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Attracting Hummingbirds to the Backyard Garden   by Jeanne Grunert   - HubPages Among all birds, these curious, colorful and friendly visitors to the garden are the most welcome harbingers of spring and summer to come. Let's explore what attracts hummingbirds to the garden, and plants that will quench their never-ending thirst for nectar in the backyard garden.
The hot and cold of butterfly dancing     - Guardian.co.uk  1/2/11 Adult butterflies are highly visual animals, relying on their keen eyesight to locate and identify appropriate mates by looking at and comparing their wing colours and patterns.
Gardening - Help the kids put down roots in the garden   by Norman Winter   - Courier-Journal.com (l;ouisville, KY)  1/21/11 With the New Year here and resolutions running amok, why not add to the list to get the kids or grandkids out in the garden more in 2011? It may not be as hard competing with video games as you imagine.
Well-equipped travelers: Monarch butterflies and their sun compass machinery     - Umass Medical School  1/26/11 Steven Reppert, MD is recognized as a pioneer in the effort to understand the monarch butterfly’s spectacular annual mass migration from eastern North America to central Mexico
Gender-bending butterflies observed in Yale study   by Kristofor Husted   - Medill Reports  1/14/11 If you’re a male butterfly looking to mate, locate the females raised in cooler temperatures and you can sit back and let them woo you. Yale University researchers identified this gender reversal behavior in a strain of the Bicyclus anynana, a butterfly found in Malawi. This is the first species where role reversal has been observed
Butterfly Wings Offer Guiding Light for Nanotech Innovation   by Mike Martin   - TechNewsWorld  1/25/11 The Morpho butterfly's highly evolved wings are so unique that scientists at Simon Fraser University (SFU) have teamed up with NanoTech Security to reproduce their iridescent blue coloring for a new anti-counterfeiting technology.