When it was over we rode back to the entrance, where two of the other mourners were stopped with their car hood up, trying to figure out why their car wouldnÕt start. My family all got out of the car and stood on a grassy traffic triangle just inside the gates of the graveyard. It was a lovely, partly cloudy August day. While we were standing there, the biggest, most incredible yellow and black butterfly appeared. It flew around the heads of various members of our group, a nd instead of flying away, it just hung around. It kept fluttering around us, and it wouldnÕt fly away even though I approached it as it rested on the grass. I was able to go right up to it. As soon as I saw this beautiful creature I had an overwhelming sense that this had come from my grandmother - a woman who had painted flowers all her life. Whether it was her spirit, or a sign from her, or what - I donÕt know - but my mother felt it too and we both got very choked up about it.

The butterfly never left our group, and we were there about 15 minutes. When we got into the car to drive away, it was still there. I felt that my grandmother was telling us that she was ok, that she was free and out of any discomfort, and the beauty of her spirit was able to flutter on the breeze the way it was meant to.

That night I called my husband, Jon, who had stayed behind in the midwest with the kids, and I told him about this experience. He said, "That's interesting, because I had an experience with a butterfly today too!" He had been looking for work for two years (!!!) and was out interviewing. He ran into a former colleague in a parking lot. This guy asked him if he was still looking for work, and Jon said yes. His friend said he'd mention it to someone at his company. As he walked back through the parking lot, Jon saw a huge yellow and black butterfly, which followed him to his car. He said he felt something about this experience in the parking lot, like things were going to turn out ok for him now. Sure enough, that contact in the parking lot with his friend resulted in a great job.

I feel that there's a message for me in the butterflies I see, and whenever I see the kind I saw that day at the cemetery, I feel like my grandmother is watching over me or telling me I'm on the right track. Every time I see any butterfly, I think of her. It is such a fitting memorial to her generosity, her aesthetic sense, and her wonderful sense of humor. Maybe butterflies are really the spirits of our loved ones fluttering around, watching over us and bringing a little beauty into our lives. They are not gone from us - only changed.
Kris Ethington, San Clemente, CA
Earlier this summer, my daughter, son and I were out on our deck when we saw a large butterfly flapping away in a huge spider web. Since my daughter had recently learned about butterflies in Kindergarten, I knew I had to at least try to save this butterfly. I carefully removed the web, while the butterfly patiently allowed my assistance. As I worked with the web I thought to myself, there's no way this butterfly is ever going to fly again, but sure enough I freed him from most of the web and he took off flying.

We watched with excitement but he didn't fly far away and fluttered about near us again, then landed. I could see that there was still some web connecting one of his legs to the antenna so I carefully approached him and he actually allowed me to disconnect the last bit of web. It was as though he knew he needed more of my help. He then made a last trip around us and left the yard to higher ground.

Since this time we have had frequent visits by this same butterfly species who insists on fluttering by our heads to get our attention while we work in the yard. After this occured a few times, I decided to hold out my arm quietly to see if it would land. To our delight he did. This species now pays a daily visit to our yard and if you are calm and quiet, it will happily land on your hand.

Of course my children have told their friends, who have witnessed this butterfly, that "it is the same butterfly that Mommy saved from the spider web." I know better, but I do feel that I may have created some good karma with these butterflies. We have certainly enjoyed their visits.
Jason Sweidan, New York, NY
Five and a half years ago I was walking along the Tiber River in Rome-Italy. It was the beginning of Spring. No butterflies around. Except for this girl Hope. She wore at times a butterfly top. I asked her were her top was on this day. She said "It's in the wash, there's a butterfly at your toes. Sure enough in front of my left foot was a orange/black paper butterfly. Five days later I was walking in the South of Italy, in a place called Eboli. I took a picture of an old man with a walking stick. I walked on and stopped. Looked at my toes and there was a white butterfly. Since then I have been struck by synchronicity. These occurences paved my path of writing an Epic Poem-The Pollinated Darkness on The Transformation of the Butterfly.

The Pollinated Darkness is the work of three Artists over a period of five years. The work is an innovative collaboration that draws on the History of Art via Epic Poetry, Shakespearean Structure, Romantic Lyricism and the hands of two Artists merging to illuminate the setting, mood, and character of the Epic Poem. The forty five page Codex entails the rituals of ancient mythology by entering the world of Cabu, a caterpillar who is searching for meaning and ultimately his evolution into a butterfly. The Journey is a metaphor for our existence as humanity faces similar trials and tribulations. The motivation of this piece is to inject back into the world a sense of wonder, rapture and a deeper appreciation of trials of evolution.
Bernadette Harper, Sugarland, TX
Hello! My name is Bernadette and I love butterflies so much, I believe is an act of nature to be so small, light and beautiful at the same time; and can fly so high, above all the world. Looking at life through the eyes of a butterfly most be an cultivating experience. You my asked, "why did God create so wonderful and beautiful creatures? It proves that beautiful really is in the eye of the beholder and that beautiful things come in small packages. I love butterflies so much that I wrote a beautiful poem that I would like to share with the world.


High in the sky I see colors.
He spreads his wings and they flutter.
Beautiful by sight, he makes his flight.
When the butterfly lands his wings will fan.
He's gently by touch,so be careful.
He can slip right out your fingers,
and parts of him my linger.
Injured by a hand, his wings will still fan.
Fly away little butterfly.
And I will see you another day.
Kendra Marsh, Midland City, AL
“Excuse me, Miss?" When she turned around, I dismissed the familiarity of her face. My mind was so cluttered with the news, I did not have a spare brain cell to decipher whether or not I knew the young woman behind the fine jewelry counter at Parisian department store. From a distance though, she did resemble someone I knew.....but who? My husband Robert, my daughter Jessica and I were in the Galleria Mall in Birmingham, Alabama attempting to escape for a few precious moments the horrible news we had received. I had just been diagnosed with a rare leukemia and was about to have to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

We were hungry and searching for a restaurant I had been to a few years ago. I remembered a nice little place on the first floor of the mall, and suggested we try it. I thought I knew where it was, but due to construction in the store, got turned around. So I decided to ask for directions. As she came closer and our eyes met, we both realized what this moment meant. Simultaneous shrieks of joy rose throughout the second floor of the store.

Hers was a face I had not seen since 1982 at Ft. Lauderdale High School. We met in the Marching Band. I played the clarinet and Kelly Giteles was in the color guard. She was a beautiful redhead with a smile a mile wide and a heart and a soul as good and pure as any person I had ever known. How we became friends, I do not particularly recall. She was two years younger than I, and two grades behind. It was not a "cool" thing to do, hanging out with underclassmen. But this was a special new friend, of that I was sure from the very start. Because of the difference in our ages, which at the time seemed like light years, she began calling me "Mommy Kendra" and I would always refer to her as my "daughter". It was the type of relationship that you always think will never end. But when the 1982 school year came to a close, graduation was upon me and I was leaving her behind to forge new friendships and perhaps become an underclassman's "mother" herself. I went to nursing school, and a year after that, I moved to Alabama and married Robert. There were a few phone calls between us before she went off to college, but we soon lost touch altogether. We had both moved on.

But this moment, the very sands of time had vanished and I was hugging one of the dearest friends I ever had once again. And for a brief moment, I forgot about my disease. We had so many questions to ask one another.....

How did you come to live in Birmingham? Are you married? How is your family? What did you do after college? Why did we lose one another? Kids? Dogs? House? How's your folks? Was my "daughter" a happy woman?

If anyone deserved happiness it was Kelly, and she told me about finding it in her life with her husband Cliff, their new house and their pets. Birmingham was home for Cliff and she decided to make her life there with him. Perhaps children will come soon. We hugged and talked for 15 minutes about life since high school, and I explained to her about the transplant I needed to save my life, but soon it was time for her to get back to the work that was interrupted by our joy. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. And this time we did.

Kelly and I were able to catch up on ten years in a few hours on the phone and a couple of letters. My heart danced at finding my friend again. I marveled at the intervention of the Divine Plan. Here I was having to go 200 miles away from home, family and friends, to have a procedure that could either save, prolong or end my life. I was tired from the disease and my heart was troubled. In my eyes Kelly was like an angel sent to me from God.

God has been directing my path all along, but I was unwilling to see His work while I was busy living my life. It was only on the bed of pain and suffering that I could see it clearly. And no amount of discomfort could darken that vision of love I knew He had for me. I came to see this cancer as a gift, and the stronger my faith, the lighter the burden of that gift became. When I thought about the leukemia as a gift, it became easier to take. I was chosen to have this.......chosen. What I did with it was up to me. I could bellow my sorrows in cries of injustice, but surely that would not make it go away. I could do many negative things, but the cancer would still be mine. It is when a gift like this is wrapped up in a beautiful covering of faith, and the giver is in your midst when you open it, that it transforms itself from being a gift, into a present. God was present in my heart the day he gave the gift. We tend to think of gifts most often as winning lottery tickets, shiny new sports cars, jewelry and other material things. Enduring gifts are not material possessions.....this I was beginning to understand. The greatest gifts we are given in this life are those which we can use to help and grow in love for one another. It made me realize, as we gather up our treasured possessions to move on into eternal life, we will find that the only thing we can enter heaven with is the love we have given to our fellow brothers and sisters, and the love we have received from them. In the end, it is the only thing of lasting value we will have ever truly possessed.

I was scheduled to go to Birmingham for preliminary testing and to have my two large IV's put in my chest. All medication and blood products would be infused through them, and all blood taken from me would be drawn from them, thus saving my arms from being stuck with needles......a welcome relief ! I called Kelly to let her know we would be in town, hoping we could have dinner together and get to know one another again. I was enjoying our dining more now than ever, because I knew it would be quite a while before I would enjoy eating once treatment started. I had been warned that the intensive chemotherapy deadens your taste buds and food would be an unpleasant experience for some time to come. I savored each bite.

When we were finished with our meal, Kelly began to tell us a story. Several years ago, her grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she, too was not given the best chances for recovery. Her grandmother had joined a support group for breast cancer patients and they shared their stories of sorrow and triumph together. When a patient would reach the milestone of being five years cancer free, they would celebrate by giving each five year survivor a live monarch butterfly captured in a jar, symbolizing the prison of disease, and they would go outside and together they would set the monarch free, just as they were free of their cancer. I thought it was a lovely story, but I had no idea at the time what significance it would have in my life.

Kelly put a beautifully wrapped present on the table before me, urging me to open it. It was "just a small token" to take with me when I had my transplant. Inside was a beautiful music box, and on top of it was a monarch butterfly encased in a water-filled glass globe. It was a ball just like the Christmas scenes with snow, but instead of snow, this had iridescent glitter in it. It played the song "Wind Beneath My Wings". Kelly said that this butterfly would keep until I recovered from my transplant and we could celebrate with a real one, and she promised that five years from now, we would release a live one together. It was the most beautiful gift she could ever have given to me. I knew it was something I would treasure forever.

I went into the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at the University of Alabama in Birmingham on November 22, 1994. My monarch butterfly went with me. My sweet mother gently made sure that it followed me into my room and found a special place where I could see it and it would be safe from the bustle of people who would fill my room daily. Every day mom would wind up my monarch butterfly and we would listen to the song, and Kelly would wind it up for me when she came to visit. Listening to the song reminded me each day of how far I had come, and to remember Who the wind beneath my wings belonged to. When I felt I had no strength to get through another day, the Wind of the Lord would sweep under me and carry me through.......I was being blessed, and I knew it.

My entire family went through this transplant with me. There was no one who went unaffected. Our lives were completely turned inside out by this trial, and it was difficult. My family is one of great faith, especially my 8 year-old daughter, Jessica, who would daily tell me of the prayers she said for me, and that God was listening to her prayers, she could feel Him listening. Her strength was my strength, and her faith, my faith. When mine would wane, as it sometimes did.....she had enough for both of us.

That faith has come a long way in the past four years since my diagnosis. I have fully recovered since my bone marrow transplant an there are no signs of cancer. When I was released to come home from the hospital, I brought my beautiful Monarch Butterfly and placed it safely on the corner end table in my living room. Every time I am near it, I wind it up and listen to the tune with the beautiful words....."I can fly higher than an Eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings."

Kelly and I still keep in touch and we try to meet for lunch when I go to Birmingham for a checkup. At my last appointment with my hematologist, I was told, "You have completely normal blood. We do not understand it, you were not supposed to do this well." In fact, I was initially told I would not live to see my 32nd birthday. Well, I turned 34 last April, thus destroying the theory of statistics. The medical community universally accepts the idea that after someone has been free of cancer for five years, they are considered cured. Instead I take it one day at a time. For every day that I do not have cancer, I do have a cure!

Last week as I was trying to decide what to put on a new shelf I had acquired for my living room, my daughter suggested two lovely small vases which were on another shelf high above an end table next to the sofa. I climbed onto the sofa and stepped onto the end table to reach for the vase......

It seemed as though time stood still as the vase slipped out of my hand and came crashing down upon my beautiful Monarch Butterfly, shattering the glass. The water and the glitter spilled out of the globe, and the tears from my eyes like a waterfall, until both were empty.

When I finally opened my eyes to gaze upon the destruction of my beautiful gift, I was astonished to see that the butterfly itself was completely intact, without a chip or a scratch, and it still sang the beautiful melody that had comforted my sorrows time after time. The only thing now missing was the glass that once held it captive. As I held the shattered globe, my heart heavy with sadness, I unconsciously asked, "Oh, of all things to break, why this Lord.....why?"

And like a rolling thunder came God's answer........"Your butterfly, My child, is free."
Savannah, Wichita Falls, TX
This is a silly story about butterflies that my mom tells over and over again at the dinner table. I was just a seed in her tummy when she, my dad and older brother moved into a very old rock house that had been a dairy farm many years ago. There was a lot of work to do to the house but mom likes that sort of thing and my dad was real happy to find an old water well on the property. It wasn't long before he had plowed an area for a vegetable garden. My mom is a real nature nut and so she decided to plant a lot of herbs along with the vegetables. She had never planted dill before and hoped to use fresh dill for making pickles. Before the dill could be harvested she and my dad noticed that they were covered in green and black caterpillars. The caterpillers ate the dill but they also made cocoons and mom would always stop and show my brother how the caterpillar would become a beautiful butterfly. Sometimes, they would put them in a jar and watch for days until they saw the butterfly emerge. One day in the middle of summer, my mom came home with my brother from her work and his daycare and when she took him back to his room (incidentally, the room was painted bright blue), she couldn't believe what she saw. The room was filled with butterflies--dozens of them--on the walls, on the ceiling and on the windows. She just couldn't imagine how they had all gotten in my brother's room. It turned out that my brother had done some caterpillar gathering on his own and he had placed so many of them in a shoe box under his bed that when they emerged, they were able to lift the lid and fly out. My mom said they were a vision that she has never forgotten and one of the best surprises she has ever had. I wish I could have seen them but everywhere we have ever lived, my mom has planted flowers for the butterflies. They will always have a home with us.
Ursula Marney, Woodstock, MD
I recently had to euthanize my cat, Cayce. Cayce had been with me for 11 years. The last two years were difficult for him since he had multiple health problems. In nice weather on weekends he and I would sit out on my deck and enjoy the sun.

A few days after he died, I was sitting on the deck thinking about him and missing him so very much. I happened to look over at one of the flower pots and there was the most beautiful butterfly. It was black with its wings outlined in yellow and inside the yellow the wings were again outlined in tiny blue dots. The really amazing thing to me was how it just sat there. I went back into my apartment to get my camera, came back out and took multiple pictures and still it just sat there basking in the sun. I sat back down and watched it for a few more minutes and as it flew away it passed very close to me.

I contacted a friend of mine who works at the Baltimore Zoo and described the butterfly. You can't imagine how stunned I was when she called me back to say the name of the buterfly was "Mourning Cloak". I am not superstitious and I don't believe in "signs", but I knew then that Cayce was safe and happy where ever he was.
Jazzy, San Francisco, CA
In 1997 my best friend passed away from a heart attack. I was 19. It was my father. This was devistating for me. But the day after he died I was looking out the window and one by one white butterflies started to surround his red truck. I went outside and watched these butterflies fly around me. There was about 15 of them. It was him. After that day up until today and I am sure as long as I walk the earth he will continue to let me know through these beautiful creatures that he is still with me. I saw a butterfly at his funeral at night. When I got pregnant and I was about 2 months along, I went to Walgreens to buy some Tylenol and on the Tylenol shelf was a pink butterfly candle. After that day I would have bet every dollar in my pocket on the fact that I was having a girl. I had a beautiful baby girl in April 1999. And it just so happens that the style for little girls' clothes is butterflies. I found a book in December called Hello from Heaven. It had a big yellow butterfly on yhe cover. Of course I had to get it to see if it could put any reality to my theory. And in the first chapter about after-death contacts it says that after-death contacts are done through butterflies and rainbows. I could go on for hours. I have had so many incidents that I just have to leave it at that.
Jean Hales, Fayetteville, NC
When I was eighteen, I enjoyed going out into our yard and surrounding fields etc. to escape the turmoil in our home. My step-mother was an alcoholic and my father abused us regularly. I found peace in nature and it's tranquility. One day I came across a cocoon on a small twig. When I touched the cocoon, it moved! I was so fascinated and excited by it I decided to carefully break off the twig and bring it into my room where I placed it on my window latch so it could get sunlight. I watched it everyday and can still remember the reverence and awe I felt when the beautiful occupant decided to make its entrance in this world. I watched it struggle to free itself and then it perched outside it seemed like forever slowly drying its w ings. I put my finger out and held my breath as it stepped on it. I felt very priveledged and grateful to this beautiful creature. I slowly brought it to the open window and watched as it took flight, my soul going with it. Shortly thereafter, I left my parents' home, confident that I too would find my place and discover my own inward beauty.
Candy Waggener, Yorba Linda, CA
My inspiring story is from when my grandpa passed away when he was only 48 years old and I was 9 years old. He didn't really have any health problems other than he smoked heavily. My grandpa had a heart attack at the job site and for some reason that afternoon I had a deep sorrow in my heart. When I was on the playground of my school a monarch butterfly played with me, it would fly around me and let me catch it and it would land on my head. When I got home I wanted to tell my mother about the butterfly, but she was in tears. After she told me what happened I ran out in the back yard and cried, shortly after I was out there a monarch butterfly that looked identical to the one at school, came up to me and landed on my hand that was covering my face with. At first it scared me, but I saw what it was and I asked it "are you my grandpa?" The butterfly then landed on my cheek almost like it gave me a kiss godbye, and then flew away. Last of all when I went to the funeral I was kind of better because in my eyes I had my chance to say goodbye. But after everyone was leaving I looked out into the field and there was tons of butterflies all over, so I ran out to them and they were all swarming around me. In a way it was like a dream, but it was really happening to me. Ever since my grandpa's death I have always been very fond of butterflies. Butterflies help me remember my grandpa and all the fun we had together. Whenever I get sad thinking abouth my grandpa I just think back to 13 years ago like it happened yesterday, and how much my grandpa would love to see me now. I think he already has because I have a monarch that always hangs around the house and it plays with the kids and still lands on me.
Mio Arata, Los Angeles, CA
Butterflies have played an important part of my life. Our family crest is a butterfly. My Mother passed away in October 1998 and at her burial site a swarm of butterflies danced around. It was unusual because it was in autumn. When my granddaughter was born at the end of December, and as we were leaving for the hospital to see her, a butterfly appeared. I believe it was my mother's spirit visiting. Every day when I return from work at around 4:30 p.m., a butterfly appears in my patio and is sometimes waiting for me when I return home. It lands on the cement and flaps its wing. I know it's the same butterfly, a painted lady, coming back. I look forward to seeing it -- what a wonderfully mystical and exhilarating experience it is!! Has anyone out there experienced the same visitation?
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