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Butterfly Balancer

A simple-to-make butterfly that balances on its head, seeming to defy the laws of gravity. The secret to this peculiar balancing act is the weights (pennies) that are taped under the butterfly's wings. This craft demonstrates the center of gravity of an object.



To make a perfectly symmetrical butterfly (which is necessary for this craft), trace half a butterfly on a folded piece of paper, and cut it out.




Then trace the butterfly shape onto the cardboard.




Cut out the butterfly and decorate it using crayons, markers or paint.




Tape two pennies to the back of the butterfly.



Now you can balance the butterfly's head on a pencil eraser (or you can make a stand for your butterfly by putting a stick in a ball of clay). You may have to adjust the position of the coins to make the butterfly balance on the head area. The center of balance of the butterfly is close to the spot directly between the coins. (Before the coins were added, the center of balance was near the center of the butterfly.)

Thanks to Rick Mikula, the Butterfly Guy


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