Monarch Watch

Monarch Watch, founded and directed by Chip Taylor, is dedicated to conservation, education, and research to help preserve the Monarch Butterfly.

Millions of monarchs migrate yearly from Canada and the United States to areas in California and Mexico. Unfortunately, the habitat along the migration route, as well as the monarch breeding grounds, are being lost at an alarming rate. There is a vital need for host plants for monarch larvae as well as feeding sources for the adults both for monarchs and other butterfly species worldwide.

Monarch Watch provides "Waystation Seed Kits" that include both milkweed and other nectar plants which gardeners can use to help monarch and butterfly conservation. They also provide free help for schools and non-profits to assist in these efforts.

Below is the blog from the Monarch Watch website. We strongly encourage you to visit Monarch Watch and do what you can in these conservation efforts.

Monarch Watch Blog