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Spread Your Wings and Fly Seminar

Philadelphia, September 7, 2002

For pictures of our Newark 1998 seminar, click HERE.

The Butterfly WebSite, in conjunction with Hole-in-the-Hand Butterfly Farm, is proud to announce the Spread Your Wings and Fly Seminar.

You might have read about Hole-in-Hand Butterfly Farm in

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... or you might have seen us on

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If you did, you know how hot butterfly farming is!

Spread Your Wings and Fly Seminar:

Philadelphia, PA on September 7, 2002
Embassy Suites Hotel, 9000 Bartram Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153; phone 215-365-4500 or 800-362-2779; located 1 mile from Philadelphia Airport; click HERE for more information on this hotel; click HERE for directions to hotel. Room rates are $119 per night (be sure to refer to group name "Matrix Graphics" when making reservations).
Other hotels in Philadelphia Airport general area:
Hampton Inn Airport 215-966-1300
Hilton Philadelphia Airport 800-445-8667
Philadelphia Airport Marriott 215-492-9000
Guest Quarters Suite Hotel 800-937-8461
Residence Inn 215-492-1611
Studio Plus 215-365-4360
Courtyard Philadelphia Airport 215-365-2200
Renaissance 610-521-5900
Days Inn 800-325-2525
Sheraton Suites 215-365-6600
Red Roof Inn 215-512-5090
NOTE: if you are considering any of the above hotels, be sure to ask about the accessibility of these hotels to the Embassy Suites Hotel (site of seminar) as well as the Philadelphia Airport.
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM; doors open at 8:30 for breakfast and get-acquainted chats;
Seminar Costs
The cost for this day-long seminar is $245 for the first attendee in your group; $195 for the second attendee; and $150 for each additional attendee. All attendees receive a copy of the Seminar Notes (sold online for $65). The first attendee in each group also receives a copy of Rick Mikula's Family Butterfly Book. Cost includes breakfast and lunch.
Seminar Reservations
Reservations are limited; to make your reservation, fill out the reservation form and mail or fax as shown on the form. A deposit of 50% will hold your place.
For additional information, please send an e-mail to us or call us at 215-340-7692.
Seminar Agenda

One of the most enjoyable industries to be involved with is the raising of butterflies. Newspapers and magazines are constantly running stories about the newest Butterfly Houses that have just opened. New York has six new ones; Texas, Ohio, California, Florida and many other states, plus Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and other countries are rapidly adding more. Butterfly Conservatories are drawing tourists from around the world. Fortunately, for you, suppliers of livestock are hard to find. This has created a lucrative business opportunity for someone with the expertise. Unfortunately, there has been nowhere to learn such a craft. Until now!

The biggest trend in weddings today is the release of butterflies after the ceremony. It is more ecologically sound than throwing rice or bird seed; releasing balloons kills endangered turtles and other sea life. So what could be more appropriate at a wedding than making a wish on the wings of a butterfly? And then watching as the wish is taken to heaven to be granted!

If you decide to raise and sell butterflies, be prepared to be sold out at least a year in advance, every year. Not only will you profit from your choice of careers, but you will spread joy and happiness to all. Schools, nature stores, and species reintroduction programs are desperately searching for sources of livestock. They are coming up empty-handed because the resources are not there. We hate to disappoint so many customers, and we'd rather pass them on to you.

The Hole-in-Hand system is the easiest, cleanest, and most efficient method yet. A garden or vast amounts of land are not needed. If desired, the entire operation can be conducted on a windowsill or desktop. There is no huge outlay of money to get started. We'll show you how to start with recyclable household items. GROW BEFORE YOU THROW. If the container becomes dirty, throw it in the recycle bin and get another. As you progress and begin to make an income, reinvest in yourself and become bigger.

We'll show you how to grow inexpensively at a comfortable pace. You may stay as small as you like, or grow as large as you like. Some participants started out to earn a few extra dollars, then decided to leave the rat race and make butterfly farming their profession. Others wish to use it as a stress reducer, and for personal satisfaction. The beauty is here: it's all up to you.

Did you know that for any insect to cross a state line, it must be accompanied by a permit? In some cases, a different permit is needed for movement inside the state of origin. It sounds tough, but it isn't. We'll demonstrate how easy it is to be in total compliance with all state laws.

At our seminars, you'll learn all you need to know. From permits to protozoa, marketing to mailing, and raising to releasing, everything will be covered in this extensive day-long program. By the end, you'll have the skills to start you on your way. Each lecture in the series is complete.

If you love butterflies and do not necessarily dislike money, the Hole-In-Hand Butterfly Course is for you. Let us show you how to inspire children, help hospitalized patients, and bring beauty to the world around you. This can all be accomplished while helping butterflies in a conservation-minded manner.

Note: the seminar handouts are available now for $65, with the full cost applicable to seminar tuition, in The Nature Store

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