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     There are two basic types of marigold; the tall,  large

flowered African Marigold and the shorter, smaller  flowered

French  Marigold.  Provide a fertile soil and at  least  six

hours of sun.  Marigold holds up well during the hot  summer

days  if  watered  properly.   Even  large  plants  may   be

transplanted  if enough of the root system is dug  up.   Too

much  watering  may  cause dwarf types  to  rot.   Too  much

nitrogen  or  shade causes leafy plants  with  few  flowers.

Marigolds  may be used as a dried flower and are planted  10

to 14 inches apart.                                         

     The  seed  germinates in one to two weeks at 70  to  75

degrees.   If the growing area is too hot the plants  become

leggy.  When transplanting set the plants a little deeper.  

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