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Butterfly Wing Jewelry

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We have put together stunning collections of real butterfly wing jewelry! These unique pieces have been created by artisans using butterflies that have naturally expired. No live butterflies have been harmed in the creation of this jewelry.

Typically, butterfly wings are collected from sustainable butterfly farms or butterfly sanctuaries, many of which are located in tropical rain forests within South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Properly implemented butterfly farming programs have two main benefits. First, they provide rural economies with income from eco-tourism and the sale of specimens to museums, collectors, educators, and artists. Second, they help conserve rainforests by protecting native plants that are essential to sustain the butterfly populations. This is one of those rare scenarios where everybody wins! You can feel good and look good wearing these stunning pieces of natural art.

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry - Collection 1

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry - Collection 2


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