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Spread Your Wings & Fly Seminar

Philadelphia, September 7, 2002

Reservation Form

Please print this reservation form and mail or fax as shown below.

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$245(US) for first attendee, $195(US) second attendee, $150(US) each additional person;
each attendee receives copy of Seminar Notes; first attendee receives copy of
Family Butterfly Book by Rick Mikula; breakfast and lunch included with registration; 
hotel room not included

____ My Check is enclosed (payable to "Jack Mikula")
____ VISA     ____ Master Card    

Card Number: ________-________-________-________      Exp Date: _______
  (charges will appear on your statement as "Matrix Graphics Corp")

Signature: ____________________________________________________________

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What are your interests in butterflies? (hobby, commercial, gardens, etc.)



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