Pam Snowball's Butterflies are Beautiful

Inspired by butterflies

Monarch butterfly and bee on marigoldHi! My name is Pam Snowball and I love your butterfly site. It is special to me because I have a disease called Lupus and one of my symptoms is a butterfly rash on my face. During the month of October we have Lupus Awareness Month here in Australia. So often we view our disease in a negative light so I decided to raise awareness with this very positive statement. I have also written a poem entitled "Butterflies are Beautiful."

Butterflies are Beautiful

As we walk along life's road
The people that we meet,
Can change our life forever
And make us more complete.
I made a friend not long ago
Who's special as you'll see.
This very special person
Has made a change in me.

A girl so young and innocent
With all in life to gain,
Came along to visit me
To share her grief and pain.
Thank heavens for this visit
For it was me who was to learn.
Her open trust and honesty I didn't have to earn.

Her shyness was endearing
She hoped for many things.
She kept her arms around herself
Like tightly folded wings.
Inside I saw a champion
Beauty deep and rare.
I new she had a story
Which I was going to share.

But never did I realize
She'd picked me from the start.
She knew exactly how I felt,
How much she'd touch my heart.
We shared our pain and sorrow
Our grief and many tears.
I wondered all along the way
How we'd over come the fears.

"I did it!" Came the phone call
"I did it on my own!"
I was so very proud of her
And I was not alone.
Her arms began unfolding
Wings spreading just to see.
Butterflies are beautiful
And now this one is free.