Mount Magazine:
"...a scenic wonderful place that is a well kept secret"


Biographies of Jerry & Sandi Lustig


Jerry is the photographer and has a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Arts. He taught for awhile in Jay, Oklahoma and has worked as a free lance photographer for several years. He works as an AutoCad operator.

Sandi is a retired business administrator and enjoys arts and crafts. Currently she is engraving gourds and illustrating various Indian stories on them. She calls them her Story Gourds. Her favorite is the Cherokee story of how the butterflies were created.

Mount Magazine's Location

Mount Magazine is located in the north west part of Arkansas. It is part of the Boston Mountains and Ozark National Forest. South of the Mountain is theOuchitas National Forest. The two gate way city to the Mountain are Paris, Arkansas on the North Side and Havana, Arkansas on the south side. It is the highest peak between the Rockies and the Alleghenies with an elevation of 2,758 feet. A state park is being planned for sometime in 1999 or 2000. The mountain is a favorite spot for hikers, campers, nature lovers, rock climbers and hang gliders.


Mt. Magazine is located in Logan and Yell Counties in Arkansas from Fort Smith Arkansas take Highway 71 South to Highway 10 East at Greenwood follow Highway 10 East to Havana, Arkansas take Highway 309 over the mountain to Paris. Take you time and enjoy all the sites along the way there are several overlook areas, camping groundsand picinic sites. There are numerous hiking trail. Most weekends there are hang gliders, rock climbers, nature lovers, and hikers on the remote mountain top. The State is proposing a State Park to be built by 1999 or 2000. But for now it is quite a site to behold in it's native natural glory. If you prefer staying on the lake then take Highway 309 at Waveland, which is 5 miles before Havana, and stay on beautiful Blue Mountain Lake. Modern campsite with electricity, shower are available at this Corp. of Engineers Recreation Area.