Award-Winning Sites

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Tropical Wings Nature Center
Tropical Wings Nature Center features the largest butterfly house in Belize, as well as a museum and nature trails. A weekly tropical trivia contest appears on our web pages.
Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia
Information about biodiversity conservation in Australia, including programs of Environment Australia (the Department of Environment).
Australian National Botanic Gardens
All about the Australian National Botanic Gardens and the Australian flora, its botany, its horticulture and its use in art.
National Wildlife Federation
The Wild Ones
The Wild Ones connects children age 7-14 with teachers, conservation professionals, and other children from around the world. The project provides a forum for participants to share observations, research, artwork, and creative writing about endangered animals and habitats. Habitat stewardship is encouraged and supported through teacher designed, classroom based activities.
The Field Museum
Where can you go to see butterflies at The Field Museum? The Field Museum's Butterfly Web Site, of course! The site will tell you all about butterfly basics: the differences between butterflies and moths, their life cycle, and more, using colorful images from our Insects collection, plus prints from the Library’s rare book room.
F.B.Magpie Home Page
Wayne Hsu's home page with information about Taiwan birds, butterflies, insects, and other interests of his.
Care & Raising of Monarch Butterflies
Site dedicated to the Monarch butterfly, with tips on the care and raising of Monarchs.
Guineveremoon and her Lovely Butterflies
My site includes journal entries about raising monarch butterflies. I collected caterpillars from my own garden and raised them to the adult phase, at which time, they were released. I released 11 total. I will soon be adding a journal on raising Eastern Black Swallowtails.
The Wild Ones
The Wild Ones is a teacher-designed, classroom-based conservation education program. A network of more than 20,000 students and 1,000 teachers and conservation biologists in 26 countries share their observations, artwork, creative writing, and research about endangered animals and their habitats. Contents include natural history information of endangered animals, student work, scientist biographies, and resource and curriculum materials for teachers. Content in Spanish and English
Clearwater Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance
This site is a landscaping information resource for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Topics include landscape design, landscape installation and landscape maintenance.
W. Tracy Parnell Nature Photography
Photography of butterflies and other insects and spiders.
Dutch Butterfly WWW Pages
Specific to European species, this list of butterflies is intended for all amateur entomologists. A complete list is given of the species found in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Nearly all the entries include commentary about habitat and distinguishing characteristics. The photo gallery includes works by half a dozen photographers.
Butterfly and Moth Observations
These pages are maintained by Arto Avanto in Finland. Pages are made especially observations for migrants , and in Finland more rare butterflies and moths. Checklist of Finnis lepidoptera, maps of distributions, Homepage of TEKS ( The Entomological Club of the Zoological and Botanical Society of Turku )
Florida Plants Online
Florida Plants Online is a guide to the plant life and natural environment of Florida. Annotated links and features include the Young Naturalist Page at
the butterfly page
This page is dedicated to butterflies. Here you will find links to my favorite butterfly poems, graphic sites and other butterfly sites. There is also a link to my homepage. and don't forget to sign my guestbook!
Wings Over Michigan
A birding and nature site for Michigan and surrounding area. Includes recent birding reports, State and local hotspots, monarch butterflies, wildflowers, photos, tips, a featured bird of the month page and links. Plans for the future include nest box and feeder designs and bat conservation information.
Virtual Gardens Network
The virtual gardens is a collection of garden pages from on-line Rosarians of all types. It is a place where even the most novice computer user can display their garden on the Internet.
Maggie's Garden
A family garden in Texas with English roots, where the border colors change with the seasons and the wildlife turns tame. Garden features include perennial borders, Euro-styled plant training of espalieir, standards, pleaching, topiary and more. Garden journal details seasonal bloom times and family incidents in our 'outdoor living room'.
Texas Bird Watcher
Hummingbirds, butterflies and wild birds are the focus here. Extensive gardening tips, photographs for identification aids, behavior notes and feeding facts are featured. Send free bird and butterfly postcards.
Special Species Project
Welcome to the project-based learning adventure for teachers, students and nature advisors. See what happens when teachers, nature experts and kids get together to explore plants, animals, habitats, and the influence of people on our environment.
NC State AgNIC Systematic Entomology
Built for both the public and for researchers, NC State AgNIC Systematic Entomology is a collaborative effort to collect, organize, and provide access to the best academic, scholarly, research, and practical resources available on the identification, classification, nomenclature, and evolution of insects and related arthropods.
Elements Environmental Magazine
Environmental ezine Canada's 1st and only Public forum, childrens area, multimedia multi-lingual format, updated weekly/daily new areas bi-monthly themes
Explore Nature With me!
Butterflies found in North Carolina! I`m working on the NC list of 162 species and have currently about half of them with "live" photos and descriptions. Also plan on doing the same with Dragonflies found in NC.
Images from Nature
Natural history close-up photographs of butterflies, moths, other insects and flowers, by Paul Chesterfield, ARPS.
Friends of The Brooker Creek Preserve
Friends of the Brooker Creek Preserve is a non-profit citizens group to support the mission of, and solicit support for the Brooker Creek Preserve, an 8,500 acre nature and wildlife area surrounded by urban sprawl. It is one of the largest preservation areas in an urban area in the state of Florida.
Sym's Place
This is a photo-intensive site with special emphasis on orchids and butterflies, but including just about any interesting creature that I can get a decent picture of. There is a butterfly metamorphosis and picture gallery, a Critter gallery, and an Orchid gallery and orchid-related information.
Guy Padfield's European Butterfly Page
A site devoted to the butterflies of Europe, with photographs, notes and links to other sites of interest. It includes a guide, still under construction, to the butterflies of the local Swiss region.
The Garden Path
This site is dedicated to my love of gardening and provides information on starting seeds indoors, butterfly gardening, companion planting, and also offers gardening tips and tricks.
Cindys Garden
Butterflies that live, lay eggs, nectar and visit my garden. Host and nectar plants, tips and tricks for butterfly gardening. Photos and descriptions of butterflies, caterpillars, chrysalis and eggs. Join the Butterfly Gardening web ring.
My Vision Unblurred
the world as seen through my eyes..a collection of photography and poetry..
Maiden Fair's Garden
My garden is the world that surrounds me every day. The Flowers, birds and butterflies that fill my yard, the trees and grasses and wild animals that share my piece of that world. Come and share in my world.
Botanica, The Wichita Gardens
Botanica's website introduces you to our beautiful, intricately designed gardens. Visit a special page on our Butterfly House, where hundreds of free-flight butterflies live. At the Hatching House, you will see chrysalises emerge and dry themselves, then float into the Butterfly House. Take a virtual tour of the Shakespeare Garden, the Rose and Wildflower Gardens, the lily ponds, Perennial Gardens, Woodland Glade and more. Also new at Botanica is the Sensory Garden. Designed as an enabling garden, it features a living plant wall.
Butterflies and Moths biology and Ecology
The goal of this site is to be as complete as possible about the biology and ecology of butterflies and moths. I hope this site will become quite informative and interesting for a broad public. I try to make a species index for both butterflies and moths. If available there will be photo's of each stage from the lifecycle.
Adelaide and Graham's Gardens
'Parkland In Our Backyard' is an award winning home garden in our locality. It has a variety of features and themes and demonstrates what can be done in the confines of an average back yard.
Butterflies, a living memory of Morroco
Discovery of Moroccan butterflies and their natural habitats. The problem of protecting arid biomes. Protection measures. Details concerning the author.
Butterfly & Angel gifs, Butterfly websites, Family & Friends websites, Poems and More
Mrs. Rose Shows You...
Mrs. Rose Shows You... Parents, Teachers, and Students, visit this site to share in our Art Room Adventures. And take a look at Monarch Butterflies and Other Pretty Things!
Beauty of Butterflies
Inspirational poems about butterflies. Greeting card sites with butterflies.
Of Books and Butterflies
My site is about butterflies, moths, life cycle of Luna Moth, nectar sources, photos, WW II, East Prussia, books and butterfly & moth poems and drawings by children.
StarwCCCh's Leaves
Personal site, with an emphasis on my butterfly garden in south Florida, and information on plants, butterflies and butterfly gardening in the contiguous 48 states.
This web site was created with the intention to draw your attention to other mostly overlooked beauties of the Antalya region, beauties of which usually visitors or even citizens are not aware of, namely the wildflowers and butterflies.Butterflies were photographed within their natural habitat and we did our best for not giving them any harm
WK-VIDEO - Butterflies, rainforest, macro pictures
Tips for videofilming and photographing themes as butterflies, rainforest and macro pictures.
Les Lépidoptères
It's a site about me, butterflys and my collection. I have a list for trade butterflys and pictures.
Photo of butterfly at Kiso in Japan.
I am interested in photograph and butterflies. And I am anxious to show you some of them in Japan. Two more new pictures are added in my site every month. Please check it out!
Butterflies in europe
Observations in pictures of butterflies in Europe. Links to other European butterfly websites. Links to pictures of European butterflies on www. Alles over vlinders in Europa: links, waarnemingen, fotos,…
David's Butterflies and Moths
Butterfly and moth observation techniques, life cycle, mimicry, your comments on distribution, pictures and links. Specials section on the butterflies of Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
Immigration of Lepidoptera
To enable those with an interest in migrating lepidoptera to send in details of, and view, the latest observations in Great Britain and Ireland.
Kamaria's Homepage
It is about my people who are Native American and how we survived.
A non profit organization committed to the promotion, knowledge and cultivation of wild and cultivated violets, and to restoring their role in the environmental and horticultural landscapes in North America and the world.
Trevor Mead-Robins
Watch an on-line metamorphosis from larva to caterpillar to butterfly complete with butterfly activities and resources. Developed by grade three students in Yukon, Canada. There are lots of original games, activities, learning resources and more
Birdwing Butterflies of the World
Birdwing butterflies of the world: systematic and taxonomic notes, image gallery covering all known species of birdwing butterflies, most subspecies and many forms.
Delias of the World
A site dedicated to the appreciation of the Pierine Genus Delias
The Butterflies of Borneo
This site features images of and information about the butterflies of Malaysian Borneo. The site also provides links to other interesting and descriptive sites.
Skipper News provides you just about anything regarding skippers of the family Hesperiidae, including News Flash, Classification, New publications, Picture links arranged geographically and Taxonomically.
Butterflies in Indo-China
Information about Butterflies in Indo-China. Chiefly from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.
An Illustrated Checklist of Butterflies in Thailand
This site offers photos and a checklist of butterflies in Thailand as well as information on general butterfly biology and identification of species. Also in Thai.
Swallowtail Butterflies fo the World
A photographic and editorial summary of the known species of Papilionidae (Swallowtail Butterflies). Created as a free "web - reference" for amateur and professional butterfly enthusiasts around the World.
Butterfly Hollow Farm
The Beginnings of a young couple who slowed down, changed lifestyles, bought an old abandoned farm and have found peace, love, happiness and good health in living a simpler life. Travel with us as we blow life back into an old Tennessee homestead.
Earth's Endangered Creatures
This sites lists all endangered species appearing on the federal endangered species list. Most have descriptions and photos.
The Florida Monarch Butterfly Website
Direct observations of the Monarch Butterfly population residing in Florida and other butterflies native to Florida.
Moths and Butterflies of Europe
A large iconographic sample of European moths and butterflies, including larvae and pupae
Butterfly`s Dream World
About 233 kinds of butterflies are inhabiting Japan. There are a butterfly of the north country and a butterfly of the southern country. Enjoy it together.
Concord pine barrens and the Karner blue butterfly
A site about the endangered Karner blue butterfly, the pine barrens habitat, and the annual captive-rearing program.
My Country Garden
My Country Garden includes hundreds of photos and information on the favorite plants in my garden - herbs, roses, clematis and flowers - along with organic methods, vegetables, and fruits. I have planted many shrubs and perennials to attract the birds and butterflies into our organic acre garden.
Nuelle Worldwide Lepidopterans
A website describing the Lepidopterans of the world. We endeavour to help others learn about the beautiful and majestic creatures in this order. Digital Photography of pinned and living specimens is featured.
Butterflies from France and French Guyana
Identification of butterflies from France and French Guyana.
May Lenzer, writer/author/naturalist displays a collection of photos, information on nature, dog rescue/dog related sites and writers' information. Also introduces her book, "Waltz on the Wild Side, An Animal Lover's Journal" available soon. NOTE: If the page is not accessible, please remove .html from the URL and you should have no problem.
Grandma Froid's Garden Pad
Meet the Garden friends..silly singing and talking animal Grandma Froid's mystical, magical garden. Fun filled activities for lyrics, pictures, color pages and safe, fun links. Original children's music recording, IN GRANDMA FROID'S GARDEN available at this family friendly website for kids of all ages.
White-Tailed Deer
All the information you can find on White-tailed deer. Including attracting and depriving deer tips. Check out the awards page and e-mail me your questions.
Cartersville Garden Club
Our pages detail gardening tips and how-to information for hummingbird gardens, butterfly gardens, wildflower gardens, composting, the poem Daffodil, and information about hummingbirds and butterflies, as well as a club calendar.
Cartersville Garden Club
Our pages detail gardening tips and how-to information for hummingbird gardens, butterfly gardens, wildflower gardens, composting, the poem Daffodil, and information about hummingbirds and butterflies, as well as a club calendar.
Lovejoy's Rescue Mountain
Lovejoy's Rescue Mountain is dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation and exotic pet rescue. We provide care and rehabilitation to the orphaned and injured native wildlife. In addition we provide care for purchased wild and exotic animals no longer desired by people that they can no longer keep them.
Joe and Vicky's Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Welcome to our ever-changing, ever-growing garden and pond pages. We love attracting birds, butterflies and any wildlife available to our yard. Please pay us a cyber-visit for many fun and lovely pictures and stories. It will help for you create your own backyard habitat — no matter where you are.
Butterflies of Kerala, India
The site is a resource page of all the butterflies of Kerala in South India, with details of butterfly tours to Kerala.
My Favorite Butterflies of Japan
In this site I show you photographs of Japanese butterflies mainly in nature. You will see how close I can come to butterflies unifying myself and nature.
Butterflies Starting Page
The BUTTERFLIES STARTING PAGE presents:the best butterfy websites on the internet !!!
Flying Flowers
Butterflies, caterpillars and gardening. How to raise the garden, attract the butterflies, and then raise their caterpillars. Lots of photos, all written in good ol' English.
Japanese Butterfly Gallery
Japanese Butterfly Gallery is dedicated to anyone who is interested in Japanese butterflies. You can see many nature photographs of Japanese butterflies and some photos of specimens. I exchange Japanese butterflies if you would like to.
Papilionidae of Pakistan
Nature has blessed Pakistan with unique landscape, the high mountains, Plateau, Plains, deserts and sunny beaches. High mountains dominate its north. Due to topographical and climatic variations Pakistan comprises different ecosystems. Despite great aesthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational and scientific value of butterflies there is little information about the butterfly fauna of Pakistan. Attempt has been made to construct the website for identified species of family Papilionidae from Pakistan.
Our site was created with the aim to share with everyone some information about the wonderful world of butterflies. We've crammed heaps of information about caterpillars, butterflies and how this butterfly sanctuary came to be. We all feel lucky to work here, it's so breathtaking being surrounded by so many butterflies, and so many happy visitors enjoying the experience also.
Lepidoptera Larvae of Australia
Links to images, and descriptions of biology, behaviour, and life histories of 1262 Australian Lepidoptera species including 448 with Caterpillar pictures
Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Club Inc
Welcome to our site...we are an Australian, Queensland based club presenting to you interesting feature articles, creature features pages, host plants ( butterfly gardening ), galleries of butterfly paintings and photos, children's pages, membership information.
Mikrosfera Festival - Bialowieza
Our Website is about The First International Festival of Nature in Bialowieza - Mikrosfera. This Festival includes: photographs of nature contest, international seminar, concert, book fair, auction, film of nature projection.
Butterflies of South Australia
Information on South Australian butterflies for scientists and butterfly enthusiasts. Images, life histories, caterpillar foodplants, butterfly gardening and habitat restoration.
Butterflies of Singapore
Dedicated to the butterflies of Singapore - featuring graphics of butterflies in the wild, checklists, life histories and general tips on butterfly watching and photography
The Ornithology WebSite
Providing information on bird ecology, conservation and education.
Indonesian Nature Conservation Database
The best information available about Indonesia's protected areas system and biodiversity.
Mt. Magazine WebSite
Mount Magazine is located in the north west part of Arkansas. It is part of the Boston Mountains and Ozark National Forest. This site is dedicated to the preservation of this wonderful location and its variety of wildlife.
The utter chaos which is cobwebbed? likely reveals much about my psyche. It is also the continuously tampered-with web site where I share my love of nature, primarily through my nature photography and my published musings on nature. Information on gardening, wildflowers, astronomy (meteor showers particularly), morel hunting, herbs, folkore and bird watching can can be found at cobwebbed? Also, in an attempt to massage some stress from the road-weary, I share some snippets of my music, some humorous fiction and a bit of satire on current events (like that needs satirizing, huh?). I only want to share what I love, and to make a few folks giggle.
Wingin' It! Butterfly Farm
"Wingin' It!" is a site that advertises the sale of Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies for special occasions. We also promote educational presentations about butterflies, their life cycles, and the Monarch migration to school children levels K-6. Various types of milkweed seeds are also sold.
Magical Monarchs
Magical Monarchs is a place whereby your wishes and dreams are carried aloft on the gossamer wings of a butterfly. Imagine if you will; if your thoughts on the beauty of a Monarch Butterfly are manifested throughout your everyday life. How far and how high can we ourselves fly?
Butterflies & Moths of Israel
Information regarding Lepidoptera in Israel.
Butterflies of Ireland
A photographic guide to the Butterflies of Ireland
Diddley Discovers Science
Diddley the dinosaur takes kids on a tour of his habitat and his friends. Also includes information about the rainforest, volcanos, bugs, and science experiments.
Familiar butterflies of North America. A description of the life and habitat of different species. How to watch butterflies, where to find them and identify them. Lots of beautiful pictures.
Olympic Views: The Miller Garden Page
A virtual tour of our Pacific Northwest garden, including seasonal offerings...lots of gardening information with a heavy emphasis on perennials, a garden journal and also a page on making soap at home.
A small Irish Garden
A description of a small garden in Dublin, Ireland. There are many features including a Garden Diary, Tips, Links, and many pictures of my garden, pond and favourite plants.
Atlanta Garden Connection
Gardening site serving gardeners in the Southeastern US as well as around the US, providing high quality content regarding gardening, birding and butterfly gardening, as well as products for the discerning gardener…
Romaine's Garden
Welcome to my Garden full of photos and Stories. I live at Saint Georges Basin on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales, Australia and share my life and garden with my humble husband (ha!) and three, quiet, young children.(ha! ha! ha!) Enjoy your visit and don't forget to try my Yummy Chocolate Cake.
Chin's Nature Corner on the Web
This site contains many close-up photographs of butterflies and other insects and small creatures of the Malaysian rainforest, as well as write-ups on some of these creatures.
Creative By Nature
Creative By Nature specializes in gifts that are created by artisans from South Carolina. We refer to these talented artists as "Creative Neighbors" and are proud to offer birdhouses, butterfly boxes, candles, art prints, stained glass, wood scroll and other gifts for your home and garden.
Michael's Fluttering Wings Butterfly Ranch
Located near Mathis, Texas, we provide live butterflies for release at special events, educational programs for children and adults, and butterfly gift items, rearing kits and supplies.
Emerald Forest
Butterfly gardening, foraging for edible wild plants, seeds for sale, places for nature lovers to visit in the Minneapolis area.
Kingston Field Naturalist's Blue Bill
The Kingston Field Naturalists, founded in 1949, provides public interest in nature, protection and preservation of wildlife, and acquires and provides knowledge of natural history. Their journal Blue Bill's web site has articles on bird feeding and housing, trees and shrubs to attract wildlife, and butterfly and hummingbird gardening.
Florida Cooperative Extension Service: Wildlife
A service of the Florida Wildlife Extension Service providing a font of useful information about wildlife issues, landscaping for wildlife, and other cool stuff about wildlife in Florida.
Tony And Linda's Homepage
An eclectic collection featuring images of aircraft, butterflies and roses, a MIDI library and poetry corner featuring Christ-centered poetry and a link page of useful web resources and personal family information pages.
Butterflies are Free
Pictures of beautiful butterflies and how to make a beautiful butterffly garden by the region you live in.
The Creative Gardener
The Creative Gardener is a mix of photographs and articles, and offers insights into garden design, particularly the use of color in the garden. The Photo Gallery offers portraits of roses, daylilies, bulbs, and foliage plants. You can stroll through the author's personal garden in a tour from Spring to Fall.
Painted Lady Butterflies and More
The Painted Lady page is part of a 2nd grade site to study butterflies.
Quoditch Moor Nature Reserve
The site is intended to be a virtual nature reserve based on our land in Devon, Great Britain. The land is of a special type, known as Culm Grassland or Rhos Pasture. There are rare buterflies there,(Marsh Fritillaries) as well as several interesting plants. The site is aimed mainly at local schools.
Kimball School Califorrnia
This site contains information about the life cycle of the Painted Lady butterfly, butterfly FAQs answered by 2nd graders, the endangered Metalmark butterfly and a cute butterfly trivia game plus resources for teachers.
Butterflies Take Wing
Second graders have observed the butterfly life cycle, written a diary, made symmetrical drawings, and shared many other interests with future on-line friends.
The UK Moths Home Page
This website is a photographic encyclopaedia of British Moths, mainly encountered in the North-West of England, but soon to expand to more of Britain. Moths are illustrated in their natural resting positions as an aid to identification. The site is continually updated with new species and will eventually include photographs of larvae too.
The Travelling Clan
This is a family site, with many facets, one of which is a photographic tour of my "Magical Garden. I will shortly be putting up a page on Monarch Butterflies. There are two things I love in my garden, Monarchs for their beauty, and Tuis for their haunting birdsong. Sadly Monarch butterflies in New Zealand are being attacked by wasps, and preventative measures have to be taken to ensure their survival.
Butterflies of Milton Keynes
An appreciation of the butterflies of Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.
Glyndale Elementary
Glyndale Elementary School has an outstanding Outdoor Classroom Program which includes a butterfly garden, wildlife habitat and nature trail. With the cooperation of the PTA, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Urbana Garden Club and students from Brunswick High, our school has participated in planting flowers, trees and shrubs in our wildlife habitat areas. Educational activities include birdwatch counts and observations of insects and animals which visit our habitat.
Cecropia Moth Life Cycle
Photographs depicting the "Cecropia Moth Life Cycle"
Project Monarch Butterfly
This site features the work of students at Fredstrom Elementary School in Lincoln, NE. Our purpose is to offer information on the life cycle and migration of the monarch, based on our classroom experiences raising, breeding and tagging monarchs. We request and will answer monarch sighting reports to our data base.
Bill's Butterfly Photos
Over forty photos taken in nature of butterflies and moths from around the world with special emphasis on lepidoptera in Virginia. There are also examples of mating, predation and larvae.
Organic1's Page
I made this site to help people help our planet, I feel that the Earth is in serious trouble, and only we can help it.
Giant Silkmoths of Northeastern North America
This site features images of and information about the giant silkmoths, sphingidae, and larger butterflies of Northeastern North America. Useful tips for rearing these insects are provided. The site also provides links to other clorful and descriptive sites.
Hawaii's Endangered Species Web Site
This web site presents lists of species and images of Hawaii's rare, endangered, and extinct plants and animals. Hawaii has more endangered species per area than any other place in the world.
Amateur entomologist - butterfly and moth
Amateur entomologist would like to meet people around the world sharing the same interest (butterfly collection) in order to exchange both ideas and specimens
The Entomological Society of America
Web site for news, information, and happenings in entomology and in the Entomological Society of America--a 7,000+ member scientific, professional, and educational organization.
Butterflies of Malta
The butterfly site deals with the butterfly fauna of the Maltese Islands, situated in the Central Mediterranean. Information is also given for the Maltese Islands and for the author himself.
Department of Entomology - Texas A&M University
The Department of Entomology - Texas A&M University web site strives to provide quality information about all of the aspects of entomology and related fields. This includes research, academics, extension activities, educational outreach and more.
Wings and Things
Wings and Things offers live native US Silk Moths and a variety of mounted insects from around the world.
Redsunflower's Home
A homepage with a little of everything. Gardening, photography, quilting, poetry, and some silly stuff too. Ever evolving, you should stop by often to see what is new!
Butterflies of Skippack Village
Our site describes our business services in providing Monarch butterflies for release as well as pictures of butterflies and our gardens.
European Centre for Nature Conservation
The ECNC Web site provides information about the European Centre for Nature Conservation and is a reference site for nature conservation matters in Europe, including a Directory of organizations, overview of international nature conservation policy, a Virtual library, and a free slide list.
Of Books and Butterflies
This site features the life cycle of the Luna Moth and info about the Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth. It also has a Nectar Source page with a list of plants and their visitors.
Butterflies of Japan
Photographs of Japanese butterflies in nature, Also uploaded some photos in Hawaii and Guam. I started taking photographs of butterflies in spring of 1996 when I bought a camera with macro lense.
Texas Monarchs
Monarch project integrating hands on lab with distance learning capabilities of the internet for secondary level science students in Texas
Andrew Neild's Neotropical Butterfly Site
This site has been set up for two main reasons: 1. Butterfly Gallery: Photos from Tours to Ecuador, Venezuela, and Belize. I have been organising and leading small group butterfly photography tours to Ecuador for several years, during which time I have amassed several hundred photos. Photos will also be exhibited from Venezuela, where I have recently led two tours, and from Belize, which I visited in February 1997. 2. Advertising my book, The Butterflies of Venezuela. In November 1996 I published the first part of an identification guide to the butterflies of Venezuela. As the author and publisher, it is my responsibility to ensure it sells well!
Featured Creatures
The Good, the Bad and the Pretty! Provides detailed information on insects, mites, nematodes and planaria. Some are pests, some are beneficial, some are pretty and all are interesting. Includes many full color photographs for each species.
Butterflies of Germany and Austria
These Sites show my "Butterfly-Picture Collection". The pictures were taken in Germany and Austria. Very popular, but also very rare species can be seen.
The Nest Box
My personal web page about nature -- birds, bluebirds, butterflies, photography, travel, my backyard, the county where I live (Calvert), gardening, and nature links.
Butterflies Are Free
BUTTERFLIES. Lots of graphics, images, icons, animations, lines, bars, backgrounds, border sets, and links for Butterflies. Graphics for Fairies, Flamingos, and Hippie stuff, too. Links for graphics, midis, etc.
Provides educational information for teachers and others who want to raise silkworms for fun and educational purposes.
Rissa's Roses
A series of photos and personal observations of my 150+ roses, including links to other web resources on specific roses.
Butterfly Garden
This site is dedicated to my mother Pat who is an avid lover of butterflies. It offers links to various butterfly houses.
Milkweed Cafe
Milkweed Cafe: Something for Everyone Who Loves Butterflies! We offer informational books about raising, gardening for, and celebrating with butterflies. Our site also contains butterfly metamorphosis videos, still photos, and a free Send a Virtual Card Page.
Oscar Gutierrez Photography
Award winning nature and landscape photography.
Avignon's Butterfly and Herb Garden
A butterfly and herb garden as seen through the eyes of a pot-bellied pig. My website is dedicated to my beloved pig Avignon and the various plants and herbs that I planted to attract beautiful butterflies in Central Florida.
Miami Doug's Butterflies, GPS & Adventures
Home Page of amateur Lepidopterist Doug Dawn. Interests include Neotropical butterflies, the adventure or finding them and capturing their beauty on film. Other references to botanical exploration, world adventure travel and a complete article in Spanish recently published on local butterfly fauna in a Nature Magazine in Monterrey, Mexico, where I actively observe butterflies every weekend.
alintra's Butterfly Garden
Alintra's butterfly Garden is a little info about butterfly gardening.
My site is designed for the novice butterfly admirer, and gives tips on different things from photography, to anatomy.
European Butterflies
High quality photos and descriptions of European butterflies. The photos are made by various photographers from all over Europe. Includes more than 200 photos of over 160 European butterfly species. Photographer, author and webmaster: Mario Maier.
Butterflies of Okutama, Japan
Okutama is the area west of Tokyo, Japan, mostly included in the Chichibu-Tama National Park.This site shows photos and observed data of this area processed by computer into a 4-dimensional map which the author calls a 4D emergence pattern.
The Butterfly Palace
Saving western monarch habitats
The Green Gardener
The home of a "green", or inexperienced gardener. Learn along with me. You'll find information, pictures, book reviews, and lots of links, all with the new gardener in mind.
Faloat's Butterfly Webpage
This website is dedicated to the appreciation of one of natures finest creations, and as a resource for hobbyists who enjoy butterflies.
Moths and Butterflies We Have Raised
A series of pages showing some moths and butterflies we have raised over the past few years. The pages include original images and some information on each of the species.
A virtual garden site of an experienced gardener sharing ideas on plant selection, landscape design, garden art and structures, and favorite products for home gardeners; featuring Books, Electronic Newsstand, LandscapeUSA, Roses, Garden Shows, Catalogues, Pergolas, Container Gardens, Soil, Shade Gardening, Tomatoes, Coffee Klatch, Zones, and Pansies.
Nancy's Place in Minnesota!
Everything Minnesota! Wildlife profiles, wolves, eagles, etc. Minnesota links to great sights in Minnesota. Come take a tour! Also crafts links and you can meet my dogs!
Hong Kong Lepidoptera Group Website
Provides information on the activities of the HKLG, including fieldtrips, conservation and butterfly watching. Lists the butterflies found in Hong Kong and illustrates many of these; moth species are planned to be included in due course.
Many beautiful photographs of Japanese butterflies.
Mapping European Butterflies
Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) and Gesellschaft für Schmetterlingsschutz (GfS) in cooperation with about 450 lepidopterists from all over Europe are working on a distribution atlas of European butterflies. The MEB project is supervised by Dr. Otakar Kudrna. Please read Project Outline for closer information.
The Vancouver Island marmot pages
Dedicated to educating people about one of the world's rarest and most engaging creatures, and about efforts to save them from extinction.
Lindsay"s Backyard Wildlife
Learn how to attract wildlife to your backyard or even get rid of unwanted animals humanely. New wildlife site and nature forum, ask us a question and we will answer you.

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