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Cercis canadensis--Redbud

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     Redbud is a slow grower reaching a height of from 35 to

75  feet.  The the purple pink flowers appear all  over  the

tree  the last week in April to the first or second week  in

May.  Young trees are easiest to transplant and survive best

when planted in the spring.  Redbud has an irregular  growth

habit,  yellow fall color, and is shade tolerant.  The  best

growth occurs in a light, rich, moist soil.                 

     Several  cultivars of Redbud may be  seen:  alba--white

flowers,  blooms about a week later;  'Pink  Charm'--flowers

pink; 'Pinkbud'--flowers pink;  'Purple Leaf'--young foliage

purple;   'Silver  Cloud'--leaves  variegated  with   white;

'Flame'--more erect branching, flowers double, blooms later.

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