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Ligustrum vulgare--Common Privet

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     Common  privet  is grown as a hedge  plant  because  it

tolerates  shearing and is quite dense.  It grows 12  to  15

feet  high and spreads 12 to 15 feet.  The plant  is  highly

branched  but  quite  irregular in  shape  if  not  sheared.

Privet tolerates most light exposures but is not as dense in

the  shade.   It is easily transplanted and  grows  rapidly.

The  white  flowers are often sheared off in  early  summer.

The   fruit  is  glossy  and  black  but  not   particularly


     Cultivars   include:   'pendulum'--drooping   branches;

'pyramidale'--erect    branches;      'sempervirens'--nearly


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Ligustrum vulgare Cheyene - 46K
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