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Verbena hortensis--Vervain

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     Verbena  grows well in fertile, well drained  soil  and

full  sun.   Flowering  is poor in  the  shade.   The  plant

reaches  a  height of one to one and one half  feet  with  a

spread of two feet.  The growth habit is spreading and stems

root  where  they touch  the  ground.  The plant  can  be  a

source  of  cut flowers and is useful for  summer  color  in

spring  flowering bulb beds.  Old blooms accumulate  rapidly

and  should be removed to keep the plant flowering.   Plants

exhibiting reduced flowering may be sheared to encourage new

blooming   in  15  to  20  days.   Applications  of   liquid

fertilizer   during  the  growing  season  are   beneficial.

Verbena may be used in hanging pots.                        

     Propagation is  by seed or cuttings.  Softwood cuttings

taken  in summer root easily.  The seed germinates in  three

to  four  weeks  at 70 to 75 degrees.   Cover  the  seed  or

germinate it in a dark place.  The seedlings may be  pinched

when they are well established.                             

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Verbena hybrida - 62K
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