Field Trips

We would like to give you the opportunity to tell us (and the world) about your special trip or visit that expanded your appreciation of nature. We've concentrated on visits related to butterflies and moths, and we are now anxious to expand to the rest of the world. Please click HERE for more info.

Butterfly World, Miami, FL
Correspondent:Laura DeCarlo, Beauty-Fly Labs

The Bronx Zoo's Butterfly Zone, Bronx, NY
Correspondents: Pam Mikula and Jenn Galvelis

Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, FL
Correspondent: Laura DeCarlo, Beauty-Fly Labs

The Field Musuem, Chicago, IL
Correspondent: Laura DeCarlo, Beauty-Fly Labs

Mt. Magazine, Arkansas
Correspondents: Jerry and Sandi Lustig

Lighthouse, North Wildwood, New Jersey
Correspondent: Neil Weininger

Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, Michoacan, Mexico
Correspondent: Jerry Schurr

Cypress Gardens
Correspondent: Peggy Wood

Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Perrott State Park, and the Minneapolis Zoo
Correspondent: Susan C. Allie

Hudson Gardens, Littleton, CO
Correspondent: Dusty Darrah

Butterfly World, Coconut Creek, FL
Correspondent: Susan C. Allie

Western Washington State
Correspondent: Susan C. Allie

Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House
Correspondent: Susan C. Allie

Milwaukee Public Museum's Butterfly Exhibit
Correspondent: Susan C. Allie

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