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Butterfly Watching Gear

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The perfect gear to watch and photograph butterflies - binoculars, cameras, tripods & more.

Butterfly Binoculars

Question: What makes a perfect binocular for butterfly watching?
Answer: The ability to focus on butterflies from about six feet away, so as not to scare them off. At a distance of about six feet, the butterfly will take up the binocular's entire field of view, showing the detail that is necessary for the butterfly enthusiast.

Macro Cameras for Butterfly Photography

Macro cameras are specifically created for capturing small items at a size equal to or bigger than a 1:1 ratio. Since the camera lens is able to focus on a subject at really short distances, it is perfect for butterfly photography!

Camera Tripods

In macro photography, a reliable tripod can make the difference between getting a usable image and a blurry image due to camera movement or focus issues. Many of these tripods have features that are useful for high magnification or close up work.


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