La Ceiba Butterfly & Insect Museum

Parides childrenae

Long-time Honduras resident and renown insect collector Robert Lehman, opened La Ceiba's premier Butterfly & Insect Museum in April of this year.

"I started collecting butterflies in 1968", says Lehman. "My small collection of 1968-70 is in Ohio. I then collected from 1971-85 in Honduras". Robert Lehman attained international recognition when he donated his sizable collection of 4222 specimens to the Smithsonian in 1987. "That collection of 4222 specimens representing 1,852 species of Honduran butterflies and moths was donated to the Smithsonian in 1987. In a recent e-mail from Dr. Robert Robbins he wrote that the collection 'has proven very useful to researchers.'"

Honduras continues to witness a ground-swell of ecological concern among its citizens. Manifesting itself in the emergence of numerous local non-profit privately funded groups self-mandated to conserve and protect its natural resources. Lehman states that one of the reasons for the existence of this collection "is to contribute to the need to conserve the natural resources of Honduras. The museum emphasis is on protecting the habitats where these butterflies and other insects are found."

Stressing the need to collect local specimens, Lehman elaborates "It is estimated that the broadleaf forests are being depleted at a rate of 2.5% a year! Large rhinoceros beetles used to be as plentiful as toys in the city of La Ceiba. Not any more."

The admission price is very reasonable:

Students L 10.00 (.80 cents US)

Adults L 15.00 ($1.20 US)

La Ceiba Butterfly & Insect Museum's Address:

Colonia El Sauce
House G-12
Second Division
near the International School.
La Ceiba, Honduras
Phone 42-2874.

The Museum Also Has A Web Page That May Be Consulted For Further Information

To send e-mail to Robert Lehman

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