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Apollo (Parnassius apollo)
Found in mountain districts of Europe, extending into central Asia. Classifying characteristic is red markings on the hindwing, but not the forewing. Males are smaller than females. The velvety black caterpillar, with a line of orange-red spots on its sides, feeds on stonecrop (Sedum) and houseleek (Sempervivum).
Cleopatra (Gonepteryx cleopatra)
Told by faint orange streak on the underside of the forewing. Occurs in Spain, southern France, and Italy to Greece, North Africa, and the Canary Islands which has a distinct race called the Canary Island brimstone. The bluish green caterpillar with white side stripes feeds on buckthorn (Rhamnus) (1).
Twin-Spotted Sphinx ( Smerinthus jamaicensis)
Found in Canada and USA. The caterpillar is green with white, diagonal stripes along the sides, and a straight, purplish pink or blue tail-horn. It feeds on the foliage of apple (Malus domestica) (1).
Zebra Butterfly (Heliconius Charitonius)
Elongated wings, dark brown to black, transverse yellow stripes; row of yellow spots on hind wings; larvae feed on passion flower vines; adults fly in dense woods, and at their edges; found in Florida and along Gulf coast to Louisiana. (3)


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