Welcome to the Michoacan Reforestation Fund and the Cruz Habitat Protection Project Web Site. The purpose of the site is to provide information about the sensitive balance between two basic and conflicting needs. On the one hand, there are the needs of the millions of monarch butterflies that make the long journey from the Eastern United States and Southern Canada to the oyamel forest overwintering areas in the mountains of Michoacan. After spending the winter they return to the north. On the other hand, there are the needs of the indigenous farmers, the ejidatarios, who live in poverty in the overwintering areas. They are totally dependent on the wood that is taken from the same forests where the monarchs overwinter. Both the monarchs and the ejidatarios have been losing ground because the oyamel forests are disappearing.

The Michoacan Fund and the La Cruz Project are working together to achieve a better balance between the overwintering needs of the monarchs and the needs of the land owners by reforesting lands which the farmers have cleared.

If you want to contact the Michoacan Fund, or if you have questions or comments, send an e-mail or call (352) 375-4927. The Fund's mailing address from December 1, 1998 through March 30, 1999 is 4707 SW 85 Dr., Gainesville, Florida 32608.