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     Sedums are succulent plants ranging in height from 2   

inches  to 2 feet.  They bear yellow to pink flowers and    

prefer full sun  and sandy loam soil but do adapt to other  

soil types.  The  flowers attract bees and butterflies.  The

plants are drought  resistant and adapt to poor soil.  Some 

sedums can become lawn  weeds if not controlled.            

     Cuttings of various types may be used for propagation. 

Stem  sections or leaves are allowed to callus while exposed

to air for  a few days.  They can then be rooted in sand.   

     Sedum acre--Mossy Stonecrop                            

     This unusual plant produces yellow flowers and is often

sold as a ground cover.  It can, however, become a difficult

to control weed.  Use with caution.                         

     Sedum album--White Stonecrop                           

     White stonecrop is semi-creeping and bears white       

flowers in  mid to late summer.  The plant is evergreen and 

can be used as a  ground cover.  This sedum grows best in   

sun and a light sandy  soil.  The plant tolerates shade but 

flowering is reduced.                                       

     Sedum Dragon's Blood                                   

     A hybrid with dark red flowers.                        

     Sedum Red Carpet                                       

     A ground cover that bears red flowers and has reddish  

colored foliage.                                            

     Sedum sieboldi                                         

     An unusual little plant that has bluish-green foliage  

during the growing season.  The plant bears pink flowers and

the entire plant turns pink when exposed to cold tempratures

at the end of the growing season.                           

     Sedum spectabile--Showy Stonecrop                      

     Showy stone crop grows in sun or light shade and blooms

in  late summer when other perennials have long since       

finished.  The flowers are pink to red depending on the     

cultivar grown.  The  plant grows one to two feet tall and  

can be propagated by stem  cuttings or by division.  Plant  

in a well drained soil and space  plants 15 inches apart.   

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