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Attracting Hummingbirds to the Backyard Garden   by Jeanne Grunert   - HubPages Among all birds, these curious, colorful and friendly visitors to the garden are the most welcome harbingers of spring and summer to come. Let's explore what attracts hummingbirds to the garden, and plants that will quench their never-ending thirst for nectar in the backyard garden.
Gardening - Help the kids put down roots in the garden   by Norman Winter   - Courier-Journal.com (l;ouisville, KY)  1/21/11 With the New Year here and resolutions running amok, why not add to the list to get the kids or grandkids out in the garden more in 2011? It may not be as hard competing with video games as you imagine.
Adding trees now could mean more birds later   by Michael Womack   - Caller.com (Corpus Christi, TX)  10/16/09 Many of the ruby-throat hummingbirds migrated south just before our first major cold front last week.
Learn to identify, attract hummingbirds to your yard   by Carol (Bonnie) Link   - The Gadsden Times (AL)  10/16/09 Hummingbirds were in a feeding frenzy throughout the month of September, into early October. Never have we had as many hummers refueling at our nectar stations for so long.
A GREENER VIEW- Fall Garden Tips for Southern Gardens   by JEFF RUGG   - San Fernando Valley Sun  10/15/09 This is a great time of year to work outside. Remember to take some photos or video of the landscape in the fall. You can see how you like it and what to change when the garden catalogs arrive in the winter.
Native Plants Draw Watchable Wildlife to Your Yard     - AP  10/13/09 Attracting a steady population of birds, butterflies and other watchable wildlife to your yard is a matter of providing habitat - a combination of food, water and cover. The challenge comes in finding the right plant partners.
It’s an easy, lively time for gardens   by Hal Massie   - The Telegraph, Macon, GA  10/8/09 This is even a lively time in the garden, especially if you are a butterfly or hummingbird. The butterfly populations have peaked and will remain high for several weeks. For now, bright yellow sulphurs sip on red salvias and cypress vine, creating constant picturesque moments. An occasional monarch floats through the garden, regal among the more common buckeyes, skippers and fritillaries.
Heating A Winter Hummingbird Feeder To Attract And Feed Hummers     - Hummer/Bird Study Group
Our Favorite Plants To Attract And Feed Hummers     - Hummer/Bird Study Group
Attracting Hummingbirds     - Hummer/Bird Study Group Hummingbirds have excellent eyesight and have great fidelity to established feeding stops along their migration route. Attracting hummers to your yard will require a bright splash of color.
The Fun of Feeding and Watching Hummingbirds   by Shane Harris
Enthusiastic Gardeners Create Hummer Haven   by Norman Winter   - Mississippi State University Extension Service  5/6/98
Fall Salvias Show Out, Attract Hummingbirds   by Norman Winter   - Mississippi State University Extension Service  5/6/98
Award-Winning Plants Attract Hummingbirds   by Norman Winter   - Mississippi State University Extension Service  5/6/98
Attracting Hummingbirds with Summer Flowers   by Norman Winter   - Mississippi State University Extension Service  5/6/98 By planting a garden with a long season of overlapping bloom, we can play host to these miniature birds that fly like they are a cross between a stealth fighter and a helicopter.
Attracting Hummingbirds to Mississippi Gardens   by Robert F. Brzuszek   - Mississippi State University Extension Service  5/6/98
Inviting Hummingbirds to the Garden     - New Mexico State University Extension Service  June 8, 1998 What can I do to attract a lot of hummingbirds to my garden?
Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden   by Peg Herring   - Oregon State University Extension Service  Jan 31, 1997 By planting certain flowers and shrubs, home gardeners can provide food and habitat for hummingbirds.
Hummingbirds in Central Texas   Hummingbirds fascinate birders and non-birders alike. Listed are a few tidbits of information about hummingbirds in Central Texas.
Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardening   by Naomi Mathews   - Suite101.com
Winter Hummingbird Information   by Terrie Murray   - Suite101.com How dependent are they on our feeders? By feeding them in the winter, are we making them unnaturally dependent on our feeders?
June is in Bloom! Come to My Garden Party!   by Naomi Mathews   - Suite101.com A burst of early flowering perennials attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and a host of happy buzzing bees to gardens.
Hints to Keep Hummingbirds Hovering   by Naomi Mathews   - Suite101.com Hummmingbirds need a constant supply of high calorie fuel to keep their little engines running.
IPM Leads Way in Controlling Garden Pests   by Naomi Mathews   - Suite101.com Learn how, why, and when to use the "Integrated Pest Management" (IPM) approach to help control pests and diseases that plague your gardens.
Hummingbirds, Butterflies and … Mosquito Plants?   by Naomi Mathews   - Suite101.com This aromatic perennial has several common pseudonyms including mosquito plant, Texas hummingbird mint, bubblegum mint, and giant hyssop. It is native to certain areas of Texas and New Mexico, and is especially noted for attracting rufous and broad-tailed hummingbirds.
Flowering Vine Arbors to Attract Hummingbirds   by Naomi Mathews   - Suite101.com Planting a "flowering arbor" to attract more hummingbirds is my new backyard hummingbird habitat project for Spring 2001!
Highlights of Hummingbird Nest Building   by Naomi Mathews   - Suite101.com Learning a bit about hummingbird nesting may help you to spy a hummer's nest more easily!
My Quiescent Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden   by Naomi Mathews   - Suite101.com Another summer has passed, and fall has surreptitiously surrounded us with a splendid array of vibrant colors. Old Man Winter is not far behind. It's time to get your butterfly and hummingbird garden in shape before he descends.
Hummingbird, Butterfly, and Moth Garden Designs     - Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources Well-drawn garden plans
Unpave the Way for Wildlife     - Journey North How to create a haven for hummingbirds
Debbie's Tips for Attracting and Feeding Hummingbirds   Nectar recipe, feeder care, attracting hummers, plantings, amazing myths and facts
Welcome Hummingbird with Feeder   by Terry Brite DelValle   - Jacksonville Times-Union  April 98 Attracting hummingbirds with a feeder
How to Create a Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden   by Patricia Sutton   - New Jersey Audubon Society Tales of a butterfly and hummingbird gardener
Wildlife in My Backyard - Attracting Hummingbirds   by Sharon David   - The Blue Bill  1996 Excellent article on gardens and flowers for hummingbirds
Summer Birds: Habitat Needs of Neotropical Migrants   by Norma Jean Venable   - West Virginia University Extension Service "Neotropical migrants" nest in West Virginia and other North American sites but spend up to six winter months in warmer climates of the Americas including Mexico, and Central and South America.